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Example Original Oils by GL Hill

“Shattered Hope”
A Young Pashtun Girl Lost in the Diaspora
Shattered Hope - 4
Shattered Hope - 7Shattered Hope - 12

Peering through the remnants of her Kabul window transfixed by the shards of humanity that litter the streets around the shelled and pocked family flat, the Pashtun girl’s expressionless visage poignantly conveys all that is necessary, having grown easy in her short yet tumultuous life of pervasive violence, reconciliation, brief episodes of peace, and re-erupting warfare.

One becomes resigned to living one’s life in despair, even as a child.

Who has won the varied and many conflicts saturating the sands surrounding Kabul with a grim, sanguine sign of surrender? The Soviet Union? The United States? Yes.
In fact, anyone but the Afghan people, including the Pashtuns of their diaspora, such as the young girl pictured here.

In this beautiful image Greta captures the very existential essence of this young Pashtun face. It is a fair and fitting reminder to all of us who may openly, freely, peacefully embrace our children knowing that tomorrow will come for them, but perhaps not for all children everywhere.

Image: 16 X 20 inches (Gallery style canvas) Titled on verso of canvas
$2,800 USD

“Saint Peter”
“Tell ‘em Jesus sent you...”

Saint Peter - 13
Saint Peter - 1Saint Peter - 3

For those of us who were taught that the guardian of the Pearly Gate stood beside a glittering, gilded and gargantuan entrance to Heaven, here is an alternative look at Saint Peter.

Unlike the more variously beaten to death versions of St. Peter awaiting your arrival with open arms, notwithstanding your occasional or frequent trespasses, this St. Peter awaits your knock and acknowledgment of Christian salvation by your utterance, “Jesus sent me.”

We can’t guarantee that on the other side of the door are limitless high-end bathtub Gin, never-ending Big Band music, and an assortment of debonair men and seductively clad women, but if God wanted to do it right, that would be our suggestion.

Image: 14 X 18 inches (Gallery style canvas) Titled on verso of canvas
$395.00 USD

“Zaff Heywet” (Tree of Life)
Arbor Vitae

Zaff Heywet  - 2
Zaff Heywet - 4_FotorZaff Heywet  - 6Zaff Heywet  - 8

From the roots of our existence, all of us are tied closely to one another, inextricably bound to the quantum, shared basis of all life.

We are born attached, rooted in humanity; we breathe for some short period of time until we stop; but our fundamental relationship does not end at that point, continuing on at a higher, more fulfilling level, closer to God, closer to all life.

Zaff Heywet is a visual treatment – a reminder – of how closely held the whole of the universe is to each of us on this planet. How the bearing of one human is bound to us all.

Image: 16 X 20 inches (Gallery style canvas) Titled on verso of canvas

$500.00 USD


Bindiya # - 1
Bindiya # - 4Bindiya # - 3

A most captivating image of an Indian woman, cast alone against a background of Delhi streets. She is discerning and focused on her life. There is a quietness about her that challenges the cacophony of the street on which she stands.

Image: 16 X 20 inches (Gallery style canvas)

“Sunita” (A Life Lies Ahead)

Sunita 2 Corrected
Sunita - 13Sunita - 16Sunita - 19

In this image the artist GL Hill-Warren has created an amalgam from the lives of many Indian girls and women who struggle against seemingly insurmountable male traditions, and the raw misogyny that captures and imprisons the future of many, except those possessing the Wisdom and the Strength to move forward. As the name Sunita implies, reflected in the stillness and depth of her vision is the Wisdom of one who will realize her life as she envisions it…regardless.

Image: 10 X 14 inches (Gallery style canvas) Titled on verso of canvas
$275.00 USD

Dulcinea del Toboso at 78 years old
Dulcinea del Toboso a los 78 años

Companion cc#1

Few loves have matched that which encompassed Don Quixote de la Mancha, knight errant, for his beloved Dulcinea del Toboso, an (idealized) woman of incomparable grace, youthful exuberance, and a distinct beauty deserving of Don Quixote’s undiminishing adoration and commitment. It was a love that he carried throughout his many and various campaigns against evil, misdeeds and during his never-ending promise – his Knight’s Pledge - to bring justice to those who most deserved his attentions.

