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24 June 2022
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This House was Built in 1911
(This is an expanded re-print from an article in 2018 with changes appropriate to the current timeline.)
Joseph Warren, Editor

To her, Goethe’s darling was still alive and still young, things that long since had become historic and legendary to us were still reality to her. I always felt a ghostlike atmosphere in her presence.

Stefan Zweig on Mrs. Demelius’ recollections of her childhood friend, Goethe’s granddaughter.
The World of Yesterday (Die Welt von Gestern)

Cohenour House with Occupants - 15
2022: The Historic Cohenour House, entitled, “1911” by Greta Warren-Hill (Publisher, showing both the builder, Mary Eleanor Cohenour (left) and Mae McMullen depicted on the front porch: Although 50 years separates the two, Mary Eleanor is more than 110 years distant from Greta. The painting will be on exhibit at the Kingman Center for the Arts (4th and Beale Streets) later this year.

“Don’t be put-off by the age…” was the beginning of a narrative of a home for sale on Zillow, not in Old Town Kingman, but some short distance away (less than a league off). That home was built in 1972, and as a semi-autodidact in Asian, American and European history, and one who lives in a reasonably new home built in 1911, I thought that was a strange bit of salesmanship.

Our home was built by Mary Eleanor Cohenour (in 1911 by Tarr, McComb & Ware) and is now known eponymously as the Cohenour House: it is constructed of Rusticated Concrete Block (RCB, which was cast on-site then to look like quarried stone blocks) on a perimeter and basement foundation. The windows are complex with multi-lite upper sashes, and to this day much of the original glass remains - seedy and wavy. The interior and exterior doors are very close-grained Douglas fir and were “preserved” in many, many coats of early enamel then latex paint, containing enough lead to build a life-sized replica of the Brooklyn Bridge and still have enough left over to drop the average IQ at the Princeton Institute by at least three full points.

Each door took three to five days to strip and finish, and each window at least that amount of time to restore to pre-abandoned-maintenance condition. Each is now covered with a storm window, frames for which we cut from cedar, beveled, glazed with double-strength panes, hung on period correct screen hangers, and painted a matching burgundy, of the three-color scheme we had landed on seven years ago, not to protect against storm surge in Arizona, but to keep the wood from deteriorating and undoing what we had done.

Mary Eleanor Cohenour was a very successful businesswoman, and had this house built after her husband, Jacob Neff, left her for another “Mary” soon to be Cohenour, in 1906. Will wonders never cease? (And I thought my generation originated that proclivity.)

“Our” Mary acquired, subdivided, and developed the many smaller streets that sit behind our house, and in earlier times the buildings were dubbed, the
Cohenour Cottages: not a pejorative but to denote their diminutive character. She was very active in local theater often being cast as a matronly figure who held familial sway, dominating those around her: all of local history confirms this as type cast, as I am sure Jacob would confirm if he were still with us.

She held many events here: soirees and parties for friends, neighbors (few at that time), and officials. The house was frequently in the news, many times for her gardening prowess: corn, grapes, almonds.

When this home was built, China’s Qing dynasty had just fallen: the last of thousands of years of dynastic rule, if we exclude China’s current leader, Xi Jinping, who has assumed the legacy of the Dowager Empress (even to the point of faintly resembling her). Until 1911 China had resisted more than two hundred years of violent incursion by Portuguese, British, US, Russian, French, Japanese (and other) imperialist usurpation of resources; including, and most egregiously, serving as a dumping ground for US and British Opium intended to spread the disease of drug use, addiction, and pacification throughout China’s vast population to the ultimate benefit of Drug Lord families here, such as that from which our American hero, John Kerry came, and other American notables as well.

The Opium Wars continued off-and-on for decades from the early 1800s resulting in the loss of Chinese lives in the hundreds-of-thousands (perhaps millions, although no official “body counts” were made) at the swords and cannons of American and British forces.

The fan kuei (collectively, us) sold a great deal more than they bought (in tea and silk); every year more and more silver dollars…left the Gulf of Canton…Now the emperor faced a deepening money crisis as well. By the middle 1830s the relentless outflow of silver…had driven his principal civil servants to distraction, and to a man they blamed the crisis on opium…(and) for brigandage, for corrupting the army and civil service, for ruining increasing numbers of Chinese.

The Opium War
Peter Ward Fay

Homes and families, on a vast, nearly incomprehensible scale were viciously destroyed by us and our distribution of opium. Today, we believe that dumping Smartphones and other Chinese-made goods through Walmart and a host of other online and brick-and-mortar
co-conspirator retailers serves to the detriment of the American worker, and worthy of sanctions, and the threat of international conflagration. Irony abounds in history.

And then there was the Boxer Rebellion in 1900, (on the heels of the Spanish-American War in 1898).

Many Westerners recalled the direst of Chinese maledictions, “May you live in interesting times.”

The Spirit Soldiers (Boxer Rebellion)
Richard O’Connor

Stemming from our persistent need to take from others (non-Protestant, non-White, or non-Wealthy) believing them to be subhuman and unworthy of sovereignty or respect, our greed and wantonness had reached a climax in the minds and lives of many Chinese eclipsing their relative docility, the end result of which was a massive uprising against resident foreign powers. The “Boxers” were so-called because of their style of fighting, which from a Westerner perspective seemed pugilistic, recalling that this event pre-dated both Jackie Chan, in various films, and David Carradine in
Kung Fu.

Fortunately, by murdering many tens-of-thousands of Chinese men, women and children, we eventually treated with them to a reconciliation that gave us territories and access, from which we were better able to launch further
future depredations. Hong Kong came to the White man in this way and today is the focus of attention by world powers as those who have an historic claim to the small, once worthless pile of rocks, bid to bring it back into their waiting arms, much to the dismay of Hong Kong’s current residents... predominantly.

After the many wars had ended and the last of the dynasties was about to topple after thousands of years of dynastic rule…
…this house was built.

China then fell into the hands of warlords and tyrants, many of whom found strengthened regional authority, wielding corruption and death broadly and without mercy, virtually enslaving a region’s populace, much like every
Post-Apocalyptic America movie we’ve ever seen, and just as violent. In fact, very much like Afghanistan and Iraq until not many months ago: thanks to our efforts, as well.

From 1911, China began a nearly forty year struggle to emerge in 1949 under Chairman Mao, while the exiled Chiang Kai-Shek moved off to “succeed” to Taiwan, but that was another story and much later: and we’re still at 1911 when this house was built. (Read,
Chiang Kai-Shek, Jonathon Fenby, for an illuminating history of this controversial and mercurial leader of China’s republic (for a relatively short time). It, too is a very informative look at an important international leader and strangely beguiling spouse, as well as an account of our intense US involvement once again working to manipulate China’s future.)

Elsewhere in the world, in 1915 the
Lusitania was sunk off the coast of Ireland by U20, a German submarine under the command of a strong-hearted patriot of the German navy. 105 years hence, and the cause of this tragedy is still pondered. Following my reading of Erik Larson’s Dead Wake, I am more than certain that Churchill, then First Lord of the Seas or some such really great job title, manipulated circumstances that placed the Lusitania in the gunsite of U20 to stimulate American intercession in the failing British effort to defend against the aggressing German (and other Central Powers) forces. “Rule Britannia” was, from that day forward, no more, unless one counts the (Islas Malvinas) Falklands War, which to Argentines was just insulting.

It took far more than the
Lusitania disaster to shake Wilson out of his eros-induced torpor, while British, French, Russian (and numerous other Entente members) “lives lost” numbered into the millions - military and civilian. But eventually we joined in... Over There.

And probably from this house, and from the many houses across and up and down the then-gravel streets of what we now call
Old Town, departed those who would wage war in a place so remotely different from Kingman Arizona. Some of them would come back when it was “over, over there.” Some wouldn’t, and like many towns in America we have a war memorial in Railroad Park, which used to be Kingman’s professional Baseball field. The Cubs, Pirates, and others used the field for off-season training and exhibition games…

…while this house looked on a few yards away.

Stefan Zweig (ibid) rightly discoursed furiously about the destruction of Beethoven’s House in 1903 on Schwarzspanierstraße, Vienna. Here in Kingman, while never the official home of any noted composer, or for that matter anyone who could hum a tune for all we know, our City’s leadership does not let history obstruct the advancement of new, cheap, architecturally depraved homes and other buildings, either. They are driven by pay-offs and other considerations that always put me in mind of Mel Brooks’ line in
Blazing Saddles, where, as the small-town mayor he justifies his actions exclaiming, We’ve got to save our chickenshit jobs!

And so they do at the cost of local history.

Between “Big” wars, this house changed hands twice and served, having reconfigured the old Carriage House on the opposite side of the block, as a commercial laundry facility for central Kingman. Streets were paved covering over the old dirt motorways and in the depth of our Great Depression, the WPA, our Works Progress Administration who “employed” millions of out-of-work, destitute Americans in Public Works projects, laid in sidewalks in the 1930s much of which remains today – intact, unbroken, level, and clearly stamped. They are as new – 90 years hence. Here, if you walk through Old Town you can walk on history, even as the City labors desperately to remove our past to make way for crappy chain restaurants and stores and car dealerships and monolithic government building atrocities.

The 1932 Bonus Army Riots made our recent January 6 episode look like a re-run of Dancing with the Stars

Also between the Wars, Washington DC was crushed under the anger and revolt of 17,000 of America’s World War (One) veterans seeking payment of their promised Bonus following the war, finding themselves in the depths of the
Great Depression unemployed and, to a large extent, unemployable given the absence of available jobs as American opportunities vanished under the weight of economic collapse and Climate Change, buried, literally and metaphorically, under millions of square miles of stripped and desiccated topsoil. Unexperienced heat and drought from the Continental Divide eastward left the country sweltering and debilitated in a time long before air conditioning.

So while the WPA was improving Kingman, Japan and China mixed it up in the vilest way possible, and in Germany there began the rise to prominence of an otherwise very unremarkable former German army corporal who really, really just wanted to paint for a living. In retrospect, any number of us would have supported his enrollment in the
French Academy. We didn’t, but he did manage to paint out the lives of more than 11 million people, many of whom were guilty of practicing a different form of prayer, much like our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, only the Jews didn’t control vast oil fields as the Iraqis did in Majnoon and West Qurna, raffled off to industry giants like Shell and Exxon-Mobil: Father Timothy announcing the winner of the church raffle, “Well, will wonders never cease? The new Cadillac has been won by our own Monsignor O’Reilly.”

Many more millions of dead later: this house still stood.

In 1946 this house was acquired by Mae McMullen, known by various surnames owing to changing life circumstances, marking the thread of ownership that lasted for nearly 60 years. By all accounts, she was a remarkable woman: Chief Surgical Nurse at Mohave County Hospital, which stood until a little more than a decade ago not more than one
Li away, she worked with the famous and infamous in Kingman medicine, including one of our most recognizable doctors who from the 1930s onward practiced his surgical craft while completely toasted on alcohol: still, his patients were loyal and believing. He was fairly short, kindly (probably owing to his condition), and while there were several other qualified physicians in Kingman, he is fondly recalled by some long-time residents, and by various long-ago lovers now gone to ash.

Mae was tall, strong, intelligent and raised her children in this house, none of whom were infants here. Thus, Mae’s grandchildren occasionally find their way to us through email, phone or visit. We learn so much about the house that way. They are older Americans today.

World War Two brought significant, albeit transient, changes to Kingman with the development of the US Army Air Corps airfield from which practice sorties were launched. Zealous and far-too-young men served as gunners aboard bombers and fighters in our overseas theaters of war after first blasting live .50 caliber rounds from automatic weapons into our countryside. For sport, the guns were occasionally trained on cattle peacefully grazing below, usually owned by John Neal and other prominent ranchers. They were many times admonished to not shoot the cows: that the
cows were not Nazis, and probably held no political affiliation, although they did hold clandestine meetings wherein the membership espoused a united commitment to a shared Vegan philosophy. Many of our young men and women never returned, and they too hold a place on our memorials close by this house. But the cows do not.

In 1950, the year I came about, on the Korean peninsula the first of our Asian US proxy wars began, eventually drawing us into a civil war that was supported on the opposing side by China and the Soviet Union. Arguably, it remained a proxy war for them during the duration of the conflict. Our total war dead numbered about 36,000, with tens-of-thousands of walking dead bringing up the rearguard. And young men from this house and others in Old Town as before and once again went off to war. Some never returned.

The US was booming, though, as only the US may from time-to-time, with only minor setbacks we called
recessions (like today, deny it or not), mostly effecting smaller swaths of specialized industry, like in Defense, such as for my father. But we lived in Highland Park just on the outskirts of Los Angeles in a neighborhood not unlike where this house abides in Kingman. I believe that’s one of the reasons we love this house so.

(As an aside, today I imagine Joe Biden as Captain Rudolph Sharp, the master of the Lancastria, whose 1940 sinking took maybe as many as 6,000 lives (or more) to the bottom of the sea off St. Nazaire during the evacuation of British and other troops from the south of France, following the mostly failed Dunkirk exodus. Standing on the wing bridge I can almost hear Captain Biden excoriating,
There is nothing to fear! Return to your posts! Denying a recession, does not make it so.) Read, Fenby’s The Sinking of the Lancastria for the complete story.

During our second year of
caretaking this house, since that is all that we are, for all purposes, I finally got around to looking more closely at the concrete basement wall on the east side. I had already ripped out four iterations of plumbing going back to the original well pipes that supplied the house from the still-working well, although we draw our house water from City supply for clarity sake. I replaced everything with Pex and SharkBite fittings: I will never sweat copper again!

In the basement wall I noticed
several deep scars from which some of the concrete was sloughing off. Fearing the worst, I welded up a bracing for that span of flooring above, treated and patched the concrete.

“Dad (referring to Mae’s teenage son, the woman’s father with whom we were speaking) used to go into the basement with my uncle while grandma (Mae) was at work and fire grandma’s .45 caliber into the concrete wall…”

The next day, “Ooooooh! I get it.” I stuck my finger in the hole, “This is a bullet hole! And so is this…and this…and this…”

During this chance to learn more about Mae, we were told that the “boys” often climbed into the attic and fired live rounds from the latticework hip roof opening on the front of the house covering the arched concrete porch. I suppose this was better than shooting apart the house foundation unless one happened to be walking by at the wrong moment, but this is not Chicago.

Time in this house passed virtually undisturbed and the “boys” have all gone to Glory (just as we all must) after having lived an acceptable lifespan. And, as of this writing, not even Jeff Bezos can do anything about that.

What’s happened since the Korean War? Not much…

We’ve fought so many wars and killed so many people; famine and disease have taken millions; the ebb and flood of economic collapse and resurgence has left a lasting and often overlooked legacy of what to expect from life, most of which most of us choose to ignore; people have come into the world, and people have left; the universe is getting smaller, and perhaps multiplied; we know that this world is not of continuous matter but insist on viewing it as such, because in our restricted consciousness, it’s the only game in town; we continue to view our fellow human beings as we did in the 1600s; and, most importantly, globally we’ve grown from about two to eight billion people during my lifespan, most of whom own Smartphones, and in an effort to further humanity, post images and videos of themselves having sex, alone or otherwise: we are not advancing as a society. In fact, we are on the retrograde.

So, let me ask you something
Realtor representing the 1972 home I first mentioned at the beginning of this piece: Why on earth would I be “put-off” by a home built so recently as 1972? So many homes in America pre-date our little home by a few centuries and chronicle events beginning with the Spanish invasion of North America. Like you, probably, I’ve slept in homes abroad built in the time of Shakespeare or before.

Old Homes have essence, spirit, and are quantum vessels that I believe still hold the remainders of those who came before. Old homes can evoke love, peace, or a sense of belonging that cannot be realized in a new home, no matter how the builder may sloganize variations on “Come home to Larchmont” or wherever. You will not be home there: you will just inhabit space. Perhaps, fifty years hence one who lives there will be “home” if, and this is very important given the quality of construction, it remains standing.

If you’re now thinking,
Jesus! I gotta buy an old house and get me some of that peace and tranquility shit! Recall that there will likely be some work to be done. But through that work the house becomes your home. Of course one can always search out something completely renovated, but that can be a very pricey proposition in today’s real estate market: maybe not next year. Who knows? We didn’t learn from the last “Great Recession” just a few years ago.

Here’s Rule One:
Don’t Home Depot an historic home. Doing so ought to be a Capital Offense. It’s the same with classic cars: If one puts a 350 Chevy in a 1939 Plymouth, it’s no longer a 1939 Plymouth. It’s something else, and it is not preservation.

What’s rewarding is to know that what we’ve done to this house will remain for decades, even centuries to come. Perhaps subsequent owners will become curious and research the subject; maybe they will come to know us, and through this effort,
carry us forward in time. Kurt Gödel would be proud.

Zombie Foreclosures
“According to our equity report, almost 90 percent of homeowners in foreclosure have positive equity,” Sharga said. “Having equity gives financially-distressed homeowners an opportunity for a relatively soft landing – selling their home at a profit rather than losing everything to a foreclosure. That factor alone should keep the number of zombie-foreclosures from rising too much.”
- Rick Sharga,
ATTOM Executive Vice President of Market Intelligence

Rick Sharga must be 16 years of age. Real Estate values are no longer stable and mostly upward trending in the world today, and are subject to incredible variations, as we’ve seen time-and-again regionally, nationally, and for many years, globally. In fact, since greed has overwhelmingly entered the market, what was once a few years ago a predictable asset of fairly certain value, has now become as flaccid and volatile as those insipid cryptocurrencies flooding investment portfolios as unacknowledged Ponzi schemes: They have zero worth in any way, shape, or in any basis. They’re fantasy currencies, and that’s the price we must pay for feeding our young and giving them a computer.

The fact is, your $400,000 home might be worth that today if you move quickly and offer it for sale at a fair price, and if:

• The home is maintained and appealing within the context of your asking price
• Located in a stable area
• Shows no signs of being offered under “distressed” seller conditions
• Is not located in an area of probable flooding or destruction due to fire
• Is in a lower than average area of crime rate
• Is convenient to transportation
• Within an area of average or better public schools and medical care
• Has an adequate water supply and a reliable utility infrastructure

All presuming that you find a qualified buyer willing to take on a high(er)-rate mortgage, and importantly, that many more Americans don’t decide that the time to sell their home is “Now” flooding the market with the
same thing at the same price. Wait, there’s one more: (This one is important too), that gasoline prices withdraw from their current historic price point, below where they were in 2008 (adjusted to 2022) when the average American plainly could not afford to pay for all of the things that they had seen as necessities then and now. More so now considering that Consumer Debt has spiked from $11 Trillion just 10 years ago, to more than $16 Trillion today (read below).

Of course it would be helpful too if we didn’t slip into a recession signaled typically through a growing trend in layoffs. (What?
A spate of layoffs is fueling recession anxiety, per CNN Business. Well, so much for that…)

It would also be helpful if existing home prices remain at least stable in the coming months. (MarketWatch:
Housing market is cooling as an estimated 25% of home listings cut their asking prices. Well, shit...)

Zombie 2
I don’t have an appointment. Excuse me... (Clears throat of congealed blood). May I see the inside of your lovely abode, Ma’am?

Joe Biden’s got an idea that Gas Rebate cards will ease the burdens currently tipping the scales of our economy to the setting marked on your toilet to,
Full Flush by conjuring up Gas Rebate cards, apparently channeling the idea from his fellow partisan, Gavin Newsom of California.

How will this help us?

It will add more debt to our children’s-children’s-children’s debt load sometime in the not too distant future, if they still exist.
Currently the National Debt stands at $30.5 Trillion Dollars, up from $5.5 Trillion just 20 years ago. That’s $25 Trillion more, if you’re a recent US school’s graduate. Each one of us owes about $100,000 in additional debt along with all our other debts – mortgages, car loans, consumer credit, medical…

Of course, COVID played a role as the government, under both Trump and Biden, began handing out vast sums of money to every one of us through direct payments, or, if you’re Pfizer and most of our Health Care industry, Billions and Billions and Billions of dollars for whatever purpose.

See, Vaccines, above or Click here to read our thoughts.)

Zombie Multi-Family
So what’dya have in a multi-family property, in a quiet neighborhood, with a large basement, concrete floors, and no skylights… Say! You look well-fed! What’s your BMI?

So what are Zombie Foreclosures? They are homes facing (or in) foreclosure that are vacant, or should be, save for the occasional squatter. They, like Zombies, have no one who will love them. They are a forgotten drag on local economics, apparent in our less vigorous real estate markets. They cost local and state governments revenue. They serve as a haven to those you probably don’t want living next door to you. They are typically unkept as those within are unkempt. They’re a blight and hazardous, yet, per Rick Sharga at present they number far more than 1,000,000 units in the US today.

Although Rick Sharga isn’t old enough to understand the historic aspects of real estate valuations, he does provide a very good summary of what they are and how they impact the balance of market.
Read his article, here.

Historic Do-Over
Joseph Warren, Editor

Everything’s fine...
- Joe Biden, President

As we have written many times before,
what lies ahead of us is the past. In 2008 our world fell apart owing to a sky-rocketing Cost of Living fueled by ridiculously high gas prices and everything else we “needed” in order to sustain our lives, as we had come to define them at that moment in time. Fuel costs, though, were at the epicenter as George W. Bush paid back his and his father’s many cronies and associates for their favored support through, what ought to have been treacherous times for any leader in a thinking society. He was safe in the USA, though, and remains so even as we speak about prosecuting Vladimir Putin for War Crimes in Ukraine: the same acts we perpetrated in Iraq beginning in 2003.

No matter.
Here’s the point. As before, the winners in today’s debacle are the same as in 2007 and 2008 include, among many others:

Exxon Mobil’s Net Income increased in the First Quarter of 2022 to
5.48 Billion USD, a 100.73% increase.
Shell’s Net Income increased in the First Quarter of 2022 to
7.12 Billion USD, a 26% increase.
Aramco’s Net Income increased in the First Quarter of 2022 to
142 Billion USD, a 80.7% increase.

Increases across the board of immeasurable greed leaving you to languish at the pump while trying to calculate
who will not be paid this month so that you can afford the $100 tank of gas you’re currently pumping. Your hand sweats on the pump handle lever. Inside you’re yelling at the digital slate rolling its numbers ever higher on the pump face as the escaping vapors fog your senses and leave you fueled with misdirected anger. Who’s to blame? Biden? Putin? Zelensky? Trump (I mean, why not, right)? Henry Ford? Or, maybe You.

Stefan Zweig called
Chess the Greatest Game. As much as I revere his writing, he was wrong. The Greatest Game is the one we - Consumers all over the world - play with those who have imprisoned us in a world of insured servitude, perpetuating our species, as many as possible, so that they may continue to sell us billions-upon-billions of dollars of junk and poison. As Sartre might have said, There is No Exit. Resign yourself to your fate or get off the planet, because they are going nowhere until they are dead.

Southern Border War
Joseph Warren, Editor

We Must Pay Greater Attention to History: Putin Does

Germany’s Arthur Zimmerman, Foreign Secretary to Kaiser Wilhelm, sent a coded message to Mexico’s President Carranza, proposing a jointly conducted Latin American effort against the United States, reward for which would be restoration of much of Mexican lands currently held by the United States under the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
- Editor

Make war together, Zimmerman proposed. Make peace together. In return, Germany would take measures to help Mexico seize previously held lands…
- Eric Larson, Dead Wake
As the Barack Obama administration increasingly pressured Russia regarding its activities in the Ukraine, Russia was equally capable of reasserting its presence and challenging the United States in Latin America, the region once considered the “U.S. backyard.”

- The New Russian Engagement with Latin America…
U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute, June 2015

Vladimir Putin may be many things, but ignorant of history he is not. He believes himself to be, in a fashion, a modern-day, more affable version of Adolf Hitler seeking greater
Lebensraum for Russia (along with appurtenant diminishing natural resources), and intends to add that extra geography at the expense of his neighbors who are otherwise engaged with their own governments and ideals mostly not consistent with Putin’s.

He is not prone to Hitler’s many strategic mistakes, being well read in the matter of history. Unlike many of our global leaders today, including Joe Biden, Putin understands the fundamental ease by which events of the past may be re-introduced into any given geo-political situation at any time far after the historical event is all but forgotten.
Make no mistake about it: Putin’s goal is to resurrect the former Soviet Union (and then some) under a state-controlled, Capitalist autocratic banner, in the same manner and form as both the current Russian and Chinese economies successfully function today.

They are basically interchangeable governments: Both are despotic, seeking advice from only selected resources within the government’s hierarchy; inexorably intolerant of dissent; focused on the perpetuation of the central government, and with negligible concern for the vast majority of citizenry except as necessary to sustain the economic
machine: a form of economic slavery not much different than the United States, as a matter of fact, except that China and Russia lack the basic elements of freedom - free speech, habeas corpus, and other protections - while we feign, to a large extent, benevolence.

Popular Media is not telling you everything you need to know

Mr. Putin also understands the United States today: by his own words and through his various lingering and vestigial
apparatchiks, Putin has declared that we – the United States – are an impotent mass of fools unable to defend ourselves against aggression. Unfortunately, he is right to a large extent: Far more than 70% of our military age youth are, as we’ve written before, citing this recent Heritage Foundation summary, too fat, too stupid, or too criminal to be useful as anything other than cannon fodder in any traditional conflict.

Sadly, we are predominantly a country of imbeciles and morons, and we bear no resemblance to those who were our parents and grandparents. Putin knows this, and this knowledge, along with his understanding of history has invigorated him to challenge us on a global scale through various proxy wars, currently and to come, knowing that we must risk global nuclear conflagration in order to defeat an enemy like Russia,
and that is why he’s arming Mexico.

The line-up of visiting heads of state and government in attendance was thinned down to 21 after Biden excluded Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, prompting Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and several other leaders to stay away in protest.
- Reuters

Mr. Putin would very much like to re-write history to his vision. First, though, he must insure that the United States is deeply mired in conflict. I suggest that it is no accident that Mexico’s president (and other Latin American country leadership) were absent from Joe Biden’s
Summit earlier this month (June, 2022).

