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Issue: 18 July 2024

A Demonstration of Solidarity
with Trump

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2024

Dateline, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Numerous convention attendees are embracing Donald Trump’s injury as their own to display their support for the former president, post-assassination attempt, by having their right ear bandaged as a sign of empathy. Several unexpected guests have made cameo appearances at the convention the last few days, the most surprising of which was the artist portrayed below, Vincent Van Gogh. As you can see he wishes to align himself with Mr. Trump in pursuit of re-election.

Not pictured, Chagall, Gaugin, Matisse and Picasso submitted brief artistic statements of endorsement, although Picasso’s rendering is a bit difficult to interpret having placed his ear on the top of his head.

Van Gogh at the Republican Nation Convention, (Under his coat he wears a MAGA t-shirt.)

“Oh, my God! Somebody tried to kill Trump!”
by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2024

All the purveyors of what passes for news are absolutely titillated speculating on how this could have happened in our country, obviously completely oblivious of the many assassinations of presidents-past, governors, senators and others since the beginnings of mankind. Having lived through both Kennedys, Wallace, King, Reagan, and so many others, I’m not as profoundly disturbed as they. But, it does give them something to talk about on their X, Facebook, Reddit, and Rumble pages. Had this not happened, God only knows what they would have focused on.

Donald Trump is fine. As a matter of fact, he’s better off right now than he has been for years. To believe Tyler Durden of Fight Club fame, his breakfast the next morning tasted better than any that preceded it. That’s the joy of surviving. And he’s about to be elected again as president!

As for Trump, with J. D. Vance as his running mate, he’s favored to win. And, even though Vance is
younger than my youngest child, it appears as though I’ll be voting for him. It would be a bit hypocritical to not, given that I’ve repeatedly urged the younger generation to step up to the plate. Well, there’s a new batter up who can actually stand, holding a bat without complaining about his sciatica or arthritic knees. So, Yalie or not, and knowing full well that there is a better than even-money chance Vance could be our next president within four years, and although he quotes from Pulp Fiction rather than Fight Club, he’s got my vote.

Special note for Trump-MAGA people: If you cross out “PE” and write in “VA” you can use your same yard signs and bumper stickers from the 2020 unsuccessful presidential re-election bid, thus saving millions of dollars in printing costs and a tree or two.

As to the
dipshit with the rifle who changed Trump’s life (I would argue for the better) he was just that: no great conspiracy; nothing vexing him politically; no hidden motivation. Just another nincompoop who went off-the-rails.

Let’s get this election done and move ahead, shall we?


The Purportedly Evil
Project 2025
(Or, as entitled by the Heritage Foundation:
Mandate for Leadership
The Conservative Promise 2025

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2024

Straight-away I’d like to say that I have not yet finished all 922 pages, combining this manifesto with my other typical reading, but I have gleaned a great deal from a review of each segment and a detailed reading and validation of the first 250 pages: 1) It is not as painful as Proust’s Remembrances…; 2) It is a scant 25% of the volume of Proust’s underwhelming epic; 3) And, of course, Donald Trump knows about the report. He must and it is a lie to deny it. And, to the point, there’s no reason why he ought to deny an affiliation with the plan: it’s a logical, analytical, truthful rendering of where America is today, and, more importantly, how to get us back on track.

How could he not know of it? Its authorship lies with the combined experiences and perspectives of the
Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank whose membership has been at the helm of the Republican Party for years. It also includes numerous members of former President Trump’s staff, executives, and his various minions who characterized the years of his administration.

It proposes to bring about change to a very decided degree, and perhaps one might even say,
Revolutionary changes but not in armed conflict, and it was irresponsible of Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation, to even imply that this was a potential outcome.

Have you ever said, What’s the difference? Republican or Democrat: They’re all the same…

I have. I’ve said that. I bet you have, too. It’s one of the reasons I’m an independent. Many others I know are of the same opinion. They too are independents sort of blowing in the direction of the least offensive candidate being offered by either party who at least suggests a promise of integrity, intelligence and change directed to re-stabilizing America.

Change is impossible to achieve in our government today as it currently functions: Every election it’s as though there is no Executive difference being offered to the American public. It’s the same bologna sandwich in a different wrapper. And the cause lies within the government itself: we all know that.

A bloated bureaucracy comprised to some extent of half-wits and others who would otherwise be deemed unemployable. This rather acerbic definition likely applies to a significant portion of the US Congress, as well. The Civil Servants, though, are another matter indeed owing to their likely longevity and fairly immutable employment. And, they - this consistently the same, languorous, unelected bulk of Civil Service - are
those responsible for the constancy of idiocy overwhelming our government and frustrating attempts to manifest actual change.

They are the proverbial Swamp to be drained, and until articulated in Project 2025, no one seemed to address this issue.

Throughout history the preferred method to eradicating those who were reluctant to carry forward the message of new leadership was through
Purge. It remains a handy and useful device for introducing sweeping governmental changes while promoting philosophical alignment. Many countries still practice this remedy to recalcitrance. We do not. Even Churchill suggested using this method instead of trial at Nuremberg, “Just shoot them.”

Project 2025, if enacted all or in part, will do much to change the mechanics by which leadership controls our country.
And I like it. The reasonable changes it will bring about will set the country on a course more familiar with its founding and return us to some semblance of order. It will not be favored by some, especially those who control the majority press. It will be vilified by those whose lives are anchored to pedaling influence and persuasion to those who may be jobless following subsequent elections. It will be disdained by the Left, because they will fail to see that their turn in the barrel may shift the influence to polar-opposite. It will stabilize our country internationally and lend predictability to our actions. It will do much to place us on an economic path of sound fiscal practices, rather than our present downward spiral to inevitable doom, because to there we are certainly headed.

And, yes, we will lose some of our currently warped egalitarian perspective, what is excruciatingly referred to as Woke culture (in complete disregard to the precepts of Gurdjieff).

Project 2025 will likewise place control of the country in the hands of the
person we elect to office every four years, and perhaps, will draw to the process men and women with the intelligence and acumen necessary to lead us into a more cordial future, because at the moment, I wouldn’t want the job and apparently few others do.

Who the hell would?

More on this issue later as I plod through this Himalayan document while continuing my other, far more salient reading.

Phoenix Police Department:
Chastised by the Department of Justice (DOJ) for Effectively Doing Their Jobs

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2024

At home: Every year hundreds of Arizonans - mostly women - fall victim to Domestic Violence. Most of this abuse occurs in the greater Phoenix area. Every year more than 100 Arizonans are killed as a result.

Annually, hundreds of these abuse victims are sent to the hospital to be treated and released after recovery: in some cases back to the same environment in which the injuries were sustained. Some never recover completely from the severity of their injuries. Some sustain additional harm. And for some, the cumulative effects of beatings, and worse, result in death.

In many cases, the person who stands between Death and Life is a Police Officer. Sometimes it’s too late:

Headline: A Mesa husband convicted of killing his wife after she said she wanted a divorce will spend decades behind bars…

On the streets: Every day in Phoenix, and around the country, our police officers are assaulted with firearms, fists, feet, vehicles, sticks, rocks, profanity, knives, and hate. Every day: 365 days of every year until they retire or quit. Some are terminated for cause owing to a complaint or action which the department, for which they work, deemed grievous enough to sever their employment.

Sometimes these claims of abuse by cops are contrived by those who hope to profit by them, and they very often do: It’s
Lawsuit Lottery and, evidently, pays well if the media can be certain to video the right number of minority members tearfully and somberly gathered together with the obligatory religious leader providing comfort during this “difficult time” while an array of her surviving children lend her support on the flanks. Interestingly, none of the deceased former victims are present at these woeful events.

This, unfortunately, will likely happen much more until we learn that the police, too, are humans and not devoid of frustration and anger: An anger that may result from a cynical and condescending public.

When I catch body-cam footage of a cop interacting with a thug I think, OK.
If I were the cop, when would I just shoot this guy and call it a day?

It seems as though I’d be reacting much earlier in the event than the actual officer.
Thus, I am not a cop. I have too little tolerance for aberrance and stupidity. Youtube is filled with clips of speeding drivers evading cops at very high speeds endangering countless civilians. When, and if they relent, the drivers appear startled when they are withdrawn brutally from the car. They see it as abuse: I see it as a direct result of the preceding events. Most normal people would and do.

