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June 7, 2013
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All Things Chinese...

Fancy Yourself  a “Good Christian” and still buying Chinese-Made products? shame on you.

Joseph Warren, Editor

Here are two paragraphs from Julie Makinen’s LA Times contribution regarding China today.

“China is in the midst of what many overseas scholars say is its harshest crackdown on human rights and civil society in decades. Since Xi Jinping came came to power nearly four years ago, hundreds of activists, lawyers, writers, publishers and employees of nongovernmental groups have been rounded up. Many more have been threatened and intimidated. Internet news sites have been ordered to stop publishing reports from sources that aren’t sanctioned by the state.

“Even as China has been touting its efforts to boost the “rule of law,” some critics of the government have vanished under mysterious circumstances in places like Thailand and Hong Kong, only to surface months later in Chinese custody, claiming rather unbelievably they had turned themselves in voluntarily. Many of those detained have appeared on state-run TV confessing to crimes before they have had a day in court.” 

Many of us have tried for years now to remind you that when you buy a product made in China, you are supporting a Communist regime. Communism has not become kinder and gentler; it is not nicer, cleaner, more tolerant, spiritual, or humanistic: It is still Communism and one need only look to China to see how today, Chairman Mao, a man who oversaw the massacre of about 70 million of his own citizens from the beginning of the Long March through to 1949, lives on in President Xi Jinping.

So, whether you are of Jewish, African, Mexican descent, or a derivative of any number of previously (or currently) persecuted minorities; or a writer, political activist, filmmaker, spiritual leader, or just someone who believes that we humans are entitled to fundamental respect and due process under any political circumstance, and you’re still buying products made in China, shame on you, too.

“Inside every Gook is an American trying to get”

(Full Metal Jacket)

Joseph Warren, Editor

And they’re getting out with Billions of US Dollars in hand.  No one remembers the war with Vietnam, least of all the 58,000 of our dead brothers and sisters in uniform. Not to mention the 2 million or so Vietnamese who died while we - America - were involved in the conflict after the French. Many of us knew it was a bad idea to begin with. Curiously silent these days are those who struggled to convince us that Vietnam was a “Good” idea, and winnable, much like our current president, and his equally ignorant predecessor have built and sustained our involvement in the Middle East.

Civil Wars ought not be our business, yet we repeatedly strive to make them so.

Enter Vietnam and the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement recently thrust upon American workers - what there is left of them, anyway. In a short statement from the Whitehouse, “The head of Vietnam’s Communist Party will meet President Barack Obama in the coming week...” We would add, To further erode our economy to the benefit of global Capitalists who seek to further crush America’s remaining workforce.

Pay attention: In 1997 our first year of negative Trade with Vietnam, we incurred a Deficit of about $101 Million. As of 2014, that Deficit in trade is now more than $2 Billion per month, or more than 24 Billion Dollars per year. And, growing...

Our Trade Deficit is about or somewhat more than $40 Billion with China - Monthly. In other words, from this point forward, unless we change our shopping habits, every year our Trade Deficit with China will approach and eventually exceed One-Half Trillion Dollars. And, that is why fewer Americans are working. Unemployment is not dropping: the number of Americans participating continues to spiral downward. There is a difference. You really need to get your head out of your collective arse, America.

The Not-So-Great Revelation: Fewer People Working


The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) has issued its periodic report regarding Employment and Unemployment. For years - more than we can count - we have reminded the American public that we were on a very slippery slope headed for economic disaster.

One of our articles, What’s Really Wrong with the US Economy, sited above under the heading of “Most Read,” outlines the cause and the cure: It isn’t Brain Surgery, it’s just simple reality. But, the article is lengthy and requires some focus on the part of a person to understand the the contributing factors that have led us to where we are now.

So, here’s a summary of the article: We don’t make enough stuff anymore (Manufacturing). We are a Service-centered economy: That’s bad. We cannot support good-paying jobs in Services if we don’t make stuff, too. It’s like passing around the same few dollars with no new dollars being added except by printing more dollars. That’s bad, too.

The Chinese know what they’re doing. So do the Indians. (See the graph below.) We are losing ground fast.

It’s not up to our government. It’s up to each of us: Do your part and don’t buy foreign-made products. Stay away from Walmart, Dollar General and the other co-conspirators who are striving to crush our economy further to their advantage.

Now, if you could handle that little summary, read the full article, here.

Who’s the Best 2016 Choice to Contain the Bleed-Off of More Jobs to China?

GL Hill

Is it Bernie, Donald, or..? As unionized labor in the United States increasingly rallies behind Bernie Sanders, and The Donald’s message on growth in America becomes more mired by his ever increasing foot-in-mouth insertions (is this guy on his period, or what?) one has to ask, Who really is in charge of restoring America?

One also has to wonder how many members of the Communications Workers, Service Employees, A F of L, and the other diminishing number of organized labor cartels find themselves in checkout lines at Walmart buying another piece of Chinese-made junk to wear, use, and otherwise quickly deplete.

Here’s the message, and it’s the same we’ve offered time and time again: It’s not up to the politicians; It’s up to you. If you want jobs back in America - Manufacturing jobs that will support an expanding and viable economy, then quit buying crap made overseas. You will be surprised how quickly things change.

You whine, “But I can’t find anything made in America any longer.” Yes you can. We do. All of us here are adamantly opposed to buying products made in Communist China or Communist Vietnam, specifically, and otherwise anywhere other than the USA: Countries where your ability to practice the religion of your choice, as an example, is replaced by the mandate to Worship the State.

It takes some looking sometimes, and you may not receive immediate gratification - it may be delayed while you await shipping - but USA-made alternative products are available.

Quit whining and vote with your wallet. Buy American made or don’t buy it at all.

Our next President will preside over a Second Place country



Joseph Warren, Editor

China’s indisputable growth is unavoidable: Even their slow years exceeds 300% of our growth. The Global Fortune 500 results are in and China is a close second to the United States. Most economists tend to think that by 2020 - the end of the first term of whomever we elect next November - China will have surpassed the United States in industrial might and, thus, in her standing internationally. That will vastly change the balance of things - severely disrupting the stasis we’ve grown over the decades to accept as irrefutable. Not so in very few years.

The Leader of the Free world, as the president has been called, will then become, the Leader of the Second String. Not an enviable reality but one we face if we do nothing else: If we don’t change how we shop, how we run our government, how the “proletariat” as the Communist Chinese would call the rabble comprising most of the United States, function within society.

In just four or five years we will become a country that “Once Was...”

The US Dollar will eventually be replaced by the steadily government controlled, manipulated, and protected Yuan. But, that’s not everything we face: 35 other countries have fewer people (as a percentage of population) living below the poverty line. We are about 40th globally for Literacy. We spend 10 times that of any other country on Defense. We spend at least twice that of any other country on Health Care yet have far greater Mortality rates - more people die younger here than in many other countries - countries where the percentage of those who Smoke, as an example - is far greater than the USA. (Editor’s note: We spend as much as we do in order to boost our Gross Domestic Product. Without Health Care spending we would still be very much mired in a Recession/Depression. Read, Cold Storage, below.)

We have one of the highest Suicide rates in the world. And, not surprisingly, one of the highest in Homicide. 62% of our qualified Work Force is actually working while the other 38 percent relies on various subsistence programs to put food on the table. We have one of the lowest wages of all developed countries. And the list goes on...

Given all this, I’m surprised we’ve lasted as long as we have: Whoever is next up to bat better have a pretty good swing. As for us here: 我很喜欢毛主席 which translates roughly to, “Mao, Mao, he’s our man/If he can’t do it no one can!”

Droning on: Pentagon states it is facing escalating aggression from China

Joseph Warren/GL Hill, Editors

So why are you - America - arming China by buying Chinese-made products? August 17 2015, an Associated Press report states that, “Faced with escalating aggression from Russia and China, the Pentagon is planning to increase its use of drones...”

These are the Pentagon’s words, mind you, not our mutterings stemming from some Politico-Existential angst. To convince Congress to permit greater Drone usage, the US Military clearly believes that we are facing an imminent threat from China.

We just don’t know how much clearer it can be: Why are you still shopping at Walmart? Why are you buying Chinese-made products? How far up your arse is your head?

President Xi Jiang Back in the News


From our usual source of interesting and provocative news and images, The People’s Daily, in the image below President Xi visits an airbase for China’s substantial War Machine wishing his troops a Happy New Year (Lunar, like in Tet, as in Offensive, but that was General Giap). As the non-visually impaired reader may assess, there is a clear relationship between the plethora of Chinese-made junk you buy at Walmart and the vastly improved capability the Chinese now have to wage global war in the name of the Communist imperative, Imperialism. Americans really need to think more clearly.

Under the heading of “No Shite?”


The People’s Liberation Army of China has announced the release of their new calendar with instructions:  “All right-thinking comrades will display prominently about domicile under penalty of execution.” Catch it at People’s Daily, online here. Here’s January (released in mid-February?):

Clothing, boots, fuzzy hats and rifles purchased at Beijing Walmart. Soon at a street corner near you!

(The above image sort of stirs the soul, no?)

The Great Chinese Shipping Container Invasion of 2019


The End of the United States of America

Joseph Warren, Editor

February 12, 2015

“October 1, 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the revolution in China. On that day the Chinese troops staged at critical points throughout the United States at clandestine locations will begin execution of the most significant event in modern history: the toppling of the United States of America.”

We (and others) have forewarned repeatedly that war with China is a certainty: It’s really only a matter of when.

Why? Although it’s difficult for the average American to recall, China was and is a Communist country guided by those principles at the base of which lies the culmination of world dominance through international revolution - Internationalism. In other words, Communism may only reach its true state of political bliss, if you will, after having successfully enveloped the world. To that end, Mao, in his introduction of Communism to the Chinese people, massacred, some estimate, as many as 70 million of China’s citizens.

Mao, like his successors, including Xi Jiang today, had a committed vision for tomorrow. Collectively it is their version of our Manifest Destiny, but on a larger scale. It is foolish to discount that reality or to think that China’s leadership has abandoned their founding ideology in favor of rampant fun-loving Capitalism and Free Enterprise.

Is China still a Communist state? Well, yes, of course. Thus, an informed American, as we’ve admonished many times, might think more than twice about buying Chinese made products since revenue from the sales of which substantially contributes to China’s ability to carry out Chairman Mao’s vision of an international Communist state.

Last year we marked a record deficit with China of nearly $350 billion. Over the many years we have mindlessly and freely traded on a deficit basis with China we have amassed incredible debt. Thus, China and many of its citizen-elite whose lives are completely controlled by the political body governing China, own much of the United States through Real Property and Debt acquisition. (Recall that just days ago China executed one of its foremost corporation’s Chief Executive Officers for acts similar (if not identical) to those perpetrated by some of our top executives: That’s some control, no?)

How much of America does China own? According to the Wall Street Journal, even our government doesn’t know: We only know that it’s a lot.

Better securing debt through control of the assets in question is a very fundamental rule of thinking: When you miss payments on your car it is repossessed; when you default on your mortgage it is foreclosed; when your good friend Bob doesn’t get the $200 back he lent you to fix your truck, he punches you in the nose, then takes something that belongs to you to insure payment. Fundamental human behavior.

When combined with the Communist political mandate of Internationalism (remember Che?), the impetus to better control financial interests becomes far more intense.

So when will China invade the United States?

First, don’t imagine that any after-the-fact outrage expressed by other parts of the world will matter: Any anxiety or concern voiced by the European Community, as an example, would mean nothing to China’s governing body. As well, lurking not-too-subtly is the realization that they’re next and they would be powerless to defeat the far superior Chinese, both from a technology perspective and, certainly, from an armed personnel perspective.

(China’s current combined forces under arms numbers twice that of the United States at about four million, to our two million. As well, and obviously, with a population nearing 1.4 billion, their ability to call up citizens to arms far outreaches the United States or the European Community, in sum.)

An ally in Russia? Not very likely. Recall that Russia’s President Putin was a high-ranking official of the KGB during the time of Soviet Russia. He was a Party-faithful. A return to Communism would suit his wishes very nicely: Capitalism isn’t working as well as he’d like today anyway, so a return to the collective approach would likely compel him to join, or at least celebrate, China’s victory. He would be foolish not to.

Our other likely allies – Japan, who has had more than one bad experience with China before China became technologically evolved and an international force of superior capabilities, would fall quickly, as would Vietnam and South Korea. Through China’s actions, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un would realize the return of a unified Korea under Communist, totalitarian rule.

The Southern Hemisphere? Most South American countries have been Communist or Socialist as often as they’ve been Democracies, so there is no advantage to supporting a conflict with their major trading partner, China.

