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June 7, 2013
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The United States of America:

Game Over?


Not by a long shot, no matter how likely it may seem today to some of us, and to those who wish it so. Why not? Listen to Ché…

Foremost of the conditions necessary to promote a true revolution is that for an armed insurrection to be successful it must be supported by the masses – you know, the Lumpen Proletariat, Working Stiffs, Average Joes. And, there must be at least the catalyst of unrest, the most typical of which is overwhelming poverty combined with rampant injustice.

Ché, although reminded by Castro time-and-again that he doubted such conditions existed in Bolivia, did not pay heed to his own maxim. Misjudging the Bolivian campesiños cost him his life: Unable to stir the peasantry he remained an ineffectual element in the Bolivian underground political landscape, viewed skeptically by most of those he and his small group of revolutionaries encountered.

Previously in this journal we’ve recalled the words of Mitt Romney, too, whose lapse of judgment during his failed campaign, said that 47% of the American public was on public assistance in one form or another. By the numbers, that’s correct. (Read, Forget the Fiscal Cliff, We’ve Been Doomed for Decades, in the Archive section.)

That’s how the numbers crunch: About 47% of America, and increasing.

And, primarily, it’s not a small contribution made by our governments every month, either. In fact, it can be quite substantial, running up to more than $40,000 per year or more for a family of four.

With their government allotments in hand nearly half of America can acquire those trappings of happiness that will ensure they will never rebel – never support an Armed or Ballot-Box insurrection in America – because they are adequately pacified.

So, what are our Opiates? Disposable products - technology and such - made overseas at far less than they may be produced in America today. Alcohol: readily available and reasonably priced. Television, which has done more harm to our society than any single drug alone, is viewed in 95% of our households. Drugs are everywhere: From relatively benign Pot through to those that capture and contain the mind and destroy the body. And, ignorance: America is not dumbing down…we are there; We have arrived.

So, as long as those immersed in static poverty are able to blissfully acquire and assuage their habits, whatever they may be, never think that America is going anywhere but forward.

This last “shocking” revelation in the news regarding the NSA, which ought not to have been so considering that we brought this forward in our film, The Abduction and Trial of George Bush, years ago (which you may watch for free, here) and many others as well, is only unsettling to the media, Armchair Anarchists, and an assortment of those who mourn the passing of the Constitution into oblivion.

For the government, although the events of the day will lead to a feigned gas attack on the part of Obama, it will mean nothing. America will continue to go on as it always has leading necessarily to an increasingly Fascist state in which our grandchildren must exist.

Or…maybe not: Recall that only about 20% of Colonialists supported the first American revolution more than 200 years ago, rolling over the ignorant and pacified, and leading to what was a very grand experiment, indeed.

I suppose that could happen...again.