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8th of December 2016

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Fat Lady to Sing on December 19!

Joseph Warren, Editor

Most folks have just gone about their business for the last few weeks since the election believing that it’s over: Trump was elected. Others have railed against the perceived impending doom in anticipation of the great and many “devastating” changes likely to occur after Inauguration. Some of our immigrant population fear deportation. A percentage of our citizens are seeking opportunities in Canada and elsewhere. Businesses that were considering offshoring some of their activities are considering delaying their decisions until later in the year 2017. There has been no mad rush to buy more guns as there was shortly before Obama’s inauguration.

In short, we remain highly factionalized predicated on the belief that Donald Trump is about to become our next president.

The real election, though, is not until December 19, 2016 when the College of Electors will meet, in their respective states, and cast their individual votes based on the November 8 Popular Vote results by each state.

Hillary Clinton won the Popular Vote, as it stands currently, by a little more than 2.5 million votes. She is supposedly still “feeling the pain” as Bill would say, of this stinging loss, given the reverse nature of the vote owing to the aforementioned Electoral College.

Some spirited Republican Electors support neither Clinton, obviously, nor Trump and are threatening to do what Alexander Hamilton had suggested was, among others, the Electoral College’s purpose: To protect the ignorant rabble (you and me) from the error of their ways, and deny Trump their Electoral anointment.

Trump won 306 Electoral votes. 270 are required to win the election. Just 37 changed Electoral minds would make the difference...

But what of society? Plainly, it would be lighting the fuse leading to a nationwide cache of dynamite. Yet, for Michael Baca, one of the Refusenik Electors, who stands ready with match in hand, it’s a scenario he (and like-minded other Electors) are willing to see come to pass, probably laying the election off on the House of Representatives (as though Trump’s supporters would indulge that notion).

No joke: If the Electors meeting on December 19 vote otherwise, it will likely result in more than just civil unrest.

The Muslim Question: A Final Solution

“Read the movie”

Joseph Warren, Editor

Three years ago we (Warren-Hill Productions) wrapped up a Shooting Script for a short film entitled, Then and Again. It was a poignant look at America at some point in what we believed was the United States sometime in the future.

In this short film, a woman and her child are protected - hidden - from local organized rabble who are rounding up the town’s ethnic population. It is set in an undefined time and place (and shot in Black and White) leading one to conclude that it is a rehash, as it were, of some small tale from Berlin in the 1930s. Half-way through the film it is revealed that the setting is the United States, and rather than Jews being corralled and branded with yellow Stars of David for identification, and subsequently imprisoned, it is a pogrom directed at America’s Muslims, now required to wear yellow crescents on their garments for ease of identification and containment.

At the conclusion the woman and child are arrested by militia, and the gentile sequestering them faces an undescribed, but assuredly not pleasant end. We’ve cast the film twice from fairly local talent but have never been able to raise a budget to bring it to production.

Why I am sharing this with you now? Frankly, I had thought this was a picture of America 20, 30, or more years in the future. Today, following San Bernardino and the attacks in Paris, along with the growing number of Hate Crimes fueled largely by the ignorant rantings of Donal Trump, it appears that, in Texas at least and perhaps in other unreported areas of our country, the wait is over: Bigotry and the willingness of the human mind to pass blame for one’s failings at the feet of others, as Sartre would have concluded, seemingly exceeds Einstein’s prescribed Universal Invariant of the Speed of Light.

Two years ago I approached various Muslim leaders seeking their support in the production of this short film, to no avail. They were not interested in supporting a production that might bring Muslims to the forefront of some part of America’s focus. It is the same reason many identified as that for not wanting to align themselves with the film we completed years ago, The Abduction and Trial of George Bush, which you may watch online here.

Such is the way of most Muslims: They are like you and I. They are reluctant to be held under a spotlight and examined as something unusual or different in a world where sameness is seen as safety. They are our physicians and clerks and mechanics and neighbors and they are as much a part of our humanity as the bigots and hate-mongers in Texas and elsewhere who are desperately seeking an excuse for who they are.

Hate is not a solution, even when uttered by a billionaire like Trump.

Read the movie for free here in pdf, and perhaps come away with a more enlightened view.

Likely An Unpopular Homage: Castro

Joseph Warren, Editor

“What’re you gonna do? Run away to Cuba?” That was my Uncle Charlie – a Chicago Italian with a heart filled with nothing but patriotism for the country that had given him a home, a life, and freedom from 1915 to the day he died…part of our Greatest Generation.

The question was directed to me. It was mid-1969 and we were gathered in our back yard not far from San Francisco. It was a miserable day for everybody in our family – those near and far who had journeyed to join my mother, mostly, while she buried her son, my brother, Air Force Tech Sergeant Lawrence Warren, killed in, of all places, San Francisco. But that’s another story. This one’s about Vietnam, Cuba, and a likely unpopular homage to Fidel Castro.

What elicited the question? My response to him that our involvement in Vietnam was unquestionably wrong and would do nothing more than result in the deaths of thousands – hundreds of thousands - of people who could not see beyond the selvage of the political veil covering their eyes: fogging their perceptions and deluding them into believing that anything other than loss and misery would derive for us – the United States of America. Very much the same as what happened decades later in Iraq beginning in 2003, the price for which we, along with many other countries, are now paying.

I didn’t run off to Cuba, and I was mustered out of the US Military in 1972 with an Honorable Discharge without having to kill anyone or be killed, thus I am free to type my thoughts regarding that conflict and those that followed without restraint.

Vietnam was one of the first of our conflicts on the opposing side of which was Fidel Castro. But that’s not what crawled under the skin of America’s loud and rebellious anti-Castro advocates, comprised primarily by a group of ne’er-do-well, ex-patriot, half-brained criminals - some of today’s Floridians and New Jerseyans among them now - whose families left Cuba shortly before and after the revolution when faced with Castro’s reforms – from Agrarian to Educational to the Re-Distribution of Wealth.

Those who left were a pariah on what Castro, along with Che, Cienfuegos, and many others including, of course, Raul, proposed to build. Those who quickly packed and abandoned the country of their birth were those who leached and drained the blood of Cuba, as they had for decades following the collapse of Jose Marti’s dream, and in post-revolutionary Cuba, they were no longer welcome. They were the very wealthy who only took more and turned Cuba into a cesspool for America’s whoremongers and gamblers, exploiting poverty to gain further gratification.

When Castro’s Cuba came into being, and over the decades that followed, Cuba’s Literacy rate rose from about 20% to more than 99% - highest in the world today and tied for that position with a handful of other countries: Don’t look for the United States anywhere near the top of the list – we’re at about 74% and falling.

Along with Literacy, Castro brought Healthcare to the highest level in its history and far beyond that of our country today in affordability and quality of care, with more qualified Medical Doctors per-capita than nearly any other country in the world, and Cuba is in the vanguard of drug research and development, bringing cures to the incurable.

