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Past Articles by Jack Shepherd


Only an Idiot

Jack Shepherd

Only an idiot would think Obama is telling the truth about the IRS or Benghazi or... And only an idiot thinks Holder is telling the truth about the AP investigation of a Fox News reporter. At the same time I would state only an idiot could have thought Bush was being truthful about WMD’s as he ordered the invasion of Iraq.


To be fair to all idiots, or all-encompassing more appropriately, Bush is a Republican while Obama is a Democrat. The point is, regardless of political party and how history is rewritten, those in power after the Constitution was “locked” in place have sought to usurp powers not afforded to them in their particular branch of government at the expense of those liberties granted to us by the Constitution.


Idiots like me have known my whole life that the local police and federal investigators really are not my friends; and the state and federal governments are to be feared.


That’s the way they - the powerful - want it, and we gave our liberties to them most recently, and as we have in the past, out of fear. We will continue to make allowances for the rich and politically powerful while those in power put people behind bars for bad reasons: Certainly not to teach good - or deter bad - behavior, while the chosen few will commit acts of terror on us through the IRS or NSA, to name only two.

And this chosen few will gain greater wealth through insider trading, and nepotistic government contracting, while earning a reasonable kickback for themselves.


Those who wrote the Constitution gave us fair warning…why we the people had to be constantly involved with our government. Apparently, though, today we’re the idiots who thought they didn’t know what they were talking about two hundred, and thirty-eight years ago. Today it is blatantly evident that we are being lied to allegedly to protect our own security, yet we are the idiots who do nothing about it.

Reasoned Actions

Jack Shepherd

Six days have passed since the bombing in Boston: The TV is still singing from all news channels. What if? and Why? are the questions du jour. Were they homegrown Terrorists? Or are they part of a bigger plot of Terrorism?

One is dead; one is maybe (and hopefully) dying. Did you know them? What were they like as kids? Ad infinitum: the same ridiculous questions of no import.

Yes it saddens me. Trying to understand the insanity that brings a young man to these actions, though, will not bring back the dead or heal the wounded, physically or mentally. In most countries today, what we saw in Boston is only the daily news. Nothing special.


If you view this act as I do, do you also see the insanity of lives lost in Afghanistan or Iraq by U.S. bombing and Predator raids where we have killed or maimed tens of thousands of innocent people?

We are at war there, one might say. Why, I would ask?

When one country invades another without reasoned provocation is the result of that action not a war crime? Or, have we deluded ourselves into thinking that Might Makes Right is the only necessary premise for our actions?

If so, then as a society we are insane…

Nine (%$#*^@!) Dollars?

Jack Shepherd

The Federal Minimum Wage currently rests at $7.25 per hour, or $290.00 per week, or $1,247.00 per month (remembering that there are 4.3 weeks per month). After taxes and other contributions, including Social Security, this waters down to about $850.00 per month or, roughly, $10,000 per year. For our many international readers, that’s the same as 7,650 Euro, 127,950 Mexican Pesos, 62,339 Chinese Yuans (which will buy nothing), or about 50,330 Argentine Pesos.

In northern Arizona, apartment or home rent is at a minimum $500 per month. To feed one person requires, according to the federal government, about $300 per month. The cost of utilities to the apartment or house is about $160 per month. Presuming that the worker does not drive to work nor wear clothing, which is a bit disconcerting if they’re walking, the total without chewing gum is $960, or $110 more per month than they “clear”.

Current discussion centers on increasing the minimum wage to $9.00 an hour. It is projected to be a job killer, the same doomsday term applied  to the  Fiscal Cliff Sequester set to take place soon. (You should note that Sequestro, in Spanish, means Kidnapping as in being held hostage.)

The total reductions in Federal spending approach $84 billion, although through departmental budgetary manipulation some speculate that it may be as little as $40 billion US dollars for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Both Democrats and Republicans alike agreed to this sequestration (or Kidnapping) by the White House. Now that it is here neither side can once again agree on it. Sounds a lot like Immigration or anything else in D.C.


Nine (insert your adjective of choice here) dollars an hour!

US Poverty Guidelines, per US Health and Human Services (HHS) is $11,170 per year for one person. In short, for the privilege of working 40 hours per week at the current Federal minimum wage, the Minimum Wage Worker is $1,170 below poverty. This is called the Working Poor by the government. I tend to refer to it as our, American Shame.

A realistic minimum wage would be $12 an hour. There is no other way to ensure that there is sufficient enough disparity between Work and Welfare to incentivize our population to pursue the former when the latter rewards those who do not work to a much greater extent.

Random Fire

Jack Shepherd

Obama signed several spending cuts into law and twice-stated that if the Republicans don’t like it they could take whatever legislative route they chose and he reserved the right to veto any legislation he felt did not meet his requirements. Now that both sides have flip-flopped on the issues of Cuts and Spending and Tax Increases Obama says that the Republicans are playing politics: I thought that was what politicians were supposed to do…isn’t it?


South Africa is now fifth in world for Kidnappings and remains the Rape Capital of the world. A Japanese man has invented the Killer Tampon for the women in South Africa, or for any women anywhere. Once the device is inserted it will cut the head off of any penis errantly approaching its nether domain. It is recommended that the device be removed before having sex with a consensual partner. America’s Conference of Mohels has lodged a formal complaint with the inventor claiming that it cuts into profits.


Those who do not read the newspaper are kept in the dark. Buying a newspaper is an act of Democracy. In the absence of local press local politicians may do whatever they wish to do. It is from this localized well-spring that corruption spreads throughout the country. Maintaining a healthy Fourth Estate is tantamount to vigilantly protecting the Constitution.

If you do not vote, you have no voice. Every year the fall-off of voters increases, and every year the choices the few who do vote make seem to show less and less wisdom. One must never abdicate one’s responsibility in a Democracy.

If you are not involved in your child’s education, shame on you. Sloughing off responsibility for your child’s early and later education on his or her teachers is a certain ticket to disappointment. Stay involved in what happens daily. Encourage, explore together, increase inquisitiveness. Be a parent.

If you depend on credit cards to get from paycheck to paycheck, you are a willing slave. Break free from your chains and learn to live with less.

Take your television outside and bury it. Tell no one where it is. Hang your remote control on a stake in the front yard: The horror…the horror…

While Kerouac Dances...

Jack Shepherd

Dharma, World Peace, Climate Change, and the Raw Truth that will Make You want to Puke:

Is it time for us to teach Peace? There certainly could be enough money in the deal to interest even the profiteers on Wall Street, but we likely won’t: Guns and Violence; that’s our way in this, what we call the civilized world. Power, control, and world dominance is really the game.


Instead of looking outward at the rest of the world’s humanity as something other than targets, there’s the constant drone of: Save the Puppies, Save the Whales, and why not Polar Bears, too. Where is humanity in this? Where are you and I and our brothers and sisters all over this world?

Global Warming: too much carbon dioxide in the air so let’s reduce it to where it was when dinosaurs ruled the earth – 40% more oxygen. (Take little breaths.) Get ready to evolve or perish.


The vegetarians and carnivores among us debate like Republicans and Democrats with feigned commitment as we religious folk try to convince ourselves who’s right.

Is believing seeing, or is blindness truth? Or do the Sciences get it right regarding proof of God? Does it really matter? No! (God never needed us.)


We have the ability to teach all people: We can rehabilitate drunks and addicts and the uneducated along with criminals and rehabilitate the environment and all of its inhabitants, and maybe restore the preciousness of all life.

We could live free and together save for that nasty little condition, Greed: It’s what separates us from the animals. I want...You want...F..k him.


How else can one make sense of mass murders in the name of war for a God or a country? Kill them. Slaughter this: Games for a four year-old and Old News for those who have watched hundreds of thousands of deaths by the age of eighteen.

Human Trafficking worldwide today has resulted in three times more slaves than in 1860. Oh, what a compassionate lot we are not! We stand by as millions are murdered and raped the world over, and every twenty seconds a child under the age of five dies in the world as we order pizza with extra toppings for $14.99 plus tax, and say, “Let someone else do it”. That’s why we’re here where we are today which is nowhere: No morals, no ethics, no dignity, and no responsibility for ourselves.


Einstein had it right: To love all humanity but to loathe those who contribute nothing.

Drop the borders and false pretenses: Americans are no better than any other people on the face of the earth. Yet, we have an advantage: We can afford to teach Peace. Is it time? I think so.


Jack Shepherd


The President and Vice President have come up with a plan…on how to not curb violence in America: Any person with basic deductive abilities understands that these so-called measures of gun control are nothing more than a political tactic to make the majority of you feel good, feel safe, feel cared for: In reality they do nothing.

We already have thousands of gun laws on the books under which any one of the offenders  - dead or alive – from the past series of tragedies could have been denied gun ownership or prosecuted for firearms violations.

But, to prosecute someone the police must learn that the individual who is prohibited from owning a firearm is, in fact, in possession of a gun. Then the offender must be apprehended. Once apprehended, he must be arraigned and proven to be in violation of one of the thousands of gun laws currently on the books.

Of course at any point prior to this legal paradigm, if the person’s intent is to murder someone, an arraignment on a firearm’s charge is a bit ex post facto, especially for the victim. So, until Tom Cruise – as future cop in the film, Minority Report – becomes a reality, more laws based on prosecuting after-the-fact violators means little.

Just as the film Minority Report was based on fiction, so is the belief that gun laws will curb violence in America. Any attempt to draw a correlation between the two is as ludicrous as identifying the faces and names of people not killed by a firearm. Yet, I would guess that in the next few months you’ll see an ad that looks something like this:

Ling-Ling Wiesenberger: Alive today because of Barak Obama says,

“Thank you President, sir, for making safe by making all bad assault weapons go away. Happy me now.”

Wake up! It’s not about firearms; it’s about hate and violence. It’s about a military that has used the words, Zipper Heads, Rag Heads, Slant Heads, Slopes, Chinks, Nips, Japs, Sand Niggers, and countless other pejoratives to train our young people to shutoff any compassionate inclination they may have, and kill for the sake of killing.

It’s about video games where Nigga is a commonly used term. And sadly, it’s about popular media where countless films portray one minority or another as lying, cheating, and murderous filth, not deserving of any human consideration. (For the last decade, the mantle has fallen on the world’s vilified Muslim population.)


Here’s where we are today: Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five was an epic antiwar book; it’s demonic counterpart the video game, Kindergarten Slaughter House does not belong in any society except that which is dying or dead. That is America today: dead or dying as a civilization. Pessimistically, I suppose one could easily conclude that our time has passed for we as a people are not intelligent enough to see the destruction we have wrought upon ourselves.

Assault Weapon Ban

Jack Shepherd

Feinstein’s gun bill would force honest gun owners to hit the “Black Market” to improve their arsenal. No longer will the wily sportsman be able to buy or sell a handgun that holds more than ten rounds in a clip (magazine). Although you may already own such a weapon, you will not be allowed to transfer your firearm to a family member or friend, nor, obviously, sell it to the public, nor can it be left in your will to a family member.

I assume this would be true of rifles and shotguns, too, since the level of associated killing power doesn’t really vary – only conspicuity.

Neither Feinstein nor anyone else has said who or what department would collect your legally owned, yet nontransferable guns upon your death. Perhaps the law will require that all “Gray Market” weapons be buried with the deceased. Excess capacity magazines would be contraband, too. Given this level of discussion, it is curious that no one has said a thing about compensation or a buy back program for Gray Market weapons.


Punishment for illegal possession of contraband firearms has not been discussed, but it must be bad if they are using the Obamacare motto to get this passed quickly: You know, Pass it now and read it later. Only holdup? The American people and, once again, that pesky Constitution.

The Assault Weapon ban of 1994 to 2004 was allowed to expire because there was no empirical data pointing to a reduction of deaths or crimes by such weapons. Interestingly, there were actually more murders by knives, clubs, and chains along with other traditional non-weapons: Vehicles, Frying Pans, Rolling Pins, and Chinese Finger Cuffs. (If someone wants to kill you they’ll find a way...)


“When Chinese Finger Cuffs are outlawed,

only the Chinese will have Finger Cuffs.”

-Future NRA Bumper Sticker

All on the back of the Sandy Hook murders and lumped together with other shootings in the past eighteen months. We can assume that frothy emotions now dictate what our esteemed politicians will bring to the floor for consideration. Eroding civil liberties is always a favorite topic, thus changing the face of the Constitution.

Regardless of your position on gun ownership you ought to have an opinion on the Constitution, overall, whether it is inviolate or it is not. After all, it’s your Constitution and your personal liberties at stake. Choose wisely, and let your choice be known.

Rape Capital

Jack Shepherd

American women raped in South Africa: Who cares? Well, you, if it was your daughter who joined the Peace Corp to make a difference in the world. No one told you that she would be given a chance to give of herself in a way that would change only one family: Hers!

More than one thousand American women have reported being raped in 2012. Estimates of 10,000 Americans raped since 1990 seems to be the number most cited in discussions: Peace Corp workers and students of international universities like UKZN, the University of Kwazulu-Natal, have reported thousands of Americans raped, as well.


Rape has become the national past time for males of South Africa. They say it is a form of male bonding.

One of four rapists is ten years old or less. The only social shame is borne by the victims. The ages of the victims range from birth to eighty years old.

Labeled the Rape Capital of the World, the country otherwise known as the Democratic Republic of Congo, over five million rapes have occurred since 1990, and over five million dead in a civil war since before the 1990’s: Being brutally sexually attacked appears to be the lesser of two evils.

Other than America giving $500,000,000 a year in aide that is directed primarily to military training, why should we care that women and girls are more likely to be raped than to learn how to read?


The news is getting out: Facebook and articles such as this one. The U.N. and USA will continue to discuss it, and in 2013 nothing will change. So keep your daughters at home in America before it becomes your story, too.

The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Jack Shepherd

Politics, it is not about party lines or taxes! It is about what you (We The People) have already done by your inactions. It is not about race, creed or color. It really isn’t even about the eighty million who did not vote or those who did vote to keep the machine running as it is.


It’s about fear and accepting security instead of demanding liberty. Politicians are controlling the masses and chipping away at the Republic while destroying a Constitution for the people and by the people, and the pursuit of liberty.  Why? Power and wealth for them. Hey stupid: politics is for the rich, not the working poor. Have you seen the movie, “The Hunger Games?”


You’re too late for liberty: Obama just extended the Bush warrantless wiretaps for Americans talking to anyone over seas: That includes any calls made that are directed to India or China. While the NSA now has tabs on your snail mail, email, and all phones, and they are just checking in on your security because you asked for it. You allowed it, so in short you demanded it. Good for you! You got it: Drones in America, and cameras everywhere. So now you can do your sexting in public.


Martial law has been declared by we the people: Whenever you go through a building with security guards and x-ray walk-through, that’s martial law in effect. Airports, damns, tunnels, bridges, and roads with check points that’s martial law. Even a D.U.I. check is another form of martial law.

So when may the government declare martial law? During times of war or when the country is being invaded or until the constitution has been amended by we the people. You did nothing, so you asked for it by default, and by golly, you got it. Security not Liberty.


You also voted to go over the Fiscal Cliff and to keep entitlements while not worrying about the economy or national debt or…a job.

The greatest lie is fear of liberty for the sake of security: You bought it.

The Not-So-Grand Wizard

Jack Shepherd

The Fiscal Cliff, the Electoral College, and politics in general have pulled back the curtain to reveal just who the wizards of D.C. really are: Congress, who for twelve years now appears to have only one concern. Theirs!


The true one per-centers are the public servants in Washington D.C., and I use the term public, and servant, loosely. Steeped in money and families of the well-to-do, ninety-per-cent of these so-called politicians holds a Law degree, and serve they do: families, friends and those who pay them off.


The letter of the law only protects the law itself: not the country or the balance of its people.

With political corruption on the rise we see only the tip of the iceberg of the problems everyday Americans face, while our servants (politicians) shore up the bottom line for them, their family, and selected friends who aide them in their quest for power and wealth.


Regulations and the debt ceiling are putting such a burden on businesses that even Reagan’s infamous trickledown economy has come to a full stop. 

Smoke and Mirrors: Is it really the goal of Americans at-large to control the world as our government extends it an Olive Branch of military might, while killing millions of innocent people around the world, at a staggering cost of trillions?

For more than twelve decades now, instead of a Republic, we’ve gotten Democracy by our trusted servants as we invade other nations to ensure the letter of law. Thus we have become the most war-like nation in recent history.


Adolf Hitler had an Idea he wanted to share with the world. So he and two friends set about to do just that. We said no, and after one hundred-thirty million dead he believed us, and that the rest non-Axis world meant it, too. Now, we Americans are sharing our way of life with those who do not want it. Like the Philippines of the 1900’s, we know that once they experience Freedom American Style, they will love us.

Twenty-nine governments have fallen prey to our form of Democracy while Cuba is still on our blacklist as we spend billions of dollars on Israel, for God knows what.


Education and space exploration used to be are claimed goals: not so any longer. Ranking 47th in the world in Education, and outsourcing space projects to our one-time archenemies we fail to see the irony inherent in our foibles.

The Democratic push of the 1930’s of, “A chicken in every pot,” or Soft Socialism, has changed to, “Forget the expense of a pot – you’ve got social entitlement” as they to continue to spend more than we create.

Blurred is the line between public servants and who is a Republican or Democrat, as they beat their horses to drive their buggies off the proverbial Cliff.  If we have learned nothing from Washington DC, it is deniability, and, that honesty never pays.


More on Connecticut

Jack Shepherd

Mark, a parent of one of the many children murdered at Newtown, Connecticut stands out as one who does not think proposed new gun laws will aid in preventing future massacres. He believes that gun laws currently on-the-books, if enforced, might help in the reduction of gun crimes. Mark also says that citizens and not criminals obey gun laws.


It has been four months since Mark’s seven year-old son was taken from him. Mark says he holds the mother of the shooter accountable for poor parenting, and that had the shooter’s Mom spent more time being a responsible parent, this entire event may have been avoided. That’s Mark’s opinion.


He also wonders why Connecticut’s Governor Malloy is cutting Mental Health Care and Hospitalization by $500 million. To Mark, and to me, this is a complete truncation of logic. In Connecticut, like in the rest of the United States, people who are “on the edge” must have a way to seek help before they act on an impulse.

Many will need years to process this tragedy, including me. My prayers for Mark and all those who lost loved ones at Newtown Connecticut.

Editor’s Note:

Just as a brief aside on the Gun Control debate: On April 10, Democrat Joe Manchin (and others in the US Senate) unveiled a “deal” that would expand checks to all online and all gun show sales, and establish a commission on mass violence.

Senators Feinstein and Manchin, ironically, were strong supporters of our invasion of Iraq, a now nearly wholly-conceded deception that resulted in the deaths of far too many Americans and Iraqi civilians.

Will the commission be studying our government’s propensity to promulgate violence globally as one of the primary causalities of violence in America? Probably not...

A Stain That Won’t Come Out...

Jack Shepherd

Your privacy is about to be slammed against the political wall one more time. It’s just a little cut on your Constitutionally-guaranteed Rights, so no big deal. You can take it…for the sake of America’s children, right?


Sometime in the future…

“Doctor,” I said, “Lately I have not been able to sleep.”

“Oh, you don’t say,” said the doctor as he entered my information in the new National Background Check site for Mental Health. Then he asked if I had any thoughts about suicide or killing other people.