As well, Africa and the Middle East are powerless under their present conditions to defeat their internal enemies – a collection of radical religious thugs bent on restoring an ancient, barbaric rule of law. So, no help there. In fact, likely the contrary.

Still, wouldn’t it be suicidal for China to launch an invasion of America, risking a conflict that might take the lives of millions of its citizens? You’re not listening: If we learned nothing about China’s mindset during our conflicts in Korea then Vietnam, it is that China’s Politburo views its citizens as canon fodder. By shear numbers alone they will win, as they did in Vietnam, and at the same time emerge as victors with a substantially more controllable population in China.

But there is a way to mitigate the loss of Chinese lives and invade the United States quickly, effectively, and all thanks to you – the American Consumer.

Now, as you read the remainder of this article you’ll have to admit that if nothing else it would make an interesting movie. At least more interesting than anything I’ve seen lately…

The Trojan Horse

Or, What I would do if I were President Xi Jiang

Where we spend the winter, in a restored home in the historic district of a small Arizona town, we are not far removed from the BNSF tracks. In the last ten years rail traffic, thanks to Warren Buffet and you, the consumer, has multiplied from about 20 trains per day – east and west bound – to as many as 200 per day now, with a disproportionate share finding their way east. According to the various port authorities and the BNSF (and other rail carriers), that number will only increase as our further dependence on foreign (Chinese) products grows.

It is a scene played out at ports along all of our coasts – in the east and the west and the south – as well, to our north in Canada, and to the further south in Mexico and below. Every month tens of thousands of containers arrive from China. According to the Homeland Security News Wire they are in numbers far too great to evaluate individually. At best, a very few are given a cursory inspection by X-Ray and sometimes testing for radiation (in order to preempt the determined Terrorist with whom we are far too preoccupied).

October 1, 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the revolution in China. On that day the Chinese troops staged at critical points throughout the United States at clandestine locations will begin execution of the most significant event in modern history: the toppling of the United States of America.

Well-armed Chinese troops will have infiltrated and readied themselves in every critical center of the United States, carried to their destinations earlier by blandly-adorned cargo containers, invisible to X-Ray owing to advanced Chinese technology and sustained by advanced support systems within each of the containers.

They will have been delivered to locations controlled by Chinese corporations who had earlier acquired large tracts of land under the guise of investment and development.

At the same time on that day, China will have readied their growing and powerful air and sea capabilities and launched support, rearmament, and further troop deployment. New York, California, Texas, and all other states of urban-intensive significance will fall under the quick, effective, and strategically precise execution of the invasion – like an Ebola virus, if you will – leaving the organism itself dying from within quickly and effectively.

Certainly there will be pockets of resistance – both from our military, who are generally deployed to the furthest reaches of the world as we characteristically intervene on everyone else’s behalf, and from our poorly-trained, armed citizens to some fitful extent – but it will be for naught. (You know, I don’t think I’ve ever used “naught” in a sentence in this journal before…)

In the first glimmer of light on the Day After where will you be? Why you’ll be in a Re-Education camp learning to think correctly, which I can guarantee you with all certainty will not be how you are accustomed to thinking, and you will also have a neat little red book to carry around with which to smack others who do not think correctly, on the head...just prior to execution. Or, more than likely, you’ll be dead, as are the millions of Chinese who sometimes resisted, sometimes not, Mao’s advance through China. (Recall Stalin’s vast purge through to the beginning of World War Two, and after. If you don’t recall that lesson, pick up a used copy of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago, and read only the first 100 pages for a first-rate lesson in the Communist art of “Purging.”)

Will this scenario actually play out? If I were Xi Jiang I am absolutely certain that this is the course I would take, had the editor of The Independent Daily, not to be confused with the People’s Daily, China’s official journal for the dissemination of propaganda, not compromised my plans.

You’re welcome, America. (I’d send a copy of this to the NSA, but I happen to know that their computers are avid readers of

Now, quit buying Chinese products and return our Manufacturing jobs to America and stop supporting international Communism. As an aside, if you consider yourself a Religious person and enjoy worshipping at the church or other venue of your choice, then you may wish to reconsider buying Chinese products and supporting atheism: Remember that Communism requires that the “State” become everyone’s religion of choice. During Mao and Stalin religious leaders were imprisoned, tortured, and executed. Services were expressly forbidden by law under penalty of at least a ten year prison sentence for those who provided pastoral services and for those who worshipped. Is a cheap shirt really worth your freedom?

