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June 7, 2013
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Term Limits and Terminal Thinking

Nothing is more important than imposing Term Limits on Congress. It is the only clear road to resolving the many conflicts and dysfunctionality present in our Legislative bodies today. Take a moment and go to Term Limits (.org) at this link and sign the petition now. Don’t wait. Pass this link on to your friends.

- Editor

Alan Fram of the AP leads his November 16 story about Republican attacks against a West Virginia Congressman with these words, “In his West Virginia district, the TV ads attacking Democratic Rep. Nick Rahall over the calamitous startup of President Barack Obama's health care law have already begun.

“The 19-term veteran, a perennial target in a GOP-shifting state, is among many in the president's party who have…”

The first words of the paragraph above describe everything that is wrong with our Congress today: 19 terms. That is, at 64 years of age he has been a Congressman for more than 38 years. (His job before? Working for a Senator.)

The difficulty we have in Congress (and in most presidencies) is a reflection of how we choose our Legislative and Executive leaders: Barak Obama, as an example, has never worked to sustain a household, outside of a bureaucracy. His head is wedged inextricably up his ass and he is, therefore, incapable of rendering judgment on anything other than how to support a university departmental budget and grow an unshakable justification for the next funding year: Money grows on trees…

Cited in Fram’s article is Nick Rahall, an absolute do-nothing with credentials to match his impeccable record of sloth and suction at the public teat. Here’s his biography, if you’re interested.

Don’t misunderstand me: I’m not pointing a finger at a Democrat unrecognizing of the obvious similarities between Rahall and a plethora of other unskilled, quasi-academics - Democrat and Republican alike - or, worse, lawyers who do not have the wherewithal and dignity to chase ambulances, opting instead for an easier road to personal enrichment, through elected office.

When we elect people like the above time and time-again, in either the Republican or Democrat camp, we virtually assure ourselves of failure.

We must begin to examine the capabilities of those who profess an interest in public office and better understand their personal motivation. We must also, and very importantly, eliminate our government as the sole career path for those who reside in the mecca of Congress and force them to join the real number of unemployed in America today (not the number they have fabricated) and seek meaningful employment outside the halls of Congress.

Our system of government was based on the ideal that those who came to office, for a limited term, would lend the skills and insight they had gained operating freely in a representative democracy at the base of which was Free Enterprise.

When those who come to office have nothing to lend our government but the knowledge of how to sustain government without regarding to maintaining the foundation on which that government was founded, we get what we’ve got today: A nightmare.

We must choose more wisely. We must impose Term Limits. We must vote Independent.