Were Cuba’s citizens living on the edge in both food and shelter? You bet: Look to us and the ridiculous imposition of our embargo against the people of Cuba, urging others to join us in starving them and thus Fidel out of power. Look to us for assassination attempts and plots numbering more than 600 endorsed, or attempted by, the US Government, discounting those contrived by the criminally-inclined expatriates in Miami who struggle to put three words together in a comprehensive sentence.

And after the fall of the Soviet Union Castro lived on: As he will for all of history, as he will in the hearts of many Cubans and others worldwide as the man who did the “un-doable” and sustained a revolution in thinking and in deed for the good of his people.

Readinstead of listening to the ignorant ranting of Donald Trump and a handful of others who now, at Castro’s death strive to pile more untruths on the memory and legacy of a man who influenced history and brought a revolutionary way of thinking to the world during the time of Eisenhower through to the last days of Obama: That’s a legacy not likely to be equalled by any American president in the future, and by very few in our long and tangled history.

Read Bardach’s Cuba Confidential; Ramonet’s Castro; Piniero’s Che Guevara; James’ Che Guevara; De Toledo’s Guevara; Castro’s own History Will Absolve Me; and many others, and you too will come away understanding the true depth and commitment and reasoning behind the great Cuban Revolution.

As to Donald Trump’s comments: What would you expect from a pandering simpleton and an egomaniacal despot?

(Thanks, Jack.)

You Voted! Good for you. Now get ready for the future...

Joseph Warren, Editor

The Coming of Deseret

Copyright 2007 Warren-Hill

Installment One

From the Seattle Times, Jonas Lindquist reporting:

“Less than one year ago I sat at a table under an umbrella at an outdoor bistro with an associate of mine while we commiserated on the ill state of society.

“We talked about the economy and how, although it seemed lackluster and stagnant, was as regular as a clock in its recovery. We spoke about politics and how in many times past we opined on the logical successors to leadership of these United States. We talked about our families – our wives and our children. We spoke about what we would do after we retired.

“We planned our individual futures and ‘prophesized’ that, although fraught with difficulties, the United States would continue, just as empires in the past had long succeeded in doing. We conjectured that eventually a future generation might bear witness to the collapse of the United States, and when that time came we speculated that it would be a period of immense upheaval.

“We mourned the loss of reason, but saw the world today as a place where the new logic that had settled in on the populace, although exceedingly different from what we perceived as the norm, was not deadly. Change has always been subtle. Change has always been slight. Who could have calculated, say, just five years ago in 2012 that the United States would end with such swiftness? In retrospect, I suppose anyone who has read history could have predicted it. It’s just that we were all so involved in our day-to-day lives: sitting at outdoor cafes, talking about politics, working, shopping, dining out, thinking about the future, while the ship sailed on with no one at the wheel.

“It’s ironic. It’s even thrilling in an eerie way to see something so wonderful caught in its last throes of life, like a great ancient beast finally caught by one too many spears from a horde of long-lost hunters. What will tomorrow bring, I wonder?”

(Jonas Lindquist was killed April 9th, 2017 while covering the Battle for Spokane. This was his last dispatch.)

To read the entire story, Click here and scroll down to Deseret.

Janet Yellen Confused

Joseph Warren

Our head of the Fed is confused as to why we have not arisen like Lazarus from our last Recession: We’ve been mentioning this for years now, and it all started out with a rather lengthy article entitled, What’s Really Wrong with the US Economy. Popularly read for the last three years or more, Ms. Yellen needs to read it, do you!

For the average American with Attention Deficit, allow me to summarize: We don’t Manufacture sufficient products for export and consumption to maintain a growing or even static economy. It’s basic economics à la John Maynard Keynes. About 14 million people make things; the remainder live off the revenue of our dwindling Manufacturing sector and supplemental economic infusions through borrowing on our children’s future.

Our current National Debt is just short of $20 trillion, or about $59,000 per US citizen

Our Trade Deficit with Vietnam, which was nothing for decades, has now reached more than $30 billion. Our Trade Deficit with China continues to grow every year. This year it will likely approach $400 billion.

Clearly, Janet Yellen is not very bright. When you go to the polls either November 8 or, if you’re a Trump supporter, November 28, remember this. And, for those with a typical attention span of yore, just below is the content of the article referenced above, following which is a brief article on the Trans Pacific Partnership, which notwithstanding what she may say, Hillary completely supports.

What’s Really Wrong with the US Economy

Joseph R. Warren - GL Hill

Why this article should be important to you, and why you ought to read it in its entirety:

Imagine a scale with:

Fourteen million on the right.

One hundred million in the middle.

The rest of America on the left.

What did we expect?

In an earlier article entitled, “Yet Another Article About Why the Republicans Don’t Get It...” (available in the Archives section) we touched on some of the more critical issues facing America today, attempting to illustrate the contradiction inherent within today’s political discourse both Democrat and Republican.

Although having voted for Gary Johnson, we did share one common footing with Mr. Romney: (at least) 47% of Americans are not pulling their weight in America today, leaving the capable remainder to support them through one government program or another. A long, painful, downward spiral since the inception of the New Deal that has left America where it is now without much hope of recovery. Ever. Without revolution in one form or another.

This situation is untenable in any economic schema: Communist, Capitalist or otherwise. Even Ernesto Guevara would shake his head in dismay, probably quipping that we are polar-opposite of his Modern Man ideal. And we are. “Work” means nothing to many of us today.

Authored in 2011 the below article remained hitherto unpublished. It is a comprehensive and heavily researched analysis of our current fiscal state. Read it and weep.

For the many years preceding this last economic “slow-down” Americans have been exposed to a plethora of articles all seemingly pointing to some single factor that led us to our current state, laying blame wherever possible to push that writer’s agenda. Yet causality from an economics perspective is rarely that specific.

Perhaps what’s missing is a more heuristic approach since most of us have some vague concept of what’s gone wrong, and by taking a brief look at the various trends over the last several decades we may be able to identify the nexus between what  we did and where we are.

From our view America’s economic machinery can be divided into just three categories: The first are those types of work that are Economically Positive (E+), Manufacturing, and in most cases, Agriculture and Farm work. The second are Economically Neutral (En) and includes only Service sector employment. The third are Economically Negative (E-).

E+ work includes primarily Manufacturing jobs along with Mining, Agriculture, and Farm work. Staying with the principle factor of Manufacturing, here’s what’s occurred in the relatively short time since 1950 when about 40% of all jobs in the United States were categorized as Manufacturing: We made nearly everything that the American Consumer (including the U.S. Military and its affiliates) could want.

We had virtually no reliance on imported oil (for processing into gasoline) at that time. “Imported” was caviar and the rare individual who could afford a Jaguar, Mercedes, or Triumph.

Today, owing to a variety of reasons, Manufacturing employment in the United States is about 9%: As a result one may easily argue that we’re a country of three hundred million friends all passing basically the same dollar around from one to the next because there is very little new wealth being added to the economy. So why is this important?

Some argue that it’s good for the environment since we no longer have a large number of pollution-creating businesses with which to contend. Let’s talk about that: The Non-Durable goods we now import, at one time made here in America, are now popularly identified by the authors as not as durable, being better defined as “Really Non-Durable” goods. The brooms we buy can’t be left sitting on the porch exposed to the elements year-after-year (yet still functional) as they once were; the clothing we buy from various Asian countries tends to break-down, fray and lose buttons after the first washing; patio furniture disintegrates when left outside on the…patio.

How much energy does it take to manufacture a Non-Durable product versus a Really-Non-Durable product? About the same. How much of the world’s very finite natural resources does it consume? About the same. How much pollution does it create that we – globally – must contend with? More. Why? Fewer controls on offshore manufacturers have resulted in what in some cases is irreversible environmental damage. That’s one of several reasons why many of our manufacturers relocated to overseas locations, and it’s hardly a secret.

Can we buy those things that we now need for less money? Yes we can (in the very short term). Unfortunately we’re doomed to buy replacements again and again, whereas those goods we manufactured here (past-tense) far out-lasted the imported. Does the manufacturer benefit through increased profits that in most cases are not subject to taxation? Yes. Is the profit associated with manufacturing this product finding its way back into America’s communities? No. Have we upset the balance of economics globally to our disadvantage?

In 1987 our Trade Deficit was $152,119,100,000 U.S. Dollars. At that time Manufacturing jobs in the United States stood at a little more than 20% of all jobs. (In 1950 we had no trade deficit, but a Trade Surplus and nearly 40% of our workforce was dedicated to Manufacturing.)

In 2010 Manufacturing stood about as it does today at 9%. Our corresponding Trade Deficit is…well it’s astronomical at $634,896,800,000 U.S. Dollars. This year it will most assuredly exceed that amount. If we make nothing, we have nothing to export. (Interestingly, if Software Engineering and its related activities had not been included as a Manufacturing activity our actual percent of jobs in this category would be substantially less.)

Multiplier Effect (ME): Manufacturing jobs have always been viewed as having a positive effect on other sectors of the economy. Although varying, most seem to agree that a Manufacturing job will generate more to the community for every dollar of wage paid than any other type of employment.

In California during the early 1980’s while doing legislative work specific to Employment Security, we generally held that every one Manufacturing job resulted in a return of about five  other jobs, supporting employment in the Services and Government sectors, Welfare, and so on, none of which can make this claim as we will discuss below.

Working for America ( uses the very modest Multiplier Factor of 143%, yet declares that Service jobs represent only a 73% return for cost (only seventy-three cents of every dollar spent for Services re-emerges in the economy).

So Manufacturing jobs strengthen our economy by adding wealth both on a local level and globally: While passing the metaphorical dollar around our little group of three hundred million we add more dollars (that are not derived through the mere act of printing money).

Let’s place Manufacturing jobs on the right side of our scale. Assumed with Manufacturing is the equivalent activity of growing food or Mining natural resources for consumption here in the U.S. and for export, further offsetting the Trade Deficit. (Unless otherwise noted, data for the above supplied through Bureau of Labor Statistics, Census, and US Commerce.)

E- programs and work are all of those activities that do not directly add wealth to the economy: in fact they are Subtractive. They are the sum cost of supporting all other Americans, other than perhaps Service employment.

They are not profit-driven but represent work and related expense that is seen as necessary, vital, important, socially significant, or entitlement in nature. And, from the office of the President of the United States to our nearly trillion-dollar budget for National Defense and Law Enforcement, all the way down the line to Bob-the-local-Building-Inspector none add to the wealth of the country. Some may safeguard our economic wealth but in doing so function as a cost-center – an expense - to our Manufacturing sector.

Currently (early 2011) there are about 312,000,000 people living in America. Our universe of those who are capable of working is about 239,500,000: what is defined as Civilian Non-Institutional population (people 16 or more years of age). Here’s how the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) defines it: “The civilian noninstitutional (sic) population consists of persons 16 years of age and older residing in the 50 States and the District of Columbia who are not inmates of institutions (for example, penal and mental facilities and homes for the aged) and who are not on active duty in the Armed Forces.”

The actual Civilian Labor Force, though, is far less at 154,538,000. BLS defines this workforce as “…all persons classified as employed or unemployed” as described above. That means it is the total of 140,129,000 people with jobs, plus the 14,000,000 who are “officially” unemployed, plus the 7,100,000 who “currently want a job”.

Where are the others? A short answer is, too young, too old, unable due to disability or military service. (Military Service accounts for about 2,000,000.)

So there are about 140,000,000 people working in America today – less than half the overall population. 9% of them are in Manufacturing jobs that support economic growth. Being generous let’s call it 14,000,000 people who do something for a living that brings in more than it costs, leaving us 126,000,000 non-manufacturing workers.

In the Subtractive category (E-) are:

Federal employment. As of March, 2011 the Office of Personnel Management identifies 2,124,000 Full Time Equivalent employees working for the U.S. government. That is up from 1,763,000 in 2000.

State government employment. Total state government employment currently stands at 3,836,500. Depending on the source, that number is up anywhere from 2 to 6 percent in the last decade, or more if one uses pre-9/11 figures.

Local government employment. Cities and counties as of 2009 employ about 11,114,889 people.

In addition Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), funded partially or completely through one or more government agencies employ more than 9,000,000 people. While some may argue that NGOs are funded to some extent (or wholly) through private donations, the associated tax loss must be subvented by others, therefore resulting in direct government support to these organizations – everything from OxFam to your neighborhood spay and neuter clinic.

En: How many people left? From the above we know that about 26,100,000 people work for the government, in one form or another and exclusive of the military, 14,000,000 making something, leaving us a remaining workforce of 100,000,000 people.

Most of these people are employed in the Service sector of our economy, encompassing the vast array of employment represented in this very general classification. They are sales associates, nurses and doctors, mechanics and landscapers, and anyone who does not make something in his or her job, notwithstanding how good they and others may feel about that work. Regardless, their activity does not add to the wealth of the country.

Other E- (Subtractive) factors:

Social Security, while funded by employer and employee contributions, remains Subtractive. Currently there are about 38,500,000 people aged 65 and older who are receiving payments through this system and an additional 16,315,000 as surviving spouses, children and the disabled for a total of 54,815,000. This number will continue to rise, shortly very dramatically, as those who engineered this chaos reach retirement age: the Baby-Boomers, to which generation the writers belong. Some recipients qualify for both Social Security and Supplemental Insurance payments.

Supplemental Security Income, again funded by both employer and employee contributions, has become a refuge for the many in America who are unable to find work owing to some form of disability, real or fabricated. The number receiving this type of benefit has dramatically increased in the past few years as accessing the system has been perfected by those whose job it is to represent claimants. Currently the number of recipients is 8,057,000.

