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We Got A Million Friends


The Beacon of Freedom has grown much dimmer over the last two decades: Someone replaced it with a 12-watt fluorescent bulb to conserve energy at the start of the Bush administration. Obama ordered it to be turned off completely during the day since there’s more than ample sunshine owing to Global Warming. And there are no lights shining in Guantanamo: Read Kate Dunbar’s contribution from in their Archives here.

We’ve become a pariah to the rest of the civilized (and even the uncivilized) world; most just don’t say so to our collective face. They prefer to treat us like the schoolyard bully, silent about our malevolence when we’re around for fear of being beaten up.

The Germans can’t stand us for our incessant spying and snooping. The French (although who really cares about the French anyway?) despise us en tout. The Italians find us laughable. The Chinese think of us as war-mongering hypocrites. And the Muslim world is sure that we’re Satan incarnate…and maybe we are. And the list goes on. Only the British seem to find spooning with us still tolerable because they share many of the same maladies, and since like us a ruling elite governs them, too.

So it’s only logical that Obama would snub Putin to demonstrate his ire at Russia’s willingness to grant a temporary home to Edward Snowden, and for other Oil-based reasons – Syria, Iran, and so on. Putin, like a minority of Americans and many non-Americans today can clearly read the writing on the wall: All things must come to an end just as they did in the former Soviet Union in the late 1980s. So his position is, Why not thump the bully on the nose?

From his vantage point in Soviet Intelligence during the dissolution of the Soviet Union, President Putin saw what few of us see now in America: A country riddled with inequity and injustice – out-of-balance and disturbingly numb to its present apoplectic foreign policy the sole purpose of which is to control more of the world’s resources to the benefit of the few; A growing and vast abyss between the Wealthy and the Poor; A foreshadowing sense of discontent among a growing number of the populace.

Putin knows that revolution is not dependent on a majority of the governed rising up, but only on a small, vocal, active and most important, willing minority: That Critical Mass may be achieved sometime soon, or not at all if we change how we see and interact with the rest of humanity. Truly, time will tell.