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Obama and Gates

sitting in a tree, K-i-s-s-i-n-g


Apple is about to be mercilessly peeled in public for its tax practices, all of which are legal under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). They’re not laundering money through a Mob connection somewhere in Havana or through secret offshore accounts in Belize. Apple is just doing what every corporation in America does: take advantage of the ambiguities and convoluted structure of the IRC to their advantage.

It’s the American way. Microsoft does it, too. But, the reason you won’t see Bill Gates in the Congressional Hot Seat anytime soon is because Bill Gates was and is Obama’s Number One Financial Supporter.

Forbes reports that Gates’ financial and other public support for our president marks him as the world’s greatest Obamaphile, quoting Gates’ philosophic rumination that he, ...wished Obama had greater power, much like the the UK’s monarchy...

That buys a lot for Bill Gates, like immunity from Congressional Inquisition.

The rivalry between the two companies - Apple and Microsoft - is long-standing and has ranged from tepid to seething as one attempted to out-tech the other. It’s the way of technology.

The horrible truth, of course, is that Microsoft has done nothing for the past many years other than release further iterations of basically the same malfunctioning software. That leaves Apple in the driver’s seat as more PC users recognize the instability, fallibility, and security problems Windows-based machines afford the hacking and phishing communities. Switching to Apple products thus makes sense and the transfer in market share annoys Mr. Gates.

So, Apple’s Tim Cook will just have to weather the storm and take some satisfaction in knowing that they must be doing a lot of things right, or Bill Gates wouldn’t have called in the Congressional Water-boarders to exact a pound of flesh on his behalf.

This isn’t about taxes: it’s about the inability of a company, Microsoft, to innovate and legitimately retain and grow market share.

Follow This Simple Logic



In basic words, here’s the rub: We go to other countries and blow up schools, hospitals, houses, children, women and men...

by the tens-of-thousands.

Then, some of those people blow up a few of us. We spend weeks then months rehashing what ought to be the obvious. In most countries today, this type of violence is nothing more than business as usual...Learn to live with it, or work to change our increasingly corrupt foreign policy so we quit killing people for profit.

7,300 people die in America each day of various causes.

A US citizen is hundreds of times more likely to be killed by a drunk driver, according to the National Counter-Terrorism Center, than by a Terrorist act.

If you are a resident of Texas, you are twenty times more likely to be killed by your state government, even if you travel to anywhere in the Middle East.

If you are a citizen of any other country in the world, you are tens-of-thousands of times more likely to be killed by the US government than by a Terrorist act.

In America, the person most likely to murder you...

is you.

Turn off your television...for good:

Read. Learn. Discover.

Make the world a better place.

Develop your own opinions...

Vote Independent.

Très Mal Mali



There are about 7 million Muslims living in France. There are about 14 million living in Mali, representing about 95% of the overall Malian population. A very small fraction (less than an estimated 10%) fall into the category of Muslim Fundamentalist (and fewer still might be termed, Extremist), and that, the French say, is why they are there, or more appropriately, “Nous sommes là.”

Mali (previously named otherwise) was a French territory under Imperialist control since about 1880. From 1960 onward, up until today when the French government announced its decision to exercise their God-given right to invade whomever they wish without consideration (just like us), Mali led a fairly autonomous existence of self-governance, popular elections, and was free of direct influence by its former slave-master, France.

The stated fear (You lie and I’ll swear to it) is that Muslim Fundamentalism will find its way into Europe’s very own backyard, via western Africa out of a land-locked country, over thousands of miles of the harshest and most unforgiving desert anywhere in the world, to emerge secretly from a tunnel under the Louvre where they will buy over-priced lattés, smoke cigarettes, and strategize on how best to take over France, presuming that the 7 million Muslims currently living in France are ignorant of the tenets of Fundamentalism, and out of this ignorance have hitherto remained a docile facet of the French population.

Thus the French must act quickly and decisively, before these little towel-wrapped heads pop-up out of the tunnel and begin their mischief. Très vite as a matter of fact.

Contrary to what the more skeptical observer may say, it has nothing to do with the vast reserves of Gold within Mali’s borders. France has no interest at all in these reserves since their initial discovery a few years ago. (“Merde! Do you mean zee Mali has zee gold? Mon dieu!” -F. Hollande)

Just as we Americans weren’t interested in the vast oil reserves in Iraq, which went on the auction block to Shell, Exxon-Mobil and so on, immediately after the liberation of the Iraqi people, the principle French interest is in sating their unquenchable thirst for African tribal-made varietal wines such as, Chateau Wildebeest, Orangutan Haute Populaire, and Kitako Springs Cellars.