“What an odd thing to ask,” I said.

He said, “Excuse me, but I have to make an important phone call.” He left the room. A few minutes passed. Two men entered with the doctor and started to put a strange wrap-around jacket on me as my family doctor explained that with the new Gun law he was mandated to call this mental issue in to the authorities.

Without my testimony, the Judge signed a decree placing me on a thirty-day evaluation. Now I have a permanent record that prohibits my buying or possessing a firearm. After the fact I realized this all would have been avoided had I not had that extra cup of coffee every night just before bedtime: coffee’s a lousy sedative.


Back to today…

Is this just delusional thinking on my part? It’s just that I can see how easy it would be for purported mental illnesses to be reported by health care workers who misdiagnose or whose advanced Medical Degree from ol’ Swahili U. may not have provided them with the most competent of educations. 

As we inch our way towards a Brave New World where all data on all people will be centrally available and used to (mis)project behaviors, I become more fearful. You should, too. (Read, “Liked” by the IRS, below.)


Jack Shepherd

My wife, said she is sick of the same old rants and raves from me about: Politics, Education, and Religion, plus the off-shot topics of Bigfoot and the occasional UFO.


I forget at times that my family is a sequestered (kidnapped) audience. This also means if I do not change the topic and subject matter of my writing, it will fall on deaf ears at home, and maybe on those of the editor.


In my defense, why does the average American not see what I am seeing? Our US education world ranking is 47th. GDP to debt is unsustainable. Our national defense is looking more like Imperialism and less like a Republic daily.


Hot button issues seem to fade away without resolve. Benghazi and Fast and Furious are but two of the buttons that will never be resolved. I am confused at the propaganda that Waterboarding is bad, and yet Drones that kill terrorists and innocent folk are OK.


Regardless of your political views, or what you think about Same-Sex Marriage, or what God you claim, I think that we must at the very least be involved at the local level to fully understand and effect change on the national and international.


Everyday life has a funny way of muddling up the truly important issues: those things that should be at the forefront of our minds to ensure a future for our children.


What happened? Life happened...everyday issues that become the be-all and end-all.

It can be overwhelming, I know. These are my concerns as well. How do I help planet earth and all its inhabitants and care for others close to me while battling politics and trying in my own small way to save humanity from self-destruction while I live at the poverty level?


Speaking only for me, writing helps. Listing to others keeps me grounded. Wanting a better life for other people and my children, my friends, and myself while searching the heavens for God’s direction in my life, allows me to live and let live.

What I Learned...

Jack Shepherd

America is wondering about the State of the Union address by Obama, and the rebuttal by Rubio. Obama continues spending to fix the problem of our debt (ironic), stating we do not have a spending problem in so many words. (And, Randy Travis doesn’t have a drinking problem.)


Republican Rubio, Florida’s Conservative Senate spokesman, played the game and said just the opposite of everything Obama said, and is getting slammed for pausing to take a drink of water. (Next year I suppose, breaking wind will be inappropriate.)


The California Cop Killer is dead…we think? And this incredibly important event in the timeline of modern history took up most of the airtime before the grand speech by Obama, so we in TV Land were spared the normal all-day prophesies on what he, The President, will say and what he meant and what it will mean to us.


The grand debate on Guns continues, as does the rhetoric of a government too big by the Republicans, versus a government too small, by the Democrats. The Independents and other lesser people on the face of the earth are not allowed to play here. It is enough we tolerate these nut jobs. (Hey! - ed.)

The Constitution that “We The People” have abandoned by not voting is really at the heart of the matter at hand: Water-boarding is bad. Terrorists should be given their Miranda rights and a trial, while we set in motion the legal rights to kill American citizens who are suspected of having Al-Qaeda ties, by drones, without actual proof.


In a just world former President GW Bush and his cronies VP-Chaney and Rumsfeld, would now or should have been on trail for War Crimes.  Yet, when we look to the slew of recent mass murders in America at Sandy Hook and other places of recent import at the hands of the mentally ill, we fail to recognize that we the people (and now Obama) continue the killing of innocent women and children in other countries. (The number is now in the millions.)