To an intended end we may safely conjecture, Russia has supplied Mexico with a vast supply of offensive weapons of sufficient range and capability to present a formidable threat to our southern border and deep within, virtually assuring him that our attentions would be fully engaged on a potential two-front conflict – an unwinnable scenario as evidenced by Nazi Germany’s fall - should Putin elect to strike. He knows and understands history, while we seem to ignore it, or someone would have heeded earlier advice proffered by many and put a bullet in his head by now.

“The Mexican side is currently considering concrete proposals from Rosoboronexport, including the supply of (additional attack) helicopters,” (Sergei) Lavrov said.
- Reuters

This is in addition to numerous longer-range missiles and other offensive weapons and supplies. Given that Mexico has a very stable and mutually-beneficial relationship with China, at a substantial geographic distance, who else might Mexico have in mind as a target of engagement? Certainly not Venezuela or Columbia.

Will, once again, maudlin sentimentally overrule our heuristic understanding of what the world has come to? Look, we live in very dangerous times, and at no time has it been more important to elect leadership capable of understanding what the near future portends.
Remember what awaits us when you cast your vote later this year and in 2024.

Pay attention to what matters: Your Nationality, your Sexual Inclination, your Skin Color, your Social Media presence, are of no importance in a world bent on destruction. Those are frivolities better suited to better times, if then, but that’s just my opinion. As an aside, it’s probably not a good time to buy a home in Bisbee, Tucson, or any of our other close-to-the-border communities.

Of course, it all could be just a coincidence.

(As an aside, I can think of no better way to bring our world population back into balance with our planet than blowing a few billion of us into smithereens: It’s quick and, I would imagine, relatively painless, but I understand that this may cause some of you some distress. If you’re one of those people, find an alternative.)

The New Russian Engagement with Latin America, U.S. Army War College.
Read Erik Larson’s
Dead Wake. A complete account and riveting book on the sinking of the Lusitania.

What Would Jesus Tweet?
Chicago Archbishop Tweets About Uvalde Gun Violence From the City of Murder One!
Joseph Warren, Editor

From NPR: While some cardinals have sidestepped political discussions, Cupich spoke out against gun violence on Twitter hours after the shooting at Robb Elementary School.

"The Second Amendment, unlike the second commandment, did not come down from Sinai," Cupich told NPR. "There is an understanding that we all have in our hearts, engraved in our hearts, a natural law about the value of human life. And there is no amendment that can trump that."

Cardinal Blase “It’s gotta be five o’clock somewhere” Cupich
Archbishop of the Chicago Archdiocese

NPR’s hard-hitting, leading-edge journalists have taken on Cardinal Blase Cupich, chief of the Chicago Archdiocese hammering him with relentless interrogatories inclined to crack the toughest-of-the-tough: “How are you today?” and “Is there anything you’d like to say?”

Far more salient than the questions most of us would have asked like,
Why did you Tweet your protest rather than making yourself heard and seen among Chicago’s citizenry? Where have you been the last several years since taking office in Chicago? Did you not notice Chicago’s inclination to homicide before Uvalde, Texas? Did you not know that Chicago has always been on the homicide Hit Parade? Do you know that Chicago is not in Texas? And, What does WWJT mean, there, on your shirt?

Closer to the truth, perhaps: he was too busy counseling the young boys of the Archdiocese to notice that his fellow Chicagoans were dropping like panties in a whorehouse. The other Blase, only with an “i” as in Pascal, famously postulated his
Wager, wherein he argued, generally, that belief in a religion is a harmless act that yields only (potential) benefits for its adherents. Basically, It can’t hurt. Blaise Pascal could never have anticipated today’s Catholic leadership... nor Cardinal Cupich.

Pandemic Puppies
Joseph Warren, Editor

The Antiseptic Baby and the Prophylactic Pup
Were playing in the garden when the Bunny gambolled up;
They looked upon the creature with a loathing undisguised;
It wasn’t disinfected and it wasn’t sterilised.

- From the poem
Strictly Germ-Proof, by Arthur Guiterman.
(Recited by our publisher, Greta Warren-Hill, 1965, Second Grade, at Four Corners Elementary School, Salem, Oregon,
before a live audience.)

Immersed in a plethora of advertisements for guns and drugs,
Craigslist, Facebook, and all other social media, is staggering from the weight of ads posted by those who during the Covid Pandemic elected to supplement their income by encouraging animal fornication in the jejune belief wealth would follow.

Many were (and are) asking extravagant sums for designer dogs following breed lines hitherto unknown, mating the most unlikely together to conjure what they assumed would be exotic and desirable objects of affection to the multitude of shut-ins and otherwise lonely-hearted who just needed a more organic “Like” than what might be achieved in the festering fetid swamp of popular online forums. New breeds emerging:
Puginese, Schweenie, Pithuahua and countless other neologistic approaches to saying the same thing. (Mongrels.)

Perhaps we should try the same approach to human reproduction and introduce new breeds as well, such as the
Jewipino, Germench, Italish, Scotinese, Raniard, Chipanese, and for me, Anglitian. (Mongrels.) Inventing a cute hybrid name does not change the fact that the breed is an amalgam of various mutations accounting for no particular superior attribution once blended, and the end result for dogs (and for us) is the same.

We – all of us – are buried under a pile of
dog poop that accumulates yearly to an amount in excess of 26 billion pounds, in the USA alone. That’s the total waste – feces (or faeces to the rest of the world) of how much dog poop is generated each year by American Dogs. That’s 13 Million Tons. Another way of looking at it: That is the equivalent of 260 Million cubic feet of poop.

260 Million cubic feet of feces is enough to cover Manhattan, completely, in about ½ foot, up, down and side to side, from the East River to the Hudson to the Harlem: Shit, shit, shit. And, I know: that’s not a bad idea, but how would we get it all there?

Naturally, generating that much waste requires a great deal of food: Every year we feed our dogs about
38 Billion pounds of dog food, to varying degrees depending on quality and your dog’s eating habits and fitness. Since fat owners are likely to perpetuate fat dogs, and since about 80% of our country is overweight, we might safely assume that overfeeding is a likely eventuality. Here, in our country, cooking and eating a dog is considered bad form (for now…) so all this energy is being siphoned off from our very limited resources in order to sustain the lives of fairly useless, albeit mostly friendly creatures over whom we may be protective and nurturing. Given our global overpopulation, I’d prefer those of child-breeding inclination seek out a four-legged substitute, but our churches, retailers, manufacturers, governments, and the myriad other beneficiaries of our run-away procreative proclivities, won’t permit it.

Is there an environmental cost associated with this process of sustaining the lives of millions upon millions of dogs? According to
Gregory Okin (whose detailed research on the subject was abstracted in 2017), dog food production alone constituted about a 25% or more equivalency to production of human food in our country. Energy, packaging, transportation: all the many costs associated with getting the equivalent of “your Cheerios” to the bowl on the floor of your kitchen or porch. Seems extravagant for something that doesn’t provide us with any physical nourishment.

At least 25% diesel fuel usage…

At a time when our supply chain is so broken even baby formula, as an example, must be imported from foreign countries at a cost underwritten by us all.

When the price of gasoline to propel us to our worksites threatens,
as it did in 2007, to make getting to work something far more onerous and tenuous than the mere act of driving.

When in our country critical human food items are not available to insure adequate nourishment for our human population.

Makes no sense, whatsoever.

They said it was microbic and a hotbed of disease;
They steamed it in a vapor of a thousand-odd degrees;
They froze it in a freezer that was cold as banished hope
And washed it in permanganate with carbolated soap.
- Ibid

Dead Dog Walking

More than 3500 public animal shelters take in stray and unwanted animals in the USA – Dogs and Cats and whatever else may find their way through the door.

Of those delivered to the perceived arms of salvation,
about 400,000 Dogs are euthanized or killed every year, with the trend increasing owing to vast overcrowding resulting to a large extent from the imbeciles who breed dogs for cash, as mentioned above. These people have a complete disregard for the lives of their Dogs and see them as a means to an end, probably much as their parents had seen their births as nothing too exceptional, for truly they were not. (As an aside, every year more than 500,000 Cats are euthanized as well, but Cats see us as nothing more than an emergency food supply: O, well, nobody’s perfect.)

These new ad hoc dog breeders are only a small part of the staggeringly ignorant lumpen of Americans whose perceptions are warped. They are greed driven and they
want what’s coming to them, regardless of the consequences, even to the point of bringing our country to bankruptcy.

Many of these same humans are generating other dispassionate humans of similar deficient mental capabilities.

Maybe, while we’re legislating protections to keep those who ought not own a firearm from buying one, we should do the same for breeding: We did so many years ago. Read, What Hitler (and California) Got Right and Wrong: Eugenics and Euthanasia, below.

...And each imbibes his rations from a hygienic cup —
The Bunny and The Baby and The Prophylactic Pup.

“Thank you, Greta. That was very nice. You may take your seat.”
- Mrs. Brooks, Second Grade teacher, Four Corners Elementary School


“Not much going on... How ‘bout you?”
Since 2011
Consumer debt has spiked from about 11 Trillion to nearly 16 Trillion dollars
Joseph Warren, Editor

Let me get this straight:

Our “unprecedented” drought has taken our lakes and rivers (that quite literally feed the Southwest’s population) to unheard of shallowness and flow threatening a painful decline in Power, Water, Food Production, and even recreation leading to perhaps a point of societal collapse, but we do nothing of any consequence.

Anasazi, who occupied a good bit of the Southwest in the early 1200s, vanished from historic records following a documented 50-year drought that left them without adequate water to sustain their lives. Anthropologists speculate that the Anasazi merged with other local tribes following their abandonment of their homelands. Yet, we think that 20 years is a substantial enough period for a drought to last and maybe next year we’ll have to do something (reactive) proactive, like get people to stop filling their swimming pools, watering lawns, and washing their fossil fuel burning cars. Then, the Anasazi were a few (at best) thousand. The number of Desert Southwest inhabitants today exceeds 20 million, excluding many tens-of-millions more in California.

Global Warming, allegedly responsible for our changing climate can be mitigated by reduced emissions, yet through 2021
87% of all cars sold in our country were powered by (fossil-fuel) internal combustion engines.

Since 1950 our world population has grown
from 2 billion to 8 billion people: that is to say, during my lifetime. At the same time obesity and excess weight has skyrocketed to more than 80% of our population. In an earlier article we extrapolated that this extra fat of our citizens increases our population from a little more than 330 million to nearly 400 million. You cannot maintain fat by not consuming a commensurate level of food – junk and otherwise.

We throw away much of what is made for our consumption – of all things – from a Time perspective, anywhere from
as soon as it is purchased to a few weeks or months following generating vast mountains of waste.

Per the
Heritage Foundation, 71% of our young men and women are either too fat, too stupid or too criminal to join any of our armed forces, leaving us, in the event of an existential struggle, unable to defend our country from an aggressor, such as Russia or North Korea or China.

All of these fat and stupid people are breeding at unprecedented rates for many reasons, some of which include:

* It’s one thing they know how to do.

* We are told that every life is a precious commodity although many of us know that many are not.

* The people who have become very rich by selling us crap cannot continue to be rich if our population declines.

* Churches thrive on procreation and the continuing development of the like-minded and, particularly, the Catholic Church and those of similar mass-breeding ilk would suffer greatly in perpetuating their alleged
Kingdom Here on Earth if their followers did not screw like rabbits.

* We are about to take away a fundamental tool (albeit least-desirable) of birth control by revoking legal abortion.

* We have no propagation guidelines for the continuance of the species, and, like owning a gun, it’s everyone’s right to copulate and bring about an issue or two or three or many more.

Owing to a lack of intelligence and/or education, History’s various and profound lessons are lost to those in power and subservient and, thus, some of us continue, in the face of all we know as fact, to repeat the same idiotic acts.

Although most people know that the data they post publicly on platforms such as Facebook, will be sold, exchanged and used to someone else’s benefit for their gain or influence at the cost of those who post, they continue to expose themselves to the tyranny of the hacker, predator, criminal, greedy. And, interestingly, those who pay for this information (leading to the vast wealth of a few), continue to believe that they are benefitting by their payments, being demonstrated by a series of manipulated statistical reports, when, in reality, if they did nothing, they’d do as well.

Greed has become a cancer on the housing market: Everyone wants to be a millionaire. They’ve seen YouTube episodes where a “fortune” was made through the simple act of buying a home and waiting until prices escalate somewhat. Then, dumping it on someone else without making any sort of improvement to the realty. In truth, though, while Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute...” he couldn’t have anticipated the sheer increase in morons who now own multiple properties listed for sale at ridiculous prices, and who, soon enough, will find their “dreams” listed under Foreclosed. It keeps happening. It’s what we call, History. History says that all of the marginal loans made to speculators, that lacked a sound financial basis, will soon be abandoned leaving those families who struggled to find their way into a home in the last 14 years, with greatly diminished equity as speculator homes lie dormant and unsold. Gasoline prices, as they did in 2003 then in 2008, will help derail the market as the heads of our American households struggle to set priorities for payment of their debts: Do I buy gasoline or groceries? Clothing for the kids or their monthly iPhone subscriptions? Do I have a Starbuck’s coffee for seven dollars or put it with a few more dollars and get the oil changed on the car?

