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June 7, 2013
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Russki Typeski: WWTD?


Russia has this month elected to opt out of their Intranet for intelligence communication by securing about $15,000 of Typewriters and using that more primitive form to prepare and transmit sensitive information, presumably without making carbon paper copies. (Remember Carbon Paper? Probably not...) Anyway, we thought we’d do the same at the TID to keep the prying eyes of the NSA in darkness. So:


We have to question the wisdom of this approach. It would seem that Russia, like the many countries in the European Union who have fallen prey to US espionage, ought to seek to strengthen their collective position against the US and strongly suggest that any further invasion of their security will not be tolerated.

     * Does no one else recall that it was only perhaps last year when the United States said that attempted hacking into US government operations was tantamount to an Act of War? Therefore, is this act of resignation by Russia tantamount to an Act of Surrender? What Would Trotsky Do?

     (I had to really pound the keys to get a “bold” typeface...I’m going back to the computer - typewriters suck. By the way, if you don’t have American Typewriter font the above joke is wasted.  :-)  ed.)