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June 7, 2013
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Boko Haram:

Know Your Sixties Rock Bands



Editor’s note: The BBC like most biased mainstream media, in their 16 May issue re-tell a story about Boko Haram describing the atrocities this group of murderers committed while omitting how our ally, the Nigerian Army, has razed thousands of homes and killed hundreds of noncombatant women and children. Once again, a US ally is cut from the same fabric as those we oppose. When will we learn?

The BBC’s dissimulated story may be read here.

As a service to the younger readers of The Independent Daily we thought it might be helpful to your music enjoyment if we helped you to better identify popular 60s Rock bands, and gave you some tips on how to differentiate them from more recent ensembles.

Formed in 1967, Procol Harum will forever be remembered for their classic hit, A Whiter Shade of Pale:

Procol Harum

The group below is known for their 2013 cover hit of the Talking Heads earlier smash by nearly the same name, Burning Down Your House, after first rejecting a remake of, A Whiter Shade of Pale for unknown reasons. Boko Haram is largely popular in Nigeria and other areas of Africa:

Boko Haram

(It’s easy to confuse the two groups. Remember this simple rule, though: do not seek autographs from the latter.)

Although in truth it appears that our ally, the Nigerian Army whose mission it is to improve the flow of oil for Conoco-Phillips, et al., is responsible for the deaths of about 180 civilians in the town of Baga.

Destroying some 2,275 homes in the process, Nigerian Armed Forces attempted to oust the suspected presence of Boko Haram by turning lives and housing into ash. (They found no one.)

Once again, we find ourselves in bed with a Coyote Ugly ally for the greed of Oil. (Read, Nigeria: More Dead Children, on this page.)

Obviously, the Nigerian Army are just not

Classic Rock music fans. (If you live in Nigeria, watch the Entertainment section of your local newspaper to find out when Boko Haram, the Nigerian Army, or US Drones will be in your town...and leave.)

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