Mein Kampf:
As updated by Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel’s “Super-Secret Guide” to Extermination of the Palestinian (Semitic) People
by Joseph Warren, Editor

You won’t grow horns and develop a bifurcated tail if you read Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Instead, you’re likely to clearly see that Israel’s Netanyahu is following Hitler’s path for the systematic destruction of Europe’s Jews, as applied today to the Palestinian (Canaanite) people. One bad turn deserves another, I suppose.

Ironic? I don’t think so. I think Netanyahu is well read, and in Hitler’s epic work he found a tried-and-true strategy to change his region of the world for what he calculates, the better – an End that justifies the Means to the same extent as his “Uncle Adolf” did 80 years past. (One man’s vermin is another man’s repast.)

The Learned Elders of Zion

Mein Kampf is not exactly an obscure treatise on Hitler’s eradication of the Jews. It isn’t a vague work like, The Jewish Peril, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It isn’t even in Sanskrit. Mein Kampf is an easy-to-read treatise on one sociopath’s view of Germany at a most uncomfortable time in the world – in the wake of the very punitive, and thus untenable, Treaty of Versailles.

If one reads
Mein Kampf through an online format - .pdf or such – and were to successfully Search and Replace the word, Jew with Palestinian, and make other syntactical adjustments, one might read-along with today’s news on the events in Gaza and predict Netanyahu’s next action.

Making room for Israeli settlers

Let’s start with
Lebensraum, Hitler’s use of a Germanic expression (which I translate as Living Room, or Space) meaning, per Hitler, Room for those who are rightfully entitled to reside in Germany at the exclusion of immigrants and thus having no inherent interest in sustaining, or the further development of, society, such as Jews.

Hitler used this argument successfully among Germans in the 1930s to foment and rally the Republic to the acquisition of land and people in Austria, Rhineland, Czechoslovakia, and, continuing through the early years of the war in Europe, he rolled on (and over) under the pretext of Germany’s own version of Manifest Destiny, not any differently than Netanyahu and his minions have envisioned for lands east, north and south of their respective country. Hitler, like Netanyahu, vilified and demoted whole races of people to the level of
Vermin to intensify his efforts and to neutralize contrary opinions of presumed inherent human dignity and rights, since Vermin have no rights.

Nakba: Systematic eradication of Palestinians

Certainly, it all began with the Nakba in 1948 when thousands upon thousands of Palestinians were forcibly uprooted and discarded in camps and settlements designed to contain and control, while others were murdered, much like the Jewish ghetto of Krakow.

Today, though, the only reason Netanyahu has not launched his own version of the
Final Solution against the Palestinians is due to the fallout of international pressure. So far he’s been insulated by his relationship with my country. He is currently a contender for prosecution by the International Criminal Court (ICC), and it is only through systemic failure on the part of the ICC that he has not been tried (and convicted, in my opinion) at this point in time. It is this same failure (and a jurisdictional glitch) that has kept George W. Bush from facing trial for his War Crimes in Iraq beginning in 2003.

The delays in seeking justice on behalf of a people who are facing extermination are very like our position in the late 1930s while we maintained our apathetic isolationist practices, still fragile and overwhelmed by World War One. The difference? The American-Israeli lobby whose efforts and interests on American soil remain in support of Israel at all costs.

Israel and the United States of America

It’s not a difficult nexus to make – Israel and the United States – today. Through the years Israel has supported our efforts to control or influence Middle East Oil reserves. We are intermingled financially. pro-Israel-Jewish influence in the US continues unabated as it always has. Our media and social influences are, as they have always been in the last eight decades, pro-Israel. Businesses and governments are heavily influenced and controlled by Israel’s supporters.

But the Israel that
was, when I was a young man, no longer exists. Today, as with Hitler, Netanyahu’s ministers, to a large extent, echo the rhetoric of an inflamed and vile political machine designed to foment hate and violence.

Israel’s Heinrich Himmler

Take Bezalel Smotrich, Netanyahu’s Minister of Finance, who earlier last year (2023) declaimed that “There is no such thing as a Palestinian nation. There is no Palestinian history. There is no Palestinian language.”

In a contorted and ironic way, he’s right. Prior to Israel – far prior to 1948 – it was known generally as the area of the Southern Levant and was home to today’s Palestinians, Jordanians, Syrians and others. Jews, who shared the land,
shared the land to various cooperative levels. Before 1948 there was no such state as Israel. (The language, Hebrew, was resurrected from the Biblical Torah and other writings, and made modern as was befitting of the new state.)

But no one is sharing the land any longer: for the Jews of Israel and their Semitic cousins the Palestinians, year-after-year-after-year the violence and hate grew until it reached an explosive level, patiently awaiting the arrival of a sociopath, a kindred spirit of the worst criminal of the last century, Netanyahu, to light the fuse.
Now, more than 1,000,000 Palestinian women, children, and men, are, at the very least, homeless, and more than 25,000 are dead.

Joe Biden is feigning sleep at the helm and facing a near-impossible re-election campaign, particularly given his mental torpidity, and he desperately needs Israeli support – in Israel and here in the US.

Mein Kampf and tell me if Hitler’s suspension of the Reichstag is not equivalent to Netanyahu’s diminution of the Legislative branch in Israel, or Hitler’s replacement of Reich-friendly justices to Netanyahu’s push to demote the Judicial system to an ineffectual non-entity.

Is Netanyahu’s Likud party any different from the guiding body of the National Socialists in the 1930s? The similarities are shocking.

“Case 2000” before the Jerusalem District Court – one case of many – charges Netanyahu with attempting to manipulate and control the press in Israel to Netanyahu’s benefit, much as Hitler in 1935 whereby most/all free press was strategically crushed leaving only those sympathetic to the Nazi cause viable and publishing.
Initiated May 2020, the trial continues to this day.

And yet, we here in the United States do nothing but doze while this murderous totalitarian moves closer to destroying both habitation and people who have a clear line of right to occupy the 1948-fabricated state of Israel.

In my copy of
Mein Kampf, having re-read it some few months ago after experiencing an awakening, in a manner of speaking, I have flag-after-flag-after-flag… of absolute, concrete examples of Netanyahu mimicking Hitler’s planned elimination of the Jews, with his focus on Palestinians. It is unequivocally prima facie. More ironically, Netanyahu’s callous and murderous actions could bring about the end Hitler had hoped for. Now that, truly, would be ironic.

Mein Kampf: learn about the latest iteration of Adolf Hitler in the guise of Netanyahu, (Hitler version 2.0?). If you think I am doing Netanyahu an injustice, tell me why at and I’ll include your comments in updates as they develop. Thank you for your time.