Here’s the truth of it: President Hollande, having never been one to confuse Socialism with peaceful co-existence, has thoroughly bought into the popular Global Terrorism theme in an effort to cloak his actions and bolster France’s financial strength in the European Union. France, like Greece, Italy, Spain, and all but Germany, is near bust since the international market for over-priced wine and bad cheese has collapsed. What better way to subvent a bloated, archaic social system than by opening a can of Imperialistic Le Whoop-Ass on a small, resource-rich country of ignorant Muslim savages, n'est-ce pas?

Le Whoop-Ass

Un Produit de France

In the whole of Africa, Mali’s Gold production ranks third. In Iraq, the West Qurna and Majnoon oil fields were our primary targets: Two of the most vast oil reserves in the world, second only to Saudi Arabia.

So, President Hollande, as we say in America when we smell le bullshit, “Enculé vous.”  (And that goes double pour moi  -ed.)

Pervez Musharraf:

A Very Bad Penny


The AP reports that Musharraf has returned from exile to his Pakistani homeland (probably) seeking to resume control of the country’s destiny amid the relative turmoil and instability overtaking Pakistan today.

The Taliban seems to think that’s a bad idea for many reasons, and have chosen to underline their discontent with threats of sending Mr. Musharraf “…to hell”. It’s an interesting phenomenon to find myself on the same side of an issue as the Taliban.

Pakistan is what it is today because of the destabilization of the entire region resulting from our (US) invasion and the subsequent disintegration of Afghanistan and Iraq, unseating accused un-Western friendly leadership in Iraq, and destroying the relative stasis of Afghan tribal rule: the only known, workable solution to Afghan societal structure according to a few thousand years of history.

In Iraq, Saddam Hussein, notwithstanding how bombastic and greed-driven he may have been, upheld a rule of law and served as a stabilizing factor in a region previously fraught with uncertainty. He was predictable. He held a nation, Iran, that today represents an alleged threat to Western ideals, at bay: We destroyed that bulwark. Through our collective actions, in concert with Britain and, in a passive role, Pakistan, we were the impetus that has led to the vast turmoil overtaking the greater Middle East today, Pakistan included.

As a supplement to the probably unintentional half-truths discussed in the AP article, let me remind our readers that Musharraf was paid $50 million-plus in cold, hard American (taxpayer) cash to win his heart and mind to our favor, thus permitting Pakistan to serve as a launch-pad from which we could more easily complete our invasion, however haphazardly planned, short-sighted, and self-serving to the shareholders of Shell, Exxon-Mobil, and the Joint Venture beneficiaries of the TAPI pipeline project. Let me be clear about this: Musharraf was the recipient, not the government or people of Pakistan.

And now, Musharraf seeks to cure the cancer

he helped cause.

Pervez Musharraf is one of three bad pennies who ought to be sitting behind bars in the Hague today if there truly were international justice with his cellmates, Bush and Blair, sharing cigarettes and commiserating about how unfair it is to be a misunderstood, pathetic, immoral, self-serving homicidal tyrant, while awaiting trial on charges of War Crimes.

The AP report is here.

The IRS Says,


Editor’s Note: For our international readers, the IRS is the Internal Revenue Service. They collect taxes on a national level from both companies and individuals. Feared by many, coincidentally a story of this nature appears every year just before the tax filing deadline. However, the message of the story is worth noting.

We could pose the question much like Dwight Yoakum had in Sling Blade: So, exactly how retarded are you? But that wouldn’t be fair: One ought to never confuse ignorance with stupidity.

Still, it does beg the question given that Facebook’s vast annual revenue is based on the sale of data and images that its “members” voluntarily post. (I thought everybody knew this.) This willingness to divulge pictures and information, which one ought to consider private, is at the heart of the IRS’s new computerized platform, a cross-referencing system that crawls through Facebook comparing lifestyle entries with filed tax information.

US News and World Report recently published an in-depth analysis of this new IRS process utilizing comparative data and analysis of social media, including specifically Facebook, to better analyze tax returns for audit potential. Rather than grab pieces of the article, read the entire report here. Then, as my dad used to say, Wise-up, kid!


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The American Dream is Alive and Well (in Vietnam)



The Herald Sun says, “…Less than 6% of (Vietnam’s) 86 million people are over the age of 65: a unique advantage for Vietnam in the global marketplace.” And that the country is, thus, “…enjoying some of the most favorable demographics in the world.”

On behalf of we the people of the United States, “You’re welcome.” You see, something good did come out of killing 2 million of their people; out of superimposing ourselves on their civil war. We just hope Iraq and Afghanistan appreciate the incredible market advantage we’ve leveraged them into in the next 30 years.

But what has Vietnam done with the wonderful opportunity we presented them with?