February 13, 2015 Addendum

Our GL Hill has reminded me that we Americans also buy much in the way of Chinese food products. Reflecting back I recall tossing frozen salmon fillets and shrimp back into Smith store freezer compartment after checking the packaging and finding that they were a product of China: If I won’t buy Chinese made products for use around the house or to wear, why would I buy Chinese products to introduce into my body? Recall the death of America’s pets not long ago owing to tainted ingredients.

We can imagine that all of these issues come together as precursor acts by China leading up to the days of October 1, 2019. Poisons in their exported foods. Toxins mixed with dyes. Deadly dog food, eliminating at least one type of household weapon. And a host of other seemingly innocuous assaults on America prior to the conflagration that immediately follows.

So, when you pick up a Salmon fillet from your local grocery that has been packaged and shipped from China...well, Bon Appétit!

China, Trade Gap, and What Are You Thinking?


Our trade deficit with China has officially reached a new high. During the last calendar year we managed to reach an all-time deficit of nearly $343 Billion. To most US Consumers that means little, unfortunately. They fail to see that as long as we continue to support manufacturing overseas we will never re-stabilize our economy and truly recover from the devastating effects of the Second Great Depression (i.e., the Great Recession, made so by manipulation of economic data by our government). Read, Housing..., below.

So, since the vast majority of you continue to function in ignorance believing that supporting an oppressive Communist regime is just fine and dandy, we thought you might enjoy seeing what they do with your money. Also, we would encourage you to visit the People’s Daily online - China’s official publication for the dissemination of propaganda - and pay close attention to government declarations regarding the US. This is a country on a war footing, supported largely by you through your purchases at Walmart and elsewhere.

The below images are from the People’s Daily regarding the PLA - People’s Liberation Army, Women Serving Their Country series. Since war is inevitable with China, as a public service to our Armed Forces we offer these instructional images.

Let’s see one of our over-weight Militia members do this!

All women mobile light-weapons brigade: These are probably Chang Jiang motorcycles-sidecars,

so the good news is that they’ll likely fail mechanically after 50 miles or so.

PLA women soldiers out of uniform. This is a strategic diversionary maneuver:

US Soldiers should learn to be suspicious when encountering this situation. Personally, I’d try the “Hands Up” counter-maneuver.

Buy American or Don’t Buy at All


If you claim to be an Environmentalist, or even mildly concerned about the Environment, then you must understand that no other country has contributed more to the destruction of the world’s climate and water than China, where Industrial Waste from manufacturing goods destined for export to shelves at Walmarts across our country is virtually unchecked.

If you oppose Slavery, then to buy Chinese made product is to support a country where a substantial amount of labor is secured through Human Trafficking resulting in children and women being forced to work in the most deplorable conditions under the threat of physical punishment or death.

If you believe in Free Enterprise based on what was once the American Dream where anyone with the fortitude and will to succeed could start his or her own small business and reap both the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards of hard work, then to buy Chinese products is to guarantee that small business will never again flourish in America in the face of cheaply made products foisted on us by near slave-wage businesses such as Walmart, Target, Dollar General and the like.

If you believe in Human Rights, then to buy products made by-and-in a Totalitarian, Communist state where Human Rights and Free Speech do not exist, is unthinkable.

If you believe that America is economically faltering and still mired in the economic standstill that began nearly a decade ago, then to buy foreign made product is to only perpetuate this stagnation and to contribute to our eventual economic (and perhaps, societal) death.

In other words, from no matter where on the political spectrum your inclinations come, Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, Peace and Freedom, or even the John Birch Society, you have every reason to not buy Chinese or Vietnamese made products.

This Christmas give your loved one the Gift of Opportunity for tomorrow.

Buy American made products or don’t buy at all.

Click here to access our very limited online resources for USA Made product.  read, All About Chinese Products, here.

A Neoliberal Christmas Story

GL Hill

Once upon a time in a country far away, the spirit of Christmas ground mercilessly on (starting sometime at the end of January of each year) in factories resplendent with near zero- and zero-wage slave laborers whose task masters, ever watchful for an inclination to sloth, greeted everyone at the beginning of their work shift with a ferocious, yet tender, slap from Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book.

