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June 7, 2013
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Zimmerman, Trayvon and Obama

Jack Shepherd

Zimmerman may have cause to seek asylum with Snowden. Although Zimmerman is only half white like President Obama, Obama said that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon, presumably because he was a light-skinned black or Obama thinks he looked like him or…I really have no idea why he would say that: it’s actually an ignorant and racist comment when you think about it. Maybe it has to do with Trayvon having had a penis, too. (It can’t be testicles because Obama doesn’t possess those.)

The other day’s announcement by our Attorney General Eric Holder to continue to investigate Zimmerman’s case is just fanning the fires of race with an out-of-touch people who cried for justice that Zimmerman should be charged: And so he was. Unfortunately for them, he was acquitted. That is not the outcome they had anticipated so this vocal faction is now demanding a formal redux.

Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, along with three black Congressional members have jumped on the Trayvon bandwagon claiming the verdict is an indication of a racially-biased justice system, like in the OJ Simpson verdict, I guess.

Prominent black people from the Movie industry to Sports have weighed in on the subject and, after hours of sequestered deliberation have voted Zimmerman guilty without the benefit of hearing testimony.

Double Jeopardy, like other Constitutional rights only apply if you’re not too much in the spotlight, and favored racially by one group or another.  So, with the president and his gang against you what Constitutional chance-in-hell does one really stand in a court of law?  None.  

Me: “Yeah, Alex, I’ll take Hypocrisy for four hundred dollars, please.”

Alex Trebek: “And the question is, When may one’s Constitutional rights be subjugated by the whim of race?”