Much. In 2007 they joined the World Trade Organization, and peeled rubber from the starting line. They haven’t slowed since. To illustrate our point, in 2012 our trade deficit with Vietnam will exceed 16 billion (USD) up from 13, 11, 8, 6 and so on, billions for the years preceding. Unemployment rests at about 2%. A spirited sense of entrepreneurship prevails; Education and Healthcare are foremost on their government’s agenda, and are available to everyone; Individual dreams are being realized as those with the initiative strive to see them come to fruition: Impressive by any standard.

“Sure, but they lead miserable lives: continually monitored by the government, they can’t own their own homes; If they speak out against their government they’re thrown in jail without a fair trial; To start their own businesses they have to endure endless government involvement…” the reader might say.

The authors might ask, “Are you speaking of here in America, or there in Vietnam (because those are the conditions we Americans face today, but to a greater extent)?”

In Vietnam all property is owned by the government and through a fairly simple legal process, absolute control and use is extended to its individual citizen on a permanent basis: just like in America. If you believe otherwise, try this simple experiment: don’t pay your property taxes and find out who ultimately owns your home – with or without a mortgage. (Non-citizens of Vietnam may hold property for a period not in excess of 50 years under current law.)

In Vietnam the government monitors most all communication: in America, the NSA monitors every phone call you make, every email you send and much of your “Snail Mail”.

In Vietnam you may be jailed for dissent…eventually…perhaps. In America we have admitted to clandestine jails and illegal torture where the guarantee of Habeas Corpus no longer applies: not just for foreigners, but for us all. (Especially the authors...)

In Vietnam credit is available to anyone meeting basic criteria, so individual purchases are stimulated and encouraged. The stock market reflects this buoyant consumer sentiment and, like the GDP for Vietnam, is on an ever-upward climb, as is tourism. (Tourism by not just we aged veterans but others, too, who first and foremost have only a vague knowledge of a war, and who see the country instead as a beautiful place to visit, without thinking in terms of killing the host country’s inhabitants.)

What about the great American pastime of car ownership? Certainly they haven’t embraced the inalienable right to consume large amounts of fossil fuels in the name of personal freedom, our last, personal vestige of greed?

Yes. In fact they have the advantage and only now are considering imposing annual fees: the equivalent of our licensing, registration and personal property taxes. Sound familiar? Here’s what’s happened, according to the Saigon GP Daily, “At a meeting with Vietnam Automobile Transportation Association on Friday, several businesses protested against a new proposal by the Ministry of Transport to implement an annual ownership fee on private vehicles.” Thus, it may not come to pass. And, what’s all this about Protesting?

Thank God they’re Communists or we’d really be at a deficit.

Network Solutions? No Way.


Few companies rank as low on the spectrum of integrity as Network Solutions, an international domain name and hosting provider. Both their billing practices and their unfailing cooperation with US government intelligence agencies ought to make them a target for mass tort litigation, or at least condemnation. If you’re considering initiating a website that has any provocative content, notwithstanding its political slant, or if you merely wish to do business with a company of very high integrity, do what we do at The Independent Daily: use Blacknight solutions, at

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Einstein’s Wristwatch



(Editor’s note: Written November 2008 and posted to our earlier site,, no other article has garnered as much interest as this one. That gives us much pleasure since in its text it irrefutably closes the gap between science and religion. One further note: An atheist is, in our opinion, one who does not understand the physical nature of the universe.)

“We will find the nature of God in (the) Sciences, not in religions.” -Walter Russell

Our Time

Bertrand Russell in his, ABC of Relativity, considered the habit of man to impress the nature of Time as experienced on Earth to the balance of the Universe, absurd. We agree: There is a duality of time at work in the universe – a cohabitation of (at least) two Space-Time realities the foundations of which science has identified, along with perhaps a vast number of others. Recognizing this phenomenon will bring us closer to understanding the true nature of God’s word.

Religions further the development of faith and the practices of their respective dogma. They are faith-based and do not require proof, only belief. While through science, we explore the composition of the Universe and its fundamental beginnings.

Seen as at-odds by many for centuries, in fact, they are not. They are at their core serving the same purpose: allowing us to inquire, speculate, appreciate, understand, revere and stand in awe of the magnificence of Creation (in whichever way one may define the event), and that is why scientists are searching for the Higgs Boson, or what is aptly called by some, the God Particle. We – all of us – are seeking to better understand the Beginning so that we may better understand the Why.

Albert Einstein famously proclaimed, “God does not play dice.” We agree, and we contend that the clock on His mantle runs differently than ours, too: God’s clock is set to the Time of the Universe – a chronograph that tracks the Universal passage of time in all of its complexity as it passes at or near the Speed of Light, which from the human perspective, based as we are in a Reference Frame restricted to our perspective, appears to alter distances and warp the experience of the passage of Time.