These are the hard choices before us, again. They’re not unique: they happen continually in a Capitalist world. Rest assured that they are not decisions to be made by Zuckerberg or Musk or Buffet or Trump or Biden or many others who have set you up to take the fall.

Lastly, The upcoming 2024 election will, unless some great and mysterious power intervenes, pit one nitwit against another as one succeeds in defeating the opposing “Klep…Kleptoc…Klep…you know…” O, for Christ’s sake, Biden: Kleptocracy!

(No literary references this column: Just a simple appraisal of our present condition. I know there are more, perhaps to you, pressing issues. Our readers have never been hesitant to remind me of such.)

Franz Kafka’s

Joseph Warren, Editor

Someone must have been telling online lies about Robert Preston attributing nonconformist government rhetoric to an otherwise hapless man whose life until that morning was, for all purposes, in pace with the established, Doctrine of Conformity (our Sacred Rule of Law, Article the First, Reformed Constitution) when the otherwise innocuous sound of his doorbell brought an image to his iPhone through the Ring camera mounted conspicuously near the archaic and filthy peephole through which nothing could be discerned, and there, on his screen were the images of three black-suited men bearing badges of the Department of Homeland Security, Disinformation Bureau, or DHSDB.

Robert opened the door, a faint perplexed smile languished on his face, subtly contorted by fear. “Hello...” he stammered.

“Are you Mr. Robert P of 148 Dunphry Street, Los Angeles, California?” the man to Preston’s right inquired reading from the face of his phone. Before Robert could respond, the man continued, “And are you responsible for a post alleging that our President, Joseph B, has shown signs of degenerated mental faculties as evidenced by contradictions in speech, actions, and in his seemingly ovular diminished capacity to formulate rational decisions predicated on facts?”

“Ovular? I don’t understand what you mean...” Preston stumbled over his confusion and the agent continued, “You’ll have to come with us. I have a warrant for your arrest.” The agent slid his hand inside his coat as though to withdraw something from his beast pocket, but did not.

“May I... may I see it, please?”

The agent withdrew his hand and grabbed Preston’s forearm. The other two agents moved in closer. “Why? You can take my word for it. We have one. Signed by our boss herself, as a matter of fact: Direktor Jankowicz. Come along. O, and you needn’t bother to secure your house: we have a team down the street who will investigate the crime scene.”

This is a scene? A Crime Scene? Can I call my wife and let her know that...” Robert was abruptly dismissed.

“Your wife is in custody already. We picked her up a half-hour ago at her Yoga class. She’s already in transit to a secured facility for people of her type. She’s to stand trial in the
Court of Conformity tomorrow at ten in the morning. I imagine you’d like to be there to demonstrate your love, support, blah, blah, blah, yes?”

“I don’t...”

“No! That’s just not likely to happen, Robert P. Your spurious claims malign the essence of the great Joseph B’s vivaciousness...”

“Vivaciousness? I don’t...”

“Veracity! See, that is an exact example of with what you’ve been charged, and an additional violation, by the way. The great Joseph B, peace be upon him, is, in fact, vivacious.” The other two agents lean in and with his arms secured, the four move off the porch into a waiting black sedan.


Seriously? A Disinformation Bureau? This is Joe Biden’s answer to the schism that places most Americans on either one side or another of our survival? I have to ask once again: Has Joe Biden never read a history book? Never mind Kafka or the myriad other tomes and scripts that portrayed a dystopian society at its earliest state, but real, honest, documented history. Goebbels, Chang Kai-Shek, Mussolini, Heinrich Müller: the list is absolutely endless through to today in Russia, and the chapter always begins with a clandestine organization at the helm of a bureau the design of which is to gain conformity and punish offenders. Christ! Even Rocky & Bullwinkle used it as a vehicle to portray duplicity. He must have seen Rocky & Bullwinkle! You know, “Must #kill #Moose and #Squirrel!”

And, if that weren’t enough,
from the Wall Street Journal, April 29, 2022:

“WASHINGTON—The Federal Bureau of Investigation performed potentially millions of searches of American electronic data last year without a warrant, U.S. intelligence officials said Friday, a revelation likely to stoke longstanding concerns in Congress about government surveillance and privacy.

“An annual report published Friday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence disclosed that the FBI conducted as many as 3.4 million searches of U.S. data that had been previously collected by the National Security Agency.”

Iris Chang, Volodymyr Zelensky
Mao Zedong
Chang Kai-Shek
Adolf Hitler
Vladimir Putin
George W. Bush

Joseph Warren, Editor

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
- (The first four lines of Wordsworth’s remarkable poem, The World is Too Much with Us.)

When the curtain lifts revealing all that remains of Ukraine’s children, women, men, houses, schools, hospitals, roadways, bridges, theaters, the dead have been counted, the cruelties uncovered, the rapes tallied, the disemboweled accounted for, the children without either a mother or a father gathered together and fed and clothed and taken into the arms of those who are willing, after the last fire has been extinguished and the final rock removed, when the smoke finally clears removing the diaphanous veil to what truly remains of Ukraine; how long until it becomes a footnote to our flaccid memories and is repeated, tirelessly, again and again and again and again?

That is the point of Hell, is it not? Nowhere in Scripture, Bible, Quran, Torah, or fable is Hell a singularity. Events such as these are repeated for the benefit of those newly arrived. Welcome to Hell wherein the Seven Deadly Sins perpetuate unremittingly and without opportunity for respite, to rest, to gather one’s thoughts, to decide on the correct course to a righteous life.

Iris Chang chronicled the Nanking invasion by the Japanese in and around 1938. It became known shortly after the War as the
Rape of Nanking. Rape, though, was the least offensive of criminal actions perpetrated on the Chinese population of Nanking at that time. The viscera flowed as though the Qinhuai had flooded with blood washing all of Nanking - bathing everyone in its sanguineous horror. Aberrance and criminality, of every form was inflicted on Nanking’s children, women, and, of course, men. Nothing and no one was beyond the reach of the invading Japanese. Iris was haunted by what she had learned.

The other night I picked up Jonathon Fenby’s,
Chang Kai-Shek. (This was to mark my second reading of this epic in contemporary Chinese history, with a focus on the events leading to the Second Sino-Japanese War.) I had forgotten that midway through the book Fenby describes in formidable detail those events that Iris had taken to heart: too much to heart and mind and soul.

Iris Chang committed suicide in 2004, aching, irrevocably, from the images she had conjured in her mind of what had happened to the people of Nanking, her mother’s parents among them, having miraculously escaped death. To her, Nanking was more than an academic study of an historical event: it was personal, private, familial. It was painful.

Midway through the many pages of Fenby’s very detailed account of Nanking I stopped reading. I covered my eyes and wept for a moment. Not for the lives lost in Nanking so many years ago, but for Iris Chang; for the millions who died in China at the hands of Kai-Shek and Mao Zedong; for those who met death in Krakow and throughout Europe in the late 1930s; in Vietnam and South East Asia in the 1960s and beyond; in Iraq beginning in 2003; and, sadly, as though we are non-sentient, in Ukraine today, and I remembered Wordsworth.

This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon,
The winds that will be howling at all hours,
And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers,
For this, for everything, we are out of tune…

Iris Chang,
Sleeping Flower, help us in this hour of need to overcome apathy, and to understand that the pain of one is the pain of all, and so it shall be forever and ever. O, man! Will it ever end?

As I did last time, I set aside Fenby’s powerful account and began reading something else: anything else. (I will finish re-reading Kai-Shek later, as I did before.)

The Involuntarily Celibate (Incels):
Young White Men Who Hate Women
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Joseph Warren, Editor

Anybody can get laid: That’s the easy part. Hell, it‘s as easy as stepping in dogshit at a Bark-Park.
- Editor

People fucked back then just as much as they do now. We just didn't talk about it as much.
(Somewhere in the quote above was Miller’s signature, Don’t ya know…)
- Henry Miller

I don’t remember exactly in what film I caught the interview where Henry Miller utters these erudite words, but it was a long time ago: a great line from one of the early 20th Century’s (arguably) greatest writers – I remember it as vaguely being the Dick Cavett show, but I wouldn’t guarantee it. If you don’t recall who Dick Cavett is, then Henry Miller is likely equally as lost in time for you. That’s fine since they have little to do with this article.

(In the world of literature, please note, when seeking suitable reading for your teen children follow this bit of advice: don’t confuse Arthur Miller with Henry Miller.)

Point is that I must have fallen asleep to the world around me sometime in the last 15 years or so since the birth of the Incel movement, a group of like-minded nitwits numbering in the tens-of-thousands in America who have adopted the label of Involuntary Celibate, or Incel for short, (which may be one of the involuntary contributory factors). Their formal and informal numbers have grown to such an extent, and their actions more and more aberrant, that the National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) of our Secret Service has developed a substantial database on Incels owing to their likelihood and history of criminal acts against women, and collaterally, men. So, while I could never have imagined some years back a group of young men getting together to self-identify themselves as “too ugly of mind or face to fuck” I suppose it’s a Cowardly New World, as Aldous Huxley probably wrote (or will write) in some multiverse at some “time” in the past-future.

Interestingly, the Incel movement (if I may call it that) began about the same time as the rest of the turds who floated to the internet surface beginning many years ago, coinciding with the Kardashians, West, and a host of others of whom I know nothing other than to scroll past their images as quickly as possible online. (We have not had television wired to our house for more than 17 years now, leaving us blank-faced when someone we know begins a sentence with the words,
Did you see (blah, blah) on television… only unlike the sex thing for Incels, we don’t miss television.)

Foremost, Incels hate women: the stress of existence – the angst of life – has overridden the Incel’s ability to comprehend that finding someone with whom to share a momentary sexual experience, as I recall from many years ago, is about as easy as stepping in dogshit at a Bark-Park.

Incels are basically a modern, dark and violent rendition of Spanky’s,
He-Man Woman Haters Club of Our Gang comedy fame decades ago. Only when Darla moons at Alfalfa, he has Buckwheat hold her down on the treehouse floor while he beats and rapes her.

Instead, on something apparently called the
Manosphere (I really do not get this world today), which is a collection of websites and forums for the like-minded, these imbeciles rail against women and mourn the non-loss of their virginity, celebrating being Incels by discussing who to hate and how to do harm to the female of our species. Harm being defined as harm, in the very real sense of the word, through to and including kidnapping, rape, and murder. Incels believe that women today are primarily feminists and see the rise of women in government and business as threatening their ultimate masculine position in society as the Hunter and usurping the ultimate power associated with that role.

Incels in the news has become fairly common with relational threads tying various violent events to either or both the philosophy, if I may use that term loosely, and those known to have committed acts against women, under the banner of Incel. For the last 15 years, here’s a partial summary...

Robert Long: Sometime ago you will perhaps remember the young man who in March 2021 allegedly decided to murder several women who worked at an Atlanta spa – a massage parlor – apparently favoring their customers with a Happy Ending. Robert Long was charged with eight counts of murder in that event.

George Sodini allegedly killed three women and injured many more in Pennsylvania.

Elliot Rogers is accused of killing six people and injuring 14 more in California.

Chris Mercer apparently killed nine and injured eight others in Oregon.

Sheldon Bentley allegedly killed a man because he was frustrated owing to his Incel-esque existence. Obviously, there was something else going on with Mr. Bentley, having selected a male victim.

And, William Atchison allegedly killed two people in New Mexico. The list goes on… all within the last very few years.

Probably the most interesting tale of Incel misadventures involves
Mr. Carini of Virginia who, while building a bomb to supposedly commit some act of mayhem directed toward those about whom he posted demeaning and hateful speech, experienced premature detonation (which can happen when you’re young) leading to the loss of fingers on one hand, and the complete loss of the other hand. Now, if you’re a young man having difficulty experiencing a sexual relationship with a woman, losing one of your hands and fingers off the other has got to be a kick in the nuts, which is about all the sexual experience he has left.

Black Spring, Sexus, Nexus, Plexus, and the most renowned book of my very early years of pre-sex, Tropic of Cancer. Also, there is more smut to be had in Tropic of Capricorn and other lesser works by Miller, and a very nice and strangely genuine sentimentality in Insomnia along with several works of Miller’s art representative of the book’s many meanderings: I read it well more than 40 years ago, but I remember something about a piano bar, too, which are non-existent today. There were piano bars everywhere in San Francisco and Los Angeles back then. (Boy! I sure miss piano bars… and my youth.)

A Public Service Reminder for Those Who Have Received the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine
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A March 22, 2022 update: NPR announced today, Pfizer launches a recall of blood pressure drugs due to a potential carcinogen. The referenced carcinogen is a nitrosamine. 4-hyrdoxybutyl is a nitrosamine. Continue reading:
Pfizer’s vaccine contains
4-hydroxybutyl, a chemical used to promote bladder cancer in animals to study the efficacy of various therapies. We wrote about this initially, and spoke about our several inquiries to the CDC and FDA as to why this chemical was introduced into the vaccine. Now, do yourself and your family a favor and get regular Cancer screenings to make certain that 4-hydroxybutyl has not manifested itself in Cancer form in your bladder, or elsewhere. For more information click Vaccine, at the very top of this page.