It was a gentle reminder that all the little Johnnys and Janes of America were depending on each one of them to grind out product for the near barren shelves of Wal-Mart, Target, and all the other wonderful Welfare Retailers*, poised to begin selling the beautiful and unique and highly non-durable crap they make as soon as Thanksgiving dinner has been eaten. Make that Cooked: No, that’s not it…Planned? No, more like when Halloween is over – or is it the Fourth of July?

Anyway, all the little Fongs and Jiangs in the dimly lit factory were bubbling with joy: tiny fingers passing material and boxes, pressing buttons on machines, eating noodles during their ten-minute every twelve hour shift lunch breaks (“Ea yo effing nools leal quick Fong o you dead kid! Get it?”), and being productive (as defined by their government) while visions of the company’s US-based corporation’s CEO danced wildly in their heads. Somehow, they knew, they made him or her – more than likely him, I mean let’s face it – happy, too.

What about Jiang’s work made him happy? Greater profitability combined with a lack of durability therefore building in obsolescence and breakage to ensure replacement, and not having to deal with those nasty US Trade Unions since moving operations offshore to China…that and the blowjob Jiang knew the CEO was getting from his male secretary, but that’s a fruit of a different Apple.

Meanwhile, back in America where only 62% of all those who should be able to work, are, Dads and Moms, mostly separately since their nasty divorce; and Dads and Dads, who now have the right to engage in public displays of affection while tying the Ol’ Knot, and if you find that personally objectionable you better keep it to yourself because now, after the Supreme Court’s decision, you’ll find your butt in court so fast that even Perry Mason couldn’t bail your sorry ass out, are searching the Internet trying to find at a reduced cost whatever the f*** it was Johnny had asked for in his email/text/tweet/youtube-video-message/threatening-Facebook-posting, to Santa.

Meanwhile, President Obama is vexed: He’s still trying to understand why there’s so much gun violence in America as he orders several more deadly sorties against Iraq/Afghanistan/Mali/Nigeria/Syria/Vietnam – scratch the last one: that was a different loser war – Terrorists. “Why be American children so violence?” he muses. (Exact syntax used by George Bush, too, by the way.)

At the table sits his Joint Chief of Staff: “Beats the crap outta me, boss…” After a pause he adds, “Should we launch against Russia?”

Fong and Jiang are, of course, oblivious to this discussion. Frankly, they’d like to be Droned out of existence just to break the soul-crushing realization of endless, seven-day-a-week work without respite and the knowledge that retirement will never come.

If Fong and Jiang had an epiphany it would be this: Johnny and Jane don’t work and neither do their parents anymore because there are no jobs even though Obama says there are, and so does the Bureau of Labor Statistics, because they had decided that if you’ve given up, whether you’re sticking your head in an oven (make sure it’s Gas!) or collecting scrap metal to put food on the table, or are one of the many millions of Americans who have decided to become disabled, you are not counted as Unemployed.

As consumers, we count little Fong and Jiang as Employed, and, sadly they are. We shouldn’t pity them too much, though, because soon we’ll all be there with them: Their government already owns much of the United States anyway.

So this Christmas, when you consider what to buy your wife/husband/lover/partner/small barnyard sexual interest/priest, ask yourself this, “Should I buy him/her/it/them something made in China and put more Americans out of work, or ought I seek out the many things available online from American manufacturers rather than perpetuating America’s demise?”

Fong and Jiang and Johnny and Jane will thank you if you do.

* So called because they perpetuate the denigration of America’s workforce in order to earn more and more at the expense of American jobs. This results in a lack of opportunity in meaningful employment relegating workers to select from a host of minimum wage “opportunities” where their net earnings allows them to shop only at Welfare Retailers, thus completing the circle and insuring a strong customer base.

Beijing Cowardice: Yet Another Reason to Avoid Walmart


Warren-Hill Productions, the people who publish this journal, are not unaware of the rights we possess to write, shoot, edit and release sometimes humorous, sometimes informative, sometimes politically-charged films under the genre of “Independent” and we do not take those rights lightly.

In Beijing, China, the story is a much different one: One of political pressure and the continued suppression of China’s citizens whose aspirations run to the visual media. Bolstering this claim: On its first day of a run anticipated to encompass the balance of August, the government has closed down the Beijing Independent Film Festival (link to BBC article).