Brutality: As I scan the news daily, I am taken aback by how frequently our cops are assailed by people who have lowered their thresholds for civilized behavior to Subhuman. I wonder, How can this be?

How is it that our society has devolved to such an extent that we have reached the point knowing that any time we walk the streets or visit a store or enter a restaurant we may have to defend ourselves from elements of society bent on taking something from us, from a few dollars to our lives, because that is what is happening in our country today:

Street War between every American who isn’t a deviant or criminal, pit for survival against those who are.

And, the numbers of criminals increases everyday as the effectiveness of the Police is constrained by the clamor of those who support the actions of the criminal through contrived excusability. Some of us even support the denigration of the Police profession by furthering
Defund rhetoric proffered by those whose heads are securely stowed elsewhere.

Look: no job today is likely lonelier than being a Personnel Recruiter for a police department. Very few of us want the job. Very few of us qualify any longer owing to disqualification for prior criminal activities, drug use, obesity, or just the realization that one can earn as much doing any number of other jobs that don’t require the level of commitment or danger of being a cop in America today.

Because I was discharged Honorably in 1972 my driver license carries the identifier, “Veteran,” and store clerks will sometimes say, “Thank you for your service” when I offer my I-D for whatever reason. They are always so sincere and it is with reluctant truth that I reply, “I did nothing for three years, but thank you for saying it.”

Nowadays, I think, we need to elevate our view of the world, and realize that those who are doing battle today on the
Home Front that is America, are our Police: all 700,000 of them.

So, thank you for your service!

And continue to do what you do without regard to (Merrick Garland) Biden’s DOJ. The vast majority of the public support you.

Unfortunately, New York Gets It Wrong More Often Than You Would Believe

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2024

From the New York Times:
None of this criticism will surprise Mr. Bragg, a career prosecutor who has shown himself to be comfortable with innovative applications of law.

Somehow I find “innovative applications of law” very disconcerting when it pertains to the future of our country. So much is at stake, and to rely on the
innovations of a prosecutor takes everything a step much farther down the ladder than the questions I had posed in an earlier article, the Nuremberg Trials (Spandau Prison) and the Politicization of Trump’s prosecution. (See below.)

In fact, it’s plain ol’ dangerous.

Sadly, many times the New York judicial system gets it
all wrong when it comes to prosecuting alleged criminals. Their legal specialists have lied. Various investigators and police have lied. And it is blatantly corrupt to some nebulous extent owing to the above mentioned innovative applications of the law in order to pursue prosecution. (Actually more closely akin to persecution when driven by personal feelings and hate: no different from the criminals they propose to punish.)

How can I make this charge?

Read ‘em and weep: The proof lies within the online files of the University of Michigan Law School’s National Registry of Exonerations (maintained jointly with the University of California, Irvine).

This vast trove of legal summary brings forward thou
sands of legal convictions subsequently overturned, sometimes after many years have passed, exonerating the previously convicted individual of his asserted prior legal transgression.

What types of crimes? Many times, the same in nature as those brought against Donald Trump.
For your use, here’s the link, sorted by state. But, allow me to offer a quick sketch of my review:

In cases where the accused had been condemned, after further review it was found that there had been
Official Misconduct, False Confession, Perjury or False Accusation, sufficient to overturn the conviction and exonerate the formerly accused.

In New York, since 1989 only, there were at least 350 cases overturned resulting in the exoneration of those previously condemned. It’s a part of reality that Black America can largely appreciate.

How many individuals involving un-reversed fallacious decisions owing to various factors continue to be imprisoned? Probably many, at least in New York.

There is one other motivating factor in the case of Mr. Trump: Alvin Bragg does not like Mr. Trump. When a prosecutor maintains a visceral dislike for someone, such as Mr. Bragg holds for Mr. Trump, notwithstanding however innocent he or she may be, no force internal to the prosecutor’s office can alter his or her direction, and prosecution is the likely outcome,
right or wrong. In an effort to pursue his or her cause, no means is apparently too duplicitous to warrant withholding its use, even to the point of suborning perjured testimony.

Understand this: In most of the nearly 4,000 cases held in the U-Michigan database, the reasons included
Official Misconduct along with Perjury or False Accusation.

So, what drives a (probably) otherwise law-abiding professional to violate a code of ethics – an oath of office of Public Trust - so embedded in our judicial processes to bear northing less than false witness in order to achieve one’s goals?

Ego and Greed: The need to destroy someone else to better advance their own lives to achieving a career goal, perhaps, or to fulfill a promise, or to…

Is Alvin Bragg guilty of this despicable act? I have no idea, but it is apparent from the U-Michigan database that the New York judicial system is more than casually familiar with the idea of constructing a convenient truth to fit their needs; with facilitating testimony by witnesses of impugned character; with doing whatever is necessary to bring a stylized and truncated system of justice to bear on those who do not properly acquiesce, all while presenting an image of a committed legal professional.

This time it was Donald Trump who was caught in the New York prosecutorial machine, but, the potential consequences to us all could be great to imagine at this juncture. And for what? So that Mr. Bragg may aspire to governorship? A presidential appointment? Will Mr. Trump, too, be exonerated as the hundreds - thousands - of others have been... years later... posthumously... along with the long-dead United States?

The Legacy of Spandau Prison:
Nazi Leadership, the Trials, and Donald Trump...
Of course it was political!
An older article worth a second read today following the May 30 trial outcome:

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2024

What then does Spandau mean? It means that high-profile national leaders, no matter how guilty they may be and regardless of the best efforts of their international judges and captors to try them appropriately, are political figures by their very nature.
Tales from Spandau, Norman J. W. Goda, PhD, Ohio University

An accurate and difficult to refute nexus: A leader who advances conflict, or in the case of our former president, so goes the perception by some. The only viable ideological separation to negate this political connection might be that between warlord and oppressed. But such is most often not the case.


One of the most significant remnant pieces of the World War II, tentatively ending in Europe in May 1945, were the
Nuremberg Trials and subsequent dispensation of judgment to those who represented the defeated of that conflict: To the victor belong the spoils. Other criminal proceedings and inquiries were conducted throughout Europe and elsewhere following the conclusion of the war, but Nuremberg alone stands as a symbol of reckoning to many of those who experienced the true hardships of events, in one form or another.

Goda’s very thoroughly presented book of the selected Nuremberg trials and subsequent Spandau executions or incarcerations is a freely-written account of those who stood trial on the heels of the war, and takes a clear approach to each who were incarcerated or executed in a difficult to manage Allied effort to bring just consequences to those who offended the modern-day precepts of armed conflict. (Which is to say, against those who weren’t
entirely gentlemanly in how they engaged in killing; “Killing” being the point of war, after all. I think Clausewitz made that very clear in his treatise, On War.)

(It is not unique in history to include genocide as an ancillary of conflict, and by most accounts, it’s typical. In fact, I see it as routine. Take the
Opium Wars with China between the drug-pushing Forbes family of the United States (US Navy) and various gentry of Britain (Royal Navy) in the 1840s. The conflicts that ensued were certainly genocidal in nature, yet rarely if ever termed so. Same goes for the many hundreds of thousands we killed in Iraq, by order of George W. Bush and perpetuated by Barack Obama, who were otherwise unarmed citizens; not to mention the millions of Vietnamese who fell under Johnson, many of whom were non-combatants.)

Of paramount interest to me, from a Spandau perspective, has always been the enigmatic Rudolph Hess, Hitler’s Deputy Führer who on thoughtful, yet confused reflection, flew his personal and modified Messerschmitt to northern England, ejecting after running out of fuel, and attempting to find his way to the Duke of Hamilton in order to bring a message of reconciliation to the King, George VI. Hess had it on good authority that the King would take those steps necessary to eliminate Churchill from his post, thus advancing peace between the two closely-related countries – close cousins, really – and advance a peaceful reconciliation: “We take Europe – you keep England.” Apparently few shared Hess’s delusion and he became, after a peripatetic trip through various facilities, Spandau’s longest reigning prisoner, for better or for worse.

At the heart of the many missteps and confusion in the administration of Spandau prison and in the Nuremberg Trials themselves (and there were many), was the overwhelming, visceral hatred held by the leadership of the Soviet Union toward the Germans – all Germans – led by one of the world’s most notorious murderers, Stalin, and subsequently fueled by Khrushchev, after a brief entente. Hess, it seems, was viewed as an agent intent on splitting the Allies, relieving England from the burden of conflict, and leaving only Germany’s Eastern Front as a field of contention. This would have not boded well for the USSR.

Thus enters Donald Trump

And somehow (in my mind) that brings us to Donald Trump who is currently being tried in a variety of courts of various jurisdictions by a variety of prosecutors (for an assortment of alleged criminal acts) all of whom assiduously
assure us that their actions are purely non-political and that they seek only to bring a criminal to justice, for whatever charges they, in their jurisdiction, may allege, predicated on whatever evidence they may place before the bar.

Not to demean the prosecutorial integrity of those involved, but I have to call,
bullshit. The best legal minds of the world, not that many decades ago, all understood that the essence of the Nuremberg proceedings was to assess a consequence for purely political acts – the actions necessary to achieve partisan ideals notwithstanding how, in some cases, abhorrent their nature. One cannot separate one from the other. In some instances, they were acts of war, and as Clausewitz said, although I may slightly misquote, The purpose of a war is to win it. He believed that war is nothing other than Politics on a different level. I agree.

To the people who embrace Donald Trump – then and now – this was (and is)
a war for the very essence of our country. It is a battle for the very soul of America based on concepts that have aged perhaps beyond their sell-by, but that they seek to preserve. I understand that: Change is very uncomfortable, particularly when seen as retrogressive. When combined with Replacement Theory, the consequences are likely to be great.

A thought regarding the Great Replacement Theory: Whether a Conspiracy or Theory or Fact, the result is irrefutably the same. Those freshly arrived non-citizens from Third-World countries are, through one means or another, casting ballots in our nation’s elections, legally or not, and are replacing the once-majority race of our country: Just a factual statement.

Consider the Nuremberg Trials: Had the Allies failed, the probable
London or Paris Trials of 1945, would have been seen equally as questionable by some, and fitting by others. Quite obviously, it’s the same for Trump. Had Biden of lost (I know, I know…) our nation today would likely be much less fraught with dissension and divisiveness, and we would face the upcoming 2024 election with far less trepidation and down-right fear.

Imprisoned, though, our former president would live on as a martyr for as many years to come as his life and legacy endures.

Political prisoners serve as a lasting reminder that the system is frail and subject to manipulation. It was for that reason that Churchill had strongly suggested that those facing prison as a result of the Nuremberg proceedings ought to instead be executed: “Shoot them all…” were his words. Their immediate conclusion expedites their passing from history.

But that wouldn’t be nice...
And, for the moment anyway, it’s not how we resolve legal issues in our country

Read the entire article here

The 100,000 Dollar Club!
Join Today!
(O, wait: You’re already a member, like it or not.)

by Joseph Warren, Editor

I was dozing: I apologize. Sometime in the last few months our
US National Debt rose to nearly $35 Trillion. That wasn’t the shocker: Last year I had promised myself to start selling t-shirts and coffee mugs emblazoned with the words, “I’m a Member of the Hundred Thousand Dollar Club!”

I was also going to sell onesies and various children’s clothing marked in the same way.

Want to join the “Hundred Thousand Dollar Club”? C’mon, you know you do…

The good news is that you are already a member, but don’t expect a t-shirt from Biden, Trump, or
any of our presidents for the last several decades.

Today, though, you, your spouse (if applicable), your Gay live-in woman companion (Hello, Gertrude Stein!), your children - all of them (each), your un-aborted zygote whether in Alabama or not, your mother… You get the idea:
Everybody with a breath left is in, like it or not.

Every one of us owes a share of our National Debt. And, that per-person debt share equates to $103,152.00 as I type this brief article today. Here’s the Debt Clock I often cite: When you click on it get ready for some fast-paced fun as you watch the Reels of Debt spin faster than Storny Daniels in a rattan sex chair hanging from the ceiling of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago office after just pocketing a few hundred grand. Forget Vegas: This is much more fun!

What’s of most interest to me, anyway, is that the longer
Inflation continues to chip away at our limited income (not being the beneficiary of various government-funded Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Defense, or other entity heavily subsidized by the US Government, the cost of which is embedded in our National Debt above) the less the National Debt costs our government. It does, however, continue to cost us More.

It’s part of the systemized theft fully sanctioned by our aristocracy.

The whole scheme is rather like an
other-world Oprah: “You get a hundred-thousand dollar debt; You get a hundred-thousand dollar debt…Everyone owes at least $100,000 in US Debt.”

Audience: “Yea! Oprah, thanks!” Cheering immediately followed by intense sobbing.

We cannot continue to give away billions - trillions - of dollars. Where did our sense of fiscal responsibility go?


Pfizer Vaccine: It’s nice (and sadly unfortunate for some of our fellow-citizens) to be right!
From the office of the Attorney General of Texas:
Attor­ney Gen­er­al Ken Pax­ton Sues Pfiz­er for Mis­rep­re­sent­ing COVID-19 Vac­cine Effi­ca­cy and Con­spir­ing to Cen­sor Pub­lic Discourse

by Joseph Warren, Editor

Were we ever censored: Twitter, YouTube, and a host of others!

For more than four years now we have said that the Pfizer vaccine was faulty, unnecessary, fraudulent, and potentially dangerous. Scroll down this issue to last year’s article regarding FDA manipulation of reported findings on efficacy. “The Great Covid Pandemic: Pfizer, BioNTech, Paycheck Protection Program, CARES Act And Hypochondria.” Unrelentingly, we pursued this issue but are not formidable enough beings to make any headway in dealing with the FDA. Thankfully, Mr. Paxton is. At least he has their attention.

Our original concern regarding the vaccine was two-fold: First, the trials were flawed and misrepresented. Both our publisher and I had
years of experience in Clinical Trials procedures and acceptable practices. The errors were glaring and we predicted in our earliest issue concerning the vaccine, that this sloppy, profit-driven work would return to haunt all parties involved. Pfizer, although they received a protective declaration from our government, may still be held liable. Through Mr. Paxton’s efforts, I hope they are.

The second reason, and one I believe will be some years in returning to its roost, is the use of 4-hydroxybutyl in the vaccine: a chemical used to manifest bladder cancer in laboratory rats so that the efficacy of treatments may be tested and evaluated. Note that Pfizer also
benefits from Cancer after having acquired Trillium Therapeutics Inc, the day after approval of their vaccine.

Below is the earlier article, and for a collection of our first articles on Covid and related data, including the great Wealth shift, read this link,
early Covid articles.

FDA Changes Pfizer Covid Vaccine Publication and Data

by Joseph Warren, Editor

Suspicious? Why would I be suspicious?

It had been a number of months since I made a detailed review of readership of, and several months have passed since I checked specifically on traffic to our articles regarding Covid vaccine efficacy, available in the tab above under the heading of “Vaccine.” I made a quick review and clicked on the links contained therein, particularly that for efficacy and mortality for those vaccinated, versus those who have not been vaccinated.

Imagine my surprise when I found that the FDA had changed out the report on efficacy and morbidity for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated.

As I mentioned in this article, published about the time of the big vaccine push, we downloaded and saved to our local drive the original report. In our article we said:

“Open the document and “turn” to page 18. There you will find Table 6: Vaccine Efficacy…
- In Table 6 you will see that of the 20,540 participants who received the COMIRNATY vaccine, 7 days after the second dose there was one confirmed case of Covid.
- Of the Placebo group –
people who received an injection of Saline21 of 20,629 developed Covid in the same timeframe.
- The delta (difference) is
20 additional Covid cases without the Pfizer vaccine out of more than 20,000 people. That is to say that, according to Pfizer’s own research, the incidence of Covid infection in an unvaccinated society is .0969% or less than one-tenth of one percent. Compare this level of incidence to the flu, detailed below.”

In the replacement document, this table no longer exists.

Given the FDA’s actions, we’ve uploaded our saved FDA document in whole. This is the document they took off the site. This is the document, they found, apparently, unsettling. This is very duplicitous. You may access it and now make the comparison, wherein you will find that empirically, the Pfizer vaccine is useless. It was useless. It will likely be useless. But, the very good news is, we have given Pfizer and our Health Care industry trillions of dollars which, at this very moment, we are trying to confront in Washington DC. (Rooster coming home to roost, et cetera.) This was on the very heels of Pfizer’s being held accountable for today’s Opioid Epidemic, in part, wherein they were required to compensate “America” for its use and deleterious effects thereof.


