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Latest Issue of The Independent Daily:

As a Devout Independent, I Have to Ask:
Why Must I Watch the Republican Presidential Debate on

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2023

It sounds like the name of a Gay bar… “Don’t Miss Rough and Tumble Night at Rumble! Half-Priced Drinks for all Sailors after 9PM.”
May I remind Republicans that without we
Independents you cannot achieve a simple majority.

Until just a few years ago, the debates were ubiquitous and unavoidable: Democrat and Republican were watchable anywhere, on every channel, to anyone without having to give up your personal information: Name, Contact Data, City of Residence; and thus, Income, Other Memberships, Shopping Habits, Marital Status, Ethnicity, Frequency of Defecation, Genre of Pornography, Religion, and the myriad other bits of data accumulated everyday by those who represent the pestilential interests on the Internet – Google, Facebook, X, and all those striving to be the repository of all things about you. I suppose Rumble strives to this same end.

All we wanted to do here at office was watch the September 27 debate. It’s not possible: I don’t want to sign up for Fox. I don’t want to have to dress-up like a Cowboy, a Sailor, a Biker or whatever to view the debate on Rumble. I don’t even know what Rumble is other than an archaic expression from 1950s movies. I suppose those who post on Rumble do so because it has that masculine, perhaps homoerotic sense about. Anything one says or posts as video on Rumble instantly becomes freighted with awe-inspiring toughness. It says to the world, “Ecce Homo” (which doesn’t mean what you likely think it does). Not being Gay, not there’s there anything wrong with it, why would I want to give them my personal information.

are the Republicans doing at the debate? Are they going to be making secret signs? Will they chant a sacred mantra? Will they be taking photos of each other with their individual faces appearing in a life-sized Donald Trump cutout? Will Ramaswamy invoke some obscure passage of the Dharma and place an ancient Hindi curse on all non-Republicans, including we Independents by chanting in a dead tongue like a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Why all the (…) secrecy?

We, as a nation, are beyond redemption. In the last three decades we’ve plainly gone down the wrong path and it is inexorable. We are defiled and useless. We are far too ignorant to participate in a Democracy.

Do us a favor, Mr. Putin, and put us out of our misery, if you’re not too busy trying to get either Trump or Biden elected, since they are both equally good for business.

How to Fight the Fentanyl Epidemic
Stop Using Narcan:
Problem Solved.

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2023

A Modest and Painful Proposal.

Every reference I’ve read speaks to the repeated use of Narcan (or one of many alternatives) as a means of curtailing the effects of Opioid overdose, Fentanyl and otherwise, many times on the same Abuser, Junkie, Addict, or as we are led to believe, “Poor Weak Souls.”

I understand its use keeps many people happy and employed, including, particularly, Emergent BioSolutions (Narcan’s maker) and competitor products made by Teva Pharma, and others, as well as various government entities who can thus speak to the number of lives saved and justify their existence. And Drug rehabilitation and treatment facilities that very much want to
treat-release-treat-release…the same users to perpetuate their client and funding base. And Homelessness housing solutions (very often related to active Drug use and Alcoholics) so that they may continue their efforts to house many of those who seemingly do not want to be housed.

Everyone benefitting is enthusiastically embracing Narcan’s use so, as Mel Brooks said in Blazing Saddles, “We can save our chickenshit jobs.”

My name is Brad, and I’m an addict…
Hi, Brad! (Clap-clap-clap.)
I haven’t used for twenty-eight minutes since right after the last meeting when I got high.

And the Overtime Pay for our Police Officers. Then there’s the Judicial System and everyone related: Jails, Prisons, and Health Care (hospitals and medical centers benefit greatly from the epidemic). The list of those who advantage from Drug use reaches to every level of our society and economy. In some cases, employing those with no real job skills other than coming to the aid of Drug users. (That’s really not a very good way to sustain an economy.)

If, as an example, you are a Fentanyl user in Portland, Oregon, or virtually anywhere in very tolerant America today, you run a risk of death from the drug’s use, except that each officer and a legion of many others (
citizen anti-overdose brigades) roam the streets looking for those who are approaching death. When they locate someone hanging on to the scrotum of the Grim Reaper, like superheroes they jam Narcan into the user’s nose and the situation passes nearly without consequences. One Portland officer may counter-dose the same addict two, three, four times a week. But like cops everywhere, they’ve got nothing else to do, anyway, right?

From a desperate attempt by Portland’s leadership to correct the problem:

From an article below, here’s Portland’s situation summed up in video:

Nothing changes. Nothing will. Other potential (or active) users witness this series of events and probably think, “Well, if he can do it without dying so can I.”

My name is Brad, and I’m an addict…
Hi, Brad! (Clap-clap-clap.)
After the last meeting just a few minutes ago, I used again and nearly died.

Maybe Brad needs to fully appreciate the consequences of his actions, and through his death others may learn. Like with the Catholic Church, he can become Saint Brad of the Deaf, and hopefully be prevented from propagating. Through attrition (from one result or another), the epidemic will pass. It’s just not likely that we’ll follow this course though, because for us in America today, Evwy wittle life is just sooooo pwecious, isn’t it?

No, every life isn’t. It’s sad to say, but true.

After the last meeting I used again and died.
A Video Capturing The Spirit of the 2024 Election

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2023

Vivek Ramaswamy?
But What Will Happen To The Old White People?

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2023

Whether the Republican Party likes it or not, Vivek Ramaswamy symbolizes the future of this country (from a Conservative point of view, of course).

After a thorough review of who he is, I have to admit, I like him. Yeah, I do: He is quick-witted, well-read, uncompromising, sincere, educated, possesses a sense of vision – the ability to futurize heuristically. He’s a little too far over in some issues, but at the very least I wouldn’t be embarrassed by him, unlike by Biden, Trump, and a host of other unintelligible lunatics vying to be our president.

Who wouldn’t want him as our president?

Karl Rove, for one. He has been widely condemning of Ramaswamy. But, in truth, Karl Rove was one of the primary conspirators who drew us into the invasion of Iraq in 2003. In my opinion he ought to be making little rocks out of big rocks in a prison somewhere while sharing a cigarette with George W. Bush during a five-minute break. With little in the way of completed education, in practice, I think Rove is more Goebbels than Goebbels ever was.

More than 5,000 American Military lives were lost due to Rove’s complicit actions and GWB’s deficiencies. And, while it may mean little to you, hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis perished as well. So, Rove means nothing to me, and ought to mean no more than that to you.