Why? Because Xi Jinping has decided that dissension ought not be tolerated, leaving the Chinese with the absolute worst aspects of Capitalism without the rewards appended to a democracy (however blighted ours may be). Out of Fear, Xi Jinping and his co-conspirators have elected to flag the festival as of questionable benefit to the government, seeing it instead as the probable expression of criticism and dissent.

Who knows? Perhaps there were several films supporting State Communism slated for showing, in a manner similar to those generated by the government of Kim Jong-un: Merry, dancing peasants surrounded by fields of fluttering grain strewn with cheap clothing destined for Walmarts here in the States where eager and stupid consumers hungrily gobble up every bit of their junk so that American workers will never find anything more than part-time, Starbucks employment.

Sounds like a great short documentary to me…Want controversy? Watch our feature film, The Abduction and Trial of George Bush, here. Hmmm…how many years in prison would we get in China for a similarly entitled, The Abduction and Trial of Xi Jinping?

US Declares War on China!


Exactly how long do you think it will be before the not-too-subtle jabs being made by this administration toward China result in an outright conflict the conclusion of which will be death, destruction, and - most importantly - the negation of debt and the return of formerly American-owned assets to American control? Listen...we cannot leverage ourselves out of the massive buyout conducted in the past few years by the Chinese government and by Chinese nationals without taking drastic steps. It has to happen because you - America’s Consumer base - won’t stop buying massive amounts of Chinese products in lieu of spending the little extra time and money it takes to buy a far superior, longer-lasting American made replacement.

We waged war against China not that many years ago - Korea, Vietnam, and likely found their support of Communist troops elsewhere in the world, as well. It will be nothing new...just a lot deadlier for everyone. Last month we clocked in with a $47 billion Trade Deficit. That’s a record. Many Left-leaning people seem to forget that some of China’s premier manufacturers use Slave, Prisoner, Child, and Trafficked labor, while our Right-leaning no longer appreciate the fact that a true Capitalist society requires a sound manufacturing base to support related Service employment. Think, please.

At War With China

When the inevitable happens and we find ourselves in conflict with China, recall that you were partly responsible for providing China with the financial resources to both place weapons on the Moon (they’ve just launched a Lunar Rover as a preparatory step to a manned mission), and as they militarily expand their sphere of influence in Asia, through your many purchases of Chinese made products.

China has surpassed us educationally – America is now ranked “Average” in education globally – and they are poised to surpass the traditional influence of Germany in both manufacturing and technology in the near future, having already made quick work of us.

This is the same China as Chairman Mao. It is the same totalitarian China as 50 years ago. It is the same mindset and, virtually, the same leadership that had emerged in the wake of Mao’s revolution.

America has become America the Average. We are no longer America the Great.

It’s your choice: Fund their military by buying Chinese products, or not and, perhaps, thus help return Manufacturing to America.

You need to Wake Up…

The Gift of the Future

Want to give your loved-one something really special this year? Give them the gift of jobs for our children and grandchildren. Return America to Americans by Not buying Chinese, Vietnamese, and other imported goods that have saturated our economy through the purveyors of greed, Walmart, Dollar General, and the like.

This year we will exceed 2012’s nearly 316 Billion Dollar Deficit with China alone.

This means more Americans unemployed. It means more American industries and local manufacturers closed. It means more people who work for a living having to rely on Food Stamps.

Wake up. Give the gift of Independence. Don’t buy Chinese: Buy American or don’t buy at all.

LL Bean and Christmas in China

Beating my head against the wall trying to think of what to get GL Hill for Christmas this year…she’s an easy person for whom to shop. Just make sure it’s American made. No sweat: LL Bean is as American as Apple Pie. Says so right on the cover: “Since 1912, Freeport, Maine.” I just got their new Christmas catalog and leafed through the pages seeking the perfect American made gift.

LL Bean’s Fleece-Lined Flannel Slippers? Sounds warm and inviting. Something in which her little toes will find warmth and comfort. About fifty bucks. Reading the description: “…Imported…” which is code for (probably) China. Fifty bucks for Chinese made slippers? Forget it. We already have a Monthly Trade Deficit with China of about $38 Billion each and every month.

