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June 7, 2013
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Homelessness in 300 Words

Jack Shepherd

Most editors give you 300 hundred words, so here goes: No breakfast, no job, electric is off, gas, and water too. No Cable TV. The car was impounded for no insurance.

Food banks we gave to in the past have become our refuge. My kids take a shower at the school or church, and sometimes the gas station. My little boy asks if it is bad because he wants a birthday cake, and I cry at my impotence to provide.

Five years no work, no welfare yet, we are holding out so those who need it more get it. No medical access or cardboard signs that say, Please Help. Knocking on doors and asking for work gives us a sense of pride at $5.00 an hour.


It’s spooky, you know, to see someone like us and just know they are in it, too. A smile while the glimmer of a tear hides in the shadows, and at fifty or forty something is horribly wrong. Is it me?

Day labor jobs are closed, and dumpster hunting is getting crowded while the blood banks are saying, Sorry you got a cold!


Don’t give up, I cheer the family on as I tell them why we can’t burden others in the family or friends, as I pray for Obamacare to kick in and cover the hospital bills. And I lie, Hey kids, we’re going on vacation to learn subsistent ways of life. Chop wood and carry water: live off the land. What the hell else can I do?


Things are getting better the President says, and yet today I can tell you I once walked across the country for declarations of awareness for the Homeless in the 1990’s. Today it is far worse: Hope has been recalled by social democracy.

An organization that for years has been striving to eradicate Homelessness, and one of which I am very familiar and have developed a long and reciprocal relationship with in the advancement of awareness and cure, is the National Coalition for the Homeless. May I ask that you consider donating to this cause?

Clicking on this link will bring you to their website. No donation is too small...

Thank you. -JS