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If two million refugees is a large number of displaced people to feed and care for, and 100,000 dead is a tragedy, wait until we arm the rebels and begin shelling Damascus

Obama: "What we are envisioning is something limited. It is something proportional. It will degrade Assad's capabilities.

"At the same time we have a broader strategy that will allow us to upgrade the capabilities of the opposition."

...So that more people will die. You don’t really think he’s talking about giving them all iPad IV’s with Retina displays and 4G, do you?

Diversion, always comes to mind when I think of similar events in the past when a president has spent this much time and political capital pushing what he ought to have quickly discerned is a battle lost. But I can find nothing other than the usual infighting in Congress on the typical issues du jour between those who do nothing to earn their keep. Of course, the Syrian debate has taken the heat off the administration regarding the NSA’s pervasive spying. So, there’s that...

Syria means much to Obama, Kerry, and the rest for many reasons: Re-funding a higher Defense Budget, grabbing Syrian Oil exports, and eradicating Israel’s long-time foe seem to be the collective impetus, just as they were with Iraq. Who will pay the ultimate price? The people of Syria who, once again as they were in Iraq, are just people muddling through their lives attempting to find happiness and peace without the brutal intrusion of American forces and the vacuum left in the wake of our withdrawal that ends in daily doses of death and destruction.

Did Obama learn nothing from Iraq? Did Kerry forget the lessons of Vietnam? A member of Congress recently said that if George Bush were in office this Syrian debate would have played out differently, implying that we would have taken action without discussion, and that al-Assad would have feared George Bush much like those who live in the inner-city fear the psychotic thugs who prowl the night.

Bush ought to be on trial in the Hague rather than walking freely among us: the evidence is overwhelming. (See the movie, The Abduction and Trial of George Bush online.)

So, quite seriously that leaves us with two conclusions: Obama is either insane, or he is operating with a strategic plan that is not in the best interests of our country. Read, “China, Syria and Walmart” below. Then, read the various reports on Al Jazeera’s explosive claim, and Egypt’s startling discovery.

Remember, this is the same president who in Connecticut vowed to make it far more difficult for American children to secure firearms (a large number of the weapons we supply will find their way into the hands of what we call “children”). This is the same president who allegedly mourned the loss of life there in Sandy Hook: Choking up while a faint tear crested his cheek.

This is the same president who was a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. This is the same president who vowed during his initial campaign to virtually take America out of the business of War. This is the same president who faces a National Debt that has already become insurmountable. This is the same president whose economic policies have resulted in nearly 50% of our workforce dropping out of actively seeking work (and that’s why reported unemployment is as “low” as it is). 

This president may be clinically insane and needs to be removed from office for the good of all humanity. he truly working to establish a Sharia-based Islamic leadership in the Middle East eliminating those of more secular inclinations?

If the rebels are successful, Syria will be led by a theocracy, just as are Egypt, Tunisia, Nigeria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries whose secular leaders have been extracted and replaced by (either an individual or) council of Imams. I had always dismissed claims of Obama’s  Muslim heritage as “Looney” but, frankly, I’m beginning to re-think the issue. It seems to be less “Fringe thinking” as time moves on.

Remember too what he said to Putin during his first term, “Wait until my second term (in office)...things will really change.” I’m beginning to see what he meant.

Read this before you decide: Syria Chemical Weapons Ploy

From the BBC: “Mr Kerry said what happened was a moral obscenity that should shock the world and offend ‘our basic sense of humanity’.”

The writer refers to what Kerry sees as incontrovertible proof that Syria has, in fact, used Chemical Weapons against Syrian rebels. Read our opinion below, then read, Kerry, Eat Your Heart Out, followed by Faith.

How did a person of such extravagant Moral Mobility find his way into office? There are words I would very much like to use to express my frustration with this ninny, but acceptable practices forbid it. Remember, John Kerry backs those who cut out and eat the hearts of those they’ve killed, on video no less. -ed.

Most Americans have never been hit by Gas, either the relatively benign CS Riot through to Mustard or other Nerve agents - so it’s tough for the average person to estimate what one who has might look like. I have, along with countless others in the US Army in 1969. It was part of Basic training.

Ushered into a room the purpose of which was clear beforehand, CS was released and only at the time we heard the word, Gas, were we permitted to (quickly) extract our masks and shield ourselves from the most severe effects. In the aftermath, no one looked as relatively calm and rehearsed as they do in the pictures coming from Syria’s al-Assad opposition sources. In fact, we were wrecks for hours afterwards. And that was Riot gas...chocolate milk by contrast.

Too many forces are pushing us toward a civil war that, once again, ought to be none of our business. Too many influences such as the French government, notorious for insinuating itself into a region, followed quickly by their departure, leaving the country destroyed and dying and without resolution, as they most recently did in Nigeria, where we now remain after being wooed into joining their half-witted intervention: Did you know that we now have a strong presence in Nigeria and therefore, Mali as a result? Read, Nigeria: More Dead Children, at this link in our journal.

Arizona’s John McCain, whose interests are manifold, Defense and Oil, both of which are his relevant motivating factors in getting us involved in the Syrian conflict, is at the helm of the Senate’s push.

Read, Yet Another History Reminder, in our Archives section to better understand the Syrian Oil international relationship. Also read, McCain, Portrait of a Fool, also in Archives.

For McCain it’s also about Defense: Notwithstanding the fact that the funding for the Department of Defense is more than twice what it was just ten years ago, even with forced cuts through Sequestration, McCain wants more: More money, troops and equipment.

He wants to redeploy the Robert Bales of our military for yet more tours of duty, to further fracture and destroy the lives and families of our young men and women. He wants them to go over-the-edge as he obviously has.

Big Oil, to whom Obama responds as readily as did Bush, wants Syria under their control, too, and less of it flowing to Russia.

We destroyed Iraq; we added to the millennia of chaos in Afghanistan; we picked-and-chose our targets of opportunity, most often overlooking the true genocides of the world in order to expand the influence and control of a few in this country.

This is not what people look like after a Nerve Agent attack...

...and neither is this...

...yet the people feeding our media with these images, and factions within our government, want you to believe it is.

It’s a construction to embroil us in yet another war - to add to our already-far-too-massive military - to control the flow of Syrian Oil. In the words of Drill Sergeant London at Fort Ord, California, 7th Infantry, in 1969, “This is bullshit, people.”

Don’t buy into it.