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A Chink in his Armor

President Obama may be seeing signs of at least one chink in his armor given his recent comments regarding the frustrations his administration has recently experienced regarding Obamacare’s crippled rollout.

His words, “definitely shouldn’t give up” typically and historically have been a preamble in prior administrations to, “We’re reconsidering our direction...” leading eventually to, “We’ve charted a new course...” So, maybe Obama’s the one who who’ll flinch, ultimately. Maybe not: it’s difficult to predict how this latest crisis will end.

In the interim: The Market has trended upward; Jobs are being added, although to what extent remains nebulous since the government's official manipulator of statistics - the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is furloughed; The Fed continues to pump $85 million a month into the pockets of America’s Banking CEO’s (Read, US Banks Record Profits, column left); and...

...And really, nothing of any consequence has changed except our National Parks continued to be closed, although the Obama administration has found a way to pay our furloughed federal workers, notwithstanding their absence.

Internationally, we’re being called dysfunctional. though Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and China have a firm grasp on reality.