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The Supremes and 10,000 Maniacs

Live! in California

GL Hill

That’s the way it came to me, anyway. In reality though, apparently the Supreme Court has decided to not support Governor Jerry Brown’s application (for stay) to block the release of 10,000 hardened California criminals who now will be released upon the State’s citizens sometime between today and December 31 of this year.

In other words, 10,000 people who have been convicted of Felony criminal acts are to be turned loose.

Wait…it gets better: they have an average recidivism rate of about 70%. Which means that in the 12 months following their release, at the minimum at least 7,000 new crimes will have been committed, on top of the thousands to be committed by those currently loose on the streets of California who were earlier released or who have just never been caught.

Think the cops are pissed? You bet, and for obvious reasons.

Antonin Scalia wrote a brilliant and easy-to-comprehend rebuttal as a dissenting justice in the case, Brown v. Plata. It’s available here.

Is it too late to set up roadblocks for eastbound traffic in Arizona at our border with California? I mean forget the Mexican border: let’s get a few thousand Border Patrol agents on Arizona’s payroll.

Do you need another reason to leave California?