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Where Were the Sandy Hook Mothers

in 2003?


Impassioned pleas aside, where were these loving, caring, tearful mothers in March 2003 when we were about to embark on the massacre of perhaps hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi children? Or is the taking of an American child’s life only worth mourning?

If so, then what of the nearly five thousand American sons and daughters lost in that contrived and brutal conflict in Iraq - some as young as 17 years - a child by my definition: Are their deaths not worth our outrage?

In Jack Shepherd’s column, this issue below, he cites comments by one of the fathers of a fallen child who points to the mother of the Sandy Hook shooter, concluding that her “parenting” skills were deficient for not monitoring her child more closely, and for not recognizing the apparent signals of mental illness.

I would argue that it is incumbent on every one of us to be more vigilant and watchful for the signs of aberrance in our government: to recognize antisocial behavior; to better control our military’s access to weapons of war; to be far less acquiescent and ready to agree to the wholesale slaughter of the world’s population under the guise of a War on Terror; to look far more deeply into our government’s true intent rather than through apathetic submission.

There are tens of thousands of mothers in Iraq today who watched the international broadcast of President Obama surrounded by Sandy Hook’s tearful mothers. But, here’s what they have seen over the last ten years: Stop the hatred; Stop the killing.