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Residual Quantum Field Effect

Joseph Warren

(with GL Hill)

For some of you, what you are about to read and consider could be life changing giving you a much different perspective on Life and Afterlife. For others, perhaps not. Ironically, we believe that the truth - the historic foundation of religions - lies herein. I know: That’s a pretty grand statement, but read on.

Most often people require some form of commitment to validate the legitimacy of a way of thinking: To suffer somehow, or give of one’s self to a cause, to pay tithing, and plainly here that’s not the case. All that’s required is that you consider, to the best of your experience, what you’ll read below. If it’s valid from your perspective – if you can understand what we’re saying and see its application to you – that’s wonderful. If not, that’s fine too.

People don’t read and think as much as they once did. We’ve become too accustomed to being told what is true, what is real, by our religious leaders, by our governments, by those around us who “know better” and who coincidentally subscribe to a specific way of thinking for the benefit of some organization or entity, government or private, and by television. We have no organization or television series to promote.

We believe that the Residual Quantum Field hypothesis belongs to everyone because through it we may better appreciate that we are all born from the same quantum fabric and share that common basis with all of humanity.

Through this thinking we may experience less existential angst, regret, sense of failure, hate, controversy; and through it we may live a more peaceful life, less fearful of death and what may have been for you, the unknown, or simply nothingness.

What’s Next?

You may take heart in knowing that there is something after this existence – this physical reality constructed in this dimension. And, that the existence that follows is as real as the one you are currently experiencing in all significant ways.

How is that possible? Because your life today is measured, interpreted, and experienced by the Quantum Field within you: not by some tactile means, but by electromagnetic signals being sent, ingested, and recorded. And, all that you are – all that you have learned, all who you know, all who you love, all things with which you are connected – including the rest of humanity and the universe – are recorded as impulses of energy and stored within your Quantum Field. In other words, the truth of what you are – the sum of what you are – is energy, incapable of simply dissipating and bound together by the strong and weak forces of within the matter that houses you in your present form.

Within this context of physical being is the energy comprising who you really are: your “spiritual” self from a conventional perspective. And, more importantly, the entire content of the universe.

When you “Die” your tactile being – the one with a perceived more imposing presence in this dimension often confusing it for continuous matter – is shed leaving only your Residual Quantum Field for some period of time remaining in your characteristic shape: In other words, in the form of you as a human but as a “Ghost-Like” apparition or “Spirit” or “Soul” or whatever you may wish to call it, bound together out of some form of Quantum habit – a combination of energy and experience.

For how long is it bound to this realm, if you will, is something we don’t know and may only conjecture. Does it eventually or immediately return to its original source? We think it does, and we’ll talk more about that below.

Spiritual Entropy

But for the period of time after your death your true self exists outside the tactile form it had occupied – or better within which it had grown and acquired knowledge – it is perhaps perceivable, in one form or another, to others you had known, loved, or with whom you had shared a significant experience. Or, perhaps to those with whom you have shared nothing but who have some form, some developed or innate capability to observe, sense, or in some way apprehend your Residual Quantum Field.

It is a Residual field only for purposes of this paper. In fact, it is the substance of your being at this moment. It is your true self – the part that thinks, actually touches, sees and hears, processes thoughts, retains memories, and the myriad other functions we usually ascribe to the physical.

Many people have experienced the Residual Quantum Field Effect after the death of a loved one – some for quite awhile after. Some not at all. Eventually, we hypothesize, the universal tendency to entropy causes a “disintegration” of the Quantum habit leading to distribution of one’s self back into the fabric of the universe to rejoin and, perhaps, remanifest.

There is nothing too earthshaking about this hypothesis. In fact, it’s a fairly simple deduction based on both the proven and the hypothesized nature of Quantum Physics – the physical reality that is at the foundation of all things in the universe, and most importantly to us, for most, the egocentric center of all existence – the fabric of our physical beings.

Too bad Einstein isn’t around today…Or is he?

While I would not say that Albert Einstein didn’t possess a good measure of brilliance, I’d argue, as he did, that his extraordinary intelligence was manifest more in his ability to “see” things that most of us missed back then. Ironically, mis-observation was likely his downfall in his quest for a Unified Field Theory – a Theory of Everything.

This is the thought I took away last year after having re-read (many times) several renditions by various authors, including Einstein himself – on General and Special Relativity – including Bertrand Russell’s ABC of Relativity, Walter Issacson’s wonderful and informative biography on Einstein, Yougrau’s in-depth study of Kurt Gödel’s “Timeless” nature of the Universes in World Without Time, and others.