Nimarata Nikki (Randhawa) Haley says that Ramaswamy has no political experience that would qualify Ramaswamy to the office. Yet, she was appointed as United States Ambassador to the United Nations by Donald Trump after having served only as the Governor of South Carolina – not exactly the Mecca of internationalism – following her upbringing in Bamberg, South Carolina with a population of something less than 4,000. By the way, her first name, Nimarata is Punjabi and ironically means something like Humility. And, you may recall that Trump’s resumé consisted largely of living on an inheritance followed by a very bad TV show.

Before I move on, let me clearly say that I, too, want to bring America back to where it must be to face the many existential challenges before us, but at 73 years of age
this is no longer my future. This country’s future belongs to the people of our children’s generation and after. Ramaswamy, as an example. It obviously does not belong to Mitch McConnell (and whoever keeps tripping over his power cord and unplugging him). Dianne Feisntein died four years ago this day in 2019, and nobody has the decency to bury her. Donald Trump is due to explode from the combined effects of old age and obesity, and I wouldn’t want to be near him when that happens. Voting to re-elect Joe Biden for four more years would be a sure sign of collective electoral dementia: He is today a new breed of Internet phenomenon, Posthumous Influencer.

In the past many years those who have been in charge have
brought our country to the point of collapse, financially and societally, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the preservationist attitudes of those who manipulate the Republican and Democrat parties. That is the reason I am, and have been an Independent for decades now just as you should be, too.

In Arizona
we Independents are 1.45 million of the voters, while Republicans are 1.44 million. Democrats are 1.26 million. Without us, no one achieves a majority.

Knowing Arizona’s
Independent voters as well as I do, and I do, I can tell you that they are a very intelligent, thinking segment of our population who do not want to follow in lock-step to political dogma contrived by the likes of Karl Rove, and that’s why our registered number has grown.

Let me return:

Mike Pence doesn’t like Vivek Ramaswamy because he represents the future of America. Ramaswamy is not a Christian and I believe that disturbs Mr. Pence. He would prefer, God bless him, to keep the country in the hands of the Jesus-loving White Man. Like my fellow cigarette smokers, he is a dying breed. If Mike Pence is the Republican candidate, he will have my vote. Why? Because on January 6, he quite literally saved my country. He was unflagging, and he may be one of the greatest Americans alive today for that sole reason. I recall that on January 7 I told our publisher, “He’s my god-dammed hero.” I meant it then and now, but it is time for the younger generation to take the helm.

The list of those who oppose, some silently for reasons one may only conjecture, Vivek Ramaswamy
probably stretches around the metaphorical block. No matter. His lack of experience as an elected or appointed official ought to be seen as desirable to those of us who are done with the rituals of the past that have brought us to where we are today. Most Republicans ought to be endorsing Ramaswamy for that reason, given that he echoes a far more intelligent version of Donald Trump (Drain the Swamp, et cetera).

Today’s “Polls” are contrived and misleading, intentionally designed to
move both subjects and readers to perceive a reality that, in actuality, doesn’t exist. If I go out into the street and ask a fat old White man in Arizona (particularly in my town) whether he would support Trump in 2024, they will probably say, Yes.

If I ask the same man if he would support a multi-millionaire, thirty-something young person from parents issuing from the Indian coast, and who has degrees from both Harvard and Yale Law, he might become congested by thought, not knowing what to make of what I had described.
What does that look like?

It looks like Ramaswamy. Fortunately, the election has nothing to do with the average voter. Staying with Arizona only, the very reason this state sided with Biden (barely, I might add) in the last election (
I know, I know; it was stolen), was not owing to a large number of Independents swinging favorably to Biden, but unfavorably toward Trump. Many of us didn’t vote for Biden, but against Trump.

If the Republicans have the foresight to bring Ramaswamy in as their candidate, I believe that they will gain Democrat and Republican voters as well as some/many/most Independents. It‘s this realization that annoys
Chris Christie, between meals anyway, not to mention the remaining field of old White men on stage or involved otherwise at that time (as in being booked), and Joe Biden.

Ramaswamy promises to pardon Trump.
I like that: I won’t need to see Trump’s name daily in the news as our latter-day Kim Kardashian. But, and this is important, a presidential pardon has no effect on Civil actions: reportage on those actions will continue to dominate the news, no doubt. At the very least, though, a presidential pardon will put this entire, miserable, cretinous experience behind us so we may move on…please!

Tomorrow awaits.

Google: Cute Name; Evil Company

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2023

Indiscriminate advertising; relentless pursuit of your data; omnipresent manipulator of opinion.

This website does not allow Google to track you. We will never allow Google to track you, because, frankly, they learn everything there is to learn about you from the various sites you visit who use Google to track you.

Does this look familiar?


I grabbed this from, but it could have been from nearly any site you visit today, even those with which you have a registered account, like
eBay. Google still wants your data.

It’s Google Analytics (GA) at work, and although it looks relatively benign, it’s not. Many sites - from the very big to the very small - use GA to understand their customers. It’s a free tool, and thus at “no cost to the site owner” Google bundles up a neat little package that’s dropped on the website and watches everything that happens...everything.

In exchange, GA uses your data to understand how to sell you things, opinions and ideals:

How to lead your life; what to think and when to think it. Where you ought to vacation. What and where you should eat when you get there. How long and where you ought to stay. When is the best time to go to sleep, to have sex; what to watch via television or stream on your Smart Phone or Tablet (all the
can’t miss television productions that indoctrinate you further into the world of pointless Consumerism or aberrant sexual practices). Where you absolutely must shop when you get to wherever you’re going and what you ought to buy. How often you should have a bowel movement. What to do if it burns when you urinate. What that uncomfortable sensation is in your stomach (hint: existential angst). How to get rid of toe fungus. Why you should fear a political figure or endorse a social movement. How to eliminate stomach fat. Why Lizzo is such a great vocalist and ironically how sleek it is to have the figure of an elephant. Why Gay people should be proud. Why Conservatives are bigoted fanatics. How you can benefit from a vegetable-rich diet. Why our police are killing “innocent” (circle one:) Black/White/Poor/Homeless/Retarded people. How to help those poor souls addicted to fentanyl. Why selective breeding (Eugenics) is bad. Why it’s good to let anyone, no matter how deficient, propagate (hint: more people, more consumers). Why Homelessness is your fault and why they deserve to be housed through government taxpayer funding.

I know most of you don’t mind giving up your privacy, but you should understand how Machiavellian this is.
Google owns all the data extracted from everything you do on your phone, computer, tablet - regardless of the maker. If you have a Nest thermostat with an integrated security camera, which you probably do whether you know it or not, Google knows not only at what temperature you keep your house, but when you sleep, what you wear (if anything at all), what you say, what you do, when you leave, when you return.