Will we eventually outperform Stalin and Hitler in the killing arena?

Corporations not government are setting policy for America. War is the most profitable venture out there, and since the Spanish American War we have no longer been a true Republic. Now we are in essence an imperialistic Superpower and war is the name of the game - because it pays well.

Although the drug war is highly fundable, prisons become are only second best in America today: War reigns supreme. True, we now house more inmates than any other country in the world as a percentage of population or in sheer numbers. But, we also spend at least ten times that on defense than any other country in the world.

I think I need a drink...of water.

A Sweet Deal

Jack Shepherd

535 Elected officials now answer to our every whim on the Hill. Who do they really serve: That is the big question. From outside looking inward at the confused rhetoric and obfuscations we see only that they do not, can not, will not agree on a single issue of any salience.

Committees listen intently then fail to take action on every thing from Aardvarks to Zymurgy: Republicans, Democrats, and Independent parties assemble on a number of committees to consider in-depth the ramifications of doing nothing.

Control of these committees and who serves on them is a power in itself. Majority Speakers and Minority Whips are among the top-tiered positions, and they in-turn assign the huddled masses of the House, and the blowhards of the Senate to available committee seats. 

Committee Rules: Rule number 1) It is political suicide to be seen working with the other party. Rule 2) Not to follow party lines will kill your career. Rule 3) Prepare now for the primaries although just elected, because if you do not win on the floor of Congress, your career is over. Rule 4) Only listen to hot button topics that will get you air time, which translates into Campaign Funding. Rule 5) Plausible Deniability is your most trusted friend. Rule 6) Only give the appearance of the ability that you can effect change. Rule 7) You are in a Fact Free Zone, so never listen to the facts. Rule 8) Get re-elected. 

Fret not if you fail to gain re-election: Retirement is yours after a single term. Read the US Policy on retirement, here.

Sugar Daddy

Jack Shepherd

I have a confession to make: I have been supporting a Jewish prostitute for many years…my wife knows all about it, though. It all started quite innocently enough…back in 1948.

What could a fellow do? She was all-alone in this great big world without a friend and with no way to be certain that she could survive from day-to-day without someone to cling to. O, she was lithe, to say the least, in her moist youthfulness; determined, in a “prostitutey” sort of way; and although not being too new to the profession, she had several earlier bad experiences with pimps that had left her scarred.

So many years have passed since then: so many tricks turned, so many Johns have gone and come…yet I continue to support her…for the memory of it, I suppose, and even though she’s quite capable of supporting herself, really. (Or should be.)

All she’s really done is bring me trouble – one type after the other – in fact, to be honest, just about every type of social dis-ease one can imagine. Today, I can tell you unequivocally that I am positive that I am not getting my money’s worth, nor can I tell you why I continue this charade, this absurd…addiction. That’s what it is, you know: an addiction.

You probably want to ask: How much have I plunked down on this dame so far? How stupid am I? What has this addiction cost? Shamefully, yet honestly, at least $84.8 billion dollars in hard cash. When you throw in the, perfume, minks, tanks, aircraft, missiles, technology: Man! I mean, really, is a mind job worth that much?

When I look at all the whores I’ve bought and paid for in this region of the world, I have to admit that I’ve spent far less on the other trollops combined than I have on this one lousy lay: must be guilt or something, because it certainly defies logic.

For about the same money in the same time frame I could have nailed Eva Peron and still had several billions left over. Some guys never learn…but that’s the life of a Sugar Daddy.



Editor’s Note: This was an informal correspondence today from TID’s Jack Shepherd to the Editor-in-Chief. Where an asterisk (*) appears, the author used variously conjugated forms of the verb, to f..k. We thought the message was important enough to print. We also agree with its content, although we might urge him to cut back on caffeine. Also, can we expect Diane Feinstein to introduce legislation to limit the number of F-rounds Mr. Shepherd can use in any single correspondence without reloading?

“For five days now after the mass murder in Connecticut, I continue to see the scum of the earth with their * PhDs talk about preventing another * insane person from acting out. The shock of the tragedy is over for me, but the inept, educated * mindless masses that will not concede that we are a war-like nation that has killed millions in the name of a * foreign policy, which to-date has overthrown 29 countries on presidential orders, or that drones and cameras along with the acts of the * NSA and Homeland Security have only * eroded the freedoms previously inherent in America.

“Yep, we will not prosecute * war criminals: We will attempt to answer the question of insanity by putting another thousand gun laws on the * books to control and erode more of the rights of every American. If that does not work the USA might just start killing it's own * people, which seems to have become a very popular thing to do. Just needed to * vent. VENT< VENT< VENT. * it.

“Warm * regards, JS”

Off the Mark

Jack Shepherd

Relevant news in today’s world is so far off the mark of the everyday American’s life…it is thought to be in part the cause for the demise of the newspaper. I get the local paper daily, delivered to my house, and daily I toss out about a pound of inserted advertisements.

Since I live in a small town I can go through the front page in about eight seconds devouring National trash that has no relevance to my life or yours, probably.

The Obituaries are next, and hopefully no one I know is listed, including me.


Opinion section seems to be where the Fourth Estate would be most prominently read by the locals. Well, nowadays that is reserved for national columnists who have no clue of what is going on in my hometown, and frankly anywhere else apparent from their diatribitic attempts at journalism. 

Selling ads is nothing more than legalized robbery in my opinion, and does not sell newspapers, or the products listed. Lets face it: With the serious issues facing America today, and newspapers being printed on a Seventh Grade educational level, there is but one reason to buy a news paper. As a friend of mine put it, it is an act of democracy. (Editor’s note: read, GL Hill’s, Our Social e-Dung Pile, in the Archives section.)


With the advent of twenty-four hour news, seven days a week, and three hundred sixty-five days a year, along with an abundance of bloggers, and Internet news sites imbedded in seemingly thousands of ads before you get to anything that even resembles the news, one may wish for times past when early radio (and early television, à la Cronkite and Murrow) remained.

Today’s remnants of America’s early pioneers of reporting are nothing like what was. The goal today is not to report, but to sell – advertising and misguided beliefs.

Burn Your Talisman

Jack Shepherd

The Sufi and their Whirling Dervish captures greater interest in America than the vanishing American Indian’s religions left among us today. Yet, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, and the more typical Muslim can make the same claim as the Sufi. Given the sheer number of world religions your choice becomes seemingly endless.

All of these religions offer something to some, and yet none offers something to all, from my perspective. If any one of them did we would have a far more united world population.

Incense and ringing bells with salutations in many tongues, chants to the heavens, and for some, Hell, Angels, and Demons from every corner of time, are with us, unless of course you happen to be an Atheist.


Christianity versus Atheism, and Islam versus the (the rest of the) world, and all gods demand something for their benevolence over we mere mortals: tithing or praying to the East three times daily, and do not say or do this or that for fear of offending your god and being cursed to a Thousand Levels of Hell if you are Chinese.


Satanism or Voodoo are not at the top of the list, and like Wicca they capture that forbidden part of our imaginations urging us to explore the unknown and things that go bump in the night: Faith Healers and Crystal Worshippers flock to the stars above, and Tarot readers with 800 Number Physics climb over the American Indian for their piece of the spiritual pie.


In all that could be said about all of the above it must be pointed out that most American Indians retain the right to rise above their gods by making Totems and Talisman so the gods will honor their request. When the god fails to perform as asked, the Totem or Talisman is broken and cast into the fire, and a new god is sought.


Contemporary Christians and others would never abide this practice in their faiths: They prefer instead to berate the recipient of their prayers for failing to live up to their expectations, or to doubt their own faith. The Hebrews say, “Pray as if everything depended upon God; Act as if everything depended upon you.” Sage advice.