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June 7, 2013
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Walking on Eggs

Jack Shepherd

Living in fear, and walking on eggshells is not fun. Growing up in our dysfunctional “home” has many of us wondering what normal is nowadays.

Remembering to not say the wrong thing at the wrong time, or tell the wrong secret to the wrong person, leads irrevocably to a very stressful lifestyle.

Ever think you’re being watched? Or maybe just crazy for thinking that way?

The company you keep may not help either if they belong to the wrong clubs or organizations. Thank your good luck for living in the land of the free, America. No wait...Partisan stalwarts may have the bullies checking your tax status, and the IRS may alert the NSA for further investigations if you join a group to stop political abuse of our Constitution.

Millions of Americans are walking on eggshells around the EPA, and just as many businesses are stressed-out over the new tax penalty for Obamacare, which in turn has stilled them from hiring in the mass confusion of not saying the wrong thing to the wrong people less they, like many of car dealers have found, are no longer on Big Brother’s list of businesses to remain open.

Daily we hear the lies and say nothing for fear of the bully who is in charge of our lives. The bully is big: I mean really big, and those he hangs with can only be called thugs, by us in the shadows, with a whisper. We have heard the stories of businesses lost, and friends spied on through cell phones and emails as we whisper to a close confident, Do you think I am on the list?

Time will tell. (Evil laugh.)