The “Mexican Button”
and Uncle Sam

by Joseph Warren, Editor

It all started about three years ago while Uncle Sam was at his little vacation home in Bisbee, Arizona. It’s a small, adobe-style home built in the late 1890s of traditional materials situated perfectly in the Old Town section of Bisbee near restaurants, shops, and old cowboy saloons and (former) whorehouses (not housing former whores today, but previously housing actively involved whores), that served the multitude of miners who frequented the once-remote mountain community just a few miles up from Mexico. He has off-street parking and no stairs to climb: both premiums in the vastly over-priced hamlet.

Although modernized, Uncle Sam has kept his old adobe true to original appearance with subtle touches of technology that do not intrude on the home’s historic appearance. Nice. It’s also on the Historic Registry so there are some aspects of the house he cannot change, principally concerning the front elevation: windows, doors, and the like, so that from outside when viewed from the street, the home must appear much as it had for more than one-hundred years past. And, in fact, it looks very much as it did in vintage black-and-white photographs taken by Mr. Fly when he wasn’t preoccupied by events in Tombstone...

Read the entire article here in .pdf

Who Will Win? Trump or Biden?
Well, I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Voting for...

by Joseph Warren, Editor

From the Desk of the Editor:
The last four years haven’t been nearly as enjoyable as the prior four, and all I have to show for it is a lot more Mexicans.

Some short time ago, before taking a trip to to the circus with our two frozen embryos, Myron and Eugenie (in keeping with Alabama law), I was reviewing the statistical data on our site - the one you’re looking at right now. I belatedly noticed that an incredible number of our visitors every month enter via a file called, “Old Index” which is accessed through, So, I went to the page and reviewed the very aged contents.

It’s all about Trump, post-election 2016, and long before today’s iteration of Tammany Hall Democrats descended on Trump to beat him senseless (and out of existence as punishment for his perceived transgressions against the Left Wing, Democratic Party’s Best Practices and Acceptable Language operations manual). His betrayal drew their wrath and he is now suffering the consequences of his peccadillos.

Some of our comments regarding those
Knee-Slapping, Belly-Laughing, Hilarious Years early in his administration, and really, throughout his term, are worth reliving because they truly were exceptional and heady times for Americans as we wrestled with our quickly changing path of government. It was a fun time, no doubt. Who’ll ever forget the remonstrance offered by Jerrod D. Tatum, PhD (‘12, Trump University) defending our new Commander-in-Chief? Or, our intended regular feature, Who Said It? Donald Trump or Josef Goebbels? which fell appropriately by the wayside.

So, owing to my lack of enthusiasm or creativity at the present moment attributable to an aching tooth, we invite you to relive those
Magic Moments as you recall Trump’s assemblage of characterful personalities and events like Betsy DeVos, Kellyanne Conway, James Comey, TrumpCare, Paul Ryan, Cayla the Chinese Spy Doll, when we first learned that Torture really does work, and a host of lesser and greater people and events. With the benefit of hindsight, it was all so entertaining, although at the time I recall that I found myself deeply concerned about the state of our country. How foolish of me for I now see after four years of Joe Biden how much fun we were actually having during the Trump administration! And, after all, isn’t that point of life? (And Democracy?)

The good news today? I’m more worried about the state of our country, but I think we should go down laughing: As Sartre said, there’s
No Exit, so why not?

Here’s a teaser of what you’ll find at the
Old Index link:

Betsy DeVos… probably went on to say that Slave Ships similarly were the early pioneers of true choice in international cruises, permitting intercontinental excursions by their passengers at an affordable rate. Here’s an early image from Betsy DeVos’ presentation to the Association of Travel Agents touting Slave Ship Tourism:

Slave ship

“Our passengers retire to the opulence of their cabins after enjoying a spirited game of shuffleboard. Dinner at 6! Formal loincloth required!” Captain Phillips of the Hannibal says, “Join us on your next voyage. You’ll be treated like (a Negro’s) family!”

Washington DC Lies and Half-Truths:
No. 1: Mexico Overtakes China in Imports to the United States
No. 2: Violent Crime is Down

by Joseph Warren, Editor

From the Associated Press:
For the first time in more than two decades, Mexico last year surpassed China as the leading source of goods imported by the United States. The shift reflects the growing tensions between Washington and Beijing as well as U.S. efforts to import from countries that are friendlier and closer to home.

“(Democracy is based) not so much on any rational theory as upon the organized hatred of the lower orders.”
- Henry Mencken

The US Department of Commerce has released data supporting this truncation showing simultaneously the value of China’s exports to the US dropping to $427 billion while Mexico’s exports to the US increased to $475 billion, annually. Maybe I’ve just been spending far too much time lately in the intimate company of HL Mencken, but this disclosure has a fragrancy to it that seems more appropriately emanating from a Los Angeles Skid Row alleyway than from our Department of Commerce. It’s a spurious summary of the actual truth.

Clearly, Mexico is not producing the products we buy in lieu of those produced previously in China. China has not furloughed 600 million workers leaving them to languish in the equivalent of 1930s American breadlines awaiting the beneficent doling out of a cup of Wonton soup. And, while Mexico may be geographically a lot closer, their relationship with China and Russia in the last several years ought to be considered by many US citizens as suspicious and, perhaps, not as friendly as the Biden administration portrays it to be, notwithstanding the occasional
Bidentoben when the subject of China surfaces...

Read the entire article here


Writing for Americans

by Joseph Warren, Editor

Right now 54% of US adults read below the sixth-grade level.

Given this fact, here is an article easily read by more than 80% of our population regarding our current US economic practices:

People are using money that they don’t have to buy a bunch of stuff they don’t need. People think it’s OK to do this,
but it isn’t. Our leaders think it’s OK to do this too. Nobody gets it. Money has to be given back, If you don’t give it back, bad things can happen. They will take away your car. They will take away your Smart Phone. They will make fun of you when they show up at your place. They will sue you and your name will mean shit and the cops will take stuff away from you. People who know you will post stuff on their FB page about what a douche you are. If you are America, all this stuff won’t happen no matter how much you borrow and don’t give back. Nobody calls America a douche (save for the balance of global governments). Think about it. Don’t be America. Don’t be a douche: Be Smart!


January 31, 2024, ABC News: “China's hackers are preparing to 'wreak havoc' and 'cause real world harm' to Americans: FBI director”

by Joseph Warren, Editor
Several months past we ran the below article imagining what small-town America might look like in the aftermath of a Chinese invasion, based on Steinbeck’s epic,
The Moon is Down. Perhaps it will make more sense to you now if you at least scanned today’s news... (unless you have no idea who Steinbeck was, in which case you shouldn’t be here: Go to TikTok instead.)

In the town the people moved sullenly through the streets. Some of the light of astonishment was gone from their eyes, but still a light of anger had not taken its place.
- Steinbeck, The Moon is Down

The following notice appeared stapled to power poles up and down the street this morning:

People’s Republic of China
Attention: How to behave when occupying force becomes visible to you and dear family.
Some things must do to prevent serious hurt to you:
When officer knock door, open immediately and do not delay.
Do not open door and have gun on person.
All family persons must be seen at door portal when open door.
Speak after bowing head to officer.
Always hands seen.
No person must secrete his body from visible to all who greet you.
Be respecting of the official present.
Immediate on open tell official if you have guns of all types.
Quick to show him where guns in house.
Do not impede officer coming into house.
Do not touch officer.
Answer all question without falsehood.
Allow officer to explore house with not bothering.
When officer tells you to come with him do so with not words.
When officer leaves house will give paper explain checked complete ok.
Keep paper for next visit by officer safe.

I could see the yellow paper it had been printed on fluttering in succession along the roadway. They were affixed to Old Town Kingman store windows with tape. I dared to drive to the newer parts of town to investigate, for a very brief time. I’ll admit to being frightened: The grocery, hardware, clothing, and all other stores were closed exhibiting the same testament to a changed world. Government offices were all closed, including Kingman Police.

Both local newspapers stacked up on street corners carried it
front page devoid of any other news: blank white newsprint followed behind in the print editions, like withered leaves on a long-dead oak. I drove quickly back.

Our office lights flickered throughout the day as power resumed then collapsed, leaving the
Uninterruptible Power Supply tired and not able to withstand the neglect. During one brief nine-minute period while the power lines were energized I scrambled to access any news source available to learn what I may, and I was greeted by the same notice, only electronically generated posted to the face of my computer screen, There was no other access. The cell phone was useless.

