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Look into their eyes...

They did not deserve to die.

Officers Beck and Soldo, LVMPD

I am vexed. Proclaiming that their actions were at the heart of a “revolution” two now dead culprits, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, murdered Beck and Soldo in cold blood while they lunched together in a Las Vegas pizzeria. This is not revolution: this is cowardice. In America revolution happens at the ballot box, just as it will this November. It is not at the smoking end of a barrel, but in the hearts and minds of the voting populace who decide to take America on a different course, notwithstanding influences.

Is it frustrating to be an American today? Yes. It’s terribly difficult to watch as things move idly on the same course, as America’s majority electorate continue to make the same errors in judgment (based on my subjective opinion). But that is who we are: An amalgam; a consensus; and no bullet may change that.

Probably, if you would have had a discussion with Officer Beck, and the subject had turned to America’s persistent intrusion into our daily lives, he might have said, “I’m not happy about that, either.” Officer Soldo may have seconded Beck’s opinion. We are all Americans. Many of us experience the same frustrations. The same periodic disillusion. Taking an oath to protect the people of one’s city or county ought not be a death sentence. These people are not the enemy - you are: in your complacency, in your greed, in your fear. Remember that in November.

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