If Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine is So Good, Why Did the FDA Extend Pfizer’s Legal Immunity?
(Pass This Article to Those You Know. You are not spreading misinformation: You are spreading data as provided by Pfizer to the FDA.)

(FDA Documents Link Included in Article)

Look: I can’t think of another way to say it.
You Must Read the Pfizer Clinical Trials Report on Covid Vaccine (COMIRNATY) Before Deciding to Inject a Compound Containing an Absolutely Known Carcinogen to Defeat an Illness with a Marginal Health Risk per Pfizer!

Joseph Warren, Editor

Right to the substance of this brief article, then read-on if you like:

Along with the FDA’s approval documents of the Pfizer vaccine,
they published a pdf attachment entitled, HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION. It cannot be tampered with: it is as issued by the FDA. It is locked. You may find it on the FDA site by clicking the link. (We elected to safeguard what was written exporting it to our local server.) Think of the bulleted points below as a Quick Start guide:

Open the document and “turn” to page 18. There you will find
Table 6: Vaccine Efficacy…

- In Table 6 you will see that of the 20,540 participants who received the COMIRNATY vaccine, 7 days after the second dose there was one confirmed case of Covid.

- Of the Placebo group –
people who received an injection of Saline21 of 20,629 developed Covid in the same timeframe.

- The delta (difference) is
20 additional Covid cases without the Pfizer vaccine out of more than 20,000 people. That is to say that, according to Pfizer’s own research, the incidence of Covid infection in an unvaccinated society is .0969% or less than one-tenth of one percent. Compare this level of incidence to the flu, detailed below.

- One of Pfizer’s ingredients, 4-hydroxybutyl, is used primarily to induce bladder cancer in rats so that researchers may better understand the efficacy of certain therapies. That is its primary use because it is
very effective in manifesting cancerous growths.

- Pfizer announced its acquisition of
Trillium Therapeutics the day after gaining FDA approval, August 23, 2021. Trillium develops cancer therapies - or hopes to...

- On the same day, our government extended the indemnification on behalf of Pfizer for its Covid vaccine, Comirnaty: If you are harmed by their vaccine (before or after FDA approval) you or your estate cannot seek compensation in a court of law.

Why extend the indemnification if the vaccine has been approved by the FDA as meeting safety and efficacy standards?

Overall, this makes no sense, if it weren’t that Biden was primary recipient of Pharmaceutical political contributions in 2020, with Pfizer ranking Number 1, thus his primary Pharmaceuticals contributor.

(We downloaded the above document when it was first made available fearing that its publication may be withdrawn from the FDA’s site after someone finally woke-up and realized that it
does not build a very substantial case for exposing yourself to the possible risks of being injected with this highly suspect “medicine.”)

As an aside, according to the CDC, every year from 3% to 11% of Americans contract the flu: far more than Covid. Influenza’s mortality rate ranges somewhere around .015% for those infected.

Early on we were told that Covid’s rate of death, if you will, was about twice that of the flu per the many “experts” who have testified on the need for vaccination, some in tearful displays intended to strike further fear, as though you weren’t saturated enough.

So, the actual death rate from Covid infection ought to be about .030% of those infected (not the mathematical .00030, but three-hundredths of a percent), or for the Placebo study group,
about six or seven people dying out of more than 20,000 unvaccinated. Reviewing Pfizer’s documents, I’m unable to locate any deaths within the “control group” – the Placebo people. So much, I would think, depends on comorbidity issues such as those involving heart, kidney, and/or other illnesses or serious ailments.

Understand too that
under the emergency provisions, which have been extended to include Pfizer’s approved vaccine, you have no legal recourse for any physical side effects you may experience, including death, associated with being injected by this drug.

What’s deadly about the drug?

From an earlier article, below in this journal:
“So, if one is going to conduct informal, broadly-based clinical trials that may result in loss of life, why start with high-priced people, particularly since one of the vaccine makers, Pfizer-BioNTeach has incorporated 4-hydroxybutyl into its formula – a compound used to induce cancer in rats? I wouldn’t if I were in charge.”

4-hydroxybutyl is only used to induce bladder cancer, in rats. That is its sole purpose. Through this, scientists may better understand how to effectively treat bladder cancer, and presumably, other forms of cancers. It’s an easy lookup on your own. Reference it online: the CDC will tell you as much.

It was this chemical in the drug that prompted me to contact
Dr. Peter Marks. He’s the Director of the FDA’s Biologics department and the primary person behind compiling data concerning the drug’s components. Under our masthead I asked, Why was a known carcinogen used in the Pfizer drug?

Not surprisingly, I never heard back.
Subsequently, though, we discovered an August 23, 2021 letter from the FDA to Pfizer assuring them that the indemnification against adverse reactions would stand, and anyone injected with the Pfizer vaccine could not sue Pfizer. This pdf is linked, as well. They took this questionable, probably un-heard of step of indemnifying Pfizer through extending the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Why would the FDA need to do this if the drug made its way through acceptable Clinical Trials and was found Safe and Efficacious in the context of the FDA’s standard protocols?


That is not a rhetorical question. I truly do not know. What I do know is that the still, small voice inside of me says, Do not take this drug. I agree with Robert Kennedy Jr: We get it; we get over it, or we don’t. That is what life is. But you won’t hear his or any other dissenting voice on Twitter, Facebook or any of the other useless social media platforms: Kennedy was kicked off for his views.

One last Pfizer item that is newsworthy: On August 23, 2021 – the day after receiving unconditional approval to inject the world with a cancer-causing drug, Pfizer announced that
they had acquired Trillium Therapeutics Inc. Trillium researches cancer therapies.

When I was
born in 1950 there were 2 billion people in the world. Today there are about 8 billion. That’s too many. That’s way too many. Maybe Pfizer is doing us a worldwide favor…


Want More?

So for an infection rate far less than the flu, using Pfizer’s data, we shut down the government, schools, industry, employment in all fields, and quite literally bankrupted our Treasury, were it not for our uncanny ability to borrow from our children’s future by printing increasingly useless currency predicated on a National Debt of $30 trillion.

If you’re not incensed, allow me to be for the both of us.

Compare the actual documented infection rate to the hysteria, the fear, violence, disruption, the fomented hate, xenophobic acts of violence and humiliation, the political demise of our former President Trump (largely manifested by the strangely, serendipitously occurring economic collapse immediately preceding the November 2020 election where our undefeatable economy was defeated). And, if you review some of what follows in TheIndependentDaily.com you’ll note that we are fervent Independents having no allegiance to either Republican or Democratic party dogma.

Think about how your life has been to some significant extent
altered, impaired, impacted, and possibly destroyed by this…marginal health threat.

So what happened to the trillions of dollars given away as a gift by those who have yet to be born?

You get a car! You get a car! You get a car! Everybody in this audience gets a brand new car!
- Oprah

Maybe we didn’t get a brand new car, but many in our society are certainly in a position to buy the Ferrari of their choice several times over as a result. Nationwide we know who the Pandemic winners were: Amazon, eBay, Netflix, Pfizer, Moderna (Big Pharma, in sum, as it’s termed), and anyone who offered another excuse for not getting off our butts and forging ahead, notwithstanding some nebulous, manipulated news report.

In an article below we point out the obvious: during the initial year of the pandemic you were essentially invulnerable to death - you were immortal, so long as you avoided “Covid” - because the official numbers offered for mortality in the United States at that time were
straight-away attributed to Covid, regardless of what you died from.

No one died of anything else. Every over-weight alcoholic, every frightened-to-death elder in the senectitude of their life saw the Reaper at their door. Anyone who didn’t march in lock-step and repeat the mantra, Covid is death… was shunned and discovered dead within short order: at least that’s what we heard. No wonder everyone was on a ventilator. (I need a ventilator as I recapitulate these events. In fact, I need a ventilator just to read the morning news nowadays.)

Conversely, we did not hear about those who were critical of the reported findings: those who lived on, like us here, and obviously, you too.

Today, many of those with contrary opinions, just like those who are in agreement with the
Vaccine hysteria today, rely on Social Media, even Donald Trump, even Robert Kennedy Jr., even you probably: not us here though. (Our audience is and has always been what it is, and we are pleased about that. We do not Tweet or Facebook: the thought of doing so makes my blood run cold.)

In truth, most of us benefitted from the largesse of Americans who are
yet-to-be-born. That would be the good news. The bad news is too disturbing to even consider. Greed and short-sightedness though, is and was the catalyst.


Take our little community here, Kingman, suffused in the northwest corner of Arizona, a short drunk-drive from Las Vegas. Locally we have only one hospital. It is a not-for-profit that specializes in charging far more per bed per day than hospitals located in far more affluent parts of the state and nation. They have a staff of about 2500 and specialize in sending the needy patient to either Las Vegas or Phoenix. It never used to be that way, but that’s their business model today.

revenue in 2019 was about $330 million. In 2020 revenue increased to about $1.5 billion, or a year-over-year increase of $1.17 billion. Along the way, their executives received fairly anomalous wage increases, including for their chief executive whose annual salary increased from about $500,000 to more than $820,000 in one year.

To my knowledge this non-profit hospital
still shuttles anyone who happens to wander in with anything other than a broken arm to Las Vegas, or to the Mayo in Phoenix.

Doesn’t seem right, does it?

It isn’t, but we have no local press today; no guardians of freedom: we have only one newspaper here, and it really isn’t a newspaper, like so many aren’t any longer in America today. To a large extent the local paper’s survival is based on the relatively large budget afforded them through advertising from the non-profit hospital. In truth, today it’s more of a Crime Sheet from many years ago where they essentially take what our local police department PIO gives them and they pass it off as their own. Like with most small town papers, they’re dying. It’s not their fault. It’s a consequence of Social Media being viewed as a reliable alternative to legitimate news. They are certainly not.

The City of Kingman is basically in the same situation as the local newspaper. The hospital is the second biggest employer in Kingman.
No other non-governmental body employs as many people within the city’s boundaries. As a result, city government panders to their whim, providing city commendations to the hospital’s staff and administrators. They give City Proclamations and commendations away for everything, including when someone cleans the accumulated dishes in a break room sink.

Our city – the City of Kingman – has also benefitted from the Covid pandemic, hugely. Just a few days ago we dropped a little less than
one million dollars – Covid Bucks – on an old State of Arizona building that nobody wanted, so that we could expand and formalize our Electric Car Museum.

To us here at TheIndependentDaily.com, a “museum” is a place where one puts those things from the past that were interesting developments in the Arts or Sciences (or simply cultural asides) as we bolted to the future and enlightenment.
Art is kept in museums to preserve it for future generations. Manuscripts and Rare Books are retained under the protective covers of museums, curated and toured, researched and revered. In America we even have a SPAM museum, because it was something some/many of us ate from time-to-time during our Salad Days, which probably ought to be called SPAM Days. We have museums for everything and anything that, over the decades – centuries and millennia - retrospectively amuses, or which we wish to protect from future loss in space and time and the treadmill of time.

Electric Cars? No: We’ve just got started.

Expecting some clever denouement to this story? Quite honestly, I don’t have one. I think one will be written, but it will be a few years in the future, and I hope, as you do, that it will not be catastrophic.

From Bloomberg, August 21
Food for thought...

Anecdotes tell us what the data can’t: Vaccinated people appear to be getting the coronavirus at a surprisingly high rate. But exactly how often isn’t clear, nor is it certain how likely they are to spread the virus to others. And now, there’s growing concern that vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to serious illness than previously thought.


Mandate an Unapproved Vaccine?
Joseph Warren, Editor

We want to assure the public that the review of applications for full approval of Covid-19 vaccines is one of the highest priorities at the Food and Drug Administration. However, an extensive additional amount of manufacturing and clinical information has been collected since the emergency use authorizations and must be reviewed and evaluated by the agency as part of any applications submitted.

Any vaccine approval without completion of the high-quality review and evaluation that Americans expect the agency to perform would undermine the F.D.A.’s statutory responsibilities, affect public trust in the agency and do little to help combat vaccine hesitancy.

Peter Marks, Director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation, July 9, 2021,
to the New York Times


I’m sorry. Did you say,
However, an extensive additional amount of manufacturing and clinical information has been collected since the emergency use authorizations and must be reviewed and evaluated? So, Director Marks: You have much data that needs to be evaluated to decide if the vaccines currently being “tested” on the majority of citizens are safe and effective, but you can’t release that information until you understand it completely? Yet, without understanding the safety of the vaccines, we are supposed to trust that they are polar-opposites of harmful.

As I mention below, we are not Anti-Vax people: we just don’t want to end up being the primary plot-line in a post-vaccination screenplay about chemistry gone bad in America in the year 2024.

Understand what’s happening, completely, before you acquiesce. Make an
informed decision.

the Pharmaceutical companies can’t be sued under the unusual Emergency Use provisions, which specifically protects them from financial and moral responsibility.

Now, read the article that follows and you’ll understand why many millions of Americans are not ready to line-up and follow the path established by those who, in many cases, fail to see the inherent shortcomings of this type of mandated vaccination program.

Covid-19 Vaccine:
Nothing for me, thanks. I’m good.
Joseph Warren, Editor

Out of necessity, this hearing will focus on the costs and regulatory burden that might be imposed by this legislation. But, to remind us why this legislation is necessary, I would first like to show a short video presentation… This tape shows pictures of children in Florida who suffered injuries due to apparent adverse reactions to vaccines.

Senator Paula Hopkins (Acting Chair, Labor and Human Resources regarding Senate Bill 2117,
National Childhood Vaccine-Injury Compensation Act, May 3, 1984)


The referenced video documented “injuries” children had experienced due to vaccine injection, but did not include images of those who died. Illness and death is a recurring theme in both clinical trials and for vaccines in active use, yet typically for very understandable reasons not widely publicized.

“Covid-19 vaccines rarely result in death.”
What does “Rare” mean with respect to serious consequences associated with any one of the three Covid-19 vaccines? “Rare” is not a very scientific qualifier. If I say I rarely fart, will that make you want to share a cab with me, if rare to me means 20 to 25 times per day? What if I am prone to farting, and rare, by my definition is less than 100 times per day?

Take the 2006 clinical trials conducted in England outside the supervision of the National Health Service (NHS), which had nothing to do with flatulance. This “clandestine” trial was intended to test the efficacy and safety of the
Parexel marketed drug, TGN1412, or Theralizumab, against autoimmune diseases and additionally as a treatment for leukemia. For six of the eight men who subjected themselves to this trial (those who received the actual drug tested rather than the placebo) the trial nearly ended their lives and certainly changed them organically and psychically forever.

Yet, to a large extent, words such as “rare” and “seldom” and “few” are the nebulous qualifying parameters we are expected to accept with respect to a vaccine that has yet to become formally accepted by the FDA, and to my knowledge no data on vaccine safety, other than generalities, have been made available.

Recent history is rife with instances where the introduction of vaccines and other intended “beneficial” drugs resulted in disastrous outcomes, including those for Seroquel and other psychotropic drugs, gene therapy, anti-cancer treatments, seemingly benign vaccines, and an assortment of other professed life-saving miracles offered through our pharmaceuticals industry, in the USA and in the rest of the world.

And if a Covid-19 vaccine did result in injury, you couldn’t do anything about it.

Pharmaceutical companies developing vaccines were made immune from legal consequences...so, tough. Here’s a good CNBC summary.

Here in America, though, we are supposed to be protected from the unscrupulous peddler of, perhaps on one hand little more than a benign patent medicine in the guise of a serious cure, to the other, a life-taking assault on society in the quest for profit, which is to a very great degree what Health Care has become. Opioids, anyone?

The real trouble of life, Ponderevo, isn’t that we exist…the real trouble is that we don’t really exist, and we want to.
H. G. Wells,
Tono Bungay

Whenever I consider the profession termed (paradoxically)
Health Care I think of both Sinclair Lewis’ Arrowsmith and Wells’ Tono Bungay, both of which speak as well today as they did 100 years ago to the abstract and protectionist shroud under which the Medical profession ministers to our ills. In sum, both books will provide you with a sound basis for questioning the veracity of anyone associated with the industry. Remember: when in court, it’s not the medical Sciences, but the medical Arts defending themselves from criticism and deflecting blame: It’s a subtle difference.

To protect us, the FDA long ago introduced (and much of the time requires pharmaceutical companies to adhere to) Clinical Trial guidelines. Here is the FDA summary and
what did not happen with regard to the various Covid-19 vaccines currently being tendered, offered, thrust, and forced down your throat or into your arm:

Phase 1: 20 to 100 people (healthy or with the disease/condition) over “several months” after which about 70% of tested drugs typically move to the next phase.

Phase 2: Up to several hundred participants (with the disease/condition) over several months to 2 years, after which about 1/3 of tested drugs in this phase of testing move to the next phase.

Phase 3: 300 to 3000 people with the disease/condition over a period of 1 to 4 years, after which about ¼ of the tested drugs move to the next phase.