Now an indisputable fact for decades, Einstein’s Special Relativity captured the universal truth that the passage of Time – the movement of the Universe into the future (or past) – is entirely dependent on one’s perspective, or frame of reference, and that the faster one moves through the Universe, and as one approaches the Speed of Light, the more Time undergoes a transformation, insofar as some observers are concerned: Time expands in its experience, moving far more slowly from the perspective of those in our Reference Frame, but not so in the Reference Frame of whatever or whoever is moving along at much greater velocity.

A World Line may be thought of as a sequence of events in a particular Reference Frame: Ours. It marks Events and the Time of each occurrence within our scheme of Space-Time. It is classically, Genesis.

That which many of us call, God, also has a World Line encompassing the Universe. It is predicated on a changing scheme of Space-Time altered periodically by the changes in velocities of the billions of objects within the finite Universe, taken in sum, and resulting in an amalgam of Time.

Time Dilation

To us a Phenomenon; To the Universe, nothing more than business as usual, Time Dilation is the experience of Time being either compressed or expanded from the perspective of one whose Reference Frame is different than that being assessed. It’s what happens to Time when one experiences a different constant velocity.

This different constant velocity is by analogy the same as when you pour a cup of coffee moving at 80 miles-per-hour in a car: The coffee pours out of the thermos in a straight line down to the cup, paying no attention to the fact that at the same time it’s moving 80 miles-per-hour forward, while the Earth is rotating at a speed of 800 to 1,000 miles-per-hour to the east, and while making its annual trip around the sun at about 66,000 miles-per-hour, and while travelling in an ever-expanding Universe at a velocity relative to other Galaxies that may exceed the speed of light, as a result of the expanding nature of the Universe.

Still, the coffee pours out as though you were completely “at rest” in your kitchen: it’s how we experience things.

Standing on the side of the road, you (or God) would see the coffee mysteriously tumbling out of the thermos and, seeming to defy logic, fill the cup.

Word of God

Was our Earth created six thousand or four and one-half billion years ago?

If the Bible (Scriptures, Old Testament, Pentateuch) is presumed to be the Word of God, which the authors presume it is, then the presumption holds that any reference to Time is based on a Reference Frame that is distinctly that of the Creator, however loosely or otherwise one may define that term. Would it therefore not be the height of human vanity to presume that the Universe times itself by the standards we impose using our own, insignificant Reference Frame above that of the Universe?

Big Bang theorists, who have gained much traction in the past decades owing to reasoned and mathematically (and scientifically) proven theories argue that a fraction of a second following that Explosion, Matter likely traveled at very, very near the Speed of Light: so near in fact, that from our Reference Frame it would have been nearly frozen in Time – barely perceptibly moving.

In such a Reference Frame, Time slows substantially from our World Line. We can follow the fairly simple formula proposed by Albert Einstein in his Special Theory of Relativity (based on the earlier work of both Hendrik Lorentz and George FitzGerald) to learn that matter traveling at .99999 (abbreviated) the Speed of Light (proposed by Big Bang theorists as the speed of Matter in the Universe an instant following the explosion) equates to a Time Multiplier sufficient enough to convert several billion of our Earth Reference Frame years into a Universal Reference Frame (the author’s idea of Time by God’s clock) of from 6,000 to 12,000 years.

The Word of God, as deduced based on the chronology of Genesis in the Scriptures occurred at a place in history when Time passed based on our observation of the seasons and the division of day and night. So, if we presume that:

1. Genesis is in fact the Word of God, and, 2. God is the Creator of Light and of the balance of the Universe, and, 3. Time on Earth, at that point was linked specifically to the physically observable, then, Why in Heaven’s name would the Creator of the Universe speak in terms of Time predicated solely on the Reference Frame of only one of His planets, and why not the Time of the Universe?

Yes, our world did begin four, five or six billion years ago (our clock). And, yes, it was just a few thousand years ago (God’s clock), at the same time, and at that Time God said, “Let there be light, and there was.”

Throughout the lifetime of Science we’ve made several errors in applying the incredible insights we’ve developed, perhaps the most confusing of which was in the development of devices that decode the antiquities of our Earth’s past using a Reference Frame that is inconsistent with God’s point of view. Even after becoming aware of the true nature of Time, we held fast to those findings without looking further into Time, itself, and understanding and applying its highly variable nature to circumstances that more closely align with the Universe.

It’s an obvious and understandable error. We’re blind men at a canvas who have never had the gift of sight, yet we are ready to paint the one true reality.

Embrace Science: In doing so, we will eventually come to know God.