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Parlor Trick

Jack Shepherd

If you are one of the estimated 125,000,000 people in America that has been out of work for four or more years, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Unemployment, and those who have lost their homes or businesses (or both) have far exceeded the 1929 Great Depression numbers, and today like in 1929, hope lingers on.

The Government’s push to a Nanny state has been failing since 1933, and our hope comes from God and knowing I may be poor but I have integrity, and self reliance as Big Brother continues telling me, Things are getting better.

Entitlement programs, by their very nature, tell me that things are getting worse. Once a lie is started it is hard to stop, and this true of an outdated, antiquated Electoral College serving two political names yet one political agenda.

When the masters of the house state they will no longer spy on their servants and employees but others to do it for them, has anything really changed?

We the people may have been the object of the greatest Parlor Trick in two hundred years: Introduce a philosophy of Freedom, with hope of success, and slowly take away any rights or privileges granted along with any chance of success, and soon the poor man will sit at the rich man’s feet with no hope of ever standing again.

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