In retrospect, it seems to me that Einstein was caught in the elevator of a 60-story building, somewhere between the 26th and 34th stories presuming that the 26th was the lobby and the 34th, the Penthouse. It’s the same analogy Abbott had (unintentionally and) successfully made in describing the two-dimensional nature of life for the Flatlanders in his epic work, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. And I think that Einstein, too, failed to look beyond the immediacy of his 26-to-34 floor existence and apply his very considerable intellect to the possibilities that may exist beyond the immediate.

Reluctant to embrace the seemingly erratic nature of the Quantum world whose workings didn’t follow the simplistic nature of the cosmos at the 26th floor as they did on the 34th, he chose to not hypothesize further into the depths of matter - into its “lower” levels – into the very fabric of Quantum composition. And why would he? Beyond and below what could be understood at that point would be nothing more than philosophy, or today what we call, Science Fiction. (Most of what we see around us today would have been science fiction 50 or 100 years ago. Today, reality.)

Likewise, his mathematical conjectures were confined to this Universe as being, in sum, the extent of our celestial reality, with only the passing nod to existences beyond and even within that level, dimensionally and otherwise. He was a victim of his early Positivist “upbringing” and was, therefore, trapped in the realm of what could be touched or observed in the world of Physics – too Machian for his own good and to his detriment.

Had he of looked below and above, he would have seen what physicists are seeing today – arguably philosophically, but also mathematically and experientially: dimensions and universes within and without all perhaps linked by a unified system of motion and behavior of such awe and magnitude and mystery, it leaves some/most/all traditional religions in its wake.

The High Priests today

If you consider that to be a provocative statement – Physics as a meta-religion – perhaps you’re missing the more credible aspects of Physics today. Take Edward Witten, as an example, one of the modern day sort-of high priests of contemporary thought whose residency at the Institute for Advanced Study, the place Einstein called home for the many years he toiled over a Unified Theory prior to his death, has become a focus of conjecture, hypothesis and increasingly acceptable thought in the development of String and Supersymmetry theories: ground breaking, revelationary theoretical thinking, which could very well guide us into an understanding on the nature of the transcendent – what we currently categorize as the Spiritual.

So, some day will physicists identify the nature of all existence, finally, ultimately, and completely? Will they identify the nature of the greater realm within which we exist – beyond our universe – currently dismissed as the “Bulk?”

The Spirit World

The very short point of this article, though, is not to examine the nature of the Cosmos or to thread our way through the infinitesimally minute particles of Quantum physics, but to try to understand the physical reality comprising our state of living that somehow, sometimes remains after our perceived physical, what we might think of as tactile life form, has ceased to exist. Our Residual Quantum Field, or more commonly ghosts, spirits, or souls that are bound to this plain of existence: what we might categorize simply as, simultaneously with the rest of observable life.

Solid life forms, such as we imagine ourselves to be, is a misnomer, as most of us know. What we think of as Solid is really nothing more than a cloud of quantum particles the space between which one might figuratively drive a bus, some comprising the outward physical state, and others the electro-magnetic processes that manifest thoughts and directions – both consciously and automatically: The transmissions that keep you breathing, your heart beating, your hands moving at your will, and your eyes receiving the vast energy being bounced around you every minute of your life: some of which you are aware; some not.

Einstein, much to his regret later in life, taught us that Matter, under the right circumstances, could be converted to Energy. That’s why we have atomic weapons today, along with a string of more positive resulting applications.

So, when our moving, tactile, flesh and bone physical beings are compromised and cease to do the things they used to do, what happens to all that energy?

Station yourself in front of a mirror and imagine that all of what you can see is suddenly taken away.

What exactly is it that remains? A complex network of electromagnetic energy, which to some extent is likely to maintain its present spatial parameters for some period of time just as the filament of an incandescent light bulb continues to glow after the switch has been flipped to Off.

For how long? Perhaps, depending on one’s connectedness to this life, for a very long time by our standards. Or, the less connection with those around them, or the more gradual the transition and loss of “life” perhaps the less relative time before this spatial formation of energy is disrupted and maybe dissipates, or regresses back into what David Bohm would have identified as the base Holographic nature to which we all remain joined – like fingers on a hand all joined inseparably from a greater physical part.

In other words, we are all essentially one. Not only that, but with everything. It’s like having more than seven billion relatives many of whom you can’t stand.

