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June 7, 2013
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A Mismanaged World: Fire Everybody

President Hollande is once again vexed by the United States. This time his angst stems from yet another Snowden leak regarding US Spying on France. No such difficulties existed for Hollande when he called upon us to assist in his mission of putting down an Islamic insurgency in Mali to better control the country’s vast Gold reserves - one of the highest in the continent of Africa. Read, Très Mal Mali by Warren-Hill here.

Aside from the fact that Snowden apparently has more leaks than a 90 year-old incontinent, this recent (what has become) non-revelation, only serves as another reminder, when combined with October’s financial debacle, that our world’s leaders have become grossly incompetent at managing the actions of government. More so than at any time I can recall.

What’s ahead for us? More incompetence in the US and abroad: Starting on January 15, 2014 our inept partisan leaders in Congress and Obama will re-fight the budget battle (wasting billions of dollar more) while further unsettling the financial structure of America and the rest of the world, it appears to us as though we are sinking closer to chaos. Vested, as we are in the financial health of the US we had hoped that some more positive resolve would erupt from our Legislative and Executive branches of government, but it is, apparently, not to be.

On a recent sabbatical trip we noticed several vehicles bearing the bumper sticker: “Fire Congress.” We would add, Fire Everybody, and Start Over. We might suggest that our readership in Europe and elsewhere consider promoting the same in their country of residence.

It’s all just gotten too far out-of-hand.