If you have a
Ring doorbell security system, or other Ring or other maker products, Google learns about all of your comings and goings. They know with whom you associate. What late-night sojourns you make. When you return and if you’re carrying packages. They know the route you took to get to wherever you went, from your GPS or through one of the many applications residing in our car’s operating system: an unavoidable situation in today’s tech-packed cars.

Your Smart TV or
YouTube or any number of other avenues for streaming entertainment, including the less savory, are all owned or linked to Google, through GA or outright, such as YouTube. Every image you upload to any GA platform finds its way to the databank, no matter what you were doing when you took the image.

Slaughterhouse Five, Vonnegut tells the story of a (delusional) man, Billy Pilgrim, who is frequently transported to the planet Tralfamadore where he resides in a clear-domed house eventually in the company of the pulchritudinous Montana Wildhack. All of their behaviors are monitored, including all Maslovian basic functions, and chronicled for the intellectual pleasure of the their hosts, the Tralfamadorians. Slaughterhouse Five was and remains a favorite light read owing to its portrayal of the mindlessness of war, and for Pilgrim’s delusional state. Many decades ago I thought, What an interesting position to find one’s self.

And, yet, today,
here we are. You, me, all of us captured by the Tralfamadorians and transported to another planet where, locked in a dome, we are observed every minute of every day and tracked. The Tralfamadorians at least had the decency to curtail viewing when it became apparent that Billy and Montana required solitude. Google doesn’t: They observe endlessly and without respite. You allow them to do so. But you can mitigate their intrusions.

Our search function above is powered by Why? Because, like Las Vegas, what you do on DuckDuckGo stays on DuckDuckGo.

Today, Google’s really nothing more than a highly technologically-advanced Nazi
Third Reich without the murder of millions of innocent people... Well, not yet anyway. Google is Heinrich Himmler with a cute name but with as devious an intent. It is a malignancy to a Free, thinking society. But, given the state of our country today, Thinking doesn’t seem to be an activity encumbering us.

Search using an anonymous engine. Clear your computer’s data throughout the day. When possible, open a site through a private window on your browser. Open only those sites you would open as if your mother was standing behind you. Don’t sign-in using Google. Recognize that Amazon, Facebook, Twitter (X), and all the others are after your wallet and your data not to your benefit.

Ask yourself, Why would they want to know that much about me? If you can’t answer that question, then, perhaps, you deserve to be one of the many

Crazy Eddie Says:
If you need guns, we’ve got guns!

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2023

There has been brewing opposition to the city of Phoenix’s ordinance on shipping unclaimed firearms to soldiers in Ukraine…
Arizona Family (

Some years ago we published an article, Merry Christmas and Pass the Ammo: Guns in Arizona. You can click on it above in the Most Read group preceding. It has traveled a great deal in the years since we wrote it.

At the time – maybe 14 years ago – we, here, in Arizona were busy sending our guns to other states, who unknowingly were the beneficiaries of our largesse, without so much as a “Thank you” for our generosity, by the way.
Ain’t that something?

Selling guns individually has proven too slow a process for us though, so we took a page out of Crazy Eddie’s playbook (embedded video below).

Draft Shooting Script:

Crazy Eddie standing with outstretched arms, hands shaking violently before a shipping container of guns of various calibers and styles:
Hell! We’re not selling them at these prices; we’re giving them away!

Off camera VO:
How the hell are you gonna stay in business giving away guns, Eddie?

CE scratches head. Looks up with finger to cheek. Recognition. Smiles. To camera:
Volume! At these prices, they’ll be lined up for blocks around the store. And for the first customer who shows up today, we’ve got a special deal! So hurry on down to Crazy Arizona Eddie’s Gun Give-Away Extravaganza!

Hold on, Crazy Eddie. Our first order just came in!

CE perplexed, reads note:
I’ve just been told that the next shipment of 600 guns is gone! Yup! We’ve given away this fabulous crate-o-guns behind me here to somebody named…let’s see…uh…Zelensky in…(studies the note) Ukraine! Hot dog! I sure don’t know where that is, but he’s one lucky sonofabitch, I’ll tell you.

But we’ve got more. So…

CE smiles strangely:
Come on down today to Crazy Arizona Eddie’s Gun, Ammo and Liquor Emporium for Knock-Down prices on the best guns in Arizona. (Close-in to Eddie) And y’all better hurry: I hear Ecuador’s flying in this weekend. I’m Crazy Eddie, and I should be locked up!

Hold still image, words flashing over:
Lock Him Up! Fade to black.


Fret not, Governor Newsom. We have many more population control devices ready for illegal export to California and elsewhere. And while I’m thinking about it, what the hell is an unclaimed firearm anyway?

Some Crazy Eddie for the unknowing:


The Plug-In EV Charging Station:
Killing Fields of Tomorrow?
WaterWorld of Today?
Dawn of a New War?

(You get the idea...)

What a piece of work is man...
- Shakespeare (Shakspere),

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2022

The behavioral problems of our society are not negated by the introduction of alternative fuel vehicles, notwithstanding how Peace-Loving they may appear. (You can almost see the little Peace signs and sticky flower decals pasted on the sides, along with a
Deadhead sticker in the back window, à la 1968 can’t you?)

No amount of Peace and Love though can negate the fact that people have always behaved badly when driving; when parking; when fueling; when doing anything remotely related to cars – fossil fuel or electric or a hybrid combination. As the necessary popularity of EVs and commensurate charging grows to complete one’s tasks, we can safely expect violence to ensue. It’s already happening.

Freud famously said,
All humans are assholes when not being video-taped, but he was wrong (see below), and what will happen tomorrow when the competition for EV Charging really heats up as some percentage of the more than five or ten-million EVs then to be on the road compete for charging at an estimated 300,000 individual charging stations, sometimes obstructed or occupied by conventional car owners who simply want to make the EV owner pay an added emotional tariff for owning a Tesla (or other perceived expensive or exotic electric car)?

Every Tesla owner knows what happens when they drive their Tesla, occasionally confronted by irritated non-EV people who see the Tesla owner as a threatening example of arrogance and affluence. To many they’re like a vehicular Mark Zuckerberg: There’s something about him that just makes you want to punch him really hard in that stupid little face, for no really good reason other than that he is an existential annoyance. In a real world, he (and EVs) are something that should not be, in the ontological sense of the word. They are in opposition to the nature of the universe. Nietzsche wouldn’t be caught dead in a Tesla or with a Facebook account in the MetaVerse, or whatever these dweebs are calling it.

“Charging at home overnight makes charging while underway for daily, mostly local tasks unnecessary!” you say?

