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June 7, 2013
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To Tom Perkins, it truly is the Almighty Dollar


Kleiner Perkins co-founder Tom Perkins, in a much-publicized, heavily-derided missive, has equated protests such as the Occupy Movement to the castigation and persecution of Jews in Europe in the 1930s. Only to Tom, in this instance, “Jews” are America’s One Percent Wealthy. More egalitarian peers have responded harshly to his comments, condemning his soulless entreaty as probable justification for greater hate against the Wealthy. (i.e. He lacks feigned sensitivity...)

In sum, everyone seems to be missing the point.

Tom Perkins’ comments are actually well-founded if we presume that God has been subrogated by Money in our society, and few among us would argue otherwise. Greed is at the center of our actions as we interact with other countries and within America among each other. To call America Godless, for the most part is quite true, save for the few devoutly religious who actually practice acts of Kindness, Generosity and Caring. But overall we’re pretty much soulless bastards.

Greed is what drives most of us every day of our lives: That’s why we shop at Walmart and at other purveyors of Chinese-made junk, allowing us to gratify our need for things to fill the meaningless void in which we live. Things we can afford whether working or on Disability, Welfare, or chasing aluminum cans along the roadway. Things that fall apart. Things that are now made not in America. Few care that the millions of lost Manufacturing jobs leaves us as nothing more than a decaying shell with few years left.

So, contrary to widely-publicized criticism, the astute thinker might offer Tom Perkins accolades for his insight into America today, although America’s Jews ought to be on him like Brisket on a Kaiser for his Holocaust analogy.

Praise be to the Fed: Let us all say, Amen.