A few blocks from our office as I sat pondering this
imponderable, just off Route 66, I heard the staccato of machine pistol fire. A block behind I heard a shout - the voice of a woman, a car door slammed, the roar of an engine moving quickly away down Pine Street.

Heavy tires now approaching the office: some kind of very large vehicle. I can feel the rumbling in the asphalt echoing through the foundation. It stops. Then, many voices shouting making sounds I didn’t recognize in a language I did not understand. As I write this there is a banging at my door, I...


Mein Kampf:
As updated by Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel’s “Super-Secret Guide” to Extermination of the Palestinian (Semitic) People
by Joseph Warren, Editor

You won’t grow horns and develop a bifurcated tail if you read Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Instead, you’re likely to clearly see that Israel’s Netanyahu is following Hitler’s path for the systematic destruction of Europe’s Jews, as applied today to the Palestinian (Canaanite) people. One bad turn deserves another, I suppose.

Ironic? I don’t think so. I think Netanyahu is well read, and in Hitler’s epic work he found a tried-and-true strategy to change his region of the world for what he calculates, the better – an End that justifies the Means to the same extent as his “Uncle Adolf” did 80 years past. (One man’s vermin is another man’s repast.)

The Learned Elders of Zion

Mein Kampf is not exactly an obscure treatise on Hitler’s eradication of the Jews. It isn’t a vague work like, The Jewish Peril, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It isn’t even in Sanskrit. Mein Kampf is an easy-to-read treatise on one sociopath’s view of Germany at a most uncomfortable time in the world – in the wake of the very punitive, and thus untenable, Treaty of Versailles...

Read the entire article here

Fascism, Ghosting & Trump

Simply put,
Fascism includes denying a qualified candidate placement on a ballot. Do the combined forces of politics at work here not understand this?
A functioning democracy does not include the moronic Social Media practice of

You must read and think to make our country work.
Leave Donald Trump on the ballot if he is otherwise qualified, which he presently is having
not been convicted of any disqualifying crime.

We are not pro-Trump; We are pro-Thinking. We must all try it sometime.
In fact, let’s make that our mantra in the coming year. “Read and think....”

Mein Kampf: One cannot know the devil if one hasn’t read his autobiography. Besides, it’s an interesting look into Germany during the Weimar epoch that any student of history ought to explore and understand.

Biden’s Likely Plan: Start-A-War.
A Tradition in American Presidential Elections

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2023

At present, Biden trails Donald Trump by at least four percentage points, to as many as 12 or more, depending on the poll. As we’ve mentioned before, Polls are designed to manipulate public opinion, based on the ideology of the organization conducting the poll. There is no objectivity in practice since objectivity is illusory: there are only varying degrees of subjectivity today in our easily manipulated world of Social and Traditional Media as they fall prey to the drive toward sensationalism and the existential threat of falling revenues. Anyone who professes to be Objective doesn’t understand the nature of the human mind and reasoning. Neither do they understand the physical world in which they live.

54% of US adults read below the sixth-grade level

Having been born during Truman’s tenure I have had the benefit of living through history for the last three-quarters of a century. So, had I of remained blissfully illiterate, as more than 54% of US adults in the United States are today, and had I read nothing of history, I still would have learned that the best way to hold on to the “Presidency” was through initiating a war.

Carter tried it, but to no avail: He wasn’t driven sufficiently to commit acts of widespread murder. George H. W. Bush gave it a shot, but we didn’t buy-in to his rhetoric, and elected Bill Clinton in his stead, for some un-godly reason. And then there was Vietnam: that was Johnson’s successful pitch to retain office, and it worked well for him, but not for our 58,000 or so dead, and for the two million Vietnamese we killed.

To me, though, the reigning
king of duplicity will always be George W. Bush, through whose various contrivances assured himself political victory at the cost of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, bringing the Middle East to a state of collapse for which we are paying dearly, still, to this day. (No matter: GWB is an artiste now…)

The world population now numbers far in excess of 8 billion. When I was born the world population was about 75% less, and most ignorance, hate, rumor, and stupidity did not travel at 300,000km/s. It took a lot longer to hear what the idiot down the street thought.

Before us today is a veritable cornucopia of cataclysm from which Biden may chose: There’s the Israel-Gaza War being waged unfailingly by Israel’s dictator, Netanyahu; the Yemeni intercession in the Middle East; Russian dictator Putin’s incessant war against Ukraine; Burkina Faso; Ethiopia; Syria; Sudan; the Boko Haram crazies; the disintegration of Haiti; and China’s seduction of various countries falling under their
Belt and Road initiative, not to mention Taiwan, because who would. O, and our border with Mexico… I can easily see that escalating into an international conflict given Russia’s involvement in arming and training the Mexican military.

So who will be Joe Biden’s lucky winner? Tough to say, but it’s my guess that Biden will opt for ingratiating himself with our Jewish population since they are double the number of US Muslims (7.5 million vs. 3.5 million), making Israel the likely recipient of further munitions, arms, and “field advisors” necessary to wage a wholly destructive war with various factions in the Middle East, including those residing in Gaza. (That’s worked out so well in the past, but don’t wake Biden up to tell him so: he needs his rest.) In the meantime, our border will continue to be overrun; illegal aliens will multiply (in all senses of the word), and we will be brought further to the brink of bankruptcy.

Why? To a large extent because 54% or more of our adult population is illiterate, and thus unread, unschooled, and unthinking.

Maybe a dictatorship isn’t a bad idea.

It all depends on the dictator, after all. History is rife with those who led their countries out of chaos into a new dawn when the majority of their citizenry proved too ignorant to make informed, intelligent decisions. Given that we are at an impending level of moral and financial collapse, and there seems to be no means of extricating ourselves from the inertia that binds us to this course, it’s either a dictatorship or complete destruction: It’s your call. I’ll likely be out of here before it happens, so best of luck.

No wonder US Suicides reached 50,000 this past year

I Do Not Appear in Anything Henry Miller Wrote…
But, “Little” Bruce and Jacqueline Springer do, and not in a “Dirty” book.

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2023

Regarding Bruce’s sister, Jacqueline, carried along by Miller as the three returned from a visit to the Albuquerque Zoo..
Her little arms! The feel of them melted my heart completely. Of course, she wasn’t as tired as she pretended to be.
Henry Miller, The Air-Conditioned Nightmare

I think it was Ford Madox Ford who initially got Miller on the road to success when he passed off a manuscript of Tropic of Cancer to his publisher in Paris and said, “This is a dirty book. You should publish it.” He did, and thus was born a genre of literature that would include Bill Burroughs and other creators of literary smut of every imaginable variation that would eventually encompass a fairly substantial collection that I consider still worth reading; the practice of sex remaining unchanged the past one-hundred years or so (maybe more?). In an old film interview I recall Henry Miller saying, “We f**ked just as much back then. We just didn’t talk about it.” (Of course, the genre extends back thousands of years: We’ve always been fascinated by the subject given there’s so little else to do in this mortal form that generates as immediate a sense of gratification.)

But who was Bruce Springer? Other than being the reason for this article, here’s an excerpt from his obituary appearing on

Bruce Michael Springer died peacefully at home on September 20, 2022, surrounded by his family. He was born in Albuquerque New Mexico on October 6, 1935, to Lowell and Lona Springer...

Read the entire article here

Two Years Ago I Suggested a Fifty-Cent Bullet to Remove Putin

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2023

Instead, today, we’re subventing the slow, painful execution of the Ukraine and Russian population to further the wealth of our Merchants of Death, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Just as we did (or are currently doing) in Vietnam and Afghanistan and Iraq and Israel and... Do you not see the insanity and vulgarity of our actions? How could you not?

While I applaud every effort to reduce global population and reintroduce some manner of homeostasis to our environment, my suggested approach would have eliminated the first problem: Putin’s war of aggression fueled by his long-standing psychosis. Then, ideally, we look at controlling and reducing our run-away global population by more scientific means other than through the invention of conflict and its associated misery and trauma, fueling violence in America as we continue to teach our younger generations how conflict is resolved: by violence, all to benefit the vast web of those who make the world’s killing machines.

As Dwight Yoakam’s character said in the movie
Slingblade, “Exactly how retarded are you?” (Directed to anyone who supports our actions regarding the myriad countries where we wage or support war and despotic control.)

How to Fight the Fentanyl Epidemic
Stop Using Narcan:
Problem Solved.