According to various estimates by a variety of physicists, a 150 pound human hypothetically converted under the conditions of Einstein’s E=MC2 equates to enough energy to run the United States for more than one year. That’s just a whole bunch of energy to simply…go away, which it is precluded from doing by the very nature of E=MC2. And, since the complex atomic binding of the various strong and weak forces within us just doesn’t simply disintegrate either following our last breath, we’re left with the question, What happens?

We think that what happens, as mentioned above, is that the energy constituting your real self is freed from the confines of the corporeal – rather like when your car breaks down and you step out of it to wait for roadside assistance. The car, at least for the moment, is nonfunctional. Under this analogy, your car may be repairable; after what we call death, your body likely isn’t.

Yet there have been numerous reports – too many to dismiss out-of-hand – of those who have experienced near-death situations who may argue otherwise. From this clinically dead episode they recount what may likely be the experience we refer to herein: A loosening of our Quantum Field. Free, at least for the moment to move unencumbered, returning when the existing field between the tactile and the Quantum reconnect and re-establish a biological stasis.

True Love and the MRI

What brought us to these questions, and others, was the Magnetic Resonance Imaging process. Our interest in MRI stems from an expansive pursuit of Quantum Physics, and was driven by the vagueness and mystery of the subject overall. As we explored the rudimentary function of MRI we were struck by the fundamental way MRI interacted with the body on a quantum level, altering (albeit allegedly) temporarily the basic characteristics of the protons comprising the hydrogen atoms of the human body: Basically what we are, organically.

To fully appreciate this statement, consider how, from a base perspective, MRI works:

The person to be scanned is placed in a “bore” or the tunnel of the MRI machine around which are very powerful magnets. So powerful in fact, that even at their lowest level of operation (1.5 Tesla or 15,000 Gauss) they are equivalent to 21,000 times the magnetic field of the earth. From there, depending on the segment of body being read, and the density (obesity and section) of the person, the field is increased to as much as about 8 Tesla, or more than 100,000 times the earth’s magnetic field strength.

(The second feature of the MRI is a Radio Frequency (RF) transmitter rated at 25,000 Watts of power, with induced RF ranging from a fraction of one watt to many watts per kilogram of weight, once again depending on MRI computed variable needs.)

The Magnetic issue: In an MRI procedure protons comprising the vast amount of hydrogen in your body are manipulated. Here’s how: Each proton inside you has a specific “Spin” or polarity. It’s like a child’s top, but they don’t actually spin: it’s a term applied to the issue of polarity only, so don’t imagine that there are billions of spinning tops inside of you on which their continued spinning your life depends.

(Coincidentally, Planck’s Constant once again figures into the Proton’s Spin, as it does with so many other aspects of Quantum Physics: Will we find that the same Constant applies to Cosmology, too, when seen from the very highest floor?)

In MRI the polarity of these billions of protons are aligned through the use of the very large magnetic force described above. Then, a fairly powerful RF is introduced and subsequently, each proton as it resumes its prior Spin or polarity within your body gives off a photon – a unit of light, energy, like the photons from the sun. These are in turn captured and an image is generated.

In other words, through the effects of induced magnetism the structure of your body’s Quantum Field is changed for some period of time. From this we might deduce that each person’s Quantum Field carries some form of lattice-like alignment that distinguishes it from some other person’s. Just as magnets attract or repel, we might easily construe that for us the same rule holds true, only in a far more complex and varied way so that instead of merely a positive to positive reaction repelling one another, there are perhaps an infinite number of combinations which either attract or repel, and to varying levels within each person based on their complex lattice.

So, have there been people in your life to whom you were attracted in some inexplicable way on first meeting? Perhaps to varying degrees and intensities causing you to ask, Why?

Imagine that you have the good fortune of spending nearly 24 hours each day with the person you very much love in close proximity. Just as the subtle electromagnetic fields of two pieces of metal lying close together may effect the polarity of one or the other or both, so may the presence of human-to-human, creating a greater alignment or “magnetic affability” between them and building on what was initially an already synergistic relationship.

Love at first sight? Why not? It may be just Quantum Physics at work. And, perhaps, this might explain how after a number of years of marriage, the death of a spouse quickly yields the death of the other: A disruption in their previously Shared Quantum Field.

It may also explain why, in some cases only, the “apparition” of the deceased spouse, relative, or friend intimately appears to those remaining, and why they sense or understand that this departed loved one will – for some unknown period of time – protect and guide them.

It’s a consoling thought. It’s a consoling reality. We think, It’s just physics.