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June 7, 2013
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Looking Back At Ourselves:

Non-Political Thinking

One morning in the near past I was ruminating with GL Hill about 1965, given today’s quietude in Washington DC save for international outrage at Obama’s directed eavesdropping on Merkel, et al.: and thinking about lying on the front lawn of my family’s suburban home while stargazing - in an altered state - at some time of the night. Lying next to me, in an equally transcendent state of consciousness, was a friend, Stew DeShera, whose weed was always superior to anything I could find.

“Einstein said that if I were to take off into the universe in an absolutely straight trajectory in an infinitely-powered spaceship I would eventually end up where I started,” owing to curved Spacetime: All part of his general theory of relativity – long-since established as correct through his and subsequent non-Euclidian calculations and experimentation.

“Far out,” uttered my friend.

“Aptly put…hungry?”

48 years later and not under the influence of anything other than continued wonder and awe, I came to question our collected findings in search of exoplanets and earth-similar celestial bodies orbiting within the acceptable tolerances necessary to support life. Recently some fairly startling discoveries have come from our incessant galactic snooping, much like the NSA, including identifying other similarly structured planets to that of ours…

But what are we looking at?

If the light, traveling on a cyclic course as Einstein projected, from these distant solar systems has travelled tens-of-thousands, perhaps millions of years (of our time) before settling on the “optics” of Hubble, Kepler, or any of the other less sophisticated investigative instruments at our disposal, is it not possible that we are looking only at ourselves several millions of years ago as Einstein had suggested? And again in the distance - billions of light-years off: an even older “reflection” of our solar system, of our galaxy?

In other words, is the universe far less vast than we currently estimate, contained perhaps in something as spatially constrained as the Hand of God?

As imponderable as it seems, the answer is probably far more simple to grasp than what will happen in January when Budget negotiations resume.

For those more theologically bent, read, Einstein’s Wristwatch, and come to appreciate how God’s 6,000 years measures up to our passage of Time.