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June 7, 2013
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National Sorry Day

Joseph Warren, Editor

May 26 of every year since 1997 marks National Sorry Day in Australia where the country commemorates the mistreatment of its aboriginal peoples. Well they don’t really commemorate the mistreatment so much as apologize for that mistreatment, characterized by enslavement, abuse, apartheid, forced prostitution, relegation to subhuman status, murder; really a genocidal rampage that lasted for decades.

Perhaps that’s what we need here in the USA: A National Sorry-About-That Day during which we make one massive apology, to ourselves and to the world.

We could apologize to the earth, to the American Indians, to the Blacks, to the Irish, to the Italians, to, really, any non-Protestant white.

We could apologize, en masse, to the Vietnamese for murdering off 2 million of their people, and for My Lai, since you now buy a substantial amount of their products at Walmart and elsewhere contributing to a growing trade deficit running into the billions, monthly. We might even combine that apology with China, their then supplier of arms and materiel, and to whom we owe trillions of dollars.

We could apologize to the Iraqi people for murdering more than one million children, women and men at the behest of Halliburton, Shell and Exxon-Mobil, or are you still unwilling to accept your culpability in that contrived war? And while we’re at it, we could apologize to the families of the nearly 5,000 US men and women killed in battle in Iraq, not to mention the nearly 40,000 severely wounded and disabled.

And, we ought to apologize to all our veterans (Editor included) for sending them to places they didn’t belong, asking them to kill people who held no ill toward them until our arrival, and for the ensuing decades of neglect following.

Probably most significantly, we ought to apologize to ourselves for accepting the continuing lies directed at us by our government: Lies regarding Unemployment, Job Opportunities, International Relations, Fiscal Stability, Indebtedness, and the burden that will befall our children’s children in the not-too-distant future, if there is a US at that time.

We should also apologize to Jefferson, Washington, Franklin and all of the other many great minds who had a vision of what our country could be...

Perhaps you can think of other apologies that ought to be included in this list. If so, send me an email and we’ll include your suggestions, republishing it from time-to-time: