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June 7, 2013
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Life in America is a wonderful thing, notwithstanding what you may read otherwise in the pages of this, The Independent Daily.

The Fed’s Bernanke will soon reassure Americans that all is well with the machinery of industry and government and assuage concerns regarding the further printing of money to buy packaged mortgages, and therefore the 30-year fixed rate for a home loan will remain relatively flat and low for the rest of the year. And, although the continued printing of trillions of US Dollars will add substantially to the debt burden of generations of Americans, we will all come to realize that it doesn’t matter because it is all relative and driven by Faith, anyway, and has been since the removal of the Gold standard, an act bemoaned by many of today’s Doomsday Gloomy Gus’s.

NB: As a matter of fact, the US debt burden per person is in many cases less than that for other developed countries based on a ratio of income-to-debt.

I expect that when trading resumes on the floor of the NYSE following Bernanke’s next announcement, that great things will occur: the Dow will zoom ever higher during morning trading reaching by the closing bell, 15,900, where it will have officially kept pace with inflation following its downward spiral starting in April 2007, heralding much rhetoric proclaiming great financial prowess by the hacks writing for and the like, when they could have equalled or exceeded that ROI by collecting and selling long, aluminum beer cans.

The very bottom line is that our currency, like all other developed countries too, is Funny Money anyway. So why not laugh it up and enjoy today because, given the vast changes in the world’s climate, we only have – perhaps – ten more years before we become an arid ball of dust rocketing through space. In the interim and while waiting to vaporize, consider buying a second home somewhere near a Fracking operation so that you may pass the time lighting your drinking water afire: The kids will love it.

Halliburton’s benevolent Dick Cheney, who brought us so much entertainment in the past, is likewise one of the chief architects of today’s advancing Fracking operations in the US. The company’s motto, Solving Challenges summarizes nicely their commitment to the environment, or to profitability, or…well to something, anyway. So, while some, like the Editor of this journal think Cheney ought to be standing trial for War Crimes and War Profiteering, I do not. I think that, next to Jesus, few have done more to advance American society to where it is.

I’ve come to realize that Terrorists truly are everywhere and that’s why the NSA, DHS, FBI, IRS, CIA and the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) need to monitor everything I do and say. So, while Google Maps can provide anyone with a view of the ranch here – in great detail – I also encourage the government to maintain an unfettered view of my intimate life so that they may rest assured that I, and others with me, are not conspiring to commit an un-American act. To that end I would urge you to do what I have done: Replace all opaque roofing with sheets of Plexiglas and maintain interior lighting 24/7 to clearly illuminate the interior of your homes.

As well, Terrorists are running amuck in Africa and the Middle East. They have insinuated themselves into the daily lives of ordinary citizens and, thus, as many as possible of the otherwise-innocent must die to preserve my Christian past: Children are future Terrorists, too, and necessarily must die. Jesus is the one true God, and He must be forever held supreme to lesser prophets who were and/or are contemptible, perfidious pretenders. Jesus was the first and the best: BFF.

Our president, Obama, is currently in Africa calculating the best way to save the ignorant savages of that continent from the tyranny of Terrorism. He is also visiting with the smiling family of Nelson Mandela who awaits death’s knock on their paterfamilias’ door. The two – Obama and Mandela – have much in common, as the average reader knows: Both men rose to power predicated on self-sacrifice, poverty and an overarching concern for human rights – risking their lives and years of imprisonment to overthrow a despotic government. That is why both men received the Nobel Peace Prize.

In today’s news China has said that the government, "…would strike hard on violent terrorist attacks" referring to a rebellion in Xin Jiang. But do they truly know what a Terrorist is? John Kerry may be able to shed some light on the definition helping them to correct an aberrant perspective. Or, will he agree with them given his hypocritical (or, Morally Mobile) inclination. In either case, I know that Mr. Kerry will always keep the best interests of Americans at the forefront of his actions. I have Faith in him.

Unemployment is not a bad thing: Under-reporting it for the past several years has given us a sense of accomplishment. Bemoaning the loss of Manufacturing jobs and the overwhelming usurpation of the same by Service sector jobs at Walmart and elsewhere where Chinese-made products have long ago replaced the far more substantial American, is good. The millions of Americans who have been dropped off the rolls are useless human waste who deserve to live in squalor. If Mom or Dad can’t find work, that is not Obama’s fault. It’s Mom’s or Dad’s.

North Carolina has the right idea: just quit paying the unemployed and they’ll go to work. The Republicans in their state’s legislature understand this basic economic premise. There are apparently far too many people in North Carolina who think they deserve a good job – one that pays subsistence wages and that’s patently absurd: If everyone had a job that paid substantially enough to afford Housing and Food, where would America be today?

So, and I believe this whole-heartedly, many states will follow suit including my own Arizona. We have far too many people who think that as a minimum they should be able to afford to buy food.

Speaking of which, the number of Americans on some form of Disability, or are otherwise completely unattached to the Labor Force in some other way, has now exceeded 48%. Nearly one-out-of-two Americans no longer work, although they are part of the officially qualified pool of available Labor. On the plus side, of those remaining the average in Math and Sciences has substantially fallen. They are, however, highly skilled in Facebook, albeit inarticulate and grammatically depraved, and American Idol, if either or both of these Great American Pastimes should ever develop into some form of Cottage Industry. I have Faith that they may.

Obamacare is just around the corner. Dubbed so, rather than its more legislatively correct, yet wholly ironic, Affordable Care Act, we will all soon have acquired Health Care Coverage. Smokers are heavily punished because these soulless bastards cost the Health Care system nearly 100 Billion US Dollars per year. Those who consume alcohol cost the system in the excess of 2 – Wait For It – Trillion US Dollars, but there is no penalty for drinking or for drug abuse, which accounts for Trillions of US Dollars in Health Care costs every year, too. So, put down your cigarette and pick up the bottle, because it’s the American way.

Why is this? Because smoking doesn’t separate you from reality unlike those who consume alcohol and drugs, both of which contribute to America’s number one growth industry, second only to Health Care, Prisons and related industries. Drink and you beat up your wife and run over people with your car. Smoke and others feign a cough and tell you how disgusting you are. Snort Meth and you are inclined to snort more and soon are breaking into houses and robbing people to support your habit, thus being a contributing member of society by supporting our Prisons, Law Enforcement, and Courts systems. That is why there are no penalties inherent within Obamacare for two of the most devastating behaviors in our society. It’s just the way things are and I have Faith that there is a reason, and it’s a good one, too.

Spinoza said something like, Through the power of faith you can make the blood flow before the altar…In short, if people believe, you can make them believe anything.