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OK on Cuba; Now, why are we continuing our aggression on Russia?


I am at a complete loss to understand why we are forcing Russia into a financial corner from which there will be no easy escape. Putin’s actions in the last several months have been geared toward eradicating what we have come to call, Terrorists, in regions of close proximity to their borders - tantamount to what we would do if large cells of Terrorists were discovered operating in Mexico or Canada. Russia is not reaching out to the Middle East or Africa, such as we: They are safeguarding their perimeter. And yet, for those conservative reactions to a very real threat - one that would jeopardize the balance of their economy - we, along with a cartel of others, seek to decimate the Russian economy through a series of sanctions and actions the likes of which are reminiscent of those we have most recently ended after 50 years against Cuba.

Where is the logic in our Foreign Policy? Why are we not striving to help bolster Russia’s economy rather than tear it down?

In his latest address Putin asks, Who is the aggressor? Is it the West (the US) or Russia? He uses a simple illustration - one we’ve used here in TheIndependentDaily many times before: Our Defense budget is fully 10 times that of any other country. No other country spends more on supporting their machines of war than we. Not even China, with a population four times that of ours, sees fit to ready themselves so openly and apparently toward conflict.

When will we learn that we must begin to live together in order to meet the challenges ahead that threaten the very fabric of humanity? I do know this: If we return to a Cold War, it will be the United States that will carry the sobriquet of Evil Empire.