Public Assistance/Welfare in America, like all other entitlement programs, has dramatically risen in the last five years for those who have exhausted their unemployment benefits, and all subsequent extensions, and must fall-back on this system to provide for their family: it is the last vestige of hope for many. And, thus, the number of recipients has risen from 2008’s 2,700,000 to 2009’s 3,009,319. Today in 2011, the estimated number of recipients approaches 3,500,000 (perhaps more).

Unemployed and receiving benefits accounts for more than 14,000,000 Americans. “Discouraged” former workers – those who have dropped out of the system and exist through Public Assistance, odd jobs, or transient lives – account for more than 7,000,000, and the number probably goes much higher since they have fallen away from the system.

How does it balance out?

On the right side of the scale we have 14,000,000 workers who manufacture, by today’s definition, some form of product and thus bring wealth into our system.

On the left side of the scale are 2,000,000 military; 26,100,000 government and quasi-government workers; 54,815,000 Social Security and related recipients; 8,057,000 Supplemental Income recipients; 3,500,000 Public Assistance cases; 14,000,000 receiving unemployment benefits, for a total of more than 108 million people. Thus (E-)1086/(E+)146 = 7.71(F1).

In other words for every one (1) manufacturing job there are 7.71 others who are an Opposing Force. Using the more liberal Multiplier Effect described above of 5:1, we can see that we’ve outreached our ability to grow (or just to sustain) our economy by 65%.  And we passed that mark some time ago when our total Subtractive factors exceeded (5*146=) 70,000,000 people.

But what about the money? Aren’t Americans making more? Our answer is fairly concise, “Who cares?” The value of a dollar or of ten or of one million dollars is vague and inconsistent. A friend once said, “When gold reaches five thousand dollars an ounce we’ll be able to buy a loaf of bread for five hundred dollars.” The value of the Dollar is relative and volatile.

To understand what went wrong and how to fix the problem, we need to look at the one immutable factor of our economy, people.

A few paragraphs above we set aside our Service sector employment, numbering nearly one-third of the U.S. population at 100,000,000. A catch phrase during the 1980’s and 1990’s while we (the authors) were consulting to a variety of industries was “Value Added”: it was important that we were able to identify some empirically-based positive change in the way the company did business to demonstrate our worth or value (to make certain that our invoices were paid). In some cases – to what extent remains nebulous – we could do so with those client companies who manufactured a product.  For those who did not, there was no metric other than improved service levels reflected on some vague Likert–scale summary depicting Happiness levels, which in reality did and do nothing to bring greater wealth to our society. Waste Reduction in Service industries benefited only shareholders and those others who participated in any incentives shared for reduced operational cost.

In other words, Waste had an impact on those who derived their compensation from the efforts of others but did not add wealth to the economy. Similarly, Services themselves do not add wealth, and may, in fact, lead to an undeserved sense of economic well-being, such as when the BLS reports an increase in Service sector employment.

Imagine a scale with:

Fourteen million on the right.

One hundred million in the middle.

The rest of America on the left.

What did we expect?

Fixing It

We need to bring the economy back into alignment. Moreover, we need to bring it further back than just “in alignment” if we propose to reduce our National Debt. To stabilize the economy necessitates growth in E+ and/or reduction/transfer/shift in E- (and En). To address America’s long-term debt, piling ever higher, means that we must make a more dramatic change.

It’s that simple. Yet, it’s that complex owing to:

Our abandonment of our manufacturing infrastructure and a misguided and government-reinforced generalization of what constitutes job growth. (Plainly evidenced in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which funded jobs, to a very large extent in the Service sector. The effect? Adding some (large) percentage of the (borrowed) $267,000,000,000 to the profit margins of companies whose added jobs added nothing to the overall foundation of our economy.)

American Consumerism. We are driven to acquire at the lowest cost those things we “need” giving no thought to the true cost of acquisition, nor to the cost-benefit of its acquisition. For the most part, jobs, life-span, obsolescence, and environmental consequences do not enter the decision-making process.

Work, itself, has lost its significance to many, replaced instead by a vague yet committed sense of entitlement.

A loss of perspective by: Those who work; those who own the companies; those who invest in the companies; those who could otherwise work but do not; those who run our government; those who interact and advise all of the aforementioned.

Are we heading to a collapse? We don’t know. What we do conjecture, though, is that Collapse may be one of the only ways in which this very broken system may be rebuilt: It’s been decades in the making.

Trans-Pacific Free Trade: Freely Trading American Jobs for Chinese Crap

Joseph Warren, Editor

“Vietnam to be among the biggest winners...”

What? Again? - Ed.

Designed to benefit large corporations the above agreement has been signed by Obama and is pending ratification by other involved countries. We here, and many others have warned that this is not a step in the right direction, and will likely result in the liquidation of jobs, on a wholesale basis, in America resulting in the further erosion of employment in meaningful economic activity - Manufacturing.

Currently less than 62% of our qualified workforce are employed, the remainder being on some form of disability, unemployment, or part of the vastly growing underground economy trying to eek out a living pursuing some form of Third World activity. In the last Jobs report we experienced a jobs gain of about 150,000. That, in itself is too low in a country that must add millions of jobs in order to restore Housing and Service employment to a sustainable level.

Now comes Trans-Pacific: In November 2016 we need to vote-in leadership who will walk away from this catastrophe and return America to a self-sustaining basis. Most of those in the current line-up are not that person. Who is? While I hate to group the two together since they are so diametrically opposite in all other ways, only Trump and Bernie Sanders have a grasp of what needs to be done, insofar as America’s beleaguered economy is concerned.

Here’s how the group responsible for this agreement summarize things for Vietnam:

“Vietnam to be among the biggest winners, according to the Eurasia Group, with the agreement potentially boosting GDP by 11 percent by 2025, with exports growing 28 percent in the period as companies move factories to the low-wage country, the report said.

“Reduced import duties in the U.S. and Japan will benefit (the) country’s apparel manufacturers, whose low labor costs have enabled them to grab business from China...”

Make an effort to pay attention, please. If not for yourself, at least do so for the future of America.

Fancy Yourself  a “Good Christian” and still buying Chinese-Made products? shame on you.

Joseph Warren, Editor

Here are two paragraphs from Julie Makinen’s LA Times contribution regarding China today.

“China is in the midst of what many overseas scholars say is its harshest crackdown on human rights and civil society in decades. Since Xi Jinping came came (sic) to power nearly four years ago, hundreds of activists, lawyers, writers, publishers and employees of nongovernmental groups have been rounded up. Many more have been threatened and intimidated. Internet news sites have been ordered to stop publishing reports from sources that aren’t sanctioned by the state.