The good news is that Pfizer acquired Trillium, a leading-edge Cancer therapy company, the day after gaining initial approval from the government, and, of course, Pfizer continues to be indemnified by government mandate from any damages resulting from the Vaccine’s use.

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One well-placed bullet in 1933 would have saved millions of lives.
One or a few more may very well serve the same end today.
Watch the BBC report linked at the bottom of this article and imagine the young family of four
shot dead in the streets of Ukraine... as your family.

Here’s the parallel…
What Vladimir Putin is doing to Ukraine and its people, is far worse than what Adolf Hitler did to Europe at the beginning of 1938, first to Austria and Czechoslovakia, then throughout balance of Europe and elsewhere as the killing and destruction spread: the body count mounted into the millions – Jews, Communists, Homosexuals, Gypsies, and many others.

Who does Putin hate with such visceral rage? Us. And will world consequences be the same for us all as Putin begins his inevitable march across Europe? It will if we do not act now to permanently eliminate Putin. History dictates the necessity.

To help clarify the situation for our president, Mr. Biden, George W. Bush made it legally possible to assassinate Putin as a Terrorist.

Let’s get to it and save the world the inevitable pain.

Watch this BBC report.


How to Install and Use a Toilet Seat Bidet
(and Eugenics!)
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Joseph Warren, Editor

…in the merciless struggle for survival the unfit were doomed anyway and the fit destined to prevail.
Daniel Kevles, In the Name of Eugenics, on Karl Pearson

One year before the current COVID-19 pandemic began, very fortuitously we decided on a bidet toilet seat from Home Depot: it was the cheaper and easier way to approach a higher standard of hygiene and consequent evolution compared to the many space and plumbing challenges associated with a separate bidet commode, and far more commodious since it did not involve moving one’s tuchus from one pot to another. (Tuches, Tochas, and in the plural, Tuchii, are all transliterations, so don’t bother writing and criticizing my spelling.)

Our decision was made in November, 2019. It was the less expensive model without water heater: winter temperatures are frigid in northern Arizona at that time of year. The bidet seat’s instructions read something like, “T” the seat water line into your toilet’s cold water pipe, which I did.

Our water temperature averages about 40 to 45 degrees (Fahrenheit) during winter. At 8AM having your sphincter blasted by near freezing water is an eye-opening experience surpassing anything Starbuck’s can offer in stimulants. After the first morning I had cursed myself for being such a cheap bastard and not buying the heater version. (As an aside, one of the appealing design features of the Kohler bidet is the motorcycle throttle that controls the flow of water on the handlebar to the right of the seat, and I’ll often make,
Vrooom-Vrooom sounds while washing, being an old motorcycle enthusiast. If you have explosive gas, it also gives you something to hold on to prevent cracking your head against the ceiling. Overall the bidet seat adds water volume to the toilet bowl facilitating the flushing of “waste” or, if your Donald Trump, classified documents.)

Back at my desk and sphincter constrained, I sat warmingly and researched an automatic mixing valve. I found, at Home Depot as well, a thermostatic mixing valve with Shark Bite on all three points, which is exactly the type of plumbing connectors I used to re-plumb the house a few years prior. I ordered it.

…in the merciless struggle for survival the unfit were doomed… That is, until the intervention of progressive government some few years ago. Now, our President Biden has informed us that we will defeat Cancer “soon” thus allowing our population to continue to spiral out of control, losing the one sure-fire disease for population control, second only to Hate. Read, What Hitler (and California) Got Right and Wrong: Eugenics and Euthanasia below. In that article we mention that (in my lifetime, from 1950 to today) our world population has increased from 2 billion to 8 billion – a 400% increase.

That’s why our planet’s environment is crumbling:
at the very least a 400% increase in fossil fuel usage, industrialized food production, durable and non-durable goods manufacture, housing, household energy use, and all other costs to sustain the extravagances of our world today, far beyond the per capita of 72 years ago.

And, as we mention in the above referenced article, in the United States 78% (
ipso facto, only 22% will appreciate the words that follow…) of us are overweight and a growing number (at this writing more than 44%) are obese adding another more than 40% equivalent to our population: fat people eat more to sustain their fatness; it requires more fossil fuels to pull their fat asses along the highways (and roadways to the nearest McDonald’s); more material to clothe them; more energy to cool them; more… more everything.

Our local hospital,
Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC), spends a great deal of money counseling those who smoke on the dangers of smoking, yet to walk through the halls is an exercise in fleet-of-footedness while dodging the vast majority of the obese on staff: it’s not a good look for Health Care professionals, yet it is increasingly more acceptable today as the multitude of Americans trod the pathway toward Fatville. (Interestingly, directly across the small roadway from KRMC is an In-n-Out burger joint: heavily populated with scrub-wearing folks at meal times.)

Likewise, KRMC was overwhelmed during each Covid-19 outbreak. The irony is that in several findings, Covid susceptibility was firmly linked to body fat, allowing the virus an “incubator” to eventually overwhelm our immune systems, while those who smoke were proportionately under-represented. During the fat-involved process apparently your body releases massive amounts of cytokines that destroy tissues and organs. The resulting organ damage - lungs it appears most often, as reported - are
not destroyed by the Covid virus directly but by your body’s response. Here’s an interesting article for you to consider “fascinatingly” entitled, COVID-19 Severity in Obesity: Leptin and Inflammatory Cytokine Interplay in the Link Between High Morbidity and Mortality. Can’t wait to read that, eh?

In the article referenced above regarding Eugenics and Hitler, which you will find below (and that covers at least one dimension thoroughly) I used Cohen’s book,
Imbeciles as the basis for developing the need to better control our burgeoning population. It’s not just those who are fat of body, but an increasing number who are fat of head, too. In Kevles’ Eugenics, he cites Francis Galton’s axiom that, …if they were left to reproduce without constraint, (they) would ultimately regress toward the mean of the initial population.

In other words, we, today, appear to be irrevocably doomed: the mean of the initial population is
not an advanced state. (Consider “Initial” in context of population.) As a society we are failing to select out those who skew the mean to a lower level, and conversely, select in those who elevate the mean, leaving us moving unalterably toward the center of an Evolutionary Black Hole, evidenced daily in the news.

I plumbed in a red Pex line into one side of the T in the thermostatic fitting, having T’d into the hot water line in the basement bringing it through the floor to the left of the toilet, and a blue pipe into the other, T’d from the water fill line already projected through the floor to the right of the toilet. The third, or
to be blended line, yielded a mix of hot and cold water which can be adjusted under the cap of the T mixer. The line out fits into the feed of the bidet toilet seat and, voilà, as Voltaire probably said a few times in his life, a far more pleasant mix of water is rendered unto your hiney resulting in an equally pleasant cleaning sensation, especially so if you fearlessly grab a bar of nearby soap and render your keister kompletely klean and kommodius to those nearby your person, and, thus, know that you are following a path toward enlightenment and evolutionary progress.

Hot Bidet - 1
A well-plumbed bidet

Ian Deary said,
Some people are cleverer than others. I think it would be a good thing if more biologists began with that observation… I think it would be a good thing if those who legislate our laws regarding abortion and birth control embraced that supposition, too.

And, following along with the above, when the next Pandemic hits, you too can say,
What toilet paper shortage? Do I care about a toilet paper shortage? I don’t even need toilet paper (if you don’t mind potentially sullying your blow dryer).

The failure to re-implement a standard for Eugenics practice today falls on Adolf Hitler. Without his rise to power and subsequent actions, Eugenics laws and practices probably would have remained intact, as they had
before his rise to power and bastardization of the ideal. Today, people like Arthur Dyck illustrate the evils of Eugenics by placing them on all fours with Hitler’s nasty approach. Dyck, Harvard Divinity, is another victim of the maudlin sentimentality that continues to plague resurrection of the only remedy we have today to circumvent what lies ahead. Our world is filled with confused people with an agenda that is without logic and strives to defeat what Nature had intended.

Read, Adam Cohen’s
Imbeciles for a robust look at the history and evolution of Eugenics.

Don’t bother to read Kevles’
In the Name of Eugenics, unless you wish to completely immerse yourself in the minutia of the practice and theory: it’s painful, and like Jesus, I have suffered for you so you may not.

Get, a
toilet seat bidet and plumb it as above, and you will do much to expand your universe of influence and sociability. And if your neighbors dog tries to smell your butt, a look of grave disappointment and confusion will encompass his countenance.

Cancel Culture
Restructuring History: The Elimination of Teddy Roosevelt
Joseph Warren, Editor

I am an American; free born and free bred, where I acknowledge no man as my superior, except for his own worth, or as my inferior, except for his own demerit
Theodore Roosevelt

You are over the line, America: published an article January 20, 2022 reporting on the withdrawal of a Teddy Roosevelt (on horseback) statue from the American Museum of Natural History in (where else…) New York.

It would seem that today Roosevelt’s image sits in metaphorical juxtaposition to that of George Floyd, a criminal and street thug who was killed some months ago, an event we are unable to put behind us owing to the invocation of his name in all matters of responsive police violence in the apprehension of criminals.

The apparent difficulty with the Roosevelt statue (one of my most highly regarded presidents) was that he is flanked by both an American Indian on one side, and an African on the other, and owing to his elevated physical position the statue is regarded as symbolically Racist. (That would seem to be an issue to take up with the artist, long since having passed into glory, rather than the heritage of Theodore Roosevelt, who to my knowledge was never seen astride a horse flanked by an Indian and a Negro, to use the vernacular of the day whence this statue was created.)

Roosevelt Statue
Roosevelt and Friends
(Black guy is to the right.)

In all fairness, the bronze statue is not to be melted into a puddle of so much slag, but moved to Mount Rushmore (at some point) in closer proximity to his likeness chiseled relatively irrevocably into the mountain side: I presume next to Donald Trump.

We’ve gone too far in our quest to absolve ourselves of past wrongs. Forgiveness for who we were is not something to be gained by eliminating any past references to those who fashioned our early society in an effort to manifest a greater goodness for those who brought
Whiteness to this land. There is nothing we can do about it. It’s done, and replacing Roosevelt, et al. with busts of punks and thugs as we have with George Floyd is a futile and a meaningless gesture unprofitable to those who truly do strive to bring about greater goodness and righteousness into our part of the world - White, Black and Otherwise.

Roosevelt’s character, per those in charge today, apparently has been tainted by his support of Eugenics, a controversial subject in today’s world having allowed
genetics to run rampant in our society, and as a result we are now suffering the consequences of our misguided maudlin sentimentality binding us to the false belief that every nitwit and miscreant walking the streets is part of the “sacredness” of life. In the world of all other animals, that is not the case: it’s a recent contrivance not endorsed by any other species, nor was it of ours until as of late, and it is still not wholly inwardly endorsed by many, including this author. It violates a basic premise of life.

Read: What Hitler (and California) Got Right and Wrong: Eugenics and Euthanasia, to understand why Eugenics was abandoned and how it became a tool of Hate in Europe. But, while you’re at it, consider these images of just some of those allegedly involved in the Smash-N-Grab robberies last Christmas:

Smash1 Smash2 Smash3

Here are more images from recent news reports online without regard to subjectivity on my part (they’re just a daily occurrence and I could easily fill the digital pages of this publication with only a month’s worth of reportage):

Victims, then Murderers:

Brianna 2 Brianna 1

Jan 1 victim Jan 1 suspects

Phx cop shot

Murderer, then Victim:

Stabbing Manhatten

Countless examples of violence by those who share George Floyd’s heritage on those who did not, meaning Whites, Hispanics, Asians: all of us, and, occasionally the converse. It would accomplish nothing. This is our reality today though: there are those who remind us that it is George Floyd who ought to be seen as a victim and mourned. That’s hard to do for many or most of us, and likely to lead to a bitter end: The more one side opposes the other, the greater the consequences as the stress from compression builds, erupting eventually like a Tonganese volcano. It won’t be a pretty sight… perhaps that’s why nearly every day there are articles in mainstream publications (like NPR, see below) forewarning of a coming American Revolution. Let’s hope not, yet it may be the only way to change the dismal retrograde path we’re on today.

The Coming of the Nationstate of Deseret
(encompassing a portion of the region known formerly as the Southwest United States.)
Joseph Warren, Editor

Not long ago, the idea of another American Civil War seemed outlandish...
Ron Elving, National Public Radio (, January 10,2022)

Contrary to what Mr. Elving describes in his article appearing January 10, 2022 online at, the idea of a contemporary American Revolution, not waged at the voting booths and by ensuing litigation, but in the streets, is not a new idea, nor is it perceived as outlandish by some or many of us living in relatively “normal” America today. In 2006, prior to the first publication of this site 10 years ago today, we wrote an essay entitled, the Coming of Deseret, a hypothetical, newly-formed nationstate comprised largely of the geography of today’s Utah, Arizona, and portions of other neighboring states, thrust into being following the chaos of an American Civil War stemming from deeply factionalized ideals regarding race, government control, globalization of industry, diminution of individual rights, state sovereignty, broad entitlement, and a myriad of other factors, the growing disparity of which metastasized in our country, becoming more exaggerated every day. Like today. Right now in America.