According to
AAA Public Relations Manager Andrew Gross, the organization responded to precisely 194,317 out-of-gas calls from January to April 2022. This does not include other roadside help resources: other insurance companies, a friend easily imposed upon, or your Mother.

Your Mother: Happy that you made it home safely, “Baruch HaShem!”

As to an EV, your Mother cannot deliver a bottle of electrons, and neither can AAA although they do have limited mobile charging services, which means EVs will require a
much higher level of discipline than currently apparent in our society. That said, emergency roadside charging is being expanded in preparation to take on the many who live like Cosmo Kramer thrilling to the challenge of squeezing out the last mile from their local dealership demo car:

Companies like
SETEC Power, currently operating in China, are starting up to provide roadside recovery charging, including the venerable and reliable AAA, and developing business models for economically feasible where-you-end-up assistance, and when you get a gander at the rig required to deliver roadside charging, you’ll sense correctly that a pizza will not be sufficient payment.

194,317 out-of-gas calls from January to April 2022

In just four months time, that is how many people ignored their gas gauges (or the equivalent of the Charge Level gauge in an EV) and called AAA for assistance:
just AAA. Consider that unlike EV Charging, Gas Stations are everywhere. They are as ubiquitous as hookers on Market Street in San Francisco, or so I’ve been told regarding the hookers. It’s hard to miss a Gas Station and they far, far outweigh EV stations of comparable purpose. So do the hookers, for that matter, but neither Sonni nor Tempest can blow up your battery, although if you need a ride, they’re available.

Then, combine the time it takes to recharge an EV to an acceptable extent – enough to get you another 50, 100 or more miles down the road, compared to that of a fossil fuel conventional automobile, and the real problem becomes clear.

EV charging time varies from about 15 minutes, at the very least at a
superfast Tesla charger, to as much as several hours at home. (Filling up with gasoline is about a five minute process except for the most addled fidgeting with their supermarket discount cards or trying to decide if they need a car wash.) Some non-Tesla fast chargers can do the job in an hour or more, but that is a very long time to sit at a charging station while the line behind your EV continues to grow, particularly if you – the driver – don’t appear busy tending to the charging process even though the least sentient person ought to know that there is nothing you can do to speed the process along, short of shouting encouraging words to the little electrons as they move down the wire and into your battery. “C’mon little guys… You can do it!”

What will happen tomorrow when the competition for EV Charging really heats up?
This is what will happen:

It’s our version of today’s human condition. It’s deplorable. It’s insipid. It’s hateful and violent, and
it is who we are, generally. Already the numbers on the tote board are spinning as more and more of us find our way into EVs during this last spate of exotically-priced petrol continues into the foreseeable future.

When 50% of us drive EVs will gun violence increase proportionately? Or will the lessened consumption of hydrocarbon fuels yield greater placidity veiling us with a diaphanous cloak of true peace and love? My money’s on the former. And, lastly, if you drive an EV, this may be your future:

The race to build more and better charging stations is on as recognition of the immediate and future needs of EV owners becomes more apparent. And in their recklessness, municipalities and up are hell-bent, in some cases, on mandating charging predicated on square footage of the facility or as a percentage of parking overall, placing the cost of developing charging stations on the Small Business person whose goal is to realize an American dream: preferably one that is fueled by petrol, and not at $5,000 or more out of her pocket per charging station. The math doesn’t work...

Note: Neither Warren nor Hill drive an EV. At 3,000 miles per year, it doesn’t pencil out, and you can only have my Jaguar XK8 after you pry my cold, dead fingers from the steering wheel.

Drug Use, Homelessness, Crime, Vast Overpopulation, and Societal Collapse

Look on the bright side: Biden’s staffing up by 300,000 troops for a war in Europe. Maybe Putin-Xi will blow us off the face of the earth! Problem Solved.

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2023

When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water...”
- Vice President Kamala Harris

In today’s radically strange world, our Vice President was condemned for this supposed slip-up. Not oddly, I consider it to be one of the most truthful statements uttered by a politician over the last several decades. It may have been a deviation from her script, but from such “unintentional” words the truth lurks within. You may call it a Freudian slip or a parapraxis, but she is a schooled orator, Howard University graduate, and a graduate of Hastings Law: neither of which equate to Trump University, by the way, and require rigorous focus and academic excellence.

Take a moment and recall the
outside world during Covid lock-down: Clean Air, Cleaner Streets, Clean Parks, Unsullied environmental delight. I have the advantage, I admit, because, too, I vividly recall the Southern California coast during the 1950s. I clearly see the mountain lakes and streams not far off, and the smell of the forest uncontaminated by trash and foul smells of soiled disposable diapers, garbage and empty cans left at campsites and along the streams. I’ve seen giant boulders without spray-painted profanities and insipid gang signs left by the plethora of idiots roaming the urban wilderness.

The burden of anyone
at least approaching the state of being fully-brained is the recognition that we are vastly overpopulated. With increased population comes increased numbers of those who are less than mentally capable of participating in a Democratic society: They are unread, unschooled, confused and a financial burden to society. They put in very little, but take out much. Owing to the legalization of Drugs, it has become worse.

In the days of yore before Social Media, the sort of person in the clip below had to make an effort to spread his gospel of Hate, perhaps burning a few calories in the process:

Fortunately, today we don’t need to exert ourselves to foment Hate and spread truncated logic.

Today we have the Internet, and are 78% or more overweight thus giving our illformed and ignorant opinions greater self-perceived rectitude, whether on
National Public Radio or Fox News or the Los Angeles Times or New York Post among an ocean of others.

They are all forums for the very Left and Right leaning, not offering News, but Propaganda.

As our intelligence swings closer to the mean owing to unchecked reproduction, we are prolific in breeding more and more people who 25 years ago might not have had a very demonstrable voice on day-to-day issues, or would have been institutionalized for their own welfare.

Unavoidably, at 8 billion people we need to consider reintroducing sterilization based on intelligence, without regard to other genetic factors. Read,
What California (and Hitler) Got Right and Wrong: Eugenics and Euthanasia. In some states, such as my own where Pot has become legal for recreational use, and more completely in Oregon where all drugs are effectively legal, its toll has become apparent. Not Legalizing any drug should have been a no-brainer, but it’s too late. This is Portland:

This is Seattle:

This is just one neighborhood in San Francisco:

How about Los Angeles? Just one aspect of the vast issues facing this in LA and surrounding communities:

And in Phoenix where entrepreneurship is alive and well:

And, really, in every city in the United States. Who’s going to stop it? How shall we reverse this devastating, malignant deterioration?
The Moon is Gone
by Joseph Warren, Editor

In the town the people moved sullenly through the streets. Some of the light of astonishment was gone from their eyes, but still a light of anger had not taken its place.
- Steinbeck, The Moon is Down

The following notice appeared stapled to power poles up and down the street this morning:

People’s Republic of China
Attention: How to behave when occupying force becomes visible to you and dear family.
Some things must do to prevent serious hurt to you:

When officer knock door, open immediately and do not delay.
Do not open door and have gun on person.
All family persons must be seen at door portal when open door.
Speak after bowing head to officer.
Always hands seen.
No person must secrete his body from visible to all who greet you.
Be respecting of the official present.
Immediate on open tell official if you have guns of all types.
Quick to show him where guns in house.
Do not impede officer coming into house.
Do not touch officer.
Answer all question without falsehood.
Allow officer to explore house with not bothering.
When officer tells you to come with him do so with not words.
When officer leaves house will give paper explain checked complete ok.
Keep paper for next visit by officer safe.

I could see the yellow paper it had been printed on fluttering in succession along the roadway. They were affixed to Old Town Kingman store windows with tape. I dared to drive to the newer parts of town to investigate, for a very brief time. I’ll admit to being frightened: The grocery, hardware, clothing, and
all other stores were closed exhibiting the same testament to a changed world. Government offices were all closed, including Kingman Police.

Both local newspapers stacked up on street corners carried it
front page devoid of any other news: blank white newsprint followed behind in the print editions, like withered leaves on a long-dead oak. I drove quickly back.

Our office lights flickered throughout the day as power resumed then collapsed, leaving the
Uninterruptible Power Supply tired and not able to withstand the neglect. During one brief nine-minute period while the power lines were energized I scrambled to access any news source available to learn what I may, and I was greeted by the same notice, only electronically generated posted to the face of my computer screen, There was no other access. The cell phone was useless.

A few blocks from our office as I sat pondering this
imponderable, just off Route 66, I heard the staccato of machine pistol fire. A block behind I heard a shout - the voice of a woman, a car door slammed, the roar of an engine moving quickly away down Pine Street.

Heavy tires now approaching the office: some kind of very large vehicle. I can feel the rumbling in the asphalt echoing through the foundation. It stops. Then, many voices shouting making sounds I didn’t recognize in a language I did not understand. As I write this there is a banging at my door, I...

Thinking About Replacing Your Current Car with Another Used Car?
Some thoughts on Greed and Debt

by Joseph Warren, Editor

Those sons-of-bitches over there ain’t buying. Every (car dealership) gets em. They’re lookers...take up your time. Over there...Get ‘em in a car. Start ‘em at two hundred and work down. Get ‘em out in a jalopy. Sock it to ‘em! They took our time.
Steinbeck, Grapes of Wrath, Oklahoma Car Lot, 1930s

It wasn’t too bad until the Great Pandemic struck and Greed really took over: It’s pervasive. Today, Private Seller asking prices are half-again or more over what they ought to be, given normal value enhancement. Now, values are based on Scientific-Seller-Price-based-Research that looks something like this:

The potential seller has a “Completely Restored” 1978
Todesfahrt SS he would like to sell. (Todesfahrts were German vehicles produced prior to 1978. Google it.) “Restored” means that he painted over the body rust after adhering a few pounds of Bondo, and steam–cleaned the engine, spraying the block, the pipes, the inner-fenders – everything really, with a shaker can (or four) of paint, because taping off what you do not want to paint is just too tedious. Besides he was busy on YouTube at the time trying to find out if he should wear his ball cap completely backwards or off to one side, what t-shirt to accessorize with, and how to say, “Waazzz up YouTubers!” with the proper ignorant inflection.

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Multnomah County Oregon:
Fat Asses vs. Big Oil

by Joseph Warren, Editor

Multnomah County is seeking nearly $52 billion in damages and future costs for climate adaptation in a lawsuit that filed Thursday against more than a dozen fossil fuel companies to hold them accountable for the unprecedented heat dome event in 2021.
- Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB)

I wonder: Where were these people when the United States destroyed a civilization at the behest of ExxonMobil and Shell in Iraq and Afghanistan?

In yet another case of Fat Asses vs. Fat Cats, Multnomah County (greater Portland), where Oregon’s current population trends from 65% to 70% Overweight or Obese, citizens react to Climate aberrations. I understand that Fat Shaming is not a popular approach, but I cannot think of another way to pursue this. It all seems so ironic and contradictory, and frivolous: it’s misplaced Liberalism that does nothing to address the issues we face other than rake muck among their narrow-brained, unread, and emotionally-driven followers, which, as I think of it, pretty much summarizes Western Oregon’s population. (How else may one explain Man-Buns.)

Multnomah County, backed by a few of its more cretinous citizens has filed a suit against major US oil companies citing that they
rapaciously sell fossil fuel products and deceptively promote them as harmless to the environment (OPB). In other words, no one involved with this group had, until recently, understood that the consumption of Fossil Fuels was detrimental to the delicate balance of our world’s climate and eco-systems.

Read the entire article here in .pdf
The Great Covid Pandemic:
Pfizer, BioNTech, Paycheck Protection Program, CARES Act
And Hypochondria

by Joseph Warren, Editor

“Data, data, data. I cannot make bricks without clay.”
- Sherlock Holmes

I’ll begin this article by saying that I strive to examine every bit of data (within the scope of what is available) to completely understand why people do the things they collectively do. It’s a reflection of my education and interests. And, like President Trump on camera when we were being briefed on the impending Covid apocalypse we faced as a nation, I think I wore the same look of confusion as he, finding myself completely and rationally disconnected from the hysteria of the moment as the words of the many “experts” marched before us and the mania took root and grew.

Those who denied the severity of the disease were cast by the Popular Media as fools or
right-wing anti-vax crazies who, for some dark and unknown nihilistic reason privy only to the condemning, wished to see humanity suffer for its foibles: a Divine retribution. It was as powerful a response to the opposition as it was in March 2003 against those of us who opposed the invasion of Iraq, and about this I know much, personally and deeply, and to today still carry an abiding hatred for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest of the co-conspirators.

Read the entire article here in .pdf

Mass Shootings:
Achieving Population Reduction, or a Terrible Waste of Good Ammunition?

by Joseph Warren, Editor

It’s certainly a very painful way to go about it, but let’s take a moment and recall what Jesus said, “Wherever four or more of you gather in my name, there is a likelihood of a mass shooting.”

The Guardian reported recently that the US is currently on-track to set a new record for mass killings estimating a number of events equalling sixty for the year 2023. That’s plainly not good enough. With a worldwide population of more than eight billion quickly dissipating natural resources, continuing food shortages, ignorance and illiteracy on the rise to levels not-seen in our country for many decades, failed educational systems, a pandemic of
debilitating social media, pervasive greed, malignant hate, and cancerous ennui regarding our shared state of being, we need to focus on reducing the number of people sharing our crowded little dirt-ball Earth.