“Even as China has been touting its efforts to boost the “rule of law,” some critics of the government have vanished under mysterious circumstances in places like Thailand and Hong Kong, only to surface months later in Chinese custody, claiming rather unbelievably they had turned themselves in voluntarily. Many of those detained have appeared on state-run TV confessing to crimes before they have had a day in court.” 

Many of us have tried for years now to remind you that when you buy a product made in China, you are supporting a Communist regime. Communism has not become kinder and gentler; it is not nicer, cleaner, more tolerant, spiritual, or humanistic: It is still Communism and one need only look to China to see how today, Chairman Mao, a man who oversaw the massacre of about 70 million of his own citizens from the beginning of the Long March through to 1949, lives on in President Xi Jinping.

So, whether you are of Jewish, African, Mexican descent, or a derivative of any number of previously (or currently) persecuted minorities; or a writer, political activist, filmmaker, spiritual leader, or just someone who believes that we humans are entitled to fundamental respect and due process under any political circumstance, and you’re still buying products made in China, shame on you, too.

Although not widely covered by the US’s popular media, we’ve just handed a record $38 Billion to Israel to buy more weapons

Joseph Warren, Editor

And they no doubt will be tied to purchases of weapons made in the US, the one product we still make in abundance. According to the report in Al Jazeera, Obama claims that, "Both Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu and I are confident that the new MOU will make a significant contribution to Israel's security in what remains a dangerous neighborhood...”

Why is it so dangerous in “the ‘hood?” Primarily because Israel has systematically set out to destroy the Palestinians; the US has destabilized the Middle East resulting in the rise of, amongst others, IS; Russia has supported the continued oppression and (now) genocide of the Syrian people; the US has handed over more than $50 Billion to Iran so that they may acquire updated Russian armaments; and...

The list of stupid acts by stupid people bent on bolstering profits in assorted industries, none of which remotely benefit mankind except to ultimately reduce population while insuring suffering, is nearly endless. Essentially, we and Russia have set the stage for Proxy Armageddon. By the way, China has a pretty good-sized finger in this Machiavellian pie nowadays, too.

Sheldon Adelson and his Band of Singing Jewish Cowboys take on the Heathen Palestinian Renegades in, Bad Day at the Kibbutz

Joseph Warren, Editor

When I was a boy roaming my neighborhood streets of Los Angeles many decades ago one of our favorite games was Cowboys and Indians – for the unfamiliar, a game whereby a group of boys (and girls) choose sides and become either a Cowboy or an Indian. Given the life expectancy of an Indian, I was always amazed at how many took on the role of (expected) underdog and opted to be defeated in play.

A few basic rules were: Cowboys had guns and Indians didn’t; Indians could hide and surprise a Cowboy; Indians were supposed to lose. Alas, the outcome was not so certain in play. In historical fact, though, it was. Read full article here.

Arizona: The Unpleasantness of History

GL Hill, Publisher

Mexico before just 160 years ago...

This was Mexico: It’s awfully inconvenient, but the fact is that our state, Arizona was Mexico, along with what is now California, Nevada...

Until it became a spoil of the war waged on Mexico, and acquired in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, our ancestors lived in Mexico. You see, this was Mexico. (I apologize for the repetition, but so few of us understand that we did not steal this land from the American Indians, more precisely, we stole it from the Mexicans.)

This brings us to Donald Trump’s speech August 31, 2016, following his visit with the guileless President Nieto of Mexico. Trump, still hell-bent on building a wall in an effort to push more voters to Hillary (see Trump is not running for the Presidency; He’s running to make sure Hillary is elected, below), is adamant about keeping the Mexicans out of America - Arizona specifically for the benefit of those attending his rally.

Really, building a wall is something the Mexicans should have done 160 years ago: We wouldn’t be having this discussion today if they had. Of course, had the aboriginal people of this continent built a wall 400 years ago, this nasty bit of history would not have been; as a reminder to those of us who read history and as a reminder that, regardless of our Euro-centricity, we have no legitimate claim to this land. We are squatters on Indian-Mexican soil.

Body Count: Children Massacred in Syria

GL Hill, Publisher

About 6,400: That’s the number of Children killed by Mortar attack alone in Syria between 2011 and February, 2016. Nearly 6,000: That’s the number of Children killed by Airstrikes and Barrel Bombs. Children who were shot exceeds 2,000. Since 2011, nearly 1,000 Children were Executed. Several hundred Children have been Tortured to death, along with an additional more than 1,000 who were killed in other creative ways by Islamic State, Syrian government forces, and the US-backed coalition.

Here’s the chart, borrowed from the BBC, but you can research the numbers yourself at the Syrian Violations website, although they suggest the site is under construction, it’s active and functional.

Prevaricators Touting Free Trade

GL Hill, Publisher & Joseph Warren, Editor

Misinforming the public has always been a trait of Journalists with Agenda, Left and Right, but nowhere has it been more troublesome than in a recent LA Times article - OpEd by Daniel Griswold - wherein he seeks to abruptly manipulate the American public’s opinions regarding the death of manufacturing in America at the hands of the Chinese. It’s called Trolling, the technique, that is, of offering counterpoints to a popular opinion in order to sway readers to an opposite point of view, typically earning the Troll direct or in-direct compensation. Thus, Griswold, in his article, would like you to believe that Manufacturing in America owes its resurgence - which it isn’t experiencing notwithstanding his words to the contrary - to the glory of Free Trade, particularly with Asian economies (i.e. China).

It’s pure fabrication.

Now, if he had said, Americans need to understand that they can alter the course of Manufacturing in America by shopping for, and buying, USA made products (of which there are many for nearly every facet of your life), we would have agreed. But he didn’t. 

Here’s the way this rolls out: Read our older article, What’s Really Wrong with the US Economy, then read Griswold’s piece in the LA Times. You be the judge...

All we ask is that Griswold quit Trolling for the Chinese government, and let the American Consumer judge on what best to spend the 60% to 70% of our GDP related to Consumer spending: American jobs...or Chinese.

You must be at least this intelligent to own a firearm: Cop or Citizen

Please note: You may reorder any category below “Some of You” to fit your political preference.  Thus, GWB may be inserted where “Your Cat” is categorized, or, Trump moved to “Your Dog” or Rand Paul may be removed completely: He does have an MD, though. As to Adlai Stevenson, if you don’t know who he was, then you are immediately excluded from voting, since he was significant to recent American History. If you don’t know who Einstein was, then you must surrender your driver’s license, and you may not use any implement sharper than a wooden spoon.

Arizona Schools: Why We’re Failing as a Country

Joseph Warren, Editor

Throwing more money at a failed system. Proposition 123 barely passed this last election. What is Prop 123? It’s a poorly conceived idea by our Republican governor to offset the probable consequences of litigation that has been pending for some time whereby our legislature has, purportedly, underfunded our public schools system. To offset this legislative failure, Governor Ducey pushed Proposition 123 to (eventually) empty out the state’s trust fund - something that many argue ought not to happen. As a result on June 30, $191 million will be paid out to our schools.

What will happen with the money? According to all sources it will be used to pay bonuses and raises to existing staff. In Kingman (Kingman Unified School District #20, or KUSD) that will likely be the case, as well. Read the full article here.

Obamacare: You ought to be outraged!

Joseph Warren, Editor

Can somebody please tell me why the thief pictured below is worth $66 million a year? UnitedHeath Care has opted out of marginally profitable Obamacare markets for very good reason. The man below, Stephen Hemsley, about whom we have written many times in the past, is the CEO of UnitedHealth. Two years earlier he made only a trifle $40 million. His position in life improved tremendously though in the ensuing two years lifting his compensation to the above referenced $66 million.

Every American ought to be outraged. “There’s no doubt that one of the reasons why Americans pay more for health insurance and for health care than people in any other country in the world is because of this high executive compensation,” Wendell Potter, a former public relations executive for insurance company Cigna, said. Yet “there is no real justification for it...”

“Thief pictured below”

Think about this in November when you vote: Whether you are insured through Obamacare, through an employer-based plan, or through your own plan outside of the influences of Obamacare, you are being gouged.

Tony Blair Says, “I’m sorry...”

Joseph Warren, Editor

Tony Blair may be facing more than the casual inquiry in his spearheading the debacle known as the Iraq War. On a televised BBC interview Blair said that he’s sorry about the way things have worked out in Iraq. He contends, wrongly, though that had Hussein not been toppled from power that Iraq may have degenerated into civil war much like Syria today, failing to understand that Syria is today embroiled in a civil war owing to the destabilization of the region when Hussein was taken out of power.

This is a fairly simple syllogism to follow, yet Mr. Blair’s inadequate intellect precludes his following the equation. Mr. Bush, on the other hand, caught in the quagmire of his own confused and idiotic thoughts - indicative of the Bush family - has yet to understand that he did anything wrong.

Look: Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. The war was (and is) a contrivance intended to benefit those who acquired the subsequent leases to the Majnoon and West Qurna Oil Fields - Exxon-Mobil, et al. - two of the largest Oil deposits in the world. We’ve talked about this since 2003, prior to our invasion of Iraq.

Watch, The Abduction and Trial of George Bush, here. Perhaps someday both Bush and Blair will stand trial for their criminal misdeeds...

Shouldn’t people who advocate on one side or another of the Firearms Issue at least have a basic understanding of what they’re talking about?

Joseph Warren, Editor

I apologize for the “wordy” title but I can’t think of another way to approach the issue. Time and again it seems that those arguing for and against Gun Control measures seem to miss the point entirely, owing to their lack of experience and clarity of thought.

Foremost, it really doesn’t have anything to do with the type of weapon, whether capable of firing 15, 30 or ten rounds: they’re all deadly weapons, and in the hands of an experienced and practiced user are capable of reaping as much carnage regardless of whether it has a black plastic stock, or a conventionally fashioned wooden stock. Read the full article here.

Communists, Control, Cinema, and Boulder City, Nevada

GL Hill, Co-Publisher

Warren-Hill Productions, the people who publish this journal, are not unaware of the rights we possess to write, shoot, edit and release sometimes humorous, sometimes informative, sometimes politically-controversial films under the genre of “Independent” and we do not take those rights lightly. In an August 2015 article, Beijing Cowardice: Yet Another Reason to Avoid Walmart, we reported on how the Beijing Independent Film Festival had been shutdown by the Communist government for fear that one or more of those films slated for screening might foment unrest and civil disobedience.

Why would the Chinese government take such a Draconian step to protect the delicate balance between their oppressionist Communist underpinnings and Globalized Capitalism? Because there are few experiences in life more powerful than film: We are drawn into them. We become one with the characters. We experience what the actors experience. We empathize. We share. We cry. We are...them. So, any film that presents a critical overt or subliminal plot is likely to be seen by the Communist government - the government you support by shopping at Walmart et al. - as societally lethal.

So, celebrate being an American: Support freedom of speech in its purest form and attend any of this year’s regional Film Festivals. If you’re in or around Boulder City, Nevada, February 8 through 11, next year - 2017 - take in the Dam Short Film Festival for three days of Short Films sure to tantalize. True, you won’t see, The Abduction and Trial of George Bush at this festival, but you can watch it in full length online here for free, just as tens of thousands of others have around the world, including, ironically,  many thousands of Chinese. Maybe the “28 Pages” will renew interest in the subject.

(Incidentally, if you’re a filmmaker, and you were dissuaded by the technical requirements for entering the “Dam Shorts”

check the Withoutabox update for the site.)

Little Ahmed says, Thanks George Bush For Making Us Safe

Joseph Warren, Editor

13 years following the liberation of Iraq, the legacy of GWB lives on. Having won their hearts and minds, as was GWB’s stated goal, we also liberated their landfills and their children from schools so that they may strip food, recyclables, and miscellaneous garbage from the dumps of what is now a Third World country. Read the full story here at Al Jazeera and learn more about our American legacy.

Little Ahmed “Working the Dump”

Terror and Terrorists: Some things just don’t change

Joseph Warren, Editor

In 2011 we completed a short video montage called, Who are the Real Terrorists? It’s resided on our other sites for years being viewed frequently by readers from the US, Russia, China, and, well, really everywhere. Earlier today I watched it for the first time in a long time and thought, Some things just don’t change...Easily, one could substitute Obama, Trump, and a host of other ne’er-do-wells into the roles of those included in this aged film: the results would be the same. It’s still about Fear, and always will be.

Fear and Hate seem to be in vogue again - although it has never fallen out of favor with many Americans and America’s government. As Eisenhower pointed out, and to paraphrase, We just need War and Fear and Hate and Violence to make our economy work. Such a sad state of being. Here’s the short film: Click to view.

Housing: The Good Ol’ Days are Gone Forever

Joseph Warren, Editor

Everybody keeps waiting for the rebound. There is no rebound, nor is there a likelihood of ever seeing a return to anything like the Housing market leading up to 2007, except in small anomolic geographies where aberrant human emotions have outrun commonsense, such as San Francisco or Manhattan. Here’s why:

Women in the Workforce

What to some extent drove the tremendous price escalations - across the board in nearly every housing market across the US - was the addition of a second household income: Women entering the job market and contributing to what was before, a single income household. In 1960 married women accounted for about 30% of the labor force. The other 70% remained at home caring for the children and the home. By 2010 the percentage of married women working increased to nearly 75%. During that interim 50 year period the average home price, according to, jumped from $12,700 to more than $220,000. Mortgage qualifying, prior to the Meltdown anyway, became far more lenient and creative and more fully encumbered the double income family unit.

Wages and Purchasing Power

According to Pew Research, and as most of us intuit, there has been no substantial change in Purchasing Power in the last several decades. We have more Junk but only because the junk we prefer to buy nowadays is made overseas - likely China - and thus has generated a greater accumulation of things that have a very diminished life expectancy, including most or all of the technology surrounding our daily lives.

Here’s the Pew graph:

Manufacturing Employment

Manufacturing jobs support the creation of Service employment and enhanced earnings in Service sector jobs. In the absence of a substantial Manufacturing base, there is no financial foundation on which Service employment may sustain itself. To more fully appreciate where we are today in Manufacturing, read, The Most Important Thing... and What’s Really Wrong with the US Economy. Between these two pieces you will come to understand that to fully “Rebound” we must return to a sound economic base, and that must include a resumption in Manufacturing activity.

Until these complex economic issues are addressed and until you take responsibility for the economy by becoming a wise consumer and supporting Manufacturing growth in the United States, rather than overseas through spending your money at Walmart, your home that had a market value of $220,000 in 2006, but today will fetch only $140,000 will never return to its 2006 value. It’s just an economic reality, and neither Obama nor Boehner nor Cruz nor Paul nor any other candidate for any office, can do anything about it until such time that this one intractable, critical economic issue is addressed. Any widget ought to be able to understand this basic economic principle. Sadly, most Americans do not.

A Good American Doesn’t Die

Joseph Warren, Editor

Ever wonder why the government wants to keep you around longer, well beyond your Sell-By date, when in reality many of those who love us most would rather see us die, for our own good and theirs?

Like everything else in America it comes down to Economics: AARP (American Association of Retired Persons); the Gray Panthers, a less-than-audacious “advocacy” group for older folks notwithstanding the use of “Panther” in the name; and the multitude of other organizations all professing to advance the well-being of we Old People, won’t talk about it because they, like our Gross Domestic Product (GDP), are reliant on sustaining our miserable selves into the future as long as possible to maintain membership. (Imagine perpetuating an organization that depends on the enrollment of people who have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel: a daunting task!)

We’ve written about this before in an article entitled, Cold Storage, which you can read here. In that article we speak to GDP growth as being heavily reliant on Health Care in America, and suggest that Obamacare’s repeal will not likely happen unless and until other facets of our GDP are shored up and can replace the loss that will certainly occur if Health Care’s participation is reduced as a result of the repealment of Obamacare.

Here’s some new information: The Department of Health and Human Services has released figures that show Health Care now accounts for more than 17% of GDP. In other words, of all industries in the United States, nearly one in five dollars generated through Services, Manufacturing, and Government are attributable to Health Care – providing Health services to our citizens and non-citizens alike, young and older.

What does this mean?

It means that if it weren’t for Health Care we would have experienced far more negative growth periods of GDP. Likely, we would still find ourselves mired in an officially recognized Recession (Depression). But, of course, anyone who’s not employed in the field of Health Care already knows this…or should.

Was this an Obama sleight of hand to jettison America out of the Great Recession while providing the added benefit of vastly enhanced corporate earnings for the industry, including Health Insurance? Or simply a well-intentioned effort to bring Health Care to millions of Americans who otherwise would have been without?

I suppose it depends on which side of the fence one finds one’s self. Either way, your body, no matter how seemingly addled or worthless it has become, remains an important component in our economy. If you die, you impede the mission of the Health Care Industry and risk throwing us back into recession or worse.

And, while you’re at it, read, Thinking About Getting an MRI? Think Again, here.

“Bown fur Coleg”

Joseph Warren, Editor

Yesterday's graduates went off and founded today's companies; it's becoming clear that tomorrow's graduates may not be qualified even to apply for jobs with them.”  - Eric Rosten, Bloomberg

Which reminds me: SAT Scores are in. We’re doomed. Reading Comprehension - for the benefit of those having recently taken the SAT test, that means, “Reading something and getting whut it meens” - is the lowest since 1972; 495 out of 800, to be exact. Writing has fallen off considerably, too: 484 out of 800, or the lowest...ever. Math in America? Well it doesn’t take a genius to know that 2+2 = whatever. Math is way down as well.

Where does that leave us as a nation? So much talk about the growing Wealth Gap. So little about the ever-increasing Ignorance Gap: In America we continue to pump out some very bright young men and women from our institutions of higher learning, yet, simultaneously (that means, “At the same time”) we are disproportionately creating an actual proletariat to a very frightening magnitude.

“Ignorant Rabble” cannot participate in government to the extent needed to insure that the views of a democratic society are reflected in the actions of its elected officials. Society becomes ever-more guided by the instincts and needs of the Elite. That in turn leads to its eventual collapse. When? It’s like Global Warming, I think: Maybe hundreds of years from today, or...maybe next week. Perhaps a good Nuclear Winter is the cure for all of our ills: The Chinese appear up to the challenge.

The Insanity of Shipping Container Homes

Joseph Warren, Editor

The Arizona Republic has gleefully reported that the first of many proposed Shipping Container apartments will soon be available to rent, somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000 per month. “Affordable” housing...

Why do we need affordable housing? Because wages are stagnant and poverty has increased in Arizona, as it has in the rest of the country. Latest Census data shows that more than 18% of Arizonans live below the official US Poverty Level (more than 20% in California) - about $24,000 per year for a family of four - and up considerably from the time before the “Great Recession.”

Why do we have so many Shipping Containers? Because we continue to export jobs - meaningful employment in Manufacturing - to China, and now, with the onset of the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement, expanding our job exportation to more fully include Vietnam and elsewhere where Slave Conditions advance the cost-effectiveness of durable and non-durable goods manufacturing, more and more Shipping Containers find their way to our shores and inland.

Why do Arizonans (and Americans in general) not see the relationship between empty Shipping Containers and Job Loss and Increased Poverty? Because critical thinking is a thing of the past in America. Americans tend to accept what they hear on television as reality, and television speaks for those who push Chinese-made products on American society, like Wal-Mart and others, and perpetuate the loss of jobs, the lowering of wages and the need for more and more affordable housing.

Shipping Containers are a popular form of housing in the slums of Columbia and elsewhere...and now they’re coming soon to Phoenix.

Refugees or Migrants: Hate in the “Next Europe”

Joseph Warren

Europe is struggling. Economics, overall, and “Globalized Indifference” (Pope Francis’ term) have all steadily eroded the commonality that once was the impetus behind the Union: The same thinking that brought us together here in the US nearing 250 years ago. Now, add the consequent damage likely to occur as a result of the incredible influx of Migrants (or Refugees, if you prefer) and the simmering strife becomes far more perceivable and real.

To address the changing world in which Europe exists, academicians and others have been invited to participate in a gathering of ideas termed, Next Europe. Read the full article, here.

The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

Companion Read to our editorial on Nagorno Karabakh (below)

By, Bruce Janigian, Special to:

(Distinguished international attorney, Bruce Janigian, who led a US team of presidential election monitors in the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh, found the election standards and rigor to exceed anything he observed in the USA, which, by the way, also has its elections monitored by the OECD.  Janigian offered his comments to this journal. -Ed.)


“Interestingly, what our State Department has to say regarding Nagorno Karabakh is yet another unjust intervention and incitement in the region: ‘The U.S. remains actively engaged in advancing a peaceful settlement of the conflict. Cooperation among the U.S., Russian, and French mediators is excellent. The United States does not recognize Nagorno-Karabakh as an independent country, and its leadership is not recognized internationally or by the United States. The United States supports the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan…’

“This could actually be characterized as inciting a war! The region has been calm after this little nation freed itself against the onslaught of far superior Azeri forces over twenty years ago. Now as the little children grow in this new and free republic, free because of all the brave farmers who fought to protect their homeland and their faith, the mighty United States gives ammunition to Azerbaijan. Both figuratively and literally.  Israel is busy selling arms there, including advanced US weapons.  Read the full article, here.

A Novel Novel: Persona Non Grata - End of the Great Game

A novel by Avery Mann (Bruce Janigian), 2015 Paperback

Reviewed by, Joseph Warren, Editor

Searching the many back pages of this journal will yield three – maybe – book reviews intentionally framed to bring our readership some insight into a useful, enjoyable reading experience. Most of our “Reviews” aren’t reviews at all but bibliographic notes leading to a specific resource wherein one might find greater insight into the subject being discussed.

This is one of the former. Why? Because when I’m not immersed in the sciences or history or politics I just love a good mystery. Who doesn’t? It’s the stuff of diversion, and God only knows we could use a little of that as we watch the rollout for the upcoming elections. Read the full article, here.

The Economics of Starbucks

Joseph Warren, Editor

Still paying five or six bucks for a cup of Starbucks? $26,695 is the current median wage in America. That equates to about $12.80 per hour, gross. Net? Somewhere around $10. So the median American worker will work for 30 to 40 minutes of every workday to buy a cup of Starbucks. (And we complain about working for the first few months to pay our taxes for the year!) Even Starbucks employees would have to work about half-an-hour if they worked elsewhere. Read the full article, here.

Cold Storage: Our Dependence on Healthcare to Grow our GDP

Joseph Warren, Editor

Old Age. A sound economic reason to live longer thrives in our nation’s GDP - Gross Domestic Product. We have literally sickened our way out of the Great Recession, to some nebulous level, by insisting that the addled and lame - real or imagined - old and young, continue to “hold on” for as long as possible, dumping them into cold storage at one of the ever-growing number of faceless, tritely-named care facilities where they live out the rest of their lives largely ignored stewing in a (sometimes figurative, sometimes not) stewpot of their own shite and urine, or at one of the many thriving local hospitals specializing in MRI-based destruction of their “patients” on a Quantum level. Read, Thinking About Getting an MRI? Maybe, think again... Read the full article, here.

“Inside every Gook is an American trying to get out...”

                                                                                                                         - Full Metal Jacket

Joseph Warren, Editor

And they’re getting out with Billions of US Dollars in hand.  No one remembers the war with Vietnam, least of all the 58,000 of our dead brothers and sisters in uniform. Not to mention the 2 million or so Vietnamese who died while we - America - were involved in the conflict after the French. Many of us knew it was a bad idea to begin with. Curiously silent these days are those who struggled to convince us that Vietnam was a “Good” idea, and winnable, much like our current president, and his equally ignorant predecessor have built and sustained our involvement in the Middle East. Read the full article, here.

A Good Chart to Consider When Buying Chinese-Made Products:

One-Fifth of Americans on ADHD Drugs

Joseph Warren, Editor

And that is why things are the way they are in America today. Critical Thinking cannot take place in a mind muddled by incomplete thoughts and bits of data - especially that garnered through the television and related media: 63 million Americans, 53% of which are “adult” age. No wonder we’re a mindless collective of misdirected cretins bent on self-destruction. Racial Hatred, Violence - both Foreign and Domestic, Ignorance Regarding Basic Economic Principles, and the list is endless.

We don’t read. We don’t think. We’re spoon-fed our information in digestible bits of not more than five seconds or a few words. Twitter, as an example, limits its users to the perfect level of communication for a critical thought in today’s world. Genius, really, when you think about it: any more misspelled words and abbreviations would be wasted on the majority of Americans - those who try through pharmaceuticals to improve their thinking capacity, and those who probably should. Read the full article, here.

Trade Deficit, Jobs Report, and It’s Your Fault


The latest Trade Deficit with China shows that we have accrued a Deficit through February 2015, for the year of 2015, of more than $50 billion. To China we shovel off only about $9 billion per month in goods while they send to us - to Walmart and the other peddlers of Chinese products - more than $40 billion.

This has been going on for some time, and we, like many other publications have striven to remind you that as a Consumer this is not a balanced relationship: in fact it is one that has led and will lead to our eventual demise as an economy.

The Jobs report just released clearly shows the relationship between your spending habits and the resultant outcome: We’ve written about this many times, but we’ll try it again, so please pay attention.

If you buy Chinese made durable and non-durable goods you are continuing to put Americans out of work. Service and Government employment cannot sustain itself without the addition of Manufacturing.

Recognizing that half of America by mathematical necessity is below average, and that the average is dropping substantially, let me put this more concisely: You’re the one screwing things up. Stop buying products made in China. Start shopping online and at your local non-chain stores for American made products. You are responsible for the way things are today. You are the reason 48% of our qualified Labor force is not gainfully employed. You are the reason we’re squabbling over minimum wage levels rather than more salient issues.

You are the trouble with America.

Residual Quantum Field Effect

Joseph Warren

(with GL Hill)

For some of you, what you are about to read and consider could be life changing giving you a much different perspective on Life and Afterlife. For others, perhaps not. Ironically, we believe that the truth - the historic foundation of religions - lies herein. I know: That’s a pretty grand statement, but read on.

Most often people require some form of commitment to validate the legitimacy of a way of thinking: To suffer somehow, or give of one’s self to a cause, to pay tithing, and plainly here that’s not the case. All that’s required is that you consider, to the best of your experience, what you’ll read below. If it’s valid from your perspective – if you can understand what we’re saying and see its application to you – that’s wonderful. If not, that’s fine too.

People don’t read and think as much as they once did. We’ve become too accustomed to being told what is true, what is real, by our religious leaders, by our governments, by those around us who “know better” and who coincidentally subscribe to a specific way of thinking for the benefit of some organization or entity, government or private, and by television. We have no organization or television series to promote.

We believe that the Residual Quantum Field hypothesis belongs to everyone because through it we may better appreciate that we are all born from the same quantum fabric and share that common basis with all of humanity.

Through this thinking we may experience less existential angst, regret, sense of failure, hate, controversy; and through it we may live a more peaceful life, less fearful of death and what may have been for you, the unknown, or simply nothingness. Read article...

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