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Wages: Down, Down, Down

The United Kingdom has found that the average real hourly wage in that country has fallen about 5.5% in the last year leaving Britons with far less buying power, on average, than the rest of the European Union. Germany ended the same period up 2.7%.

In the United States, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has elected to skew the findings for the benefit of the average American, thus shielding us from the reality of lost purchasing power and a declining standard of living, save for the wealthy.

Here, Real Average Hourly Earnings are up four cents per hour putting the average wage at $10.31, or a .3% increase unadjusted for inflation, which during the same period ran 2.9%.

The BLS has chosen to highlight the fact that Americans are earning more on a weekly basis, though. Why? Because Americans are working more hours at a lower hourly compensation.

Most Americans are far too apathetic to care – too immersed in sloth to do anything about the present condition of our country anyway – and that’s why we’ve constructed what we think might be a model for an improved United States: