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June 7, 2013
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Attention Black Americans

Upset About Zimmerman Verdict


You see, here’s the problem: One cannot take umbrage with a single violent event and argue the injustice of it without taking responsibility for the violence and injustice that has been done to others while you silently sat by.

In America today Hate Crimes are on the rise. Muslims are a growing target of the fanatics seeking to place blame for their failures or misfortunes on others. Read, No Exit, in the Archives section for a current in-depth look at America today. Of course, Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, are always a good target, too, but in your silence and acquiescence of this type of hate lies the reason it continues.

So, while I doubt any of our readers are busy looting and burning, I am certain that some feel outrage at the verdict: too bad. Tolerate the massacre in Iraq and you get Zimmerman; Remain apathetic about Nigeria and the result is Trayvon Martin or James Byrd or Martin Luther King or Malcom X or...

Hate is linked – learn to break the chain.