But, youth, like the rippling of water over stones in a brook, alas, fades, and his incomparable Dulcinea was not to remain the vigorous woman whose soulful love fulminated within Quixote. Many years after Quixote’s sad, reconciled demise, Dulcinea lived on in her last years remaining in El Toboso, Spain, forever recalling that which might have been.

In this wonderful image of Dulcinea at 78 years old she carries the anthropomorphic Quixote (her “Companion”) in her arms, and always near her heart
warming her being and reassuring her soul with the soft pulse of the Quixote’s breathing, reminding her that she lived on. The cat, too, existed within the soul of the old woman and took no leave of her - ever: her constant companion in the small kitchen, in the bedroom, and sharing the outhouse whenever it became necessary. They were never apart. People asked, “What will happen to her cat when she passes on?” Those who understood the bond between the two said, “Plainly, The cat will pass unto God with her: it is only right, no?” And, so it came to pass.

Image: 14 X 18 inches
Overall with frame: 18-1/2 X 22-1/2
$750.00 USD

“Hope for Palestine” الأمل في فلسطين

Hila #1
Hila #4Hila #2Hile Revised # - 9

“Hope for Palestine” الأمل في فلسطين Image Size 12 X 16. (Frame size, above.) The young woman is named, Hila (هليه pronounced, Hee-la in Pashto, or 'Amal أمل in Arabic, for “Hope”).

Held prisoner by the violence and misplaced hate, Hila seeks inward peace, yet casts an outward intense gaze through the bars of her confinement through the window of her brutally-battered shelter searching for international understanding, seeking some human level of compassion in the face of unjust aggression and imprisonment…she seeks Hope.

An original, one of a kind, work of art that will continue to convey your thoughtfulness for the years - decades - to come. How much more thoughtful than a gift certificate or a Chinese made trinket of short-term value. And, you're supporting the Arts.

This is a single original piece that is signed, both by artist and frame artist. It will never be rendered again. GL Hill has brought this wonderful oil to Realism. She is the Publisher of TheIndependentDaily.com and a frequent Editorial contributor to same. GL Hill is also the Producer of the feature length film, The Abduction and Trial of George Bush, listed on IMDB. An accomplished artist she focuses primarily on the faces of women in the world, lending her interpretation to their sometimes-dire predicament at the hands of Man-made aggression.

This is a heavy piece owing to the frame being constructed of steel. An estimate of weight is about 9 KG. While it will hang on a wall, the wall anchor ought to be placed in a stud or other reinforcing part of the structure. Framed image size is 25.5 inches wide by 28 inches tall. Image is 12 X16. Two inch projection from the wall. The oil is on canvas on board. Any similarity of the subject to anyone you may know is only a coincidence: she is a product of GL Hill’s creative mind.

“Tau: Twilight in the Australian Outback”

Tau, First Image
Tao - 6Tao - 8Tao - 1

Tau: Twilight in the Australian Outback takes the viewer to the remoteness of Australia’s primitive desolation during the most enchanting moment of the day. View it from afar and become enwrapped in the fall of night as the evening sky unveils itself; or gaze in the detail of the image’s eyes and become one with the sense of being within the Outback.

Take a daily journey to the remoteness of Australia’s wilderness, abandoning the travails of life, and for a few minutes find serenity.

Image: 16 X 20 inches, Gallery Canvas - no framing required
$550.00 USD

(Falasha Jew)

Raey - 6
Raey - 5Raey - 7Raey - 10

A bold, striking monochromatic image of Raey, an Ethiopian Falasha woman cast into hardship and turmoil. Through it all, though, she sees a future - a revelation of a time of peace, health and prosperity for herself and for the whole of her society and of the oppressed Falasha Jews in Ethiopia. Starkly vivid image on canvas of bold strokes lending texture and depth. GL Hill calls it, "Pronounced Realism."

Perfect on any wall space in any room in your home, your office, your business, yet small enough to become a subtly intriguing accent of original art. Very light weight - could even be hung from a partition wall until your well-deserved promotion comes in.

