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June 7, 2013
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Prelude to, No Exit (below)

Joseph Warren, Editor

My omnivorous appetite for reading takes in the Sciences, Religion, Biographies, Fiction, and whatever else comes my way. I like to read Nelson DeMille, as an example, for pure entertainment: His first-person narratives are free-flowing, humorous, and sometimes plainly fifth-grade funny – a level a part of me (that hasn’t grown up yet) is comfortable with.

But reading his latest, The Panther, was disappointing. His growing demonization of America’s and the world’s Muslim population is patently opportunistic riding on the wave of Hate set into motion a little more than a decade ago and building still today. Yet his editorial staff carry traditional Jewish surnames: What were these people thinking when they read this stereotype-saturated, hate-filled pulp? Have they forgotten history, or is it all about the money?

With few exceptions, watch what comes out of Hollywood’s traditional cinema empires and you’ll see the continued flogging of Muslims-cum-Terrorists hell-bent on destroying our way of life…such as it is.

Vilified openly, no other ethnic group has been subject to as extensive a pummeling as the Muslims since Jews in Germany in the 1930’s. But that was supposed to be the Dark Ages for modern humanity, was it not?

Television, Radio, Ink, and Electronic Media all feel unfettered by convention, liberally and loosely lambasting those who follow the ways of Islam. There is no specified Hating season: Hate anytime, anywhere with impunity.

John Sides and Kimberly Gross of George Washington University set about to quantify and thus better understand this normative aberration in, Stereotypes of Muslims and Support for the War on Terror, available here through GWU. In this extensive study they discovered the obvious, but something worth restating, There is no other ethnic group in America today more universally disparaged and thus hated than the Muslim.

This is symptomatic of an insane society. Read anything by Erich Fromm regarding how a society such as ours may become so normatively delusional the consequences of which become lethal…as it was in Germany and much of Europe in the 1930s. This is conditioned behavior that has led to the devolution of our society.

An interesting aside: Even China’s cinema viewing public finds American films below their intellectual level, instead thirsting for those that involve the more enlightened aspects of our species’ capabilities. Think about that next time you watch a TV program depicting Muslims negatively. Measure your internal responses to the images and words.

Better yet, throw out your television…

No Exit


On the increase over the last several years, Hate Crimes - specifically directed to Muslims and Jews - is what’s pushing America’s bull market this year, rocketing the Dow Jones Hate Index (DJHI) into record territory. This according to newly released data by the US State Department’s John Kerry. Read it here.

...Bill Maher (Jewish) speaking with Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison (African-American), called the Quran a “hate-filled holy book”...

Becoming so commonplace (and thus apparently acceptable) in the media, soon on your favorite cable channel you’ll be able to catch the premiere episode of NBC’s new sitcom, Everybody Hates Abdul.

Strange bedfellows, indeed: Muslims and Jews.

The abyss grows in America as the (real) Dow trends upward, and the Middle Class slowly evaporates; Homelessness continues to surge with more than three million families living in temporary shelters or substandard and makeshift housing. To most of us they are invisible.

So are the millions who have dropped off the unemployment database because they did not search for work in the four weeks prior to being counted. Why did they quit looking? Because there are no jobs.

They, along with the Working Poor and those others struggling to get by are lost in America. They need to blame someone, and our government is far too vague, aloof, and threatening a target. Most Americans fear their government. They don’t fear the (insert your choice: Muslim, Black, Hispanic, or Jewish) family man running the small grocery on the corner. So, while they’d probably prefer to punch the US Congress in the nose, Moshe or Mohamed will have to do.

Ever read Sartre’s, Anti-Semite and Jew?

People who Hate need someone tangible and approachable on whom they may pile their troubles: We are a nation of victims. We do not accept responsibility for our actions, so why would we do so for our circumstances? Americas courtrooms are filled with  those who profess to be victims. Most prevail.

Hate is even popularized in the media...even by Jews who ought to know better. Perhaps America’s Jewish population just hasn’t taken the time to realize that the targets of Hate are one in the same: anyone on whom one’s troubles may be blamed, however remotely and disassociated: Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics. Everyone’s scrambling to climb up what remains of the ladder to avoid the caldron seething with those left behind.

Here’s an example: Bill Maher (Jewish) speaking with Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison (African-American), called the Quran a “hate-filled holy book”. In this way, Maher can pander to America’s hate mongers and demonstrate that both Jews and Blacks regard Muslims in the same light - hopefully distancing themselves from Hate.

That won’t work: Jewish Uncle Tom (Fetter Thomashefsky?) doesn’t play to the ignorant. Self-loathing doesn’t work either. The only thing that will work, in fact, is not allowing yourself to Hate.

This Jewish guy I’ve read, once said, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you. Better words to consider than those of Bill Maher.