Here is a brief synopsis of the storyline, then I’ll provide you with a link to read it in totality:

The international border with Mexico has essentially collapsed; Mexican government forces (largely powered by drug cartels) are over-running US border towns and leading assaults on US military facilities in southern Arizona. California has devolved into chaos and anarchy in its larger cities and threatens the peace and well-being of other regions within the state’s borders whose perspectives run contrary to the collective opinion of most of those within the larger metropolitan areas.

Utah, managed efficiently under the continued influence of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or Mormon or LDS, most commonly in the Gentile community, where “Gentile” refers to those who are not members of the LDS faith) musters the Mormon Militia, much as Joseph Smith and (later) Brigham Young did in preparation of the impending war with the United States government just 160 years ago.

The Arizona 158th Infantry Regiment, a very capable (albeit far understaffed military unit augmented by civilian volunteer-soldiers), joins the diminished US Marines in defense of the bases and the border, and together with the Mormon Militia defeat the intruding forces bringing about relative stability, but not until after the balance of the former United States of America (FUSA) evolves into more homogenous political and coinciding geographic entities more reflective of the
needs of each region’s citizens. The “South” is, in fact, born again, which doesn’t bode too well for its more radical population, which is not too subtle code for “Blacks” many of whom found their way to a new nationstate, Liberty, not surprisingly encompassing much of what is (much) greater Detroit, Michigan today. Our Native American (Indian) population establishes the long ago proposed nationstate of Sequoyah somewhere around and comprising a good deal of Oklahoma, much as it had been described in 1905. And so it goes until there are - if I remember correctly - seven nationstates newly formed from what we are at the moment. Anyone in touch with America today may easily sort out how our one-time, relatively agreeable little country devolves (or evolves, depending on your perspective), in our story into an array of divergent but far more homogenous entities. (You probably know who goes where as well as the next guy, right? Most of us just don’t want to talk about it.)

Obviously, this painful re-structuring leaves many people either dead, or
in the wrong place. That can happen. It’s happening everyday throughout our world. One society is significantly restructured leaving an irrevocable selvage left on the border, perhaps figuratively and otherwise.

Look: America was never meant to be
this big. It was never meant to be this corrupted. America is an ideal country for a relatively homogeneous culture and cannot address the many diverse perspectives in existence today without financial and social collapse. A government - any government - cannot legislate human nature. A government cannot legislate tolerance. Most of us are not particularly concerned with the plight of America’s Black urbanite, or the rights of Gay or Transgender people, or any of the myriad causes bankrupting social media to make their voices heard: If we say we are, we are motivated by other dynamics, pressures, constraints. Plainly, we’re lying, but it’s a nice lie, not intended to harm but more to identify with a higher goodness and a fantasy: a world far more ideal than that in which we exist; an ideal we will never achieve in this world of material illusion.

(Coincidentally, in the story political unrest erupted in Canada as more of the world’s population collectively decided that their situations were as imbalanced as ours: Quebec, as an example, revolts to bring about a sovereign nation separate from British influence, so that they may better pretend to be French. Although why one would want to do that, I don’t know.)

A concluding thought: We, here, are not Mormons. We would be if they permitted cigarettes and coffee. Frankly, I don’t think that either serve to one’s spiritual detriment, as evidenced by countless societies, the members of which drank stimulants and smoked tobacco (and do today). And, although we are not Mormons we hold many Mormon principles near, as many non-Mormons do, particularly in the Southwest, foremost of which is the time-tested axiom,
Be Prepared.

Find the complete story of Deseret here in pdf format. Click the link and scroll to page 77 for the beginning. It’s a short 26,000 words. Many have found it interesting to read. Probably more so will tomorrow...

If you find yourself depressed after reading Deseret, do what I do: read something by David Sedaris, like, Me Talk Pretty One Day. You’ll likely laugh so hard you’ll fart.

What Hitler (and California) Got Right and Wrong:
Eugenics and Euthanasia
Joseph Warren, Editor

Reading is not an end to itself, but a means to an end.
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf
(We’re quoting Hitler? Well, even a stopped clock...)

If more than 47% of white army enlistees were feebleminded that would make the United States, as one critic observed, ‘a nation of morons.’
Adam Cohen, Imbeciles:

Maybe so, or at least seemingly quickly becoming so. The former formal progression was Idiot, Imbecile, Moron – through to an IQ of about 80 (and less) under the Stanford-Binet test. Above that threshold – 80 – one is considered leaning toward “average” and only slightly impaired. People of average intelligence ranged (and range) from 90 to 110. We often meet people of the Moron persuasion, functioning within society to varying extents and performing tasks (currently) critical to our economy. We thank them for their help, smile, and walk away mumbling, “Jesus, what a moron.” Now, empirically, you may better understand the subtext of your comment.

The problem we have, though, is that with increasing rapidity the jobs currently fulfilled by these people are going away: disappearing into the abyss of technological advancement. Combine that with out-of-control population growth and the future looks, at the very least, bleak.

I elected to re-read
Mein Kampf, this time in full, after reading Cohen’s Imbeciles. Imbeciles speaks to America’s early Eugenics program whereby we applied varying standards across our many states, sterilizing those who did not fit our definition of those who should be generating our future citizens: a jump start on natural selection, much as Hitler initiated in Germany some years later. I recalled in many other books references to Tiergartenstraße No. 4, such as in Erik Larson’s In the Garden of the Beasts (commented on in an earlier piece – see far below on this site). It was arguably at this location that Hitler began his sterilization program, then advancing the Nazi effort to the eradication of those deemed un-German, interpreted to mean through precise definition, anyone but those who were relatively pure Aryan. This left a lot of people who thought they were German, such as Albert Einstein, confused, and to befuddle Einstein was no easy task.

So, to begin this article, let me summarize Mein Kampf:

Hitler reflected what I might call traditional Calvinistic, American values with regard to child raising and obedience to law, little of which applies to our society as it has emerged in the last few decades. He was firmly committed to the German ideal of adhering to society’s statutory and normative behavior standards, vis-à-vis: “You must follow
zee rules!”

We were a lot like that when I was born a long time ago. I was one of the many people who derailed that normative train, along with millions of others of my (and subsequent) generations along with the help of Social Media (for the last 20 years), television, and a popular disdain for History. In today’s parlance,
We f***ed it up. Too late now.

Mein Kampf, quite honestly, is filled with many tracts one might confuse, if lifted from context and anonymized, to those of modern day Christian conservative America (except for the Jew thing, in some cases). The book begins with an alternative universe version of Abraham Lincoln’s biography in a roughly equivalent parallel Austrian setting of a log cabin; raised in modest conditions; intellectual curiosity; an unquenchable thirst for reading; a forceful desire to create (in Hitler’s case, Art); and an emerging social consciousness.

Well, you know, I love to read. Actually, I’m looking at a book, I’m reading a book, I’m trying to get started.
Donald Trump on Reading to Tucker Carlson

Hitler suffered from all the typical symptoms of an autodidact. He was driven, self-possessed to an extent, he believed firmly in the responsibility of the individual to improve his or her life continuously in a never ending process of reading and thinking about what he had read, and how it may apply to the German republic at that point in time, dismal as it was.
Zee Germans have a word for this life process – one I embrace in my life – Bildung. Thomas Mann popularized this concept in many of his writings, as did others like Goethe, as an example.

If you read
Mein Kampf, you will likely find that you share much in common with the more youthful Hitler, if you are worth your salt as a human. If you are not, you’re not reading this anyway (does that sound judgmental?). However, if you share much in common with the older Hitler, there are many diverse governments globally who would welcome you to their kith. Ironically, I might suggest Israel.

It was this sense of the younger Hitler that first inspired ire in me when I heard people compare Donald Trump to Hitler. I found myself feeling angry that someone would so slight
young Hitler’s posthumous reputation as to compare him to that numbnut then in office. This is called, dissonance: major dissonance. This realization was very disturbing: My God! Am I really insulted on behalf of Hitler for what I suppose to be an egregiously defaming comparison? Yes, I was: comparing a man who committed his early life to the acquisition of knowledge to that of one who is uncertain which way is up in a book, is patently truncated logic. I dismissed the thought.

From the
first part of the first book – there are essentially two volumes to the book – Hitler summarizes what’s wrong with Germany at that point in time, winning many friends along the way speaking to the travesty of the Treaty of Versailles, which facilitated his emergence as a formidable political leader. He speaks also to that little thing that happened in Sarajevo, and all that followed. Austrians, Hungarians, Russians, Italians… no one is left out.

Following this recitative he moves on in a flurry of invectives regarding Jews, Jewish, Jew things, Jewishness, and finishes with a flourish: World-Jew-Domination. In Germany then, if your toilet backed up, there was a Jew at the root cause. The same held true for flatulence, impotence, schnitzel shortages, devaluation of the Mark, and that nebulous feeling of nausea (regardless of Sartre): Jew. Jews caused
this and Jews caused that. It was very much like in America, 2001, thanks to Bush, Cheney, and the rest of those rascals who successfully schemed to incite war against those who controlled the vast reserves of Oil for their personal gratification and enrichment, and for those with whom they associated, resulting in the deaths of, perhaps, millions of Iraqi civilians. Only the culprit then was Muslim. Off-and-on, although they would largely hesitate to agree for obvious reasons, they are the Jews of today to many.

Overall in the book,
Teutonic superiority weaves its way through world domination, anti-Communism, anti-Homosexuality, anti-Anything-Other-Than-Pure Germans in the missionary position, and the book ends with the words, “A State which, in an epoch of racial adulteration, devotes itself to the duty of preserving the best elements of its racial stock must one day become ruler of the Earth.” (Insert evil, villainous laugh here.)

Two thoughts emerge. One: Hitler’s rhetoric and associated beliefs were not going to garner world support for his regime, except with Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and other very wealthy American anti-Semites of the day. (Read, Who Financed Hitler, by James and Suzanne Pool.) The not-wealthy of America, just didn’t care. Jews in America were just people (admittedly for some, about whom one could tell a clever joke typically authored by a Jew, since they tended (and still do) to save the sharpest knife for themselves). Two: had he not effectively evicted or killed a large segment of Europe’s Jews, he would have conserved the abundant scientific and otherwise creative minds present in Germany at that time, and Germany may very well have won the war, ignoring other factors significant to events, and the last sentence of this paragraph would read, und unsere landessprache wäre Deutsch. Of course, Hate was integral to his thought processes, necessitating an object for his mania, stoked passionately by Goebbels.

In truth, I’ve struggled over this brief article for months after reading Adam Cohen’s enthralling analysis of the case of Carrie Buck, or what came to be known as
Buck v. Bell, after the legal issue of forced sterilization of the feeble minded meandered its way through the American judicial system, ultimately to Justice O. W. Holmes, Jr., and thus foundationally influencing our earliest position regarding forced sterilization, and oddly enough, serving as the platform by which Germany’s Third Reich based its laws regarding “practical” Eugenics.

Only, initially the Nazis were far less committed to the Eugenic ideal than the State of California, foremost, and others, secondarily. California’s statutory practices basically served as the Nazi guidelines by which the German
Hereditary Health Court decided who was, and who was not, required to submit to mandatory sterilization. The Nazis thought California’s laws were too broadly encompassing, and chose to mitigate the more far-reaching California standard. Not really news today, but worth repeating: it’s like quite pleasurably sticking a finger in self-righteous California’s eye.

At that time in America, we, and Germany, and many other countries were dealing with the unconstrained propagation of the human specifies and thus generating masses of people, somewhat less than half of whom were unable to fully participate in government, society, and to contribute to the economic stability and growth of their country: rather, they served as a drain on the progression of their respective society, both from an enlightenment and economic perspective, very much like today here and elsewhere in the world as we seek as a majority, apparently, to preserve the life of every nitwit, criminal, and incompetent. (You know it’s true, but you won’t say it. And, if you don’t know it, perhaps you’re one of the legions of those described at the beginning of this article.)

Much people is killed of course. Velly cruel. But we have lots more, yes? Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Christopher Isherwood, Journey to a War, quoting Mayor of Canton

Eugenics is a logical heuristic response, but one we in the USA and many other countries choose not to pursue, instead indulging the “Maudlin Sentimentalism” of those who lead and control our various churches, social welfare programs – both government and NGO, Penal systems, Police, Judiciary, Health Care, Rehabilitation and a myriad of other institutions, both public and private, who would find themselves
substantially out of work if it weren’t for the steady, increasing population of those who are mentally and/or physically defective or inherently aberrant.

You have been taught that it is wrong. Moses, Jesus, Mohammed (pbuh), and a plethora of other spiritual and civic leaders have cautioned us that kindness and understanding towards our “brethren” is central to the advancement of world civilization. (Logically, nothing can be more contradictory.)

And here’s fifty for you, fatso.
Groucho Marx,
You Bet Your Life, to an obese contestant

Not any more: We cannot afford the luxury of pandering to the masses, like it or not. Take the obese, as an example:

When I was born total world population was about
two billion. Within my lifespan it has increased 400% where today, we now have eight billion people to feed and clothe and employ and house and…

Multiply the world’s out-of-control population by 40% to account for the plethora of fat people, and you’ll see what’s wrong with our current population models.

