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June 7, 2013
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- Yet Another History Reminder -


Please turn to page 54 in your US government prayer book for today’s reading entitled, “Chemical Weapons”. 

And Bush saith, For thou shalt smote all those whose use of weapons beaten from the chemicals of death may be so fabricated, into eternal damnation beyond the light and forever forsaken without redemption, Yea, and most importantly, without trial...

And it came to pass, that the King of Syria stood with the King of what had become Iraq.

Can we not be a little more original in how we construct and rationalize our relentless global military interventions? Chemical Weapons again?

Presumably this time, after al-Assad is dead and gone, the CIA will take the time to plant irrefutable evidence demonstrating that our actions were founded, even if not credible.

Here’s the rub: The Syrian civil war is exactly that. al-Assad, while like Hussein not the most US-friendly of Middle-Eastern leaders, is a fairly secular sort whose primary enemy, Israel, is anxious to see him go. Without al-Assad, settlement expansion can continue enlarging on the genocide of Palestinians.

But, there’s more, and it’s “Déjà vu all over again” (thanks to Yogi Berra): Russia is also interested in maintaining their Oil and Shipping relationship with Syria, just as it was its Oil interests in Iraq. Here’s a handy graphic to illustrate the Syrian Petroleum Company’s (SPC) current areas of production:

SPC areas are those primarily exported to Russia. Shortly after ousting Hussein in Iraq the new “Democratic” regime auctioned off Iraq’s vast oil reserves, some of which were under previous contract to Russia’s Lukoil. Now, the Majnoon and West Qurna fields (two of the largest in the World), are “owned” by Shell, et al.

More to the point, those we propose now to arm are those who are diametrically opposed to we Westerners. You know, Al Qaeda, Hamas, and the usual “Terrorist” suspects. Given how hell-bent we are on World Domination (not a hyperbole, but easily observed fact) who can blame them?

They are the same people we supported in the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt leading to its complete destabilization. They are the same people who daily bring death and destruction to the people of Iraq, caught mercilessly in the crosshairs of a growing civil conflict after we ousted Hussein for the same contrived reasons. They are one-in-the-same in Afghanistan where the daily death toll mounts without respite. And on and on...

If there is a Devil in this world, it is us. For the sake of Greed; for the sake of control. This isn’t Democracy in action: This is an out-of-control Fascist regime not appreciably different than that of Germany in the 1930s only gilded by the trappings of technology and associated subversion and subterfuge.

An additional reminder: John Kerry was instrumental in now securing weapons and CIA training for the Al Qaeda forces and others opposing al-Assad. These are people who cut out the hearts of those they killed in battle and ate them while being video-taped. These are not Freedom Fighters.

John Kerry, not that many years ago, stood on the floor of the US Congress and condemned our intervention in what is today acknowledged as a misguided foray into a civil war in Vietnam that resulted in the deaths of 58,000 Americans, and the mental and physical mutilations of hundreds of thousands more. Read, John Kerry, Eat Your Heart Out, here.

Then, too, there’s John McCain. His job is to stimulate income for those he represents as a result of his key seats in the US Senate’s Defense and Homeland Security committees. He does it well, apparently, since he is now a multi-millionaire. Read, McCain: Portrait of a Fool, in the Archives section.

What will we gain by arming Syria’s insurgents? More death, more destruction, more revenue to the few who control our demonic foreign policy. In two years, Associated Press reports from Syria will read like Iraq today and the arms we are about to provide will be used to kill Americans.