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June 7, 2013
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America’s Two Parties: Big Bucks and Big Money

Jack Shepherd

The two party systems stopped working for Americans many decades ago. Money from the Big Boys: that’s who’s running America for their personal gain, and not for the good of the country or betterment of the American people.

Sure, governments have always looked out for government first; that was the impetus for America in the first place: (We the people) some two hundred, and fifty-eight years ago.

We the people have the ability to change our country and our politicians with, simply, a vote. After all, the Founding Fathers thought that all citizens should take part in politics, and not the select few who could read and write, and not just the landowners, or those of privilege, but every American; And in the past 120 years Big Money bought-out politicians with promises of fame, power, and personal gain along with immunity from prosecution for crimes committed.

If you live in a cave and don’t give a damn, then I understand why you could care less that America has morphed into a government-controlled country, where Big Brother is watching you at every corner with a camera here and there, as the NSA peeks into your life for security sake.

Most will never know the value of freedom until it is lost, and sadly we have given our freedoms to corporations who run the politicians, and our voice to the slovenly bureaucrats who control the day-to-day operations of our country.

From health care and education to infrastructure and jobs, along with regulations that cannot be fully complied with: what we have is a single party political system with two names and no gain for the American people.

Independent may be the way to vote for now, but certainly until we the people say, “Enough” our personal freedoms will continue to be eroded in the name of false security in the name of preservation of our Constitutional liberties. Ironic, isn’t it?