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McCain: Portrait of a Fool


John McCain, Arizona’s Captain America continues to urge President Obama to more fully involve us in the Syrian conflict, like a little brother urging the elder to beat up a playground bully. As with Iraq, McCain doesn’t care about conflicting reports regarding the use of chemical weapons on Syria’s populace, just as he didn’t particularly care about Hussein’s alleged (and non-existent) stockpiles of deadly gases back in 2003. Facts are not that important to McCain. He just wants a fight…

The fact is that we are still heavily involved in Iraq to the tune of more than $80 billion dollars in Defense appropriations every year, and far and away that amount in Afghanistan. In the last four years we have printed up more than $3 trillion dollars to refloat the economy: an economy largely bankrupted, just as it did the Soviet Union eventually leading to its collapse, by Afghanistan.

McCain wants Boots on the Ground – American boots, albeit made in China – to become once more intertwined inextricably in a civil war that ought to be none of our business, if our business wasn’t Oil.

Right now, the Middle East is awash in change predominantly orchestrated by a wrecked Foreign Policy carried over from the Bush administration.

It is no coincidence that the various civil uprisings in Egypt, Tanzania, Nigeria, and the many other countries of northern Africa and the Middle East occurred at the conclusion of the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles where seats of power and control were vaporized by our quest to control the world’s resources, leaving power voids soon filled by those we had opposed and who oppose us in principle and ideology yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

President Obama’s position of withholding American involvement is laudable. From our perspective, it may be the first such commendable act of his Presidency: We cannot afford neither the loss of life nor the financial devastation associated with another Iraq. We cannot further exacerbate the current state of Middle East uncertainty. We cannot allow people like John McCain, whose primary contributors support his roles on both the Armed Services and Homeland Security committees, to prevail.

McCain is frankly nothing more than a lapdog to those who profit most from the continued destruction of America. He is addle-pated and confused and an anachronism that must be set-aside before he does anymore damage. Nowhere was that more apparent than during his feeble and lack-luster run for president in 2008. Yes, he is a charming relic of the past, just as a typewriter is today, and nearly as useful.

We cannot allow a new war, a new conflict, a new legacy of death, no matter how it may benefit Oil and Defense. The World expects more from us. What did you expect from John McCain?