Burkini Swimsuit Special Edition

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Editor’s Foreword

Each of the beautiful women on this page were personally interviewed by our Middle East and Africa correspondent, Owa Tajurc for http://TheIndependentDaily.com (TID). Owa’s in-depth interviews lay bare the true souls of these lovely women, giving us astounding insight into their passions, aspirations, and darkest sexual desires. So, enjoy. (Image above is of Sabah who was killed by sniper fire just as Owa was interviewing her. Fortunately she fell back into the hotel pool and it made for a great cover image.)


Amani is 13 years old and lives just on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Somalia where she completed 6th grade and now awaits marriage. She hopes to wear makeup in the house someday.

TID: What would you like to accomplish in your life?

Amani: I wish some day very soon to become someone’s wife. I am getting older.

TID: What’s your ideal man?

Amani: Somebody under 60 years of age would be nice, and maybe not a goat-herder.

TID: Do you have any hobbies?

Amani: I like to think about being married and go for runs on the beach. Really, I just like to go to the beach, but Boko Haram is always shooting at us, so running is what I do. Really, I run a lot because of that. I probably wouldn’t run so much if they would stop shooting at us. And blowing things up: that too.

TID: How sexually active are you?

Amani: I have seen my vagina, once I think. It was an accident, and I prayed many weeks after.

TID: Are there any men in your life right now?

Amani: My father, my brother, and two uncles. They’ve seen my vagina: You may ask them if you want to know what it looks like, I suppose.

TID: Who is your BFF?

Amani: She was killed. So, right now, I don’t have a BFF...maybe Allah is.


Jamila is 16 years old and lives in Kuwait.

TID: What would you like to accomplish in your life?

Jamila: Some day I would like to drive a car. I know that’s wrong of me; forgive me for saying that, please. Never mind: I don’t want to drive a car. I am happy to walk behind my husband’s car while he drives. That is enough for me in life. You know, to smell his exhaust. I am blessed to do so. So many women here in Kuwait do not have the chance to walk behind a car and smell the exhaust; I do. I am very happy. Please do not tell my husband I wanted to drive...please?

TID: I won’t, I promise. So, Jamila are you married to your ideal man?

Jamila: Yes.

TID: Do you have any hobbies?

Jamila: Yes.

TID: What are they?

Jamila: Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of our children.

TID: How many children do you have?

Jamila: Between we four wives, 17.

TID: How sexually active are you?

Jamila: I do my duty as a good wife, if that is what you mean.

TID: How often does a good wife do “her duty” for her husband?

Jamila: As Allah wishes.

TID: Are there any other men in your life right now?

Jamila: I would be buried to my shoulders and my family would throw big rocks at my head until it looked like goat meatloaf, so, no, there are no other men in my life.

TID: Who is your BFF?

Jamila: Nabila, but she was buried to her shoulders and had big rocks thrown at her head and it looked like goat meatloaf after, and that is why I know I don’t want to look like that.

TID: Did you throw rocks at her?

Jamila: At Nabila? Yes, of course. If I didn’t I would not be here right now.