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One More US Hypocrisy, and Diane Rehm for good measure


We have more than once criticized the Obama administration for committing acts of flagrant hypocrisy, but at no time is it more apparent than in the administration’s words concerning Russia and the Ukraine. So we ask again, Do you not understand Mr. Obama, that when the United States invaded Iraq under wholly contrived circumstances that we effectively abdicated our position as the global mediator of fairness and constancy?

And, speaking of which, the other day we caught General Zinni touting his new Tell Nothing New book regarding Iraq on the Diane Rehm show. Our email to her will probably result in no response since there is no ethically viable position one may take for sophistry:

“We are the writers and producers of the film, The Abduction and Trial of George Bush ( and We listened the other day to Diane's show with much interest anticipating that someone of subject authority was finally on the precipice of declaring the true reasons for our incursion - invasion - into Iraq. Sadly, that did not happen. Our executive producer, GL Hill, surmised, correctly, that the good general didn't want to jeopardize either his pension or his PX privileges and elected to circumvent the true nature for our overthrow of Hussein.

“The West Qurna and Majnoon oil fields were at the time the second largest deposits in the world. Shortly after Saddam's elimination these two primary sources of vast wealth were "Auctioned" off by the regime we installed, directing them to Shell, Exxon-Mobil and, of course, Halliburton. You'll also note that our invasion followed the collapse of the agreement between Hussein and Lukoil of Russia, mitigating the international consequences of military action.

“Diane either knew this and would not jeopardize her interview with General Zinni by bringing up something as unsavory as the truth (further enrichment of the Bush family, et al.), or displayed a lack of knowledge concerning one of the most critical events of this century: one that has led to the destabilization of the Middle East and fomented unrest on a global scale. Of course, this is not to mention the deaths of hundreds-of-thousands of Iraqis caught in the crossfire.

“Either way, I don't think we'll be enriching General Zinni by buying his chronicle of BS.

“(This correspondence will be published in our sister publication


As one of our writers, Jack Shepherd often says, “Wake up!” Speaking of which: