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June 7, 2013
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Who’s the Racist?

Fitzgibbon, one of Washington state’s many ill-informed  and intellectually challenged legislators, has elected to term Arizona a Racist Wasteland.

From the latest full FBI Uniform Crime Report: Hate Crimes in Washington state - 213 Reported Incidents yielding an average of 3.12 per 100,000 residents. Hate Crimes in Arizona: 192 for an average of 3.02. Any data year in the past yields the same difference: Washington is always higher in Hate.

To the south of Washington, it’s neighbor, Oregon, continuously holds its position in the Top 10, with about 5.5 reported Hate Crimes per 100,000.

Joe Fitzgibbon is typical of the unschooled mental lightweight so often being elected to office today, both in state houses (and being sent to Washington). Never holding a real job while struggling to meet the day-to-day challenges of life; never seeking to understand what lies beyond the immediate horizon; not having the intellectual curiosity to expand his understanding of the small universe in which he pretends to participate, and

Desperately seeking confirmation of his existence on Facebook and Twitter.

To today’s politician, Research is something best left to academicians. Facts are not important...

A clean, freshly-scrubbed visage enwrapped below by a university tie without regard to the vacuous space residing above is typical of those who propose to lead us into tomorrow.

The mindless drivel emitting from today’s politicians is at the heart of Elliot’s Wasteland. It wasn’t about sand and cacti.

And, for the record, Washington state has a vast desert area, too, abutting heavily-wooded forests - the same as we have here. (Leaving the confines of one’s local Starbuck’s and exploring the world immediately around will do much to broaden one’s understanding, Mr. Fitzgibbon.)

One more thing. We Arizonans aren’t tolerant of others: To Tolerate is to permit something to occur, as an example, with which one may not necessarily agree. In Arizona, our prior governor, Janet Napolitano, selected by Obama as head of Homeland Security, was a wearer of sensible shoes, short-cropped hair, and always sans male companionship. None of us cared. We’ve never cared what one does behind closed doors: We do care about bringing your stupidity out into the open, though. So, keep it to yourself, Mr. Fitzgibbon.