Phase 4: Several thousand volunteers with disease/condition the object of which is to test Safety and Efficacy of the drug prior to its approval and use.

Cumulative timeline formula: Several Months + Several Months to 2 Years + 1 to 4 Years + Some Added Test Experience = A lot more time than anything on the market today being touted as a safe and efficacious vaccine.

Cumulative resulting potential vaccines:
if we begin with 100 possible vaccines, it is safe to conclude, based on the FDA that 70 will move to Phase 2. Of those 70, about 23 will move on to Phase 3. Of those 23, about 6 will move on to Phase 4. (How many potential vaccines entered expedited FDA trials? I have no idea: that too was shrouded in mystery and left unsaid.)

Of course, like any good government regulatory body,
except those that regulate what you and I want to do quickly, the FDA has a special fast-track process for drugs intended to respond to an emergent situation, like say, Covid-19, for which the rules were cast out, nearly completely.

Though he meddled little in politics, considering them the most repetitious and least scientific of human activities…
(Sinclair Lewis, Arrowsmith on Max Gottlieb, Arrowsmith’s bacteriologist mentor)

To move things along, the reported Covid-19 trials were expedited and infused with misinformation and vagaries, clouded by hypotheses, and rammed through at “Warp Speed” as coined by our former president, so as not to appear as though he did nothing other than suggest drinking
Lysol and sticking a light bulb up your rectum.

Uncharted waters, for him and for all of us: hysteria erupted volcanically, and many of our obese and otherwise unfit lethargic Americans, accounting for nearly half of our population, found themselves rushing for ventilators and pizza and Netflix as the walls closed in. Understandably so. Too much pseudo-news; too little transparency, just as today: It is, if not impossible, at least very difficult to find clear, accurate data concerning the safety and possible consequences of the three vaccines most popularly being pushed. I know I’m lost in the melange.

We, here, are
Flu Shot People and have no fear of immunization when we have a reasonable belief, based on reported science, in the safety of a drug. There is no Transparency today, though, with respect to Covid-19 vaccines: only generalities of assurance with an occasional reported adverse effect (death, coma, and the like) that seemingly leaked out very unintentionally and immediately denied by those who benefit from the current all-inclusive pro-vaccination hysteria campaign.

My publisher and I were talking about the lack of clinical experiences with the various touted Covid-19 vaccines last year at the point of their introduction: she has had many years of experience in a prior life serving as liaison, and in a data collection and number-crunching position for numerous clinical trials. Earlier – long ago, actually – I too had client companies who were frequently battling the FDA machine seeking approval for a drug that would, perhaps, save countless lives, but more importantly
boost net sales substantially.

Old People First...

One morning I read to her the reported or proposed rollout for Covid-19 vaccine use:
Old people first was the message. While they may have couched it in less offensive terms, the intent was clear: the first to receive one of the various drugs were the elderly. Why? Well not because they value we relics beyond youth, but because – I am one of many Old People in our country – actuarially speaking we are near zero in value. We are beyond our Sell-By dates; we are past-due books at God’s great library in the sky; many of us have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, anyway. Anyone who is less-than-elderly carries a higher price tag, as does the very wealthy regardless of age: it’s a consequence of our legal system.

For the elderly, our children have already grown into miserable, greedy adult egomaniacs and no longer require our support. The only person on whom we may depend is our spouse or significant other, unless we’ve killed them off by sheer perfidy or the constant re-telling of the same story over and over. (Think
Old Age is wondrous? Watch the PBS interview of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter commemorating their seventy-fifth wedding anniversary: he’s 96 and she’s 93 and nothing will get you back quicker to a two-pack-a-day habit.)

A Big Word; A Bigger Problem: 4-hydroxybutyl

So, if one is going to conduct informal, broadly-based clinical trials that may result in loss of life, why start with high-priced people, particularly since one of the vaccine makers, Pfizer-BioNTeach has incorporated 4-hydroxybutyl into its formula – a compound used to induce cancer in rats? I wouldn’t if I were in charge.

Trolling the local hospice lobby is ideally
Step One: that was Reason One why I have not been inoculated. Reason Two is as simple: All Adverse Reaction data – illness, death, and so on, potentially linked to the vaccine, is being reported, if at all, voluntarily to the drug makers by the inoculated (not that the drug makers care), and, maybe, to our own Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH). No one is going to do an autopsy on a septuagenarian who suddenly died from a cause typically linked to vintageness, just as no one died of any other disease or illness during the peak of the Covid-19 crisis.