Piecemeal, onesie-twosie assassinations won’t achieve the needed reduction...

Read the entire article here in .pdf

FDA Changes Pfizer Covid Vaccine Publication and Data

by Joseph Warren, Editor

Suspicious? Why would I be suspicious?

It had been a number of months since I made a detailed review of readership of, and several months have passed since I checked specifically on traffic to our articles regarding Covid vaccine efficacy, available in the tab above under the heading of “Vaccine.” I made a quick review and clicked on the links contained therein, particularly that for efficacy and mortality for those vaccinated, versus those who have not been vaccinated.

Imagine my surprise when I found that the FDA had changed out the report on efficacy and morbidity for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated.

As I mentioned in this article, published about the time of the big vaccine push, we downloaded and saved to our local drive the original report. In our article we said:

“Open the document and “turn” to page 18. There you will find Table 6: Vaccine Efficacy…
- In Table 6 you will see that of the 20,540 participants who received the COMIRNATY vaccine, 7 days after the second dose there was one confirmed case of Covid.
- Of the Placebo group –
people who received an injection of Saline21 of 20,629 developed Covid in the same timeframe.
- The delta (difference) is
20 additional Covid cases without the Pfizer vaccine out of more than 20,000 people. That is to say that, according to Pfizer’s own research, the incidence of Covid infection in an unvaccinated society is .0969% or less than one-tenth of one percent. Compare this level of incidence to the flu, detailed below.”

In the replacement document, this table no longer exists.

Given the FDA’s actions, we’ve uploaded our saved FDA document in whole. This is the document they took off the site. This is the document, they found, apparently, unsettling. This is very duplicitous. You may access it and now make the comparison, wherein you will find that empirically, the Pfizer vaccine is useless. It was useless. It will likely be useless. But, the very good news is, we have given Pfizer and our Health Care industry trillions of dollars which, at this very moment, we are trying to confront in Washington DC. (Rooster coming home to roost, et cetera.) This was on the very heels of Pfizer’s being held accountable for today’s Opioid Epidemic, in part, wherein they were required to compensate “America” for its use and deleterious effects thereof.

Suspicious? Why would I be suspicious?

Father’s Day: It’s What Happens, Drunk or Sober, After You Inject a Fertile Woman with Semen
by Joseph Warren, Editor

“Children are basically a pain in the ass.”
- Warren, Herein

“They are not sorrows, so much as terrible things.”
– Ernest Hemingway, Islands in the Stream

It’s Father’s Day again which gives us an opportunity to feign caring one way or another that our progeny exist, unlike the many who may have, could have, and perhaps do dwell unrecognized on this planet with my or your or anyone’s DNA streaming through their cellular material and driving the continued concatenation of who we are, thanks to many previous iterations, farther into the future for as long as we continue as a species to exist.

To be clear, I was not a good father by the formula prescribed by society from the 1970s onward in which it was manifest that fathers are to be involved in the child’s day-to-day life: experiences, learning, maintenance, emotional maturation, achievements, recognition. My view of fatherhood was more parallel to that of an ibex. I have always maintained my financial support, albeit begrudgingly so periodically, long after the legal duty to do so ceased, extending to this day as they approach retirement themselves, or perhaps it just seems as though they ought to be…

My view of fatherhood was, as I learned from experience as one being fathered, one of remoteness and periodic chumminess interspersed with severe reprimands for behavior that was found by the supreme council to be less-than-desired (mother). As it was on television back then in the 1950s, so it was in my house,
Wait ‘til your father gets home. Prophetic words, given that he was periodically absent for one or two weeks at a time drinking and whoring: OK, I can wait…

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What the hell does “LGBTQIA+” mean?
School Vouchers:
A Very Quick Look at Arizona’s Confused Governor Katie Hobbs

by Joseph Warren, Editor

Legislative Republicans need to explain why they are forcing this runaway spending on Arizona taxpayers and making working families foot the bill for private school tuitions, the governor said. We need to bring an end to the wasteful school voucher spending that threatens to decimate our state’s finances.
- Governor Katie Hobbs

Yes, there will be funding redirected from state-run (Public) schools. That’s the point. Arizona’s parents (and many states elsewhere)
have been footing the bill for the last many years while our schools have become mired in the bog of Inclusionary Society, allowing their focus to drift to non-academic subjects rather than teaching what is important to an evolving society. Appreciating sexual inclinations, as an example, is not.

Those parents who seek another educational outlet for their children don’t want or care that their children be made aware that Transvestites or Transsexuals or Gays or Lesbians or any of the other myriad variations at the bottom layer of Maslow’s pyramid comprising sexual functions, defecation, or a place to sleep, need to be acknowledged. It’s their choice to embrace that lifestyle, and to pursue “enlightening” all others on its essence is disingenuous, plainly wrong, and a waste of educational resources. It isn’t racist or discriminatory: it just isn’t what ought to be the foundation for a well-grounded education.

all taxpayers have been contributing a great deal of financial support to their efforts misdirecting our public educational system from real, actual, intellectually-stimulating curricula. They’re tired of it. They want their children to receive a good education without indoctrination.

Lastly, Governor Hobbs did not find herself in office because of some great public outcry for homosexual or racial justice, but because she competed against Kari Lake whose ill-conceived rhetoric and political affiliation soured the majority of Arizona’s electorate, swinging the Independent vote in her favor. It’s the same for Biden, really.
Hobbs is our Biden – he, like Hobbs, was a rejection of the alternative, not an endorsement. We’ve discussed this in detail earlier herein.

The above reference to LGBTQIA+ is a quote from an
LATimes story regarding the Glendale School District’s discussion surrounding whether to declare June as Pride Month for the benefit of those students who are proud of their sexuality, for whatever reason one may be proud of what is nothing more than a basic physiological function. And, most importantly, why are Onanists not included in this cryptic string of identifiers? After all, these are people who are pulling their own weight in an effort to beat off those who would otherwise shun the practice. They have come to grips with reality: why may the others not?


Uncle Sam 2
Our Uncle Sam Buys a House

by Joseph Warren, Editor

Uncle Sam is at his desk in the dark, cavernous reaches of his office in Washington, District of Columbia, his face aflood in light from his iMac’s 27-inch computer screen driven by the simultaneously-opened windows of
Zillow, Trulia (one-in-the-same, but he is unaware), Coldwell, and Craigslist, too, for safe measure and not to miss the likelihood of an FSBO opportunity, while stirring a large red-white-blue mug of coffee perched precariously next to his keyboard tipped awkwardly by a pencil caught between cup bottom and desktop: he is oblivious though to this pending consumer disaster, shocked as he is by the continued drive to higher prices in areas of his country which should have by now, owing to the untiring efforts of the Fed to drive down inflation, and other phenomena, dropped far more than they have.

