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June 7, 2013
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The State of the Onion

Peeling away fiction from fact, layer after layer, leaves my eyes watering in tearful release. Before, during, and after Obama’s presentation I imagine that every network carried their interpretation of what he would, was, and had said. I streamed him from the White House, which is not a good medium to use - too many sidebars, subtexts, pictures, and contorted facts all intended to help shape the message for the sensory-deprived.

There were no surprises and no great revelations, other than his undying pledge to bring economic equity to Americans, "with or without Congress". That statement is a bit annoying: It promises that he will circumvent the...what is that document called? O, yes, the Constitution.

But then, neither he nor Bush before him had any regard for our founding premises, nor for bringing about greater equality in America. Read, General Motors: A 39 Billion Dollar Taxpayer Loss* and Who Benefitted, and Obamacare: A Ravenous Wolf in Socialist’s Clothing and understand who is the constituency. It ain’t you and me, brother.

So, yes, let’s make this a year of action as Obama says, and remove him from office on any number of impeachable offenses.