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2023

A Modest and Painful Proposal.

Every reference I’ve read speaks to the repeated use of Narcan (or one of many alternatives) as a means of curtailing the effects of Opioid overdose, Fentanyl and otherwise, many times on the same Abuser, Junkie, Addict, or as we are led to believe, “Poor Weak Souls.”

I understand its use keeps many people happy and employed, including, particularly, Emergent BioSolutions (Narcan’s maker) and competitor products made by Teva Pharma, and others, as well as various government entities who can thus speak to the number of lives saved and justify their existence. And Drug rehabilitation and treatment facilities that very much want to
treat-release-treat-release…the same users to perpetuate their client and funding base. And Homelessness housing solutions (very often related to active Drug use and Alcoholics) so that they may continue their efforts to house many of those who seemingly do not want to be housed.

Everyone benefitting is enthusiastically embracing Narcan’s use...

Read the entire article here

Google: Cute Name; Evil Company
by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2023

Indiscriminate advertising; relentless pursuit of your data; omnipresent manipulator of opinion.

This website does not allow Google to track you. We will never allow Google to track you, because, frankly, they learn everything there is to learn about you from the various sites you visit who use Google to track you.

Does this look familiar?


I grabbed this from, but it could have been from nearly any site you visit today, even those with which you have a registered account, like
eBay. Google still wants your data.

It’s Google Analytics (GA) at work, and although it looks relatively benign, it’s not. Many sites - from the very big to the very small - use GA to understand their customers. It’s a free tool, and thus at “no cost to the site owner” Google bundles up a neat little package that’s dropped on the website and watches everything that happens...everything.

In exchange, GA uses your data to understand how to sell you things, opinions and ideals:

How to lead your life; what to think and when to think it. Where you ought to vacation. What and where you should eat when you get there. How long and where you ought to stay. When is the best time to go to sleep, to have sex; what to watch via television or stream on your Smart Phone or Tablet (all the
can’t miss television productions that indoctrinate you further into the world of pointless Consumerism or aberrant sexual practices). Where you absolutely must shop when you get to wherever you’re going and what you ought to buy. How often you should have a bowel movement. What to do if it burns when you urinate. What that uncomfortable sensation is in your stomach (hint: existential angst). How to get rid of toe fungus. Why you should fear a political figure or endorse a social movement. How to eliminate stomach fat. Why Lizzo is such a great vocalist and ironically how sleek it is to have the figure of an elephant. Why Gay people should be proud. Why Conservatives are bigoted fanatics. How you can benefit from a vegetable-rich diet. Why our police are killing “innocent” (circle one:) Black/White/Poor/Homeless/Retarded people. How to help those poor souls addicted to fentanyl. Why selective breeding (Eugenics) is bad. Why it’s good to let anyone, no matter how deficient, propagate (hint: more people, more consumers). Why Homelessness is your fault and why they deserve to be housed through government taxpayer funding.

I know most of you don’t mind giving up your privacy, but you should understand how Machiavellian this is.
Google owns all the data extracted from everything you do on your phone, computer, tablet - regardless of the maker. If you have a Nest thermostat with an integrated security camera, which you probably do whether you know it or not, Google knows not only at what temperature you keep your house, but when you sleep, what you wear (if anything at all), what you say, what you do, when you leave, when you return.

If you have a
Ring doorbell security system, or other Ring or other maker products, Google learns about all of your comings and goings. They know with whom you associate. What late-night sojourns you make. When you return and if you’re carrying packages. They know the route you took to get to wherever you went, from your GPS or through one of the many applications residing in our car’s operating system: an unavoidable situation in today’s tech-packed cars.

Your Smart TV or
YouTube or any number of other avenues for streaming entertainment, including the less savory, are all owned or linked to Google, through GA or outright, such as YouTube. Every image you upload to any GA platform finds its way to the databank, no matter what you were doing when you took the image.

Slaughterhouse Five, Vonnegut tells the story of a (delusional) man, Billy Pilgrim, who is frequently transported to the planet Tralfamadore where he resides in a clear-domed house eventually in the company of the pulchritudinous Montana Wildhack. All of their behaviors are monitored, including all Maslovian basic functions, and chronicled for the intellectual pleasure of the their hosts, the Tralfamadorians. Slaughterhouse Five was and remains a favorite light read owing to its portrayal of the mindlessness of war, and for Pilgrim’s delusional state. Many decades ago I thought, What an interesting position to find one’s self.

And, yet, today,
here we are. You, me, all of us captured by the Tralfamadorians and transported to another planet where, locked in a dome, we are observed every minute of every day and tracked. The Tralfamadorians at least had the decency to curtail viewing when it became apparent that Billy and Montana required solitude. Google doesn’t: They observe endlessly and without respite. You allow them to do so. But you can mitigate their intrusions.

Search using an anonymous engine, and/or clear your computer’s data throughout the day. When possible, open a site through a private window on your browser. Open only those sites you would open as if your mother was standing behind you. Don’t sign-in using Google. Recognize that Amazon, Facebook, Twitter (X), and all the others are after your wallet and your data not to your benefit.

Ask yourself, Why would they want to know that much about me? If you can’t answer that question, then, perhaps, you deserve to be one of the many

The Plug-In EV Charging Station:
Killing Fields of Tomorrow?
WaterWorld of Today?
Dawn of a New War?

(You get the idea...)

What a piece of work is man...
- Shakespeare (Shakspere),

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2022

The behavioral problems of our society are not negated by the introduction of alternative fuel vehicles, notwithstanding how Peace-Loving they may appear. (You can almost see the little Peace signs and sticky flower decals pasted on the sides, along with a
Deadhead sticker in the back window, à la 1968 can’t you?)

No amount of Peace and Love though can negate the fact that people have always behaved badly when driving; when parking; when fueling; when doing anything remotely related to cars – fossil fuel or electric or a hybrid combination. As the necessary popularity of EVs and commensurate charging grows to complete one’s tasks, we can safely expect violence to ensue. It’s already happening.

Freud famously said,
All humans are assholes when not being video-taped, but he was wrong (see below), and what will happen tomorrow when the competition for EV Charging really heats up as some percentage of the more than five or ten-million EVs then to be on the road compete for charging at an estimated 300,000 individual charging stations, sometimes obstructed or occupied by conventional car owners who simply want to make the EV owner pay an added emotional tariff for owning a Tesla (or other perceived expensive or exotic electric car)?

Every Tesla owner knows what happens when they drive their Tesla, occasionally confronted by irritated non-EV people who see the Tesla owner as a threatening example of arrogance and affluence. To many they’re like a vehicular Mark Zuckerberg: There’s something about him that just makes you want to punch him really hard in that stupid little face, for no really good reason other than that he is an existential annoyance. In a real world, he (and EVs) are something that should not be, in the ontological sense of the word. They are in opposition to the nature of the universe. Nietzsche wouldn’t be caught dead in a Tesla or with a Facebook account in the MetaVerse, or whatever these dweebs are calling it.

“Charging at home overnight makes charging while underway for daily, mostly local tasks unnecessary!” you say?

According to
AAA Public Relations Manager Andrew Gross, the organization responded to precisely 194,317 out-of-gas calls from January to April 2022. This does not include other roadside help resources: other insurance companies, a friend easily imposed upon, or your Mother.

Your Mother: Happy that you made it home safely, “Baruch HaShem!”

As to an EV, your Mother cannot deliver a bottle of electrons, and neither can AAA although they do have limited mobile charging services, which means EVs will require a
much higher level of discipline than currently apparent in our society. That said, emergency roadside charging is being expanded in preparation to take on the many who live like Cosmo Kramer thrilling to the challenge of squeezing out the last mile from their local dealership demo car:

Companies like
SETEC Power, currently operating in China, are starting up to provide roadside recovery charging, including the venerable and reliable AAA, and developing business models for economically feasible where-you-end-up assistance, and when you get a gander at the rig required to deliver roadside charging, you’ll sense correctly that a pizza will not be sufficient payment.

194,317 out-of-gas calls from January to April 2022

In just four months time, that is how many people ignored their gas gauges (or the equivalent of the Charge Level gauge in an EV) and called AAA for assistance:
just AAA. Consider that unlike EV Charging, Gas Stations are everywhere. They are as ubiquitous as hookers on Market Street in San Francisco, or so I’ve been told regarding the hookers. It’s hard to miss a Gas Station and they far, far outweigh EV stations of comparable purpose. So do the hookers, for that matter, but neither Sonni nor Tempest can blow up your battery, although if you need a ride, they’re available.

Then, combine the time it takes to recharge an EV to an acceptable extent – enough to get you another 50, 100 or more miles down the road, compared to that of a fossil fuel conventional automobile, and the real problem becomes clear.

EV charging time varies from about 15 minutes, at the very least at a
superfast Tesla charger, to as much as several hours at home. (Filling up with gasoline is about a five minute process except for the most addled fidgeting with their supermarket discount cards or trying to decide if they need a car wash.) Some non-Tesla fast chargers can do the job in an hour or more, but that is a very long time to sit at a charging station while the line behind your EV continues to grow, particularly if you – the driver – don’t appear busy tending to the charging process even though the least sentient person ought to know that there is nothing you can do to speed the process along, short of shouting encouraging words to the little electrons as they move down the wire and into your battery. “C’mon little guys… You can do it!”

What will happen tomorrow when the competition for EV Charging really heats up?
This is what will happen:

It’s our version of today’s human condition. It’s deplorable. It’s insipid. It’s hateful and violent, and
it is who we are, generally. Already the numbers on the tote board are spinning as more and more of us find our way into EVs during this last spate of exotically-priced petrol continues into the foreseeable future.

When 50% of us drive EVs will gun violence increase proportionately? Or will the lessened consumption of hydrocarbon fuels yield greater placidity veiling us with a diaphanous cloak of true peace and love? My money’s on the former. And, lastly, if you drive an EV, this may be your future:

The race to build more and better charging stations is on as recognition of the immediate and future needs of EV owners becomes more apparent. And in their recklessness, municipalities and up are hell-bent, in some cases, on mandating charging predicated on square footage of the facility or as a percentage of parking overall, placing the cost of developing charging stations on the Small Business person whose goal is to realize an American dream: preferably one that is fueled by petrol, and not at $5,000 or more out of her pocket per charging station. The math doesn’t work...

Note: Neither Warren nor Hill drive an EV. At 3,000 miles per year, it doesn’t pencil out, and you can only have my Jaguar XK8 after you pry my cold, dead fingers from the steering wheel.

Drug Use, Homelessness, Crime, Vast Overpopulation, and Societal Collapse

Look on the bright side: Biden’s staffing up by 300,000 troops for a war in Europe. Maybe Putin-Xi will blow us off the face of the earth! Problem Solved.

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2023

When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water...”
- Vice President Kamala Harris

In today’s radically strange world, our Vice President was condemned for this supposed slip-up. Not oddly, I consider it to be one of the most truthful statements uttered by a politician over the last several decades. It may have been a deviation from her script, but from such “unintentional” words the truth lurks within. You may call it a Freudian slip or a parapraxis, but she is a schooled orator, Howard University graduate, and a graduate of Hastings Law: neither of which equate to Trump University, by the way, and require rigorous focus and academic excellence.

Take a moment and recall the
outside world during Covid lock-down: Clean Air...

Read the entire article here

Thinking About Replacing Your Current Car with Another Used Car?
Some thoughts on Greed and Debt

by Joseph Warren, Editor

Those sons-of-bitches over there ain’t buying. Every (car dealership) gets em. They’re lookers...take up your time. Over there...Get ‘em in a car. Start ‘em at two hundred and work down. Get ‘em out in a jalopy. Sock it to ‘em! They took our time.
Steinbeck, Grapes of Wrath, Oklahoma Car Lot, 1930s

It wasn’t too bad until the Great Pandemic struck and Greed really took over: It’s pervasive. Today, Private Seller asking prices are half-again or more over what they ought to be, given normal value enhancement. Now, values are based on Scientific-Seller-Price-based-Research that looks something like this:

The potential seller has a “Completely Restored” 1978
Todesfahrt SS he would like to sell. (Todesfahrts were German vehicles produced prior to 1978. Google it.) “Restored” means that he painted over the body rust after adhering a few pounds of Bondo, and steam–cleaned the engine, spraying the block, the pipes, the inner-fenders – everything really, with a shaker can (or four) of paint, because taping off what you do not want to paint is just too tedious. Besides he was busy on YouTube at the time trying to find out if he should wear his ball cap completely backwards or off to one side, what t-shirt to accessorize with, and how to say, “Waazzz up YouTubers!” with the proper ignorant inflection...

Read the entire article here in a new page.

The Great Covid Pandemic:
Pfizer, BioNTech, Paycheck Protection Program, CARES Act
And Hypochondria

by Joseph Warren, Editor

“Data, data, data. I cannot make bricks without clay.”
- Sherlock Holmes

I’ll begin this article by saying that I strive to examine every bit of data (within the scope of what is available) to completely understand why people do the things they collectively do. It’s a reflection of my education and interests. And, like President Trump on camera when we were being briefed on the impending Covid apocalypse we faced as a nation, I think I wore the same look of confusion as he, finding myself completely and rationally disconnected from the hysteria of the moment as the words of the many “experts” marched before us and the mania took root and grew.

Those who denied the severity of the disease were cast by the Popular Media as fools or
right-wing anti-vax crazies who, for some dark and unknown nihilistic reason privy only to the condemning, wished to see humanity suffer for its foibles: a Divine retribution. It was as powerful a response to the opposition as it was in March 2003 against those of us who opposed the invasion of Iraq, and about this I know much, personally and deeply, and to today still carry an abiding hatred for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest of the co-conspirators...

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Mass Shootings:
Achieving Population Reduction, or a Terrible Waste of Good Ammunition?

by Joseph Warren, Editor

It’s certainly a very painful way to go about it, but let’s take a moment and recall what Jesus said, “Wherever four or more of you gather in my name, there is a likelihood of a mass shooting.”

The Guardian reported recently that the US is currently on-track to set a new record for mass killings estimating a number of events equalling sixty for the year 2023. That’s plainly not good enough. With a worldwide population of more than eight billion quickly dissipating natural resources, continuing food shortages, ignorance and illiteracy on the rise to levels not-seen in our country for many decades, failed educational systems, a pandemic of
debilitating social media, pervasive greed, malignant hate, and cancerous ennui regarding our shared state of being, we need to focus on reducing the number of people sharing our crowded little dirt-ball Earth.

Piecemeal, onesie-twosie assassinations won’t achieve the needed reduction...

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Uncle Sam 2
Our Uncle Sam Buys a House

by Joseph Warren, Editor

Uncle Sam is at his desk in the dark, cavernous reaches of his office in Washington, District of Columbia, his face aflood in light from his iMac’s 27-inch computer screen driven by the simultaneously-opened windows of
Zillow, Trulia (one-in-the-same, but he is unaware), Coldwell, and Craigslist, too, for safe measure and not to miss the likelihood of an FSBO opportunity, while stirring a large red-white-blue mug of coffee perched precariously next to his keyboard tipped awkwardly by a pencil caught between cup bottom and desktop: he is oblivious though to this pending consumer disaster, shocked as he is by the continued drive to higher prices in areas of his country which should have by now, owing to the untiring efforts of the Fed to drive down inflation, and other phenomena, dropped far more than they have.

Although Uncle Sam is vastly in debt, as we know from the uncomfortable credit interview during his last car purchase (
see below,, and notwithstanding mortgage rates that have exceeded the wildest expectations of the average consumer of today, hovering around 7-1/2 percent, and although his savings passbook rate remains at far less than 1 percent, he, because he is Uncle Sam, after all, remains optimistic about America’s future.

And, since being unceremoniously thrown out of his basement digs with Kamala Harris at her Naval Observatory residence, he’s been sleeping in the back seat of the car he bought on time in Kingman, Arizona, being rousted every night by Capitol Police for vagrancy and misdemeanors. (Being ejected from Harris’ home was not all bad since he was tiring from the constant blast of James Brown and Drifters’ music droning through the ancient floorboards until three in the morning and waking to find the lawn riddled with broken, empty Thunderbird wine bottles and the front windows shot-out.)

“I got to get the Hell out of here!” he thinks as...

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The Greatest Pandemic of All Is Here!

Washington DC is Apoplectic by Startling Revelation!

CDC Discloses: Every Day Thousands of People Around the World Die of This Disease!

President Biden Proposes Another Trillion-Dollar Payout for Vaccine to (Again) Pfizer!

