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Living in Fear: Groklaw, Lavabit, et al.

Groklaw, an online law journal has joined the many publications recently cashing in their chips owing to fear of government ominpresence.

“Pamela Jones, Groklaw's founder, cited the alleged US practice of screening emails from abroad and storing messages ‘enciphered or otherwise thought to contain secret meaning’ for five years.” The hyperlink in the prior sentence will bring you to the BBC’s well-written summary.

So, what does one do when one publishes information and opinions that flow contrary to the strict wishes of the US Government?

This site, The Independent Daily, is sister to and these two portals describe the pre-production, and finally the internet release of the film, The Abduction and Trial of George Bush: Stay with me...I know that 41% of Americans still think that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11.

Both sites were originally placed with Network Solutions, a US-based Domain Name Server (DNS) whose practice is much the same as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and others whereby various US agencies were guaranteed unfettered access to visitor (and site owner) data.

When first launched, our greatest website traffic came from General Dynamics, the US Military, and various other federal agencies and contractors, and both sites were subject to numerous periods of unavailability. Network Solutions ignored our complaints and cited frequent routine maintenance as the cause...right.

And that is why when you visit this publication or any of our other sites you are virtually in Ireland with Blacknight as DNS. There, when one of our sites is down owing to some unforeseen circumstance, it is actually down for that reason, although this rarely happens.

A few years ago when our problems began some of our readers suggested, nicely, that we were being paranoid. Subsequently, now, in the wake of the many revelations floating to the surface of the foreign media - you will note an absence of thorough coverage by state-run media here in America - they are more appreciative of the circumstances under which we publish and maintain our informational, news, and opinion sites.

Does this mean that we are free of government intrusion? Hardly. And are we very careful of how we word editorials and reports making certain that they may not be construed as calling for Rebellion and that they may not be interpreted as Treasonous? You bet. Ultimately though, do I, in particular, care that the US Government devotes time to this and our other publications, and perhaps to us individually? No.

Lions and Tigers and Bears...

Our government is living in fear for its life. That is why its desperately trying to protect itself from what it perceives as those who wish it harm.

Those who write and edit this journal do not live their lives in that way: It would make life not worth living. (Read, Who Won? at the bottom of this column.)

Only a dying animal desperately strikes out at everything about it to cling to life.

So, Groklaw and Lavabit are wrong to close up shop. Life is for the living, not the dying. Remember this in November 2014 and vote Independent: Vote Democrat or Republican, and trust that more of the same will follow.