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Sex After 60?

Long, Strange Trip...

Periodic Advice to Boomers

Joseph Warren, co-publisher, Arizona’s The Independent Daily

Given the vast number of Baby Boomers reaching retirement and thus entering the period of life marking the threshold of their expiration, the Editors thought it might be fitting to introduce an Advice column that truly does add to the enjoyment of the years remaining for those who read this journal. So, Welcome to Long, Strange Trip... (title inspired by the Dead). From time to time this regular feature will provide insight into the most pressing issues facing those seeking inspiration in their waning years. Issues such as, Savings, Investment, Practical Living Advice, Politics, Drugs - Prescription and Off-the-Street, Whom to Loath, and What sort of American Indian-type of Interment might be cool and correct: Issues not addressed by AARP (who won’t leave you alone and keep sending you membership cards, failing to recognize that you really aren’t interested in acknowledging your current condition).

In this inaugural column we address the issue of...

Sex After 60. Is it OK?

Yes, it is. But when one exceeds 70 to 75 miles per hour remember that there are other people on the road, too. Also, are you alone in the car? If so, be aware that your actions are not much different than texting, fully occupying a part of your logical mind and one hand. This can impair your driving ability significantly. If you are with someone, remember that an errantly placed head between the steering wheel and your now-probably-abundant gut, can retard your ability to quickly and correctly steer the vehicle or avoid a critical emergency situation. Also, tint your windows...nobody wants to see old people doing that on the highway.

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