Although Uncle Sam is vastly in debt, as we know from the uncomfortable credit interview during his last car purchase (
see below,, and notwithstanding mortgage rates that have exceeded the wildest expectations of the average consumer of today, hovering around 7-1/2 percent, and although his savings passbook rate remains at far less than 1 percent, he, because he is Uncle Sam, after all, remains optimistic about America’s future.

And, since being unceremoniously thrown out of his basement digs with Kamala Harris at her Naval Observatory residence, he’s been sleeping in the back seat of the car he bought on time in Kingman, Arizona, being rousted every night by Capitol Police for vagrancy and misdemeanors. (Being ejected from Harris’ home was not all bad since he was tiring from the constant blast of James Brown and Drifters’ music droning through the ancient floorboards until three in the morning and waking to find the lawn riddled with broken, empty Thunderbird wine bottles and the front windows shot-out.)

“I got to get the Hell out of here!” he thinks as...

Read the entire article here in .pdf

The Greatest Pandemic of All Is Here!

Washington DC is Apoplectic by Startling Revelation!

CDC Discloses: Every Day Thousands of People Around the World Die of This Disease!

President Biden Proposes Another Trillion-Dollar Payout for Vaccine to (Again) Pfizer!

Hospitals Plead for Trillions of Dollars in Assistance: “Our emergency rooms are full! We’re overwhelmed! I’m so tired I can barely stuff this cupcake in my face!”

by Joseph Warren, Editor
Who Was Patient Zero:
Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth Succumbs to Death by Something Termed, Old Age!

“I’ve never seen so many old people who are dying like this here!” said Rebecca Phatarse, a Healthcare professional in Macon Georgia. “They’re dropping like pants at a bachelor party, which I used to work
before becoming a licensed clinician, you understand.”

And so they were. By one account in Macon alone, several thousand people are expected to die in the next few years as a result of
Old Age and, sadly, there is nothing we can do about it until the Pharmaceuticals industry develops a vaccine, which they must before it is too late!

In San Francisco, in New York, in Paris, Rome, Berlin, Kingman, and even in Boise, great numbers of our fellow citizens are succumbing to this “
Mega-Killer” as the CDC’s Chief of Hyperbole has termed it, Dr. Maximillian Juberg.

Read the entire article here in .pdf

Uncle Sam
Our Uncle Sam Buys a Used Car on Time
But Finds that Our (National) Debt makes it Difficult.

by Joseph Warren, Editor

Our Uncle Sam is looking over a few cars in the auto sales lot of one of the “Auto Row” dealerships clustered along Stockton Hill Road here in Kingman, Arizona. He’s not certain which car he wants but is drawn to a sexy, older-model V8 dating from the 1990s before we began to worry
excessively about Climate Change sometime 30 years from now in the middle of this century when it’s far too late to do anything about it.

The salesman approaches. “That’s a beauty, ain’t it?”

Uncle Sam casts a nervous glance. “Yes. I guess. I mean, it depends on the price.”

“O, don’t fret that none.” He studies Uncle Sam for a moment. “Say, that is
some hat you’ve got there!”

“Thanks.” Uncle Sam fiddles with the hat brim a moment then steadies his gaze...

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We Must Accept Who We Are
by Joseph Warren, Editor

…a fragmented society, a mountain of conflicting interests, a nation which appeared to share nothing save poverty and the hatred of each against each…
From The Literary World review of Rudolf Ditzen’s (ndp, Hans Fallada) Little Man, What Now? (Kleiner Mann, Was Nun?)
Reproduced in the book’s Afterword commenting on Nazi Germany

If the words above sound like an adequate description of our world today, here, in the USA, and you too have asked, What Now? as I have many times in the past 20 years, then you will have discovered the timelessness of Ditzen’s book.
- Editor

Ditzen’s writing was simple and to-the-point. It flowed gloriously, in my opinion, although he had his detractors way back when the art of writing was something seen as tantamount to creating master-stroke marks with oil on a canvas: as important, as creative. In
Little Man, What Now? we have an opportunity to follow the lives of a young couple in Germany during the last years of the Weimar Republic before its descent into hell.

Versailles, and the many missteps by Germany’s then-leadership took the once-great country into the depths of economic destruction, not unlike what we are experiencing today owing to our own corrupted economic practices and befogged societal constructs, only without the extrinsic influences that brought Germany’s society to its knees. Yet.

Throughout the novel, Ditzen describes...

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Pandemic Puppies
by Joseph Warren, Editor

The Antiseptic Baby and the Prophylactic Pup
Were playing in the garden when the Bunny gambolled up;
They looked upon the creature with a loathing undisguised;
It wasn’t disinfected and it wasn’t sterilised.

- From the poem
Strictly Germ-Proof, by Arthur Guiterman.
(Recited by our publisher, Greta Warren-Hill, 1965, Second Grade, at Four Corners Elementary School, Salem, Oregon,
before a live audience.)

Immersed in a plethora of advertisements for guns and drugs,
Craigslist, Facebook, and all other social media, is staggering from the weight of ads posted by those who during the Covid Pandemic elected to supplement their income by encouraging animal fornication in the jejune belief wealth would follow.

Many were (and are) asking extravagant sums for designer dogs following breed lines hitherto unknown, mating the most unlikely together to conjure what they assumed would be exotic and desirable objects of affection to the multitude of shut-ins and otherwise lonely-hearted who just needed a more organic “Like” than what might be achieved in the festering fetid swamp of popular online forums. New breeds emerging:
Puginese, Schweenie, Pithuahua and countless other neologistic approaches...

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“Not much going on... How ‘bout you?”
Since 2011
Consumer debt has spiked from about 11 Trillion to more than 16 Trillion dollars
by Joseph Warren, Editor

Let me get this straight:

Our “unprecedented” drought has taken our lakes and rivers (that quite literally feed the Southwest’s population) to unheard of shallowness and flow threatening a painful decline in Power, Water, Food Production, and even recreation leading to perhaps a point of societal collapse, but we do nothing of any consequence.

Anasazi, who occupied a good bit of the Southwest in the early 1200s, vanished from historic records following a documented 50-year drought that left them without adequate water to sustain their lives. Anthropologists speculate that the Anasazi merged with other local tribes following their abandonment of their homelands. Yet, we think that 20 years is a substantial enough period for a drought to last and maybe next year we’ll have to do something (reactive) proactive, like get people to stop filling their swimming pools, watering lawns, and washing their fossil fuel burning cars. Then, the Anasazi were a few (at best) thousand. The number of Desert Southwest inhabitants today exceeds 20 million...

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Iris Chang, Volodymyr Zelensky
Mao Zedong
Chang Kai-Shek
Adolf Hitler
Vladimir Putin
George W. Bush

by Joseph Warren, Editor

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
- (The first four lines of Wordsworth’s remarkable poem, The World is Too Much with Us.)

When the curtain lifts revealing all that remains of Ukraine’s children, women, men, houses, schools, hospitals, roadways, bridges, theaters, the dead have been counted, the cruelties uncovered, the rapes tallied, the disemboweled accounted for, the children without either a mother or a father gathered together and fed and clothed and taken into the arms of those who are willing, after the last fire has been extinguished and the final rock removed, when the smoke finally clears removing the diaphanous veil to what truly remains of Ukraine; how long until it becomes a footnote to our flaccid memories and is the same type of act is repeated, tirelessly, again and again and again and again?

That is the point of Hell, is it not? Nowhere in Scripture, Bible, Quran, Torah, or other fable is Hell a singularity. Events such as these are repeated for the benefit of those newly arrived. Welcome to Hell wherein the Seven Deadly Sins perpetuate unremittingly and without opportunity for respite, to rest, to gather one’s thoughts, to decide on the correct course to a righteous life.

Iris Chang chronicled the Nanking invasion by the Japanese in and around 1938. It became known shortly after the War as the
Rape of Nanking. Rape, though, was the least offensive of criminal actions perpetrated on the Chinese population of Nanking at that time. The viscera flowed as though the Qinhuai had flooded with blood washing all of Nanking - bathing everyone in its sanguineous horror. Aberrance and criminality, of every form was inflicted on Nanking’s children, women, and, of course, men. Nothing and no one was beyond the reach of the invading Japanese. Iris was haunted by what she had learned.

The other night I picked up Jonathon Fenby’s,
Chang Kai-Shek. (This was to mark my second reading of this epic in contemporary Chinese history, with a focus on the events leading to the Second Sino-Japanese War.) I had forgotten that midway through the book Fenby describes in formidable detail those events that Iris had taken to heart: too much to heart and mind and soul.

Iris Chang committed suicide in 2004, aching, irrevocably, from the images she had conjured in her mind of what had happened to the people of Nanking, her mother’s parents among them, having miraculously escaped death. To her, Nanking was more than an academic study of an historical event: it was personal, private, familial. It was painful.

Midway through the many pages of Fenby’s very detailed account of Nanking I stopped reading. I covered my eyes and wept for a moment. Not for the lives lost in Nanking so many years ago, but for Iris Chang; for the millions who died in China at the hands of Kai-Shek and Mao Zedong; for those who met death in Krakow and throughout Europe in the late 1930s; in Vietnam and South East Asia in the 1960s and beyond; in Iraq beginning in 2003; and, sadly, as though we are non-sentient, in Ukraine today, and I remembered Wordsworth.

This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon,
The winds that will be howling at all hours,
And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers,
For this, for everything, we are out of tune…

Iris Chang,
Sleeping Flower, help us in this hour of need to overcome apathy, and to understand that the pain of one is the pain of all, and so it shall be forever and ever. O, man! Will it ever end?

As I did last time, I set aside Fenby’s powerful account and began reading something else: anything else. (I will finish re-reading Kai-Shek later, as I did before.)


How to Install and Use a Toilet Seat Bidet
(and Eugenics!)
Listen to this!
Click the image for an audio file.
Listen to This! is an occasional feature on
by Joseph Warren, Editor

…in the merciless struggle for survival the unfit were doomed anyway and the fit destined to prevail.
Daniel Kevles, In the Name of Eugenics, on Karl Pearson

One year before the current COVID-19 pandemic began, very fortuitously we decided on a bidet toilet seat from Home Depot: it was the cheaper and easier way to approach a higher standard of hygiene and consequent evolution compared to the many space and plumbing challenges associated with a separate bidet commode, and far more commodious since it did not involve moving one’s tuchus from one pot to another. (Tuches, Tochas, and in the plural, Tuchii, are all transliterations, so don’t bother writing and criticizing my spelling.)

Our decision was made in November, 2019. It was the less expensive model without water heater: winter temperatures are frigid in northern Arizona at that time of year. The bidet seat’s instructions read something like, “T” the seat water line into your toilet’s cold water pipe, which I did.

Our water temperature averages about 40 to 45 degrees (Fahrenheit) during winter. At 8AM having your sphincter blasted by near freezing water...

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What Hitler (and California) Got Right and Wrong:
Eugenics and Euthanasia
by Joseph Warren, Editor

Reading is not an end to itself, but a means to an end.
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf
(We’re quoting Hitler? Well, even a stopped clock...)

If more than 47% of white army enlistees were feebleminded that would make the United States, as one critic observed, ‘a nation of morons.’
Adam Cohen, Imbeciles:

Maybe so, or at least seemingly quickly becoming so. The former formal progression was Idiot, Imbecile, Moron – through to an IQ of about 80 (and less) under the Stanford-Binet test. Above that threshold – 80 – one is considered leaning toward “average” and only slightly impaired. People of average intelligence ranged (and range) from 90 to 110. We often meet people of the Moron persuasion, functioning within society to varying extents and performing tasks (currently) critical to our economy. We thank them for their help, smile, and walk away mumbling, “Jesus, what a moron.” Now, empirically, you may better understand the subtext of your comment.

The problem we have, though, is that with increasing rapidity the jobs currently fulfilled by these people are going away: disappearing into the abyss of technological advancement. Combine that with out-of-control population growth and the future looks, at the very least, bleak...

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On Reading Marquez and Saroyan
by Joseph Warren, Editor

Earlier this month my copy of Saroyan’s The Gay and Melancholy Flux (on the recommendation of a writer-friend, Bruce Janigian, read, Persona Non Grata: End of the Great Game) arrived post from the United Kingdom. I was able to read through about the first two-thirds of it before becoming miserably mired in the profundity of Saroyan’s many commentaries on humanity then (circa 1930s), as now. I see it all around us everyday; I see the reflections of Saroyan’s words in our society as we lope along unforgiving and lost in the madness of what has become a parody of itself in a world stampeded by souls unable to inhale and yet always hoping for a continued life among the living.

“…you can’t be born again until you die, and you are afraid to die, you are afraid to live…to look and talk and speak and move…who are you anyway?” (From the story, The Drunkard.)

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