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June 7, 2013
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A Message to our Ukrainian Readers: Stay Away from the EU

Affiliation with the European Union will do nothing to advance the economics of the Ukraine and will only make certain that in the very near future, Ukraine will come to mimic the dismal state of affairs here in America, and throughout Europe, for that matter: A transfer of Manufacturing and Technical jobs to other nation-states where the cost of labor is more beneficial to those who seek to flood your country with cheaply-made products, virtually enslaving you in an economic bog of poorly-paid Service jobs, in turn ensuring that you may only afford cheap, foreign-made product.

“Secure, predictable career paths are increasingly being left behind for those which provide increased choice, flexibility and a greater sense of opportunity” say US policy makers. Translation: You are disposable. “Increased choice” interprets roughly to, Having completed Graduate work in Quantum Physics you may select a job at either Starbuck’s, Walmart, or McDonald’s.

This is the future of affiliation with the European Union for Ukrainians today. Avoid it like the plague.