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Good Questions Regarding CEO Pay

Joe Bialek

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Perhaps the re-revelation of this criminal activity is most apropos on this Labor Day Weekend. We all know what would have happened to these scalawags had this occurred in China. But, fortunately this is not China and perhaps there is still time to curb this abuse before it is too late and the growing revolutionary spirit in this country reaches critical mass.

The solution to this problem lies within the answers to a series of questions: How is the compensation of a CEO calculated vis-à-vis the so-called value he/she brings to the corporation? Is it possible to calculate it based on the number of tasks performed? Or perhaps hours worked? Or is it just some enigmatic formula that takes into account knowledge, skills and abilities multiplied by political connections?

Can any corporation in the United States justify the pay gap between large-company CEOs and average American employees of 354 to 1? Can they do it without hiding behind the Socialism/Communism counterclaim that revealing this is an attack on Capitalism?

Would Adam Smith recognize this as just part and parcel to his book "The Wealth of Nations"? Are the politicians paid off to the point where gridlock {at all levels of government} is the new norm of public service?

And how many people would be employed today if there were a more fair distribution of wealth?

Does anyone in their right mind {regardless of political persuasion} really believe the current system is fair? How many other people in management from the CEO on down to the front-line manager have acquired their position because of political connections and not because they really earned their promotion? What does this say about the leadership and authority of Corporate America? Who is really taking this country in the wrong direction? When will the laws be changed to guarantee life sentences for these Robber Barons rather than receiving less time than for stealing a car?

Troubling questions? Disturbing answers? So, will this country pursue reform or will it take violence to make the necessary changes? Let us hope reform occurs before revolution rules the day. Citizens of the United States, time is running out…