Drug Use, Homelessness, Crime, Vast Overpopulation, and Societal Collapse

Look on the bright side: Biden’s staffing up by 300,000 troops for a war in Europe. Maybe Putin-Xi will blow us off the face of the earth! Problem Solved.

by Joseph Warren, Editor
copyright 2023


When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water...”
- Vice President Kamala Harris

In today’s radically strange world, our Vice President was condemned for this supposed slip-up. Not oddly, I consider it to be one of the most truthful statements uttered by a politician over the last several decades. It may have been a deviation from her script, but from such “unintentional” words the truth lurks within. You may call it a Freudian slip or a parapraxis, but she is a schooled orator, Howard University graduate, and a graduate of Hastings Law: neither of which equate to Trump University, by the way, and require rigorous focus and academic excellence.

Take a moment and recall the
outside world during Covid lock-down: Clean Air, Cleaner Streets, Clean Parks, Unsullied Streams...an environmental delight. I have the advantage, I admit, because, too, I vividly recall the Southern California coast during the 1950s. I clearly see the mountain lakes and streams not far off, and the smell of the forest uncontaminated by trash and foul smells of soiled disposable diapers, garbage and empty cans left at campsites and along the streams. I’ve seen giant boulders without spray-painted profanities and insipid gang signs left by the plethora of idiots roaming the urban wilderness.

The burden of anyone
at least approaching the state of being fully-brained is the recognition that we are vastly overpopulated. With increased population comes increased numbers of those who are less than mentally capable of participating in a Democratic society: They are unread, unschooled, confused and a financial burden to society. They put in very little, but take out much. Owing to the legalization of Drugs, it has become worse.

In the days of yore before Social Media, the sort of person in the clip below had to make an effort to spread his gospel of Hate, perhaps burning a few calories in the process:

Fortunately, today we don’t need to exert ourselves to foment Hate and spread truncated logic.

Today we have the Internet, and are 78% or more overweight thus giving our illformed and ignorant opinions greater self-perceived rectitude, whether on
National Public Radio or Fox News or the Los Angeles Times or New York Post among an ocean of others.

They are all forums for the very Left and Right leaning, not offering News, but Propaganda.

As our intelligence swings closer to the mean owing to unchecked reproduction, we are prolific in breeding more and more people who 25 years ago might not have had a very demonstrable voice on day-to-day issues, or would have been institutionalized for their own welfare.

Unavoidably, at 8 billion people we need to consider reintroducing sterilization based on intelligence, without regard to other genetic factors. Read,
What California (and Hitler) Got Right and Wrong: Eugenics and Euthanasia. In some states, such as my own where Pot has become legal for recreational use, and more completely in Oregon where all drugs are effectively legal, its toll has become apparent. Not Legalizing any drug should have been a no-brainer, but it’s too late. This is Portland:

This is Seattle:

This is just one neighborhood in San Francisco:

How about Los Angeles? Just one aspect of the vast issues facing this in LA and surrounding communities:

And in Phoenix where entrepreneurship is alive and well:

And, really, in every city in the United States. Who’s going to stop it? How shall we reverse this devastating, malignant deterioration?