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June 7, 2013
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“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses and I shall give them Disability.”

Nobody works anymore, it seems. And of those who do most are caught in the grist mill of Service Sector employment pushing products produced primarily in other countries, or tending to our “huddled masses” who line the corridors of America’s Health Care hallways seeking a newer, brighter, and foremost, longer future through chemistry, to no purpose; to no end other than to preserve their place marker life for the benefit of the very same Health Care providers who tend to them. Symbiotic: Perpetuate lives that are useful to the perpetuation of the system.

Today in America about 9 million of us are on permanent disability through Social Security (SSD). In the last 20 years that’s about a 6 million increase. 3 million to 9 million, and the number keeps growing every day thanks to attorneys whose livelihoods are directed to qualifying the marginally qualified; and due to apathy, frustration, resignation, or sloth on the part of those who seek benefits.

The 9 million who receive SSD benefits are part of the 90 million qualified to participate in our Labor Force who do not. 90 million is about one-half of the approximate 190 million who ought to be gainfully employed for America to operate to its theoretic maximum. (We’ve written on this issue many times in the past: Our government’s reported Unemployment is not reflective of the truth. Read, Finally, the Real Number. Unemployment, on this page.)

Another fallacy perpetuated by our government is the relationship of Foreign made goods. The Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco, in an Economic Letter dated August 2011 would like you to believe that Chinese made products represent only 2.7% of our overall spending. The intent of this contrived official government proclamation is to assuage your concerns about buying Chinese made products when shopping at Walmart, Target, and other major retailers. To make you feel less guilty.

This Economic Letter points to our overall productivity in atypical goods such as Weapons, Aircraft, Armored Personnel Carriers, and other items you and I don’t traditionally keep in our garages, save for a few stalwart fellow Arizonans.

Taking Durable and non-Durable goods as a whole, exclusive of Service sector employment, it paints a dismal picture: one that we’ve harped on many times. Read, Forget the Fiscal Cliff: We’ve Been Doomed for Decades.

The reality? In 1950 40% of our jobs were in Manufacturing. Manufacturing jobs support Service jobs. Without an adequate base of those types of jobs that create products, such as those things you buy at Walmart that are now made in China, an economic system cannot support itself and, potentially, expand without borrowing on the future: Debt (which has surpassed $17 Trillion, or about $55,000 for each one of us - Man, Woman, and Child).

We have an insufficient number of Manufacturing jobs in America to support our economy. Out of frustration, poverty, apathy, anger, resignation, people naturally seek a way to sustain themselves and those to whom they are responsible for support. When there isn’t a living wage job, when Unemployment benefits are exhausted, when the Underground economy falls through, when the situation becomes desperate, SSD is potentially the only salvation.

It’s a new form of Welfare - one well hidden and disguised.