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June 7, 2013
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Who Are We?

Jack Shepherd

Doing the right thing as a Super Power while we watch millions die in Rwanda or Bosnia is as much as an oxymoron with a touch of irony for America’s honored dead and wounded veterans.

In Syria, two thousand dead from chemical warfare trumps ninety-eight thousand dead from plain old bullets, and bombs. What about the million who die from starvation or lack of medication? Should this not cause a Super Power to act in the interest of the world?

America’s problems at home with the National Debt as our infrastructure continues to crumble; and we falsely pad the unemployment numbers to assuage the minds of those who now live with friends or relatives (or in their cars as the invisible homeless); and thousands Veterans are put on a back burner as the government now says if your killed or wounded in the barracks and not on the battle field you or your family gets nothing since you were not wounded or killed in action. So this is honor for our Veterans? I think not. As Hillary Clinton said, “ What does it matter now”? A lot if it affects you, and it does.

Peace talks with those who wish you harm is foolish; giving them money is a ludicrous form of bribing the bully. Fascism is that in which you say the world must agree to your ideology of life. Socialism is that in which you state you are going to meet the needs of everyone, and Imperialism is simply a form of Dictatorship.

America is suppose to be a Republic, and yet it is hard to define what America is today when we have become nothing more than a synthesis – a jumble – of all of the above.

With all the phony scandals in America today, those we should watch are clouded by smoke screens. Fossil fuel and Energy concerns blind us to the fact it will be fresh water, in the end, that will decide our fate.

As the world moves into the future and father away from critical thinking, there is but one course left for mankind: Slavery, with the belief that you are truly free while applying for food stamps and a credit card at the same time.