Image: 16 X 20 inches, Gallery Canvas - no framing required
$320.00 USD

“Green Eyes” شنه سترګې

Shinogi Revised # - 1
Shinogai # - 12Shinogai adjust #3

In this image in GL Hill's series of Afghan women, the young woman, شنه سترګې, Green Eyes, patiently regards the viewer in life-like contemplation. She is framed in polished, welded steel lending a starkness and isolation to her countenance, embracing the viewer in stillness. 

When viewing this image, think of the author, Khaled Husseini whose depictions of the strife and deprivation in Afghanistan in his epic works 
Kite RunnerA Thousand Splendid Suns, and lastly, And the Mountains Echoed become three-dimensional in this painting because it was from these novels she drew her inspiration.

This is a single original piece that is signed, both by artist and frame artist. It will never be rendered again.

This is a heavy piece being constructed of steel. An estimate of weight is about 5 KG. While it will hang on a wall, the wall anchor ought to be placed in a stud or other reinforcing part of the structure. Framed image size is 21.5 inches tall by 17.5 inches wide. Image is 12 X 16. One and one-half inch projection from the wall. The oil is on canvas on board.

$800.00 USD

“Joy of Spring”

Joy of Spring # - 2

Joy of Spring # - 6Joy of Spring # - 7

A playful dormouse celebrates the sense of Springtime emerging from the warming earth. A wonderful original to hang and admire, particularly in the depths of Winter.

Image: 12 X 16 inches on canvas board, Natural Pine Wood Frame
$160.00 USD

 “Coffee Shop Reader”

Coffee Shop # - 1
Coffee Shop # - 4Coffee Shop # - 6

Taken from a surreptitiously captured photograph we had taken at a popular non-Starbucks, quiet, reasonably-priced coffee shop just down the street from Pike’s Place, Seattle. A wonderful image for the house.

Image: 12 X 16 inches on canvas board, Painted Pine Wood Frame
$160.00 USD

About this artist...
(Click image for YouTube introduction)
GL Hill

GL Hill is the Publisher of
TheIndependentDaily.com and a frequent Editorial contributor to same. GL Hill is also the Producer of the feature length film, The Abduction and Trial of George Bush, listed on IMDB. An accomplished artist, she focuses primarily on the faces of women in the world, lending her interpretation to their sometimes-dire predicament at the hands of Man-made aggression. Her studio is in Arizona.

Rare Prints

Nature Morte: Bust and Mandolin
Signed by both Pablo Picasso & Jacques Villon Aquatint 1927 #102 of 200 Rare

Picasso Villon Flat

Picasso Villon # - 2Picasso Villon # - 2 (1)Picasso Villon # - 1 (1)Picasso Villon # - 5Picasso Villon # - 4

One of the rarest of limited editions. Still Life with Bust and Mandolin. So unique. So extraordinary: Two artists joined in a single collaborative effort. How often does one find two noted artists signed to the same work of art? Once this has been sold, you will likely never find this work again on any auction site for man-years. It is an heirloom work typically passed through an estate rather than placed at auction.

While most know the name Picasso, Jacques Villon may not be as familiar. The name of his brother, Marcel Duchamp, though, likely will be. In his own right, Villon was a very accomplished artist and contributed much to the movement. This piece comes from the palette of Picasso: Villon translated the work to this beautiful, brilliant Aquatint.

Like Picasso, Villon was fundamental to the Cubist movement and created, what I think, are some very interesting images. This piece is a superior example of the joined efforts of two of the most remarkable artists of the 20th Century. Collaborating, Picasso and Villon combined their talents to produce this series of Aquatints, limited to 200. This is 106, which makes it no better than #2 or #199

This is an excellent
Investment Grade piece of rare art and a superb example of Cubism to proudly display in your home. Don't miss this opportunity. You could pay more than $100,000 for this Nature Morte next year.

No Best Offers will be entertained.

Please note that the original 1920s frame glass is not – NOT – non-glare. If you wish to change that following your purchase, you may but I never wanted to disturb the 90 year-old backing and hanging support. Therefore, Image #1 is of a screen grab and not of the actual under glass print.

Shipping will be by FedEx, insured, following an extensive crating, and at our expense.

Here’s a little boilerplate on this image:

Technique: Original Hand Signed and Numbered Aquatint on Arches vellum paper. Paper Size: 50.3 x 66 cm / 19.8 x 26 in. Image Size: 37 x 50 cm / 14.6 x 19.7 in.

Additional Information: The work is hand signed in pencil by the artist "Picasso" at the lower left margin. It is also hand numbered in pencil "16/200" at the lower left margin next to the signature. (Seller note: This piece is 102 of 200.) Furthermore, it is inscribed (under matting) in the plate "Gravé par Jacques Villon, 1927" in the upper right edge, and "Bernheim-Jeune, Éditions, Paris" in the lower left edge. Finally, it is hand signed "Jacques Villon" in the lower right margin.

This work was printed in 1927 in a limited edition of 200 signed and numbered impressions. It was published by Bernheim-Jeune, Éditeurs, Paris.

$46,000.00 USD, Worldwide Shipping Included

Original Oils and Other Medium by Other Artists

No. 1

Nature Morte, by Nanno DeGroot
Late 1940s

De Groot Wide # - 1
De Groot # - 9De Groot # - 10de Groot frame # - 1de Groot frame # - 2de Groot Painting # - 1De Groot # - 5

A Very Interesting Provenance:
Nanno De Groot, Earliest works (1940s): Untitled
Nature Morte sold 1950 at the Salon d'Hiver Paris

One of De Groot's earliest works, created some time in the late 1940s prior to his move to New York, and was sold from the Salon d'Hiver in Paris in 1950 to Lilly Brenner, then staying at l'Hotel des Nations at 29, Rue des Ecoles. Ms. Brenner was a resident of San Francisco, so there is some irony in her travels to purchase a painting by someone who was, still then, a resident of San Francisco at the time of its painting.

At the time this image was completed, De Groot was a Cartoonist for my old favorite and now long-dead,
San Francisco Chronicle. This, his chosen career following a stint in the War effort, as I recall, an officer in the USN.

The backing with all references mentioned is still used in the frame of this lovely oil, but was in more than deplorable shape, and we spent some time cleaning and re-painting the frame in a finish that would provide a pleasing visual appearance over its many flaws.

Some time back we made a substantial effort to document this painting's provenance and established with the buyer's daughter that it had been secured by her mother on a Paris trip at that time. She had no other information, and Lilly (her mother) had passed. As an interesting aside, Lilly's testimony as a Holocaust Survivor had been gathered and made part of the Holocaust databank in the SF Bay Area.

De Groot was born in the Netherlands and the image of the Dutch fellow - the portrait hanging above the afternoon repast - is a clever reminder of his roots. Another image,
Le Figaro, is of a newspaper I, like many other students of French, struggled to read off and on for three years finally deciding there was no advantage to developing a fluency in the language. (I wish I wouldn't have decided that.)

De Groot is, I think, still survived by his widow who operates a gallery in Provincetown. He became, as many of the school were, a hard-living artist of vibrancy and innovation. (Maybe he had a drink or two with Eugene O'Neill...Maybe even with Rabo Karabekian, since he was of the same era as featured in Vonnegut’s

We rescued this De Groot years ago from an auction. Look closely at the images of the painting itself and you'll see a few nail holes and a hard - not deep - scratch over the Dutchman. A matting would take care of the few small holes, but the scratch will require a restorer's touch.

Yet, this remains a beautiful painting and very much unlike any of De Groot's later work. Please ask any questions prior to bidding. Shipping around the 48 states is included. For anywhere else, please inquire.

Value has been set based on typical sales of De Groot, increased for earliest example, and reduced by restoration estimate.

$4,500.00 USD

No. 2

Winter Camp, by Griselda Tello
Griselda 1

Griselda 3Griselda 4Griselda 5

Griselda Tello is a California artist of incredible capability, bringing life and vibrancy to her work. This piece is my favorite of hers lending her inherent detailed eye and sophisticated brush and knife to the Winter Camp of Plains Indians. It is beautifully framed and measures overall 28X34 inches. Frame on reverse contains a dedication from the artist to its first owner. This is unlike any of her later work and captures the true spirit of her capabilities, and for which she has been variously and vigorously recognized.

$4,500.00 (USD)

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