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June 7, 2013
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Kerry says, “I’ll eat your heart!”


Well, not actually John Kerry but a representative of the rebel forces doing battle in the Syrian civil war our Secretary of State is urging us to support....did say that.

Not only did this rebel proclaim his intent, shared by many in the rebel faction, but he actually demonstrated his willingness to fulfill this macabre oath by eating the heart of a Syrian soldier on video after removing it from the soldier's chest cavity.

Read, The Problem With “Terrorists”, and Soylent Brown, below. Nigeria, Syria, Mali, Afghanistan, and still in Iraq, our Foreign Policy benefits only the Oil industry. These are civil wars, stemming from, to a large extent, our destabilization of the Middle East.

Does John Kerry’s willingness to embroil us in another conflict qualify him for Hypocrite of the Year, or only the Hannibal Lecter Award for Culinary Excellence? Or, is he, too, so addle-pated that he can’t recall his own testimony regarding the civil war in Vietnam?

Maybe this is nothing more than a shrewd marketing ploy to boost sales of his wife’s Heinz 57 brand ketchup in the Middle East...

Heinz: Good For (and On) Your Heart