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McCain: Poking the Lion

McCain: Тыкание Льва

From "(Putin) is not enhancing Russia's global reputation. He is destroying it. He has made her a friend to tyrants and an enemy to the oppressed, and untrusted by nations that seek to build a safer, more peaceful and prosperous world," according to our John McCain.

Wow! Where to start? So much of what McCain iterated in this diatribe (excerpted above) is so patently hypocritical it’s tough to determine which outlandish claim ought to be first addressed. This journal is replete with several articles pointing to McCain’s support of so many actions that have served to denigrate our standing in the International community that to include yet another seems severely tautological: An overkill, if you will.

From, McCain: Portrait of a Fool, here. In this article we said, “Arizona’s Captain America continues to urge President Obama to more fully involve us in the Syrian conflict, like a little brother urging the elder to beat up a playground bully. As with Iraq, McCain doesn’t care about conflicting reports regarding the use of chemical weapons on Syria’s populace, just as he didn’t particularly care about Hussein’s alleged (and non-existent) stockpiles of deadly gases back in 2003. Facts are not that important to McCain. He just wants a fight…” at any cost.

Perhaps that is his goal: Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the US Military has been without a clearly defined enemy, although we’ve done our best to create as many as possible (Read, Don’t Buy Your New iDrone Yet, here). Nothing, though, can take the place of a good old-fashioned, Reaganesque, Evil Empire, to sustain and build Military spending at the expense and welfare of America’s population. Besides, few Americans understand that Russia today is not the Soviet Union of yesterday, and most very likely have no idea what a Soviet Union was, anyway.

McCain knows, though, because he was imprisoned, lest we forget on pain of repeated reminders, for many years by the Vietnamese - a people then supported largely by the Soviet Union (and the Chinese with whom we now freely trade and maintain a staggering and growing Trade Deficit.) Read, Barak O’Deficit, below.

Vietnamese trade is important to McCain too for some unknown reason. I suspect it has something to do with the Stockholm Syndrome whereby a prisoner comes to identify and empathize with his captors.

Notwithstanding, McCain knows that we need another larger-than-life and foremost, tangible foe against whom we may rail to meet both our existential needs and to increase our already bloated Military budget - being his primary raison de etre in the Senate. (The US MIlitary budget has doubled in the last ten years with Sequestration, and remains ten times that of any other country in the World.)

So, why not begin to build that sense of evilosity by starting the “demonizing” ball rolling down the alleyway. Hence his what appear to be stupid, arrogant, hypocritical, and ill-conceived remarks that serve to do nothing but drive a wedge between two countries that together ought to be at the forefront of bringing about greater reconciliation between the world’s lesser powers.

Was it the Edward Snowden thing? Is it his frustration with not being able to grasp control of Syrian natural resources for the benefit of those to whom he truly answers? Or, simply, is it, as we’ve said before, “McCain is frankly nothing more than a lapdog to those who profit most from the continued destruction of America. He is addle-pated and confused and an anachronism that must be set-aside before he does any more damage.”

Putin is in the Catbird seat, clearly. Smoothly, as one would expect from an ex-KGB executive, he has manipulated McCain into stripping to the skin thus exposing his shortcomings for the world to see. Does Putin find McCain’s transparent attack humorous? I would think so. Only those of marginal intellect (and redundantly, Sarah Palin) would agree with Senator McCain. But, history has shown that from small lies true conflict has come to pass.

From, Yet Another History Reminder, here. “Then, too, there’s John McCain. His job is to stimulate income for those he represents as a result of his key seats in the US Senate’s Defense and Homeland Security committees. He does it well, apparently, since he is now a multi-millionaire.”

Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself.