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June 7, 2013
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Death by Perambulation

NY’s Mayor Elite, Bloomberg, today has announced that those riding escalators ought to walk on the moving treads rather than patiently ride to their desired floor, regardless of the delicate children who may be injured along the way. This in an effort, I suppose, to pull the pounds off of fellow New Yorkers who are obese – like him.

Here is a man who wishes no one would smoke. A man who thinks that not serving a single large volume of soda to someone will lead them to drink less, rather than alternatively drinking several. A man who loves his alcohol, en masse, as whose girth and gin blossoms clearly illustrate. A man of immense corpulence.

According to the Center to Protect Workers’ Rights, every year in America nearly 30 people die from escalators while as many as 20,000 experience injury, 7,000 of which require hospitalization. This is how little this alcohol besodden lump of mayoral ignorance cares for his fellow citizens. You’d be safer smoking while ascending a steep stairway and sipping on a Megagulp Coke.

On another note, Anthony Weiner has suggested dark stairways as his preferred mode of elevation, in a manner of speaking.

Weiners of the World, Unite!

Anthony Weiner, New York’s Democratic mayoral candidate, is back in the news with more Tweets and revelations regarding his addiction with sending nude photos of himself along with nasty cutlines to various women under the nom de tweet of Carlos Danger.

You may recall that he was disgraced some time back into resigning from his Congressional seat as a result of earlier revelations, for which he has been duly forgiven by his wife. She, Huma Abedin, as contrite as her mentor, Hillary Clinton was, made another public statement alongside her husband saying that it’s all in the past; but apparently it is not.

The point is, as a society we can do much better than the Weiners of the World if we move away from two-party conditioned thinking.

There are an abundance of intelligent, thinking, focused, Independent candidates from which to choose, most of whom have little difficulty controlling any lingering adolescent impulses. As to Weiner: anyone in their late 40s who is that preoccupied with his genitals cannot be focused on the reality of the economic and social challenges we face.

I would expect this of a twelve-year-old...