You were (for that time) immortal…

Seemingly not a single heart attack, cancer, or even vehicle accidental death was ascribed to anything but the virus last year. 2020 was a great year to be alive if you didn’t have Covid-19. You were (for that time) immortal.

Why? Because Health Care providers and local and state governments
were receiving a great deal of funding, based on the occurrence of Covid-19 in their region. They were for all purposes being paid to report Covid-19, and ascribe the cause of any death as attributable to the virus: to err on the side of money. You’re probably incredulous at that statement and asking, Are you telling me that my city or state government would deceive the public in order to garner additional federal funds to add to their already bloated budgets? Of course not: governments would never do that. Right?

The truth is, the real Covid-19 vaccine “Clinical Trials” are on-going today and will be well into tomorrow. Adverse drug reactions however are only reported anecdotally. The occasional reference to someone succumbing to Covid-19, or one of its variants such as the emerging
Delta version, is all that’s publicized and probably quite by intent to build greater fear into the public and to improve vaccine sales and better promote the mass, real-life trials underway around the world.

Why two shots? And why now does Pfizer say three? And, doesn’t that equate to 3 times the 4-hydroxybutyl?

In the Parexel study above, a second series of trials was initiated subsequently wherein the dosage was reduced substantially as was the timing between participant injections, providing adequate time to evaluate each patient’s reaction to the drug: while in the initial study each of the six participants was flooded with the vaccine, one after the next in quick succession, as illogical as that may seem to me and to you.

The subsequent trial ran to some definite conclusion, apparently, without the devastating consequences of the first, and in the back of my mind I wonder,
Is that why the Covid-19 vaccine is given in most cases in two injections rather than one? Is it to mitigate the adverse reaction while being in this “Test” state? And, why do I receive only one flu shot each year but likely required to have two in succession for Covid-19? It seems the overall process lacks transparency, or more accurately, honesty.

As an aside, some short time ago, I researched
Who should receive the Covid-19 vaccine? Various professional resources, including those locally with whom I am supposed to have a patient-provider relationship, specify:

The vaccine ought not be given to someone who has experienced the illness. I went through a rough time some few weeks ago that may have been (or mimicked) Covid-19. In hindsight it proved fairly benign and inconsequential after three or four days.

Should I get a test? According to research, only if you are experiencing symptoms. Well, not anymore.

So how do I know if I should get the inoculation if I am uncertain if I’ve experienced the illness, and what happens if I did have Covid-19 before but fail to mention it in order to obtain the inoculation? Will body parts fall off? Will I slip irrevocably into a coma? Will I become a

Some of my neighbors – but not many – have been vaccinated. I’m keeping an eye on those who have. For the most part,
they are as vertical as they have ever been, so perhaps the last phase of the trials is nearing completion, and sometime in autumn, after reviewing what meager data is available, I’ll decide if an inoculation is in order.

On the other hand, I might pass beyond, as we say, before being vaccinated, in which case (owing to this article) others will contend it was due to Covid-19 and not the truck that ran over me, which I did not see while crossing the street because I was blowing my nose due to a sinus infection attributable to Covid-19: clearly, the
Peterbilt variant.

First paragraphs in a book are the most illustrative of what one may expect in all the many words that follow. One of my favorite first paragraphs begins, Someone must have been telling lies about Joseph K…

That’s from Kafka’s The Trial. Everybody’s at least heard of the book if not read it. It’s regularly used to describe scenarios that are, plainly, strange, in the fullest, most imaginative definition of the word. It’s a short read, and is always highly recommended, especially for novice existentialists. When one uses the word, Kafka-esque they are defining a circumstance or event that is beyond comprehension owing to its inherent contradictions and seemingly dream-like strangeness.

And that is what the last 18 months has been for nearly all of us.

Read, H. G. Wells’
Tono Bungay
Read, Sinclair Lewis’
Read Kafka’s
The Trial
(For a more detailed understanding of Existentialism, an antiquated philosophical approach to life: any of Sartre’s books will shed more light on the philosophy –
Nausea, Troubled Sleep, Being and Nothingness, and similarly happy-titled existentialist tomes.)