Bean’s Winter Warmer Outerwear: The snuggly clad, smiling model doesn’t look Chinese, so I’m going to guess that for more than $100 it’s made here – not necessarily in Arizona but in the US, at least. Alas, it too is “Imported.”

In fact, out of the entire 2013 Christmas gift catalog there are only five items that are US Made. Five, from the company that professes to be deeply sewn into the fabric of America. And, I suppose, in some contemporary way, they are like most of America’s retailers, sewn deeply into the fabric of China’s economy. Cabela’s, GH Bass, and other names that once were synonymous with American made are nothing more than facilitators in the destruction of American industry.

In our country today less than 9% of our jobs are in the broadly defined sector of Manufacturing that includes definition-stretching software design and engineering. In my mind, Manufacturing is the fabrication of a tangible product, along with those jobs focused on product design and engineering. Software is pushing this definition.

For a complete lathering, read, Forget the Fiscal Cliff: We’ve Been Doomed for Decades, here. In the interim, consider that we cannot sustain an economy based on Service sector job growth. It’s insipid to suppose so. It’s naïve. It’ bad economics.

Worse, about 20% of our Manufacturing jobs are tied to Defense leaving us far too reliant on a hyper-inflated Defense budget that has grown over the last dozen years from about $350 Billion to more than $600 Billion, an unsustainable drag on our economy.

Worse yet, the billions of US Dollars spent by our friends at the CIA, having taken over responsibility for America’s Drone program over the last few years, are not included in the annual Defense Budget Appropriations – CIA finances are strictly off-the-books and closed-door. We don’t have a need to know. Yet the jobs associated with Engineering, Design, Fabrication and Support of our Drone program are a large part of the Manufacturing sector, meaning a further reliance on Military spending, which means a further dependence on finding a use for our weapons of war.

In 1950 40% of America’s jobs were in Manufacturing: We made nearly everything we used. In 2013 less than 9% of all jobs are in Manufacturing. We make nearly everything that our Military uses, but nothing of what you and I use.

Who’s at fault? You and I. We’re the factor ultimately driving what has happened over the last 20 years. We can stop it, though: Take control of your spending and put your money where your mouth is. Stop buying products made in other countries. Start honoring the memory of the American spirit and buy American made product.

Frankly, I care too much for GL to give her some over-priced, poorly-constructed rag from LL Bean. Instead, I’m going to spend a little time at one of the sites below researching quality American-made products for gifting this year.

Make this - 2013 - the year of the rebirth of American manufacturing. You’ll be giving all of us a wonderful gift.

Black Friday Slavery

To buy non-American made products this Holiday season is to perpetuate, to aid, to be an accomplice in the continued practice of economic slavery institutionalized in this once-great, now economically-paralyzed country.

Average Wage is down. Nearly half of America’s qualified workforce isn’t working. The Income Gap between Wealthy and Poor has virtually eliminated America’s Middle Class. Only Service Sector employment continues to grow by adding useless, Minimum Wage opportunities. Our Balance of Trade with all major manufacturing countries continues to spiral out of control. The Budget Deficit climbs ever higher and is now far in excess of $17 Trillion. Congress continues, like our President, to take no real, positive action since they are comfortably rewarded by both us, the Taxpayer, and those who seek to expand today’s new slavery.

If you pick up a Chinese made product and consider buying it as a gift for someone you love, ask yourself this question, “Exactly how stupid am I?”

If you buy it, you’re that stupid. This Holiday, buy Independence for those you love.

Buy American or don’t buy at all.

Why Buy Chinese?

“There can never be surprises in logic.” -Wittgenstein

This Holiday season you’re likely, as you have been in the past, to look for great gift bargains for those on your list of people who are “Nice”. When you shop at Walmart (and at the others who seek to continue the brutal rape of our economy) remember that you are an accessory after the fact.

90 million of our qualified workforce are not employed. It’s simple math and it’s simple logic. Read, Congress to Investigate Bogus Unemployment Data and LL Bean and China, both column right.

This year, seek-out and buy American made products. They are available and in abundance. (We give you a few resources at the conclusion of the article.) It’s your choice. It’s your country to take back. It’s not too late.

Oh, and Merry Christmas! We’ve passed $17 Trillion in debt: Please forward a check to Washington in the Amount of $54,000 (plus) for each member of your family...and you. (Debt Clock here)

Sign the petition to impose Term Limits on Congress.