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Whole Foods, Whole CEO

If you were to read, US Banks Record Profits, and, Obamacare: A Ravenous Wolf in Socialist Clothing, both column left, you’d come away thinking that every CEO in America is geared toward accumulating as much personal wealth as possible without regard to any other consideration, and for the most part you’d be right. But that’s not the case with John Mackey, Whole Foods’ founder and the company’s co-CEO.

Mackey and a group of likewise evolved CEOs and other executives have founded Conscious Capitalism, an organization that strives to bring enlightenment to the Greed-driven humdrum of everyday CEO life as reported here and in other publications.

While UnitedHealth Group’s Stephen Hemsley drags down $48 million a year plus stock earnings providing Obamacare’s conscripted masses with “Affordable” heath care, and AMEX’s Ken Chenault, $28 million while directing one of America’s largest  banking industry companies, Mackey pockets a cool One Dollar (US).

Mackey thinks he has made enough money: how awkward and betraying to the balance of America’s marginally-talented Chief Executives who really do nothing to lend anything of substance to their respective companies other than having convinced a board of directors that they are deserving of obscenely high compensation for obscenely little in the way of capabilities.

I suppose these over-compensated executives sense the end of the road and are amassing as much wealth as possible to stave off the wolf following the point at which someone on their board regains consciousness and realizes how much in dividends have been misdirected to CEO compensation.

Be that as it may, Mackey et al. transcend the miasma of greed and layout a concise approach to personal fulfillment that truly exemplifies the historic American spirit of entrepreneurialism.

Read about this far-reaching endeavor here, and restore your faith in American business, at least a little bit.