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June 7, 2013
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United Lesbians:

Together We Can Lick Bush!


My only complaint about Gay organizations is that they spend far too much time advancing the cause of Same-Sex Marriage, and pushing acceptance of Openly Gay status while seeking membership, as an example, to social service and youth groups to which they were always admitted without the declaration of their being homosexual. (Read, Scout’s Honor, in the Archives section.)

Scouting was always open to Gay kids; Gay couples have always lived together; And in many states and countries couples found easy ways to care for one another financially and otherwise without the need to be acknowledged as homosexual by the government: Far too much time and energy is being expended pursuing the rationalization of a biological act.

The shame of it all isn’t in being homosexual. The shame is in wasting that much coordinated direction and force on something as ludicrous as striving to gain societal acceptance of a sexual act seen as reprehensible by a percentage of the world’s population who practice a sexual act seen equally as distasteful by those who advocate homosexuality.

When, in fact, that focus, drive, energy, enthusiasm and commitment (which I applaud), might better have been focused on something more akin to protecting the far more basic premise of one’s right to live without fear of the consequences of greed and hate, such as the hundreds of thousands of innocents who perished at the direction of George Bush in Iraq, and the many thousands who suffer today in America from hate and ignorance.

Where were these people in the year 2003 who now demand recognition for a sexual practice when the US government was about to embark on a path to certain death for many in the Middle East?

Why is their sexuality more important than the life of a child? Why do they not see that the larger picture of basic Human Rights must necessarily outweigh acknowledged concern for the sexual practices of a few?

That’s the shame of it all, from my perspective...

California’s Dianne Feinstein supports same-sex unions. She supports Gay rights. She is a strident-supporter of minority rights. She was a supporter of the war in Iraq.

Feinstein is on record as having said that in his tenure as president, George Bush made “false statements” regarding the need to initiate military action. She therefore excuses herself from bad judgement.

As a United States Senator, is Feinstein not obligated to initiate proceedings in the US Senate to investigate her allegations?

Is it not the sworn duty of a United States Senator to pursue what she alleges to be a High Crime on the part of our then-President Bush?

I implore you! The corruption and rampant misdirection of our government today is symptomatic of our past apathy. Correct the past and we will do much to bring  about a more obedient government: One that fears the electorate.  Read, Fun and Games with the FBI, below.