And we are failing miserably. Our climate, as a result of this incredible population boom has been destroyed. Natural resources are greatly diminished. Our ability to grow food and get it to the tables of those in need is failing.
Yet, in America, 40% of the adult population is more than 40 pounds overweight. That is to say, in America there is a total of about 5.4 billion pounds of excess fat. This is equivalent to nearly 40 million additional people of healthy weight. And, 40 million is far more than the number of US citizens who are experiencing what is called “Food Insecurity.”

To counter this phenomenon, Social Media and the other dwindling popular media have taken to condemning
Fat Shaming, to assuage the emotions of the many millions – billions worldwide – of fat people. And here’s fifty for you, fatso.

the fuel: The EPA registers a 2% savings in fuel economy for every 60 pounds of weight removed from a car.

Then too, more than 10 million US citizens are receiving Social Security Disability, some/many of whom are disabled for obesity-related illness, others causally linked to alcohol, drugs, laziness, intellectual simplemindedness, or a lack of education.

Stupid is as stupid does.
Forrest Gump, from the eponymously entitled movie

While reading
Imbeciles I made a note on the frontispiece. It was a fleeting thought, but one I did not erase after considering the veracity of my conclusion:

Everything derisive, factionalizing, destabilizing that occurs in America today can be construed as a result of a lack of a national Eugenics policy.

I believe that. The difference between that conclusion and Hitler’s Eugenics policy, as it evolved, is that our country’s early Eugenics practices, and my conclusion above, are devoid of any racial or religious considerations. Black, white, red, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and the many and myriad other prejudices each of us carries and sometimes lets out for a brief period of exercise, are not part of the criteria, nor should they ever be: this is called naïve optimism on my part, I know. Euthanasia is not part of the process, only sterilization, and I know several parents who retrospectively wished they had been forcibly sterilized. But, who can predict the future?

Genetics make up who we are, to some extent and to varying opinions, and so do environmental and nutritional factors. It’s the old Margaret Mead,
Nature-Nurture argument. We may predict with some accuracy who will reproduce a Moron, but it’s not a certainty. Smart children have issued from stupid parents. Conversely, the smart have bred the stupid.

Today, we are so many that unless something dramatic happens to bring about a massive loss of population, we are doomed to some nebulous and probably catastrophic conclusion, adrift in a sea of idiots, imbeciles, and morons – elected and otherwise.

To quote the mayor of Canton in 1938,
Much people is killed of course. Velly cruel. But we have lots more, yes? Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Avogadro’s Constant, the Election Audit and
Societal Entropy in Arizona:
It’s the Heat
Joseph Warren, Editor

Vastly underpaid warehouse employee encounters Bezos in hallway while mucking out his champagne powered bidet
Mr. Bezos, may I have a few dollars extra so that my infant child may have the second head with which he was born, removed?
“Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” So said Mr. William Shakespeare.
Vastly underpaid warehouse employee:
“Fuck you.” So said Tennessee Williams, albeit often misattributed to David Mamet by New York pseudo-intellectuals. Also, I restocked the toilet paper with the random images of poor people you prefer to use.

The First Chakra, by Jack Kerouac, in an entirely different universe, sometime in that future


We Arizonans are not all as delusional, dimwitted, and misguided as you may think observing the continued reporting on Arizona’s Election Audit in-process in Phoenix, as we speak, and as we will likely continue to do for many months to come while the Internet Buccaneers (Cyber Pirates? Cyber Ninjas? or whatever they’re called) continue to bill for their machinations intended either to validate or invalidate the 2020 election results. Many of those following and supporting the audit effort believe that Donald Trump will be restored to office sometime in August, presumably of this year (the alt-universe wherein Kerouac wrote the above exchange between Bezos and employee).

Why do they believe that? It’s the Arizona heat: it is a dry heat, but it is getting hotter and dryer every year, and right now it has been more than 100 degrees (way more) here in NW Arizona – Kingman, and nearing the point of spontaneous combustion in Phoenix 200 miles south – for several days running, and frankly I’m getting very tired of being relentlessly air conditioned like week-old bratwurst lolling about in a plastic sandwich bag on a shelf in the refrigerator and living in night-to-night fear of awakening to a malfunctioning central air system: hopefully I’ll emerge from slumber in a cold sweat: “...if my air conditioning system should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.”

“Five of the Deadly Sins.”

Could be worse: I could be sitting in rush-hour traffic on the 405 (not Interstate 405 as anyone anywhere other than California would call it) in the San Fernando Valley in the very same 100+ degree heat while trying to move out of the way of a ten-car police pursuit as a police chopper and six news copters hover ten feet above, breathing in vast quantities of pollutants, forced to listen to the car next door’s bass thump to lyrics that encompass at least five of the Deadly Sins, and the guy on the other side is giving me the finger after temporarily abandoning masturbating to convey his hostility. So, life’s a lot better…

The heat makes us do strange things. It can make us act erratically. We lose reason. We become intolerant of others. We act out violently. We smell bad. And, if we happen to be small-minded or small-town politicians, or just some random Trump janissary, like those fueling both the audit and the desperately craved sensationalism seemingly not shared by the majority of Arizonans (or Americans), we try frantically to hold on to the coattails of the Prom King’s tuxedo, long after the ball is over, no matter how silly the Prom King looks and is.

“Tell me about the wabbits, Vladimir.”

Yes, J'biden won the popular vote in Arizona, but as many have said before, it wasn’t because he was our first choice: we voted for him because a majority of us here are rational enough, in spite of the heat, to know that four more years of Donald Trump was just not tolerable, under any circumstances, notwithstanding how appealing a few of his policies were to our more atavistic, combative, xenophobic, or protectionist inclinations. So we closed our eyes and voted
for the other “apparent” moron; the other barely sentient old guy; the person less likely to earn us international scorn; the one not a fundamental tool of some Russian oligarchy; someone not seemingly auditioning for the role of Lennie in some other-world version of Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men (Tell me about the wabbits, Vladimir). (You know Putin has videos of Trump nancying around a hotel room full of hookers, wrapped in a towel with a gold laurel around his pate. He must.) Anyway: that’s why we voted as we did - many or some of us.

“So, if I am a Millennial can I spread Avogadro on toast for breakfast?” No, that’s avocado.

“Well, if I can’t eat an Avogadro, why did you mention it in the title?”

If you’re like me and your mind is tangled up in associations, when I think of entropy I think of Avogadro, and conversely, when I think of things going off in various misguided and conflicting directions, I think of our country. Avogadro’s number (something like 6.02 X 10
23 (sorry: superscript not working) which is a very large number) tells us how many constituent particles of basically the same thing are in a container or space, a Mole as an example, or like perfume in a bottle to some extent. Entropy says that when you pull the stopper, the smell begins to escape going off in very different directions and no longer concentrated, no longer sharing the same container and conditions and behavior. Only with us, it’s more like lighting a stink bomb: the stink just keeps spreading. Once released, and as the molecules bubble off on their random ways, there is no putting them back, and the chances of them regrouping in the bottle (or the stink bomb) on their own accord through infinite, random, bumping and grinding are infinitesimally small.

Right now, and despite God’s recent best efforts, there are nearly 8 billion people in the world today of which something like 340 million are our fellow Americans. Many years past, someone pulled the stopper out of the American bottle resulting in a plethora of individuals today of every (at the moment, with more variation to come) conceivable inclination and mentality all striving to impute their views on society and government, whereas previously we were a country dominated by heterosexual white men, corked tightly, and sharing the same space and relative motion.

Today we are a diaspora of inclinations and conditions: the immensely wealthy and very poor (stratified as never before in our country like the cotton ends on a Q-Tip after you penetrate deep into your ear canal accumulating abundant ear detritus and lost household items); people of varied color and nationalities; diverse sexual attitudes and practices; eagerness to succeed at all costs whatsoever, and a genuine willingness to fail; and becoming increasingly intolerant as we move decades beyond the bottle’s neck.

And, that is why we all go to sleep at night hoping that the air conditioning is still functioning in the morning, because, it’s just going to get hotter.

This is why we shoot our fellow Americans:
American Coolies - 71 Years of War

Joseph Warren, Editor

“This” they said, “is a coolies’ war.”
Christopher Isherwood, Journey to a War

What has our government taught us?
It has taught us, irrevocably, that the way to resolve conflict is through killing.
- Editor

71 years: back to 1950…

Since then - since that year - we’ve not seen a moment - a nanosecond - of peace, and have been actively involved in armed conflict, slaying the “guilty” along with many, many mothers and children, through those who
predominantly fight our wars – the young, the societally marginalized, the poor, the black, the brown, the uneducated, the unskilled, those temporarily politically incited by the legerdemain of the media - manipulated by the government’s ministers of propaganda, and by those who truly see viable threat where others do not: collectively they are the people we have made the Coolies of America.

“...useful timber dies prematurely by the axe and only useless timber enjoys good fortune.”
Gao Xingjian (quoting Zhuangzi),
Soul Mountain

And for the last 71 years we have lived under the darkness of impending world nuclear destruction in a continuous yet-fought war (other than through proxy-conflict with Russia, and today as then, China, and to an added extent, the vast sea of
foreign terrorists by whose real or imagined threat our civil liberties have been largely torn apart by our own government).

Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of our own mind...

Now, in this year, we face the added threat of not only “…enemies foreign…” but enemies domestic, too, as the vast Ideological American Fault Line gives way to an abyss predicated on those fallacious and archaic ideals of both the extreme Left and Right. We are no longer, “…one Nation, under God, indivisible…” We have been
torn asunder, as they say. Like opposing ice shelves breaking away from Antarctica: it, too, is irreconcilable, I fear.

Since 1950, we - the United States – have been embroiled in continuous war without respite. Korea and Vietnam: by proxy China and Russia (the former Soviet Union); the civil war in Laos, Lebanon, Cuba, everywhere in Africa, Thailand, back to Korea, Dominican Republic, Cambodia, Grenada, Libya, Panama, Persian Gulf, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Iraq again, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Kosovo, and the list goes on: much, much beyond. Millions – tens of millions – have died.

I know what you’re thinking: Yes, yes, yes. But where’s the fourteen hundred dollars J’biden promised me? It’s on the way…rest assured, and soon a substantial number of you will be able to pay for your iPhone and have a few extra six-dollar coffees at Starbuck’s. (It’s difficult to think about what America has done (and is about to do) while encumbered by worry: not being able to access Social Media, as an example, no matter how rationally absurd Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and the many others.)

But, while you’re waiting for your money (What’ll you have, anyway? Venti Mocha? Frappuccino?) from the government, money forward-funded by many generations of US citizens
yet-to-be-born, ask yourself, Who led us into these deadly conflicts? Who perpetuated the death and destruction?

we did. We allowed it to happen, mostly because our attention was consistently diverted by survival – at home – because of one contrived scenario after another, each greater than the one before in complexity and threat.

But, who was at the helm?
Republicans and Democrats, alike.

Each lied to us – sometimes gravely so. Each constructed a scenario of certain destruction. When I was 16 years of age in 1966, the war in “Viet Nam” – which was then two words, but today has been substantially condensed for ease of spelling by the American consumer – was about defeating Communism: the evil force opposing our
American Way of Life, Liberty, and so on. The Vietnamese (2020 US Trade Deficit, $70 billion), along with their Chinese (2020 US Trade Deficit, $320 billion) backers, were Communists and that was certain to be the ruination of Capitalism, (strike that), Democracy... Yeah, that’s the ticket. In our world today, China is the leading force and as we speak (as I type) J’biden is meeting with those who have become know as the Quad: Australia, Japan, India, and the United States, as a consort we plan to stop China from expanding her reach.

Feed your head, not your wallet
- Grace Slick

Those making up the membership of the Quad are a part of the same group who had previously, over the last two centuries or more, attempted to change China’s path toward her ultimate destiny – whatever that may be. I have a list of very well written books I may offer you, should you decide to
feed your head, and use it. They include Isherwood’s Journey to a War, Fenby’s Chiang Kai-Shek, Gao Xingjian’s Soul Mountain, O’Connor’s The Spirit Soldiers, and Fay’s The Opium War, amongst others.

Obviously, J’biden (like Trump before him, like Obama, like Bush, etc.) either knows nothing about history or chooses, notwithstanding George Santayana’s admonition, to ignore History as nothing more than a series of singular unrelated events.

Reality is much different, and our approach to China is very much the same as what it has been for nearly two hundred years back to when John Kerry’s relatives (our envoy for the environment and former presidential hopeful) were dumping vast quantities of opium on China’s population to the benefit of the Forbes family wealth. But today, the outcome will not be the same as it was in the Opium Wars: it will be far, far worse for us all. Listen to this: China is no longer a frail dowager empress huddled in her royal city while warlords control vast tracts of land and people, unaligned with the Empress’ vision. China is becoming the Dragon.

Of course, the Quad could just ask their respective populations to quit supporting China’s manufacturing through their spending habits and the problem would be mitigated, except for Japan whose history and reasons behind aligning with the Quad are far more Machiavellian.

- Editor

Of all the lies I’ve heard in the last 71 years, though, none stands out more strikingly than that told by the Bush-Cheney duo...

(Please take a moment and recall J’biden’s recent comments regarding holding the highest level of Saudi government responsible for the very brutal murder of the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. J’biden, quoting Monty Python said,
Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who… In point of fact, we do when it is fittingly appropriate, as when there are vast reserves of Oil, and that’s how we found ourselves in Iraq.)

That war – just that war in Iraq, the war that continues today and will for many years to come fought there
and here – at 2011 cost more than 5,000 US lives, tens of thousands of US veterans disabled mentally and/or physically, and probably in excess of one million Iraqi lives lost, with many more added to the toll through today. Many of those who fought in this war did so believing the wholesale bullshit pedaled by mainstream media. Today, of course, all the way up the line to the dizzy and addled Nancy Pelosi, if they speak of it, they claim ignorance and provide some form of subjectively-validated plausible denial predicated on a misguided media, who in-turn blame George W. Bush, who in-turn has taken up painting and has, thus, avoided being sentenced to death by the International Criminal Court (ICC) because he was at least smart enough to not sign the international ICC agreement, knowing full well his intent when first taking office.

Had GWB read Ahmed Rashid’s
Taliban, or any other history book ever published concerning the Middle East, even remotely, he may have reconsidered before unloading on Iraq and Afghanistan, although probably not given the forces behind his decision.

Why does this keep happening?

“The last man at the end of history knows better than to risk his life for a cause, because he recognizes that history was full of pointless battles in which men fought over whether they should be Christian or Muslim, Protestant or Catholic, German or French…”

The End of History and the Last Man, citing Nietzsche

Either we are plainly ignorant and unthinking, or, as I’ve speculated privately and publicly, this…this existence we call Life, is actually
Afterlife and we are all in our assigned Dantean circles of Purgatory or Hell: that’s why. That and we’ve given up learning. We don’t read - most of us. The vast majority choose to throw up what they’ve read online at some Hash House of social media. Of course, even the “regular” media are highly suspect today - none of them read, either, except each other’s books in order to make certain that their wallets are adequately padded.

What has all this killing taught us?

It has taught us, irrevocably, that the way to resolve conflict is through killing.
We’ve learned that from our government. Our children have learned that, too. We all have that vestigial predilection. And, thanks to the efforts of popular media – Social and Mainstream – and to the commitment of those who saturate your televisions and streaming content with violence to fill their wallets, including the US government, we have little to no reason to holdback any longer. Are there justifiable reasons to kill? Of course: even the Daoists understand this. Anger, Greed, Hate, Prejudice are not among them...

Arizona has its own peculiar way of dealing with things.
- Editor

In the mean time, and as an interesting aside, in the aftermath of the last election Republicans in my home state, and the one from which this journal is published, have found new and exciting ways to deal with all those fussy and picky minorities by imposing stricter conditions under which one may cast his or her vote in our elections.

Arizona’s New Polling Place Sign Indicating Minimum Height and Hue (HH) Requirement to Vote:

Hitler Height

In addition to the above Height and Hue requirements (or HH as it is abbreviated on Facebook) certain precincts will selectively permit “Drive Through” voting. For those passing by Window One of their polls in a Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW and a few others, their votes will be automatically tallied. At Window Two they receive their complimentary Thank You For Voting cocktail. Those arriving at the polling place via public bus – particularly those relegated to the last few rows – will have to enter through a second-floor building window, prostrate themselves before the poll official, pay the assigned Poll Tax of from 50 to 100 Swiss Francs, provide incontrovertible proof that they had been to France in the last ten years on holiday, document a substantial investment portfolio, then sign their names in Sanskrit.

In the interim, of course, while
our Republicans plan their next party-wide meeting at Nürnberg, our Arizona Democrats are planning on a public Read-a-Thon of the English translation of Das Kapital, as soon as they can find a few people who can actually read non-emoji based American English: that’ll take awhile.

How bad is it in America today? Read Xenophon’s
Anabasis: things could be a lot worse. At least here in Arizona, in some strange, very dysfunctional way, we are still family.

Arizona’s Independent Voter Mantra:
“Clowns (id est, extreme left leaning Democrats) to the left of me, Jokers (nitwit fanatical right wing Republicans) to the right;
Here I am stuck in the middle with (at least 31.67% of) you.”
Stealers Wheel)
Joseph Warren, Editor

If you don’t recall the Stealers Wheel epic, here’s an embedded link:

Arizona isn’t turning Blue. We aren’t turning Red: many of us are plainly repulsed by the mephitic gas being excreted by some of our statewide (and national) elected officials. This wasn’t the way it was, and it isn’t the way it should be. We intuited that, and we responded to it in this last election, but our choices were, at best, feeble.

From both primary parties -
either of which is a minority party in today’s America - the respective choice was either one dotard or another: unread, unwise, in one case, reacting to the greed and ignorance embedded in the hearts and minds of (a minority of) America’s (Arizona’s) mentally confused, marginally sentient population who see threats and danger lurking on every street corner. From the other party, another feeble-minded ne’er-do-well who longed desperately to achieve that last rung in the long climb upward prior to his demise. Both strove to overcome the other: one with a smile, and one with a smirk, all at the cost of America’s future: one economically, one socially. And here I am, stuck in the middle with most Arizonans.

Yet, we - the Independents, unaffiliated, unorganized, and ignored - made the last election what it was. The Democrats did nothing to perpetuate reasonableness and temperance of thought. While the Republicans only inflamed the Left and those of us repelled by the rhetoric and ignorance of their diatribes. It seemed as though the most vocal in Arizona were, and are, the most ignorant of both primary parties: the xenophobes, the racists, the apologists, those who hold all lives sacrosanct in the face of overwhelming evidence and experience to the contrary. And, like many Arizonans I was appalled at the epithets and oratory hyperbole - the slings and arrows - directed at one
minority party or the other.

America today is too big and too complex to view from the isolated vantage point of Flatland (read, Edwin Abbott’s
Flatland): it is a large, cumbersome machine teetering precariously on either the right leg or the left trying desperately to maintain an upright position while a host of Lilliputians push and shove to topple him over. The last great American I can think of who saw Partisan dysfunctionality for what it is, was Theodore Roosevelt. In frustration he abandoned the partisanship and moved on with his vision for our country. Today, both primary parties are so far removed from where they were 100 years ago (so far to the extremes) Roosevelt’s reaction would be like many of us here in Arizona: complete disgust at the polarization both parties have wrought.

Independents are fluidly minded. We have the ability to see our society for what it is. We retain many of the values that made America a very great country with acknowledged faults. On the road to our modern era, we did several things wrong, but we understand that we cannot change what was and may only strive to not repeat those episodes from our past. We know that the financial integrity of our country is critically important - not for us, but - for the generations to come. We know enough about economics to understand that one cannot continue to borrow from the future to finance the present without consequences. We know that societies greater than ours have fallen before us, as they will in the future. We know that Hate buys nothing but the reciprocal. We know that insanity is not reserved for the individual, but can manifest aberrance on the masses, as well. We know that the world has grown beyond its capability to sustain itself by a population that has grown beyond reasonable limits. We know that Nature is working desperately to constrain and reduce our impact, but wring our hands in frustration, because more than anything we want to believe that all lives matter, but we know better.

We are not organized, though, because to do so would be tantamount to trying to organize a church service for Atheists. It is counterintuitive. It is the dichotomy of heuristic thought. Thus, at the moment we
Independents are without hats or t-shirts, and haven’t come up with a suitable bumper sticker, nor are we likely to. We’ll just continue to be the agents of change in a world more and more mired in ignorant actions and counteractions.

Here are the numbers: Arizona’s last election registration roll shows Arizona’s electorate is 35.24% Republican; 32.20% Democrat; 0.90% Libertarian; and 31.67% Independent. We here at represent that last group – the Independently-minded who subscribe, sometimes embracingly so, to Einstein’s Theory of Partisan Stupidity, and in the lead-up to the November elections I heard from several of my fellow Arizonans all of whom voiced the same frustration, best summarized by the Stealers Wheel song above: Clowns and Jokers wearing the costumes of the Partisans. (Frankly, I don’t know who the old guys are in that video: the Stealers Wheel I remember were all much, much younger.)

The Republican and Democratic parties in Arizona (and America) have lost traction: they are becoming more and more facile and impotent; and that is why they are losing membership. And in their leadership, including statewide, many of whom might be likened to nitwits, are those most grievously still protesting the election – four months after the fact, while...

No one is tending to matters that are most imperative to us today, and long into tomorrow. As an example:

Our National Debt is closing in on $24,000,000,000,000.

That’s 24 Trillion US Dollars of Debt. Our President (whether the Republicans like it or not) as a result of extreme Left leaning pressure is going to
add trillions of dollars more debt to the Trillions of dollars created by our former president in his four years in office. Most of Trump’s debt increase (about $19 Trillion to more than $26 Trillion) went to the wealthy and Corporate interests in the form of tax credits and the like, leaving the US Treasury otherwise bankrupt had it not been for our dubious ability and willingness to print more money, just as the Chinese did during the years of Chang Kai-shek and the rise of Mao, or the Italians and Germans in the 1930s, none of which worked out especially well for them as any C-graded student of World History can tell you.

Some time back when National Debt first exceeded GDP, a few responsible journalists sounded a reasonable alarm, and forewarned us of the consequences. What’s particularly important is that today our GDP is comprised of nearly one-fifth Health Care – 17.7%, to be exact. That ought to be alarming to everyone, most of all to anyone with children who will likely have children who will be citizens of a then-insolvent country: an economy does not grow by providing Health Care to it citizens within its borders, strictly speaking.

So, while the
horned and cow-robed lunatic Republican mascot becomes the signature of the Republican party leading Trump’s collection of Soggy Bottom Boys through the preeminent lair of Democracy, and the Socialistic Left is carried carefully and caringly onward, borne on the caressing mittens of Bernie “Show Me the Money” Sanders, we who are stuck in the middle can only continue to tip the scales and provide paradigm disrupting influence on an otherwise highly corrupted system:

Quit Partisan Politics.
Register Independent* and begin thinking, before it’s too late.

* No dues, no meetings.

Reading Marquez and Saroyan
Joseph Warren, Editor

Earlier this month my copy of Saroyan’s The Gay and Melancholy Flux (on the recommendation of a writer-friend, Bruce Janigian, read, Persona Non Grata: End of the Great Game) arrived post from the United Kingdom. I was able to read through about the first two-thirds of it before becoming miserably mired in the profundity of Saroyan’s many commentaries on humanity then (circa 1930s), as now. I see it all around us everyday; I see the reflections of Saroyan’s words in our society as we lope along unforgiving and lost in the madness of what has become a parody of itself in a world stampeded by souls unable to inhale and yet always hoping for a continued life among the living.

“…you can’t be born again until you die, and you are afraid to die, you are afraid to live…to look and talk and speak and move…who are you anyway?” (From the story, The Drunkard.)

It made me think of the solemnity of Marquez in
Love in the Time of Cholera, a book I had read twice before, but hadn’t in a number of years, so I withdrew it from the shelf and took a Saroyan break. I have it in Spanish as well and have stumbled through a third of the book laboring over definitions and trying to grasp the complexity and depth of the word Marquez chose for that one word and why he chose it, but I admit defeat. It must be what it’s like for the partially literate to try to read a “Literary” novel, in English, in our country: like a stuttering of the mind and frustrating as hell.

So, for the third time I read again, during my Saroyan-inspired hegira to escape the certain nausea associated with mortality, Edith Grossman’s translation of Marquez’s epic work on love, death, life, failure, success and the significance of none. (Why do I mention the translator Grossman? There are many translators of Marquez’s work: none evoke the essence of what I believe Marquez intended, to the level of Grossman: she is a great writer unto herself. Comparing all other translators to her is to compare the act of
telling to that of describing with images, song, and poetry.)

The concluding pages of Marquez’s book happen on the Magdalena River at a time in Columbia’s history when the country remained plagued by cholera and the aftermath of revolution in a mired confluence of unblending cultures and conflicted society. Yet above it all
Love persevered.

Although wonderfully described – beautifully told – I felt a yearning to better understand the river from the point of its original telling during the earliest passages of the book through to its conclusion. I found what I wanted in a collection of early photographs that, from my perspective, capture the Magdalena as it must have been to Marquez’s
Florentino Ariza from his youth.

So rather than immersing yourself in “…things you cannot change…” as the addicts admonish, read Marquez’s
Love in the Time of Cholera (El Amor en los Tiempos de Cólera, if you’re a better man than I) and keep the images below for reference while reading the various passages taking place on the River Magdalena. Then, find a copy of The Gay and Melancholy Flux by Saroyan and come to understand that none of what is happening today is important in the least, and that is why we have changed the format of this journal.

Images of the Magdalena and associated with the river:

Honda town and rapids
The town of Honda and the rapids on approach

Perico station
Perico Station: Terminus of the route

Riverside halt - Fuel
A wayside wood fueling station for the riverboats

A Magdalena wharf-side image

Watch, The Abduction and Trial of George Bush:

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