Hospitals Plead for Trillions of Dollars in Assistance: “Our emergency rooms are full! We’re overwhelmed! I’m so tired I can barely stuff this cupcake in my face!”

by Joseph Warren, Editor
Who Was Patient Zero:
Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth Succumbs to Death by Something Termed, Old Age!

“I’ve never seen so many old people who are dying like this here!” said Rebecca Phatarse, a Healthcare professional in Macon Georgia. “They’re dropping like pants at a bachelor party, which I used to work
before becoming a licensed clinician, you understand.”

And so they were. By one account in Macon alone, several thousand people are expected to die in the next few years as a result of
Old Age and, sadly, there is nothing we can do about it until the Pharmaceuticals industry develops a vaccine, which they must before it is too late!

In San Francisco, in New York, in Paris, Rome, Berlin, Kingman, and even in Boise, great numbers of our fellow citizens are succumbing to this “
Mega-Killer” as the CDC’s Chief of Hyperbole has termed it, Dr. Maximillian Juberg...

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Uncle Sam
Our Uncle Sam Buys a Used Car on Time
But Finds that Our (National) Debt makes it Difficult.

by Joseph Warren, Editor

Our Uncle Sam is looking over a few cars in the auto sales lot of one of the “Auto Row” dealerships clustered along Stockton Hill Road here in Kingman, Arizona. He’s not certain which car he wants but is drawn to a sexy, older-model V8 dating from the 1990s before we began to worry
excessively about Climate Change sometime 30 years from now in the middle of this century when it’s far too late to do anything about it.

The salesman approaches. “That’s a beauty, ain’t it?”

Uncle Sam casts a nervous glance. “Yes. I guess. I mean, it depends on the price.”

“O, don’t fret that none.” He studies Uncle Sam for a moment. “Say, that is
some hat you’ve got there!”

“Thanks.” Uncle Sam fiddles with the hat brim a moment then steadies his gaze...

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We Must Accept Who We Are
by Joseph Warren, Editor

…a fragmented society, a mountain of conflicting interests, a nation which appeared to share nothing save poverty and the hatred of each against each…
From The Literary World review of Rudolf Ditzen’s (ndp, Hans Fallada) Little Man, What Now? (Kleiner Mann, Was Nun?)
Reproduced in the book’s Afterword commenting on Nazi Germany

If the words above sound like an adequate description of our world today, here, in the USA, and you too have asked, What Now? as I have many times in the past 20 years, then you will have discovered the timelessness of Ditzen’s book.
- Editor

Ditzen’s writing was simple and to-the-point. It flowed gloriously, in my opinion, although he had his detractors way back when the art of writing was something seen as tantamount to creating master-stroke marks with oil on a canvas: as important, as creative. In
Little Man, What Now? we have an opportunity to follow the lives of a young couple in Germany during the last years of the Weimar Republic before its descent into hell.

Versailles, and the many missteps by Germany’s then-leadership took the once-great country into the depths of economic destruction, not unlike what we are experiencing today owing to our own corrupted economic practices and befogged societal constructs, only without the extrinsic influences that brought Germany’s society to its knees. Yet.

Throughout the novel, Ditzen describes...

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Pandemic Puppies
by Joseph Warren, Editor

The Antiseptic Baby and the Prophylactic Pup
Were playing in the garden when the Bunny gambolled up;
They looked upon the creature with a loathing undisguised;
It wasn’t disinfected and it wasn’t sterilised.

- From the poem
Strictly Germ-Proof, by Arthur Guiterman.
(Recited by our publisher, Greta Warren-Hill, 1965, Second Grade, at Four Corners Elementary School, Salem, Oregon,
before a live audience.)

Immersed in a plethora of advertisements for guns and drugs,
Craigslist, Facebook, and all other social media, is staggering from the weight of ads posted by those who during the Covid Pandemic elected to supplement their income by encouraging animal fornication in the jejune belief wealth would follow.

Many were (and are) asking extravagant sums for designer dogs following breed lines hitherto unknown, mating the most unlikely together to conjure what they assumed would be exotic and desirable objects of affection to the multitude of shut-ins and otherwise lonely-hearted who just needed a more organic “Like” than what might be achieved in the festering fetid swamp of popular online forums. New breeds emerging:
Puginese, Schweenie, Pithuahua and countless other neologistic approaches...

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“Not much going on... How ‘bout you?”
Since 2011
Consumer debt has spiked from about 11 Trillion to more than 16 Trillion dollars
by Joseph Warren, Editor

Let me get this straight:

Our “unprecedented” drought has taken our lakes and rivers (that quite literally feed the Southwest’s population) to unheard of shallowness and flow threatening a painful decline in Power, Water, Food Production, and even recreation leading to perhaps a point of societal collapse, but we do nothing of any consequence.

Anasazi, who occupied a good bit of the Southwest in the early 1200s, vanished from historic records following a documented 50-year drought that left them without adequate water to sustain their lives. Anthropologists speculate that the Anasazi merged with other local tribes following their abandonment of their homelands. Yet, we think that 20 years is a substantial enough period for a drought to last and maybe next year we’ll have to do something (reactive) proactive, like get people to stop filling their swimming pools, watering lawns, and washing their fossil fuel burning cars. Then, the Anasazi were a few (at best) thousand. The number of Desert Southwest inhabitants today exceeds 20 million...

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How to Install and Use a Toilet Seat Bidet
(and Eugenics!)
Listen to this!
Click the image for an audio file.
Listen to This! is an occasional feature on
by Joseph Warren, Editor

…in the merciless struggle for survival the unfit were doomed anyway and the fit destined to prevail.
Daniel Kevles, In the Name of Eugenics, on Karl Pearson

One year before the current COVID-19 pandemic began, very fortuitously we decided on a bidet toilet seat from Home Depot: it was the cheaper and easier way to approach a higher standard of hygiene and consequent evolution compared to the many space and plumbing challenges associated with a separate bidet commode, and far more commodious since it did not involve moving one’s tuchus from one pot to another. (Tuches, Tochas, and in the plural, Tuchii, are all transliterations, so don’t bother writing and criticizing my spelling.)

Our decision was made in November, 2019. It was the less expensive model without water heater: winter temperatures are frigid in northern Arizona at that time of year. The bidet seat’s instructions read something like, “T” the seat water line into your toilet’s cold water pipe, which I did.

Our water temperature averages about 40 to 45 degrees (Fahrenheit) during winter. At 8AM having your sphincter blasted by near freezing water...

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What Hitler (and California) Got Right and Wrong:
Eugenics and Euthanasia
by Joseph Warren, Editor

Reading is not an end to itself, but a means to an end.
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf
(We’re quoting Hitler? Well, even a stopped clock...)

If more than 47% of white army enlistees were feebleminded that would make the United States, as one critic observed, ‘a nation of morons.’
Adam Cohen, Imbeciles:

Maybe so, or at least seemingly quickly becoming so. The former formal progression was Idiot, Imbecile, Moron – through to an IQ of about 80 (and less) under the Stanford-Binet test. Above that threshold – 80 – one is considered leaning toward “average” and only slightly impaired. People of average intelligence ranged (and range) from 90 to 110. We often meet people of the Moron persuasion, functioning within society to varying extents and performing tasks (currently) critical to our economy. We thank them for their help, smile, and walk away mumbling, “Jesus, what a moron.” Now, empirically, you may better understand the subtext of your comment.

The problem we have, though, is that with increasing rapidity the jobs currently fulfilled by these people are going away: disappearing into the abyss of technological advancement. Combine that with out-of-control population growth and the future looks, at the very least, bleak...

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On Reading Marquez and Saroyan
by Joseph Warren, Editor

Earlier this month my copy of Saroyan’s The Gay and Melancholy Flux (on the recommendation of a writer-friend, Bruce Janigian, read, Persona Non Grata: End of the Great Game) arrived post from the United Kingdom. I was able to read through about the first two-thirds of it before becoming miserably mired in the profundity of Saroyan’s many commentaries on humanity then (circa 1930s), as now. I see it all around us everyday; I see the reflections of Saroyan’s words in our society as we lope along unforgiving and lost in the madness of what has become a parody of itself in a world stampeded by souls unable to inhale and yet always hoping for a continued life among the living.

“…you can’t be born again until you die, and you are afraid to die, you are afraid to live…to look and talk and speak and move…who are you anyway